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12:03 AM
I'm a cat
catlike typing detected
12:31 AM
## s/cat/fox/
@allquixotic foxlike typing detected (source)
1:13 AM
> Gene and Hi-5 come to a piracy app where they meet the hacker emoji Jailbreak, who wants to reach Dropbox so that she can live in the cloud.
I... what?
1:27 AM
@Bob flackoverstow?
@allquixotic ...Emoji movie plot summary. Or part of it.
> They evade it and enter Dropbox, where they encounter a firewall. The gang get past it with a password being Addie's name and make it to the cloud, where Jailbreak prepares to reprogram Gene. Gene admits his feelings for Jailbreak, but she wishes to stick to her plan of venturing into the cloud, unintentionally causing Gene to revert to his apathetic programming out of heartbreak.
I just cringed so hard I think I broke something...
The excitement would have been ruined if they'd needed to wait millennia to brute-force a key pair
@Rahul2001 @DavidPostill Since you two seem to like batch for some weird reason, here you go: blogs.msdn.microsoft.com/oldnewthing/20170731-00/?p=96715
Key quote:
> Batch is probably one of the most hated programming languages that people are still writing new programs in. You hate it, but you have to deal with it.
There is one thing batch is good for: you can embed a powershell -c in it ;)
1:33 AM
Which reminds me of @allquixotic embedding C#/VB.NET inside PowerShell
It's programming languages all the way down...
(to be fair ot batch, the unquoted path problem isn't unique to it. but the syntax and terse error messages make finding the problem ... difficult)
Heh, I have an answer that contains a batch command that runs a PowerShell command that compiles some C# to P/Invoke a native DLL
Also, pretty much everything about strings in batch is a huge pain
@BenN I think one of my PCCG answers does something like that :P
@BenN every time I see someone trying to do a string replace (or substring) in batch I die a little inside
@Bob heh yeah
things have gotten a little more liberal of late; we're currently looking good for a launch4j EXE on the shared drive with an optional, bundled JRE8 next to it in the same dir that gets used iff the user doesn't have Java 8+ already on their system
so Java using bunches of open source maven dependencies and a Swing UI - far superior to Powershell
@allquixotic ehhhhh, maven is still on my diaf list
*deletes 2 GB maven cache ... again*
I still need a bigger drive :\
toss-up between swing and winforms over which is more painful
winforms is easier to get started with but swing is more flexible and has a slightly cleaner (if rather more verbose) api
1:44 AM
Does Swing play nice with high DPI?
hmmmm... I've not actually tried yet
java in general just annoys me after spending time in c# :P
High DPI is doable in WinForms but not very fun
@BenN openjdk.java.net/jeps/263 jdk-9 apparently
js and c# - I'm no longer too sure which between the two I prefer
the flexibility of js is nice, but it does bite you sometimes
and I'm still (a)waiting for async
I think TypeScript does that
I hear it's quite nice, but I've never tried it
@BenN unfortunately not an option in our environment
but our framework is going to be run through babel soon-ish, so hopefully I can get all the fancy es6 stuff
oh, not babel... transpiler is the closure compiler
1:55 AM
@Bob I rely on it. I don't mind the "2 GB cache". Better than constantly downloading dozens of JARs
I even prefer it over Gradle because the syntax is more regular (predictable)
@allquixotic oh, it's on the diaf list for other reasons
but the large cache on a limited disk doesn't help :P
it is better than self-managing libs, yes
1 hour later…
3:22 AM
Windows on QEMU/KVM on ZFS viewed via virt-manager on VcXsrv and WSL on Windows on QEMU/KVM on ZFS :)
@Bob O_O
So... a bit of a philosophical question on pedagogy. Is it sometimes better to be blunt rather than to directly explain something? For context, see the following:
Grasp the stick between thumb and forefinger. Rotate arm laterally such that hand is positioned over round container next to your desk. Release. — Daniel R Hicks Feb 25 '14 at 18:06
in Ask a Super User Moderator, Jul 12 at 4:45, by bwDraco
Second, by not saying anything about it unless specifically asked, you force the other person to think about his/her actions. From a pedagogical standpoint, this is more effective than telling the person outright, "I've deleted your comment because it didn't contribute anything to the question". From the standpoint of the person on the receiving end of the mod action, I'm more likely to remember if I came to the conclusion myself than if I was told outright why.
Apr 28 '15 at 0:12, by DragonLord
The issue here is that if you try to be direct (your questions are getting downvoted and closed), you are spoonfeeding an explanation of the problem without promoting an understanding of what's wrong.
