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3:00 AM
So we have faster memory locations than RAM,like registers and cache
I believe registers are used for CPU operations...
there's really no "data storage" per say just flow of information via use of registers...
wishes his embedded computer systems textbook was here
lol.I am very much interested in embedded systems
I am doing my computer engineering
Systems engineering here
3:04 AM
or Systems engineering I must say
: D
Same here : p
so I dable a little with computer engineering...
what?! no way?
where you going to school at?
St Patricks High School...
oh... lol...
I'm at the university level ;)
St. Patricks High in Pakistan o_0 ?
Even I am at the university level : P ...You asked me about my school : D
That's cool... doing dual credit courses then I assume?
3:07 AM
No!Just university thing...I misunderstood your statement about the school
so now I'm confuzzled... where are you currently going to school? a university or a high school? :)
I have done my schooling !
I am now at university level.Dont push me back to school : P
3rd semester going on ..
lol ok... we in the US we call all "schooling" school... elemntary to university
That's cool... what courses are you taking?
I am doing OOP,LDST and instrumentation etc
just took OOP last sem
3:12 AM
Logic Designing and Switching Theory
ah! I believe that's similar to my current Embedded Computer Systems class I'm taking right now...
right now?
Your in your university?
lol... no I'm at home... I mean this semester
No its not that like embedded systems.We will study that in the last semester.Its an optional course
sounds interesting then...
3:16 AM
I saw your blog..
I think you could do far better than that..
I'm finally going to stop being lazy and rewrite About.
@MarkSzymanski No need. It's a lot easier just to become famous and then have Wikipedia write your About page for you.
Haha XD
About is an IRC bot I'm making XD
@fahad how so?
hey @MarkSzymanski how are you?
Hi, @KronoS. I'm doing fine, like I said, I'm going to be rewriting About, an IRC bot I made :P
3:20 AM
lol good...
@KronoS: Saw your SuperUser reputation.I think you have got much better information to share on your blog
Haha, I'm surprised that no one asked what it does XD
@fahad well my attention has been placed into this:
@MarkSzymanski was about to... what does it do?
It's for storing information about people, could be a short bio or something. Its intended use is for FurNet, for storing information about people's fursonas :P
3:23 AM
@KronoS:What makes you blog?I mean if your not getting paid,why do you write?
@fahad why do you use SU?
To increase my knowledge by asking and sometimes helping out...
@KronoS @fahad Let's just say self-expression and be done with it.
@digitxp lol
my point was that I like to share knowledge with others... like you @fahad
...and in turn, I feel the need to search for knowledge.
3:27 AM
: ) ..
@KronoS:What embedded systems have you made yet?
just started the class so none yet :)
My friends call me "Embedded ": p My interest in embedded systems is increasing at a high pace
one of my classmates and friend is a Navy vet and already took this class in the navy... He's so giddy about taking it again its funny
He might not have understood it in the first class :p
I'm off for the night. see you all at the Town Hall! ;)
3:37 AM
@studiohack later
'night @studiohack
@fahad no NAVY credit doesn't transfer
hey @nhinkle when did you come in?
@ivoflipse, I've got another tag wiki modification suggestion for you. It looks like there's now the ability to propose edits on tag wikis too, but the site melted before my eyes when I tried that
@KronoS about 10 seconds ago :P
I've was doing some stuff on meta but didn't have a chat window open
oh :)
Q: Proposed tag wiki for Google Chrome

nhinkle This is a suggested tag wiki entry for google-chrome, a tag which very few users can edit and would benefit from having a more detailed tag wiki. Please see "make editing tag wikis more accessible" for more details. Short Description Web browser developed and released by Google. Uses the We...

