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12:00 PM
@Bob It snows in a lot of places, but you can't really tell what is underneath ...
@Bob yeah i plan to sell the machines for £££
@Burgi 2006? more like £
lol, true
but i got them for free so its all profit
ide, sata 1?
12:01 PM
5 years ago a local school was selling ~2005 machines for something like $20 ea
> The bandwidth throughput, which is supported by the interface, is up to 300MB/s.
wouldn't even be worth the time and effort imo
@djsmiley2k interface speeds far exceed rotational drive speeds
but say 10% of that maybe
so yeah, 6 hours isn't that wild
all I know is 2010 drives happily did 100 MB/s sequential
12:03 PM
the drives also might be terribad
@Burgi also, iirc, dban on 'default' will run forever
or like something stupid like 10 passes
You litterally only need to write zero's to the entire disk
or if you care more, write 1's, then 0's
a pitch at the carboot sale is £15 i have 13 towers, if i sell them at £20 each i'll be quids in
omg... its you!
12:25 PM
@Burgi what specs?
a few P4s, core 2 duos and weirdly a xeon
not anything I'd buy, but I guess you might get someone who just needs a machine for the internet or osmething :/
thats what i was thinking
some of them have floppy drives
so they might be good for retro gaming/interwebs
i don't have any floppies to test if they work though
i went in pc world on saturday to see if they had any floppies
they didn't
12:36 PM
yeah, we have some customers who use floppies for backups
we advise them to use ebay
but i was followed around by 3 different sales staff
gotta get them sales
or security?
one of them was trying to argue with me that nobody used floppy disks
and that they didn't even sell the drives any more
despite the fact that the USB drives are on the shelf next to him
12:40 PM
they have almost no PC stuff in there any more
no profit in it
its all TVs, phones and washing machines
because dixons
1:08 PM
One would think TeamViewer has their connection process thought out in version 12
Yet, it's as helpful and descriptive as Windows Update
This guy...
i can't do it
i can't sit and play games all day
i feel the need to tidy
I know :/
i suppose you live in a house with child slime and kittens
children make slime right?
1:29 PM
ok that's one room done
might tdo the front room too and then stop
we updated the invoicing software for a customer at their request, we told them to test it on our testing server because it was a big, fundamental change.
they said "oh yeah we tested it, everything is fine, go live"
guess what
i know where this is going :D
its totally broken and they hadn't tested it at all
2:08 PM
the joys of clients who keep you in work?
well this guy has also given 90 days notice on contract termination with regards to all things web.
so iut's broken, and you're going to stop supporting it...
2:12 PM
this is the guy that refused to have the site pentested then it got hacked
2:28 PM
woof falls over
long day?
2:47 PM
3:02 PM
1 hour later…
4:24 PM
Let's say I've found a way to run external applications in Android's Safe Mode on devices on which it is disabled
I should file a bug?
This isn't critical, and not a security concern really
Probably should file
4:38 PM
what's safe mode?
how do you confirm it's running in safemode, when it's disabled?
@djsmiley2k as in, you can literally open the app and use it
Not running by default
I wasn't clear, sorry
This enables users to run disabled apps in safe mode
I wonder how long it'll take me to install a fresh copy of win10 on this laptop
I'm not super familiar with Android, but is Safe Mode designed to disable various extra checks?
If so, it's possible that the behavior is intended
Also, if my windows10 key is tied to my microsoft account, how do I go about using it during an install?
You might have to do the association post-install
There's a thing in the Settings app that lets you sign in with a MS account to activate
and that too
5:01 PM
5:35 PM
It's been busy lately.
@BenN will it actually install tho?
@NotAdminDave im already on win10
imgoing to have to ask, as i cant really allow this to screw up
@djsmiley2k I bet @Ramhound can answer that :)
putting 2.1 to bed and then i'll type it up
i'm sure it's simple, but i'd rather confirm all the steps before wiping this, and someone going 'Oh you needed XYZ from teh original install!'
hi all, what does the super key refer to in the keyboard?
Dunno, I only heard of the hyper key the other day :O
5:48 PM
@deostroll The Windows key
@djsmiley2k Yes, there's a little link during setup that will let it install anyway
@BenN ok
and this wil work with a win10 tht's been upgraded from win7?
What do you mean?