(regarding this comment)
Are there situations where explaining directly is worse, from a pedagogical standpoint, than being subtle or blunt with words?
Why am I asking this?
Mar 8 at 1:55, by bwDraco
Meta learning is something I tend to take pride in. Understanding why XYZ is not the best way to teach a concept (because e.g. it's not how the real world works) is something I care about.
If so, when should I avoid a direct explanation?
I've thought about this for a while and haven't really been able to validate it.
3:43 AM
@bwDraco erm, I think that's a joke
@bwDraco "being blunt" and "directly explain something" don't seem to be opposed in my opinion
"being blunt" would better contrast with explaining in some kind of an indirect way, like being gentle and kind, or using flowery language, or pretentious language, or giving excessive background detail instead of getting to the point, etc.
directly explaining is pretty darn similar to being blunt, except bluntness implies that someone could interpret it as rude, whereas direct doesn't have that implication
I kinda think I might have used the wrong words. "blunt" isn't the most accurate way to describe it.
I really meant "subtle" all along.
You get the idea, though.
oh... being subtle on SU isn't really that useful... there are many ways to be indirect about something, and being intentionally subtle about your real point isn't the best way if you aren't doing so for a good reason, like trying to be very polite
if you're being very polite about your explanation and subtlety of suggestion is part of that, that's fine -- some people will react well to that, while some won't
but just being subtle for the heck of it?
really it comes down to knowing your audience, which can be hard for total strangers
if you're explaining something to Linus Torvalds, then delivering the facts (or your opinion and the justification behind it) in as few, precise words as possible is all you need to do
In the cases mentioned, there are hard truths involved, e.g. flash drive broken, bad question.
if you're explaining something to a computer newbie who also happens to appear very self-conscious and timid, then being polite might help
3:52 AM
TIL ffmpeg has h264_nvenc
I'd generally avoid making plain statements of fact with no qualifiers like "your flash drive is broken" and prefer throwing in fudge words like probably, to be maximally useful to future visitors who might benefit from being aware that there are other possibilities, at least in theory
This is what got me conflicted. Do I be direct (and risk not being heard because I spoonfed the explanation or hurting the person's feelings) or be indirect and subtle (and risk not being as readily understood)?
@Bob I recently used hevc_nvenc
@allquixotic True. I'd probably write "it seems the drive's broken".
@bwDraco There is no universal answer.
3:54 AM
@bwDraco it's a decent enough question to ask that there was considerable energy spent on the Linux Kernel Mailing List discussing exactly this topic in recent months (years?)
It depends on the other person, your relationship with them, what you know of them, how you want to present yourself...
I think the biggest variable is how the other person reacts, based on their cultural upbringing and their own preferences and the way they behave and expect to be treated by others
The thing that piqued my interest regarding the use of subtle wording is, "is being direct worse because I'm spoonfeeding the answer and not encouraging the other person to actively process it?"
like I said, there are plenty of folks (entire cultures) where just flat-out stating things with no pulled punches is perfectly fine and will never get you in hot water with anyone who's a member of that culture
and then there are plenty of folks on the opposite end of the spectrum who balk at anything that could be less than flowery politeness
@allquixotic TIL. Wow.
3:58 AM
It's also about the image you want to present.
@bwDraco you need to express yourself as you do
and realise other people do
also consider that while bluntness is tolerated (to a certain extent) from people with prestigious positions and a lot of success and knowledge, like Linus Torvalds or very knowledgeable professors, it's less useful if you aren't very confident about your assertions or don't have the experience or facts to back up your claims
I'm not saying you have to be a genius to get a "rudeness permission card", but it makes it less likely you'll be burned at the stake by the people who are all-in on politeness if you have reasons for them to want to keep you around
See, I care a lot about choosing the best possible option. This means that if what I'm doing isn't optimal, then I should change it. This conversation really opened my eyes and helped me realize that sometimes, even if some alternative course of action has perceived advantages, that there's often no absolute right or wrong.
I can see both sides in that LKML debate between Linus and Sarah Sharp; personally I agree that it takes more effort (and time, and time for the person reading) for you to be polite/subtle vs. direct/blunt, but it's less likely to lead to personal problems
people who prefer bluntness will still be able to understand you if you explain things politely, as long as you don't just waste sentences worth of words on platitudes
but people who prefer politeness will balk if you are harsh or blunt
and unless you're raised in a culture that legitimately values that sort of directness, like the culture of Finland apparently does, there's no real reason to marry yourself to it
@allquixotic On the other hand, if you don't want to keep them around, be blunt all you want :P
4:06 AM
I care a lot about being polite. It never really dawned upon me that there are valid reasons to be harsh with the truth, that sugar-coating it (as I often do) can cause harm than good.