3:38 AM
you might as well just wait for a couple of days and then you'll do it yourself @nhinkle ;)
We'll see @KronoS. Hopefully so, but may as well not count my chickens before they hatch :)
and besides, I have time to do it now :)
always the truly humble one we are @nhinkle
yes ;)
well gee, thanks :)
anyhow, how're things going for you?
good... just workig on the resume for internship/study abroad
nice, nice. I've been doing a lot of that recently too
I have a bunch of scholarship applications due on the 1st, so I did a lot of resume/application writing this weekend
3:43 AM
that's nice... I don't know what I'd do without free money from scholarships and grants
echo a | xxd -p <-- how do I then write the hex to a file?
@KronoS, same here
I was super lucky - I got a nearly full-tuition scholarship, one of only 50 they give out to top students in the state. That's making college waayyyy more affordable. Books, room & board, etc. all cost a lot too though
I got married... and then the government finally felt bad enough to start paying some... :(
and a small scholarship as well...
I've still had to take out a few loans, but not nearly as much as I thought I would...
anyone else having/can confirm this problem?
Q: Suggested edits feature broken for tag wikis

nhinkleIt appears that the new suggested edits feature was only partially implemented with tag wikis. I experienced this problem on SuperUser, but suspect it's a system-wide issue with the engine, so am bringing it up on MSO. I was given the option to edit the tag wikis for tags which already had one...

@nhinkle this has already been posted on meta.SU I believe...
3:51 AM
Hm. I posted on MSO and searched there first, but didn't check MSU. I'll go look
i can't find it at the moment, but I remember reading about it at one time...
@KronoS you're probably getting confused with the discussion I started about lowering the bar for editing tag wikis in general
or the discussion about not showing an edit link to users who don't have the privileges to do so
this is a new problem brought on by the onset of proposed edits, a feature (or bug) which is very new
maybe... I don't remember and am too lazy/busy to search for it...
@nhinkle you mind taking a look at the most recent revision of the blog post for SSD's? I'm going to post tonight I think and just need a third pair of eyes...
I'll go look at it in a few minutes
k thanks
4:06 AM
@ivoflipse, here's another
Q: Proposed tag wiki for Microsoft Excel

nhinkle This is a suggested tag wiki entry for microsoft-excel, a tag which very few users can edit and would benefit from having a more detailed tag wiki. Please see "make editing tag wikis more accessible" for more details. Excerpt Microsoft Office Excel is a spreadsheet application written and d...

ok @KronoS, I'll go look at the blog now
let's see if i can remember my password :P
:) lol
"the starting of our SSD journey"?
Well, I'm off to bed, goodnight everyone.
'night @MarkSzymanski
later @MarkSzymanski
@nhinkle yes
4:08 AM
reading now
this may be oversimplifying as we do have a technical audience, but might we want to at least give a brief definition of what an SSD is, and why they're relevant?
if you think that would be good, I'll go ahead and write it
@nhinkle i do... but I wanted to do that in a later post...maybe when I get them and install them... if that makes sense...
hmmm. why not now though? it doesn't have to be in-depth, but just a very short - even one sentence - blurb
Go ahead and put it in there... if I don't like it I'll take it out when I post ;) j/k
> SSD stands for "solid state drive". They use solid-state memory (similar to flash drives) to store data, and serve the same function that a hard drive does in most computers. Because they have no moving parts, they are much faster than regular hard drives, but solid-state memory is currently much more expensive per-gigabyte than hard drives. We'll have more posts soon about the technology behind SSDs, and some of the interesting hybrids between traditional HDDs and the new SSDs.
how's that sound? a bit more than a sentence, but I think it sums it up alright
I like it...
4:15 AM
OK. I'll take that out then, and stick it in the post somewhere where it fits
Will let you know once I've edited it
k thx
perhaps rather than saying "much more", just say "more expensive". makes it sound less drastic (which kingston would probably like) and is still true, and a part of why we're testing: to see if the price is worth it
@nhinkle ya I like that wording better
@KronoS, draft saved
or in-progress of saving
pulling up as we speak
4:17 AM
gah my internet is suddenly being suckily slow
How to answer a question on #stackoverflow - a step-by-step guide. http://bit.ly/e9etPW
@KronoS there we go
sweet just looked at it... looks good... going to post...
and published!
well done
4:41 AM
oh dear, this is all kinds of broken
Q: Suggested edits feature broken for tag wikis

nhinkleIt appears that the new suggested edits feature was only partially implemented with tag wikis. I experienced this problem on SuperUser, but suspect it's a system-wide issue with the engine, so am bringing it up on MSO. I was given the option to edit the tag wikis for tags which already had one...

