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9:13 PM
ah! hah haha... I have SU access again :D
haven't got a bloody clue why, but it's started working again
@DMA57361 congrats!
@KronoS erm - has the election headline banner gone?
cos I can't see it... :/
whoa... it did just disappear
@DMA57361, i just refreshed a page, it's gone
@nhinkle OK, maybe I am back to normal
superuser.com/election is still showing up though
9:18 PM
The most recent nomination (Joe) is a bit... unusual
hello btw
@nhinkle indeed, although I'd possibly go with "concerning"
check his profile's activity page
@DMA57361 @nhinkle yep... dont know why
@nhinkle ya... he's an oddity that's for sure
"I am quit from Super User from Dec 16th 2009 . Now I am working on Yahoo answers :-)"
maybe he decided to be a SU mod becuase of the decline of yahoo
9:25 PM
Anyhow, I doubt they'll get far in the primaries, given that
oh, yes, we have enough nominees to have primaries now
haha, yep
@DMA57361 I'm kinda sad about that... I was hoping to just go straight to elections
the actual election is going to be really hard. i won't know who to vote for...
@KronoS, with the current 11, I think we can easily guess the one user who won't make the primaries...
wanna know my prediction?
9:27 PM
@nhinkle indeed
the actual election will be tough though. i think many of the candidates would make excellent mods, and at this point am unsure who I'll vote for
at least we don't have hundreds of candidates like Stack Overflow though. their election is looking a bit vicious
the difference shows, doesn't it?
@nhinkle @DMA57361 i think there are a few that stand out more than other though...
@KronoS indeed, but more than the 3 votes you get at the end
9:33 PM
@DMA57361 what do you mean?
I can see at least 5 people I'd like as a mod
you only get 3 votes
and they aren't 3 "votes" - they are 3 STV preferences
I see
So how does it work then... the person with the highest "rank" i guess wins?
step 1: count up the 1st choice of each voter
step 2: the lowest ranking candidate is elimnated
step 3: everyone who has their vote with that candidate has their vote moved to the next candidate on their list
step 4: repeat 2-3 until only the required number of candidates remain
(I think)
^ for probably more accurate details
9:39 PM
I would have set up a score system, a 1st place = 5 points, 2nd place = 3 points, and 3rd place = 1 point. Add up which candidate got how many of each and serve up the new mods
oh no
@Mokubai that's what I thought it was to begin with
I described the "Alternative Vote" system
disregard that and read the wikipedia page
anybody here familiar with MATLAB?
used it once about 13 years ago...
9:40 PM
Ivo is, I believe, but he's not here right now...
oh man my programming for dummies room is gone :(
@DMA57361 wanna help me debug?
@KronoS I have some experience with it
We're learning it in my engineering class, but so far just doing very basic stuff
what you got?
oh, wait, MATLAB stuff? yeah.... can't help so much with that
9:46 PM
here's the code... prob is it's only sending out the first iterative answer
/me is opening up matlab
notices @nhinkle's scripts still aren't installed
(it takes a while... we have this weird network thinapp thing)
@KronoS, wdym?
i have scripts? what scripts?
the scripts that turns: / me to
these @nhinkle
brb. gotta help a client
(I'm at work)
9:50 PM
tried this as well but didn't work
@KronoS How do you install those scripts?
click on the links found here
Do I have to be using Chrome or Greasemonkey or something? All I get is the text of the files
chrome automatically installs...
and FF needs Greasemonkey
9:59 PM
Right, that'll be a "not on my machine then" ;)
later fellas I'm off to go see wicked) with the misses
Have fun
Lucky you
cya later
@KronoS is terminal a function you wrote or a built-in function? MATLAB tells me it's not a defined function
Man, I hate it when people "correct" me on things that I'm actually right about
A: Router Speed vs. ISP Speed

nhinkleThere are three speeds you need to take into account with wireless routers: Wireless LAN speed: This is the max speed you will get between the router and all computers connected to the wireless router cumulatively. The speed may be lower if there is interference from other sources, or even just...

10:09 PM
heh, especially when they're trying to be pedantic
Awesome, the main guy that wrote the SysInternals tools wrote a realistic book where malware used as a powerful weapon.
@nhinkle Yeah, odd...
Q: The nomination links have disappeared?

TomWijIt seems than on all three SOFU sites the nomination links have disappeared, it is a bug or by design?

A: The nomination links have disappeared?

Justin 'jjnguy' NelsonJeff stated that the banner would only show for 48 hours. You can still find them at http://stackoverflow.com/election

Can anyone confirm this?
A: Close button for "community moderator election is underway" notification?

Jeff AtwoodThis notification will last for 48 hours, so all you need to do is wait.

10:54 PM
Well that explains that then
11:17 PM
Finally back home and finished reading transcripts
@kronos whats the code supposed to do? And where does it fail
Welcome back @IvoFlipse
Had a birthday party and sleeping over at my parents, so typing on my ipad :p should go to sleep though... But hi nathan :)
Was it your birthday?
11:35 PM
No an aunt of mine ;) but theres a lot of family, so thats fun
sounds like fun
my family's had some birthdays this month, too
Mine isnt until the 20th of april
Mine's not 'til summer :P
Well no rush, time flies fast enough already...
But i think i should get sleeping now, as my mom tends to wake me early, like in the old days ;p
So see you tomorrow :)
Haha. Alright, sleep well.
See you soon

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