@allquixotic I feel like younger people in general (among Western cultures) tend to be more direct.
My upbringing taught me to always be polite, but I've tended to be insulated from the outside world and was never really exposed to hostile social environments for any extended periods of time.
Also comes with the territory of modern communications. You don't have the space to be overly polite in SMS/Twitter.
@Bob a lot of it is the culture you're in; in the government sector over here, I interface with a bunch of younger people my age and younger who are super formal and polite and businesslike and indirect, because that's how the older people behave within the organization
and I'm referring mainly to email, phone and face to face communications
on, yes, technical issues
It would feel rather weird to call anyone here by "Mr" or "Ms". Outside of primary/high school anyway.
4:09 AM
My upbringing reinforced "rules are rules", not "rules are meant to be broken".
@allquixotic Which isn't the polite thing to do :P
@bwDraco Rules change. Especially social 'rules'.
@Bob using the honorific "Mr." or "Ms." isn't used here even in our formal business meetings with high level executives; when we refer to them in the third person absent their presence we use their first and last name (without the "Mr" or "Ms"), but in a meeting with them we just call them by their first name
A century ago, according to social rules, it was perfectly fine to discriminate on the basis of race.
the only time we use a title is if someone has a Ph.D. and is a customer person, then we'll call them Dr.
I think the norms for writing a news article are very different from the rules for talking to someone in a casual or business relationship
My writing style has always aimed to be clear and precise. While I try to avoid being rude, facts are facts and I see no point in distorting or obscuring the truth in order to be more polite.
4:16 AM
we have enough of a relaxed environment that omitting a tie is fine when visiting higher level customer executives, as long as you're clean and act professionally
I guess where the formality comes in, is that there's a VERY strong organizational culture of inclusion and equal consideration of all ideas
so dismissing others' input is frowned upon, and regardless of rank or involvement in a project, everyone gets their equal say
Then again, I would not allow myself to just say "f--- off, you're wrong". Telling the truth directly doesn't mean you need to be rude.
@allquixotic And even then NYT is part of a dying breed (old broadsheets)
@allquixotic I would not consider that overly polite
Here's an example:
> Unfortunately, this doesn't answer the question. We're a Q&A community, not a conventional forum, so answer posts must answer (or attempt to answer) the question—answer posts which fail to do so are subject to deletion. If you'd like to ask a new question, click on the Ask Question button at the top of the page and enter your question. You may want to include a link to the original question for context.
$70/month 140 GB data. Hmm.
Well, is subtle and indirect language more effective for teaching something than being direct? That flash drive example...
Grasp the stick between thumb and forefinger. Rotate arm laterally such that hand is positioned over round container next to your desk. Release. — Daniel R Hicks Feb 25 '14 at 18:06
Is this going to carry more impact than just saying:
> Just throw out the drive.
The end goal is to convey the message that the drive has failed and should be discarded. Is there a pedagogical advantage in favor of the original comment? I'm getting the impression that the former is more likely to be heard and accepted than just "throw it out" because it encourages the reader to think about it and interpret the meaning, but it sounds condescending.
The latter is concise and direct, but might be more likely to fall on deaf ears and not get taken seriously precisely for this reason.
Or does this boil down to the same politeness/bluntness debate discussed earlier with no real pedagogical difference?
Well, I guess there's no hard answer. Neither approach is intrinsically better.
Thanks for helping me understand this better. I'll read up on the LKML debate when I get a chance. Nighty-night.
5:15 AM
Guy asks me a question about home networking. I point him at an su post I wrote.
Cheeky Git :p
5:32 AM
@JourneymanGeek cool!
5:53 AM
@bwDraco, your question about being direct or subtle reminded me of this: youtube.com/watch?v=N3jx4WIUYy4
Q: Keyboard set to "cat mode"

psitaeI am a cat-owner and a cat-lover. But I don't like it when my cat sits on my keyboard and pushes randoms keys and messes everything up. I have an idea to have a function key that turns off the keyboard (except for one special key combination). I know there is already Ctl-S, but this freezes the ...

I wonder if cat was really designed to stop cat like typing..
2 hours later…
@Burgi i . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
@Bob you've become sentient!