(waffles posted some info and is looking into it, in that process, we discovered that none of it's working as it's supposed to with proposed tag wiki edits)
5:04 AM
Anyone else using Opera 11?
chrome :D
and firefox, because i can't live without firebug for doing web development
@nhinkle IMO Opera is so much faster than Chrome at this moment and has more features at that, but the pesky rendering engine keeps getting in the way of things.
@IvoFlipse indeed, maybe we need another round of top-newcomes-get-T-shirts or something
@Sathya or top not-totally-new-but-missed-the-last-round ;)
indeed ;) @nhinkle
5:13 AM
how are you @Sathya?
I'm good, thanks @nhinkle had a good Sunday ?
Indeed I did
Slept in, made delicious food this morning, did a bunch of useful stuff on SU, played an epic game of ultimate frisbee, and even got a small amount of homework done
nice :)
the town hall thingy is in another 10 hours or so
yep. Means I"m getting up early tomorrow :/
it's going to be great time for me :P 20:30
5:18 AM
lucky duck
and now i ought to go do some more homework
see you at the town hall session @Sathya
'night all
alright, take care @nhinkle see you then!
Good night!
5:45 AM
oo tag editor badge
4 hours later…
10:12 AM
gooooooood morning
oh man I see need to start messing around with Kinect :D
morning @IvoFlipse
Morning @Sathya @IvoFlipse
morning @Mokubai
Are the elections blind now, until they close and the votes are counted?
well counted, it's not like Jeff and Joel are going to sit down and count straws :P
10:16 AM
I reckon they should throw a dice to decide who gets to be mod :)
I've cast my votes, it remains to be seen who the people choose now...
yes, it's too bad the commons get to have a say ;P
You think there should be a minimum rep to vote?
no, I was just kidding
plus there is a minimum rep, only 4000 users are allowed to vote (or something like that)
10:39 AM
user image
@IvoFlipse guess 150+ rep ?
> Any community member with 150 reputation may vote in the election.
just put in my resignation
At work?
@Mokubai yep
10:50 AM
Wow, got another job lined up? Or was it just that sucky that you had to leave?
didn't you have the interview @oracle this saturday?
@IvoFlipse I can't stop watching this
you can't indeed, because it's on the same page :P
@IvoFlipse yep, I cleared the tech interview. Got the HR interview day after tomorrow
@Mokubai mix of both
I was associated with a long term project ( for which I was in US). That got scrapped.
and the new one.. I've got assigned to trivial stuff. Started looking. Got a confirmed offer, another possible offer*