8:40 AM
> The company chose to shut down the chats because "our interest was having bots who could talk to people", researcher Mike Lewis told FastCo.
yeah, but you didn't reward for speaking english. That's a mistake.
9:08 AM
Reminder: If your software limits password inputs to a length of 16, apply that limit everywhere
Also, don't do it in the first place wtf
@OliverSalzburg I had a fun one... they reduced max chars a year after the last time I logged in
9:26 AM
Putty 0.7 was released last month. Missed that
@Bob Bastards! :D
10:09 AM
lol. just got a call from a recruiter offering me a teaching english job in china :)
10:26 AM
take it?
@Burgi What do you think? for a start I'm not qualified ... and I don't exactly have any desires to live in China.
@OliverSalzburg that changelog is slightly...
@DavidPostill You speak english
seriously, that's roughly all they need
oh, and you breathe.
10:44 AM
@JourneymanGeek No it's not. You need a TEFL qualification. And also I checked the caller ID. The number used is a phone spammer calling any number they can find in online CVs on Reed and LinkedIn.
@JourneymanGeek Haven't checked, but I've been using snapshots for ages now anyway
11:08 AM
@DavidPostill oh we do something similar at my workplace and.... er.... yeah....
11:27 AM
my GF taught english in china for 2 years
literally all you need is being a native speaker
You don't need to know any Chinese?
That's roughly what I said
Then how are you going to know if the pupils are talking about you behind your back?
The idea being that its all immersive and shit
11:29 AM
they are students they ARE talking about you
Other than me. I am the one who brings the wireless. I am nearly a God.
> Other than me. I am the one who brings the wireless. I am nearly a God Dog.
fixed it for you
However, I am not a retriever. Also, nearly?
@JourneymanGeek i thought about that, sorry
also, dog is nearly god. Just backwards.
11:49 AM
i'm feeling very depressed today
the customer that is leaving, i spoke to their new web host earlier and they are basically going to do the migration and upgrade plan that i proposed in january
they are going to look at this site and think it was me that built this shit
i can't leave any comments in the repo explaining myself and why the site is in such a poor state because that is unprofessional
12:07 PM
sup homies#
I've not broken anything yet in my new role :D
lol @Burgi
12:30 PM
@JourneymanGeek so dog is the devil?
That is just great. We signed a new Microsoft license contract for one of our clients and they are unable to unlock it because MS MX responds with an error when asked if the email address that sends the activation email is legit. Thus, the clients MX rejects the email
12:57 PM
So an acquaintance just reached to me on Telegram about this senior position for this technology I love... I'm terrified!
@ThatREDACTEDGuy is it a drupal developer position? ;)
No, it's a Chat Overflow operator position!
go for it
15 hours ago, by Burgi
my girlfriend is starting to leave more stuff in my flat
Burgi's future present ------^
@ThatREDACTEDGuy lol
luckily she has just got her own house so hopefully its going to be a limited invasion
1:06 PM
@Burgi you say that as if it's a bad thing to have a girl living with you whom you deem "girlfriend"
if you wanna trade, you can have my room in my parents' house, clutter it with only your own stuff and no one else's, and have my solitude, and I'll take the girl
@allquixotic i've just moved out of my parents
forget that; I have two rooms to myself
my bedroom and the guest room
Q: 401 unauthorized on final REGISTER Handshake on custom lync-client

Robel SharmaI have implemented ntlmv2 for lync-server login in an custom made lync client.The message that I send to server is ..... (3rd register message) REGISTER sip:example.com SIP/2.0 Via: SIP/2.0/TLS 19x.1xx.0.1xx:3246 From: <sip:lynctest8@example.com>;tag=2257063211;epid=22570632 To: <sip:lynctest8@...

spammers -__
@djsmiley2k doesn't seem terribly spammy to me
he is linking to his own blog
1:18 PM
ok, it looks like a legitimate problem he was having, but I guess linking to his own blog's homepage is a little spammy
@Burgi How old are you?
housing in the UK is really expensive
## s/in the UK//
@allquixotic housing is really expensive (source)
Could be worse, you could live in a country where housing is really expensive, and parents are overprotective. cough South America
Oh, and as a bonus you could be an only child. Yay.
1:34 PM
34 is too old to live with your parents IMHO. Unless you're taking care of them
Wow. Such headphones. Very ear-covering. Much relief.
Seriously, if I have to focus and write sonething complex, the office is a terribad setting.
I'd rather earn less and work from home.
^----- <3 <3 <3
@OliverSalzburg i had to move back when money got tight
@OliverSalzburg I don't think anyone past their 20's live with their parents by choice.