(* hopefully will be confirmed on Wednesday/later)
I hope you get the job you want :)
did I mention my new processor runs laps around my old one?
11:01 AM
Thank you @IvoFlipse :)
@IvoFlipse You got your new machine then?
@IvoFlipse I missed it, if you have
yup, well built it @Mokubai
can you give an indication past v/s present comparison ?
no I just tried my Python code
11:02 AM
@Sathya good luck!
it runs in like 15 seconds vs 3 minutes or more :P
@IvoFlipse oh wow!
thank you @Mokubai!
nearly double the frequency, double the amount of cores
11:03 AM
is there a ModRewrite-like extension for chrome ? :-s
@IvoFlipse You OC'd it up to 4GHz then?
atleast redirect foo.com/xyz to bar.com/xyz
@IvoFlipse 4.4?!? Yowza!
it's watercooled too :)
did have a random reboot just now, but I'm suspecting Windows Update to be the cause of that
11:08 AM
What processor did you have before?
e6400 2.4 Ghz Core 2 Duo
Not a bad processor by all accounts, but as you say, your new processor smokes it completely
I never really overclocked that one either
though I could have
didn't really understand how to get it stable
now it was just one setting in the bios
Mine's running at stock, it's a generic manufacturer machine and the cooling isn't that great, but as a machine I have absolutely no complaints about it
But yeah, seems these days the mobo manufacturers have the overclocking down pat, single setting change and there you go
If I remember rightly AMD even have a tool to overclock in Windows...
I think I have too, but it boots in 30 seconds
I can live with a reboot :P
11:14 AM
I hate SVN
Just running an SVN update from our remote site takes upwards of 2 hours now, and it's only getting worse as people add more stuff
And you have to do an update to make sure you're working with the latest versions of everything
I use git, the guys in here made me do it!
I'd prefer to use Git, as I like the way is basically downloads all the revs and builds your working copy from that, but someone chose svn and "externals" don't work in Git
Oh I hope that SVN 1.7 with the new local cache works with 1.6 repos
if svn-externals worked in Git, I'd be using git-svn for everything
what's svn-externals @Mokubai
It's a way of pulling a part of a repository into your local project, we generally use it so that one set of documentation can have all it's dependencies in one place
Except that the part that gets pulled in is updatable to it's original location
The only problem is that it makes an update painfully slow as it has to check the version and update every external separately
11:23 AM
ah ouch
It's useful, and a nice feature, but the fact that I'm at a remote site and working over an ADSL link means that the connection has a lot of latency and so all that checking is slooooooow
The people on the same network as the server say it's fine for them
Which is nice...
great I updated my IDE
now some things don't work the way it used to :P
I seriously need to set some standards, to stop that from happening
see, now you know why corporates stick to IE6 & Win XP

no, I said I'm going to set some standards to prevent it, not live with the old ways
11:38 AM
@Mokubai my current working condition =.=
IE6 should be banned, I think the Geneva convention says something about "Cruel and Unusual Punishments"....
they should all be hit by some terrible virus
that kills the hardware
well we'll get new hardware and Win XP & IE6
11:42 AM
@TomWij I see that you haven't experienced web(non)sense
Access to this URL is currently restricted due to a blocking rule.

URL: privoxy.org
Rule: Block URLs of type known disease vector
@Sathya: And why is that?
Websense is a San Diego-based company specializing in Web security gateway software. It enables clients (businesses and governments) to block access to chosen categories of websites. The company has come under some criticism from civil liberties groups on the grounds that it provides repressive regimes with a way to restrict freedom of speech. History Websense was founded by Phil Trubey in 1994. It went public in the year 2000. Apart from Web filtering, also known as Internet content-control software, the company provides email security, and data loss-prevention technology. The softw...
@Sathya: Yes, I know, but why didn't I experience it?
@TomWij else you wouldn't point me to privoxy
@TomWij any experience with Eclipse?
11:46 AM
But you've asked for it
@TomWij when ?
about the ModRewrite ?
well privoxy doesn't work, and for most sites i have a bookmarklet which fetches the page using instapaper
There's not really something on the Privoxy site that is malicious.
Jan 21 at 6:05, by Sathya
@TomWij blocked.
11:50 AM
And here is the rewrite rule section:
But I guess you'll have to wait till you get home then...
@IvoFlipse Yeah, a bit, why?
Meh, I don't like it when people remove their comments. Then it's in my inbox and I can't get to read the other part of the comment nor who wrote it... :-(
@TomWij it's for my work pc
Q: Change the current URL in Chrome using a regular expression or similar

midtibyWhen a deprecated URL is entered in Chrome it should be changed to an updated URL based on a regular expression or similar. I would like to do the following Input a rule to the system that changes "olddomain.com" to "newdomain.com" Enter a URL like "olddomain.com/stuff" in Chrome Chrome change...

@TomWij very nice, thanks.

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