@ThatREDACTEDGuy partially true - what about those of us who could technically live on their own, in an apartment with one or two roommates, on Ramen noodles with a 6 year old laptop and barely scrape by while accumulating credit card debt, but still somehow barely make it?
the reason I haven't moved out is because not moving out means I can afford current-gen high-end tech
1:50 PM
@allquixotic read: lotsa iphones and ipads and macbooks :P
speaking of. note 8 should be announced soon.
@Bob hey, and a 1080! and a modern server
but my s7e is still serving well. hm.
@allquixotic ...server? o.O
oh. server.
@allquixotic Those are two extremes. If I had to choose between living the say I was living with my parents at 25, with constant and horrible fights, but with tech gadgets, and living debt-free in a place of my own with no shiny toys, I'd pick the latter in the blink of an eye
@ThatREDACTEDGuy debt-free is the hard part
Believe me, I know.
1:53 PM
If you were debt-free then you'd have barely less income than living with parents, and you'd be able to afford most of the same things.
I'm not too keen on sharing a bathroom with 2-3 other guys
@allquixotic Most apartments here are 2bed2bath now :P
affording one is a different matter
@Bob we have those too but they're much more expensive
@allquixotic the price diff between 2bed1bath and 2bed2bath is minimal
it's like (depending on location) 700k vs 720k, IIRC
(or 710?)
the hardest part about being an adult is that having a roof over your head is basically the most expensive thing in the world and nearly impossible to afford
1:56 PM
depends how much travel time you're willing to add
@allquixotic The hardest part about being an adult is that having to worry about paying for a roof over your head and food on your plate consumes most of your waking time, either directly or indirectly, shaping your choices and personality.
tbh food on your plate is nothing compared to the roof over your head
now, good food...
Q: How do I add Rich Text to an iText7 PdfTextFormField?

Lee2016Using iText7 within Visual Basic; I need to add instructions, including multi-level lists, on how to use the remainder of the form fields in a fillable PDF. These instructions will be inserted into a PdfTextFormField. The field Options include: Check spelling, Multi-line, Scroll long text, and ...

I mean, most of your personality is shaped during youth and childhood, that's when you have time to read, interact, have meaningful experiences while not worrying about bills and adult stuff.
2:00 PM
> I would be nice if someone would add an iText7 tag.
oh god
I'm having flashbacks
i just get microwave meals
@allquixotic I don't know how to even begin visualizing how screwed I would be if I had to pay for rent.
I wouldn't even have a plan.
> I have created an SQL database from Genealogy information my parents and mother-in-law had collected. Approximately 23,000 records for approximately 14,000 individuals.
bit of a weird family business
For instance, the only way I can afford dealing with health plans is not having one and just not getting sick.
@Bob Well, I guess we found the hobbit.
By the way, couldn't find the quoted text in the linked question.
2:04 PM
@ThatREDACTEDGuy in their profile
Bah, oneboxing doesn't work well for user profiles.
"If you're sick, don't get sick" -- basically the state of things
and the US isn't some opulent paradise where we get perfect healthcare for free or easily affordable
Well, to be fair I do get healthcare for free. I just have to wait a few months for the doctor appointment.
If I were to pay for mine and my wife's health plan it would cost me 22% of my salary.
@Burgi That's reasonable
@ThatREDACTEDGuy I pay for my own health insurance, and I can see the doctor in faster than "months", but the wait for specialists or actual surgery can be "months"
even back in the early 2000s when things weren't as bad (even before the recession), my mom had to get some severe neck surgery to relieve pain due to a pinched nerve, and she had to wait for months before they could operate because the doctors were so backlogged
you can see a person who can give you an antibiotic or determine if you're probably going to die soon or not within a few days, but real treatments are about as backlogged as your ability to see the doctor in the first place
2:49 PM
Hence "death panels" :(
The resources just aren't there. Supply can't keep up with demand.
death panels?
america is weird
"Death panel" is a political term that originated during the 2009 debate about federal health care legislation to cover the uninsured in the United States. Sarah Palin, former Republican Governor of Alaska, coined the term when she charged that proposed legislation would create a "death panel" of bureaucrats who would decide whether Americans—such as her elderly parents or children with Down syndrome—were "worthy of medical care". Palin's claim has been referred to as the "death panel myth", as nothing in any proposed legislation would have led to individuals being judged to see if they were worthy...
It's a political thing, but the problem is that demand for healthcare exceeds supply.
@allquixotic and that's the 'traditional' argument against the Canadian and British systems - that the queues are too long
ah the uneducated thinking on social healthcare
@Bob is healthcare in aus free like the UK?
Because apparently a world where $$$ = life is better
@Burgi ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhh kinda. medicare is, but you're encouraged to get private health insurance (via tax subsidies and penalties), and almost everyone has it
Most people seeing a GP or heading into Emergency don't have to pay - they go through medicare
(some GPs charge extra)
oooh it's on wiki
Medicare is a publicly funded universal health care system in Australia. Operated by the Department of Human Services, Medicare is the primary funder of health care in Australia, funding primary health care for Australian citizens and permanent residents including Norfolk Island. Residents are entitled to subsidised treatment from medical practitioners, eligible midwives, nurse practitioners and allied health professionals who have been issued a Medicare provider number, and can also obtain free treatment in public hospitals. The plan was introduced in 1975 by the Whitlam Government as Medibank...
2:55 PM
having universal free healthcare has a positive benefit to the GDP as you have more healthy people available to go out and work
@Burgi also kinda depends on the extent of 'healthcare'... which specific parts? :P
@Burgi heh, Bupa has a decent summary actually bupa.com.au/health-insurance/cover/overseas-visitors/…
the US is really the big outlier
3:34 PM
@Bob you have to pay for ambulances?
@djsmiley2k you have a bowtie around your nose?
Or a moustache
erm, yus?
3:42 PM
i thought the O was his stomach
that's all I See when I click on Bob
@allquixotic You successfully have all the rooms?
oh, he has all the rooms!
can't decide if i want risers for my monitors...
I has 3 now
I judge how valued I am as an employee by how many monitors they give me :D
@djsmiley2k O_O
> Attached Riser
that's a long pipe to attach your monitor to
his screens are oil powered?
hey there's 3
it's gotta be pretty long ;D
not sure if serious
3:51 PM
@allquixotic :D
@Bob i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i worthless to me . . . . . . . . . . .
@Burgi sometimes. it depends. low income, seniors, etc., get a Health Care Card that covers ambulances amongst other things. Otherwise it's down to private health insurance.
@allquixotic AI-like typing detected to me to me to me to me to me to me
3:56 PM
@Burgi Bohemian Rhapsody-like typing detected
the private side in au isn't that bad
miles ahead of the us, afaict
and no funky rules like only being able to switch once a year
how that can be a law is beyond me
Someone should fork Joomla! into Joomla? for those uncertain about whether they want to stick with it
i'll be honest the AI typing reminds me of a kids tv show here in the UK
chuckle brothers anyone?
@allquixotic That makes me feel old. It was top of the UK charts when I was at Uni.
4:02 PM
oh god
@allquixotic huh. title aside that's actually nicely done
@allquixotic How many people here were not even born when Bohemian Rhapsody was released?
@allquixotic :(
@Bob yeah
poor Stefan Karl though
4:09 PM
@DavidPostill when was it released?
@Burgi 31 October 1975
i don't think my parents had even met then
David Robinson on August 01, 2017

Last week, Adobe announced that they would stop supporting Flash by 2020. In some ways this is surprising: I still sometimes run into pages that require Flash, and you can still find a few defenders of the platform in the software development community.

But in other ways it was a long time coming. You can often see the decline of a technology in advance, by examining data on its usage in the software development community. One notable source of such data is in our Stack Overflow Trends tool, which shows questions about Flash have been declining in frequency since 2010. …

> Mercury first started developing "Bohemian Rhapsody" in the late 1960s; Mercury used to play parts of songs he was writing at the piano, and one of his pieces, known simply as "The Cowboy Song", contained lyrics that ended up in the completed version produced years later, in 1975, specifically, "Mama ... just killed a man."
5:11 PM
Today was a good day
After ages. I'm very happy.
@Avery uh. perhaps. kinda. maybe.
5:14 PM
well, good for you
But not just that. No, today was peaceful. Studied, did programming, did romance stuff, had no fights at home
also, got new usb
5:53 PM
Fuck the senior dev position pays 2.5x my current salary.
> Knowing Javascript/Jquery well. Bootstrap, html 5 & css3. CSS animations and "stuff" (?). Senior dev. Knowing WordPress, good PHP basis, frontend too
I just don't know what to answer.
Of course I want the money. And the chance to work anywhere less crazy.
But I'm far far far far far far far far faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar from senior dev
@ThatREDACTEDGuy do itttttttttt
senior just means yioyu somjetimes tell someoine else to do stuff too
free minion with every role
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