Is the Windows 7 installation activated?
yes. thankyou
yup @BenN
I upgraded to win10 maybe a year ago
now I want to wipe the machine, and so reinstall win10, directly
Hm, I'm pretty sure that should work
5:51 PM
yeah... i'd like someone to confirm they've done it :D
because I don't have 'recovery' software if it doesn't
You could take an image of the disk and restore that if it fails
I guess I can get a clonzilla image of it, but that's prone to some issues too...
how good is windows backup now? I think there's a system image backup option?
There is, in the Win7-style backup at least
Unfortunately the Windows 7 Backup and Restore is incredibly finnicky
I tried to set up the Windows 10 modern backup but it didn't back up the folders I told it to -_-
hense the question :D hjaha, I've seen the win7 one go wrong in some interesting ways...
Oh wait I'm so dumb
I've got a 500Gb drive I can throw in this
so i can throw that in, try the install, and if it doesn't work, just shove this hdd back in, instead!
There you go :D
5:56 PM
Came outta my PS4 :D
Sorry then @Ramhound there'll be no easily answered question now.
...after some thought, I am just so tempted to go with the RX Vega 56.
What's the question
If Windows 10 has ever been activated on a machine then it will automatically be activated if installed again
No matter if it was an upgrade?
Read my statement
awesome :)
6:07 PM
there is NO difference between a clean install and an upgrade install
Your question has been answered multiple times by the way (several of those were by me)
yeah, was just quicker at the time to ask before searching =-X
But alas, I think I'm going to get the GTX 1080.
6:22 PM
bleep bloop
1 hour later…
7:45 PM
according to my cat I believe.
In other news, watching GoT
@djsmiley2k You seem to have a fascination with poo'p :)
Maybe it was 2.1 then ;D
8:26 PM
the rain has.... arrived
@Burgi Oooh. Heavy?
its basically coming down as a single giant raindrop
something smoething xkcd
Looks like it will avoid L'pool according to the radar ;)
there wouldn't be a liverpool anymore..
8:30 PM
@djsmiley2k i was looking for that exact image
is cardiff #1 ?
manchester exists because of the rain
8:41 PM
Coventry just behind Edingburughsh
3 big rivers to power the original mills, pretty flat for sideways expansion, close to coalfields of yorkshire
> The Roman fort of Mamucium was established c. AD 79 near a crossing point on the River Medlock.[11] The fort was sited on a sandstone bluff near the confluence of the rivers Medlock and Irwell in a naturally defensible position.[12] It was erected as a series of fortifications established by Gnaeus Julius Agricola during his campaign against the Brigantes who were the Celtic tribe in control of most of what would become northern England.[13]
Coventry likely exists because of the rivers too
@DavidPostill the rain and the humidity makes working cotton eaiser
And maybe because almost exactly in center of the country.
8:42 PM
since when did you become a yankee doodle?
whwhich what?
I can honestly never remember which spelling is which
8:43 PM
@Burgi That didn't happen until the 14th century ...
and when did the major growth occur?
roughly about then
> In the 14th century Manchester became home to a community of Flemish weavers, who settled in the town to produce wool and linen. This in part helped to develop a tradition of cloth production in the region, which in turn sparked the growth of the city to become Lancashire's major industrial centre.
> In the 1790s, James Watt's steam power was applied to textile production, and by 1839 200,000 children worked in Manchester's cotton mills.
So the introduction of steam power caused more child labour? That doesn't make sense.
they were small enough to dash into the machines to remove rubbish
if you get the chance visit the only working mill left at styall
i believe they have repaired the water wheel to provide power for the museum now
@Burgi That kind of makes sense :/
its worth a visit
not sure on public transport there though so you might need a hire car or taxi
8:58 PM
@Burgi I'll stick it on my bucket (pun intended) list.
i realise that the museum has always been powered by water but i meant i think they convert it to electrical power now
basically if you are a schoolchild in manchester you will visit styal mill at least once during your school life
you'll have a smart arse teacher telling you that if you don't behave you'll be made to run inside the machines like a victorian peasent child
9:15 PM
> Atmospheric scientists try for years to piece together what happened, but no explanation is forthcoming. Eventually, they give up, and the unexplained meteorological phenomenon is simply dubbed a “Skrillex Storm”—because, in the words of one researcher, “It had one hell of a drop.”
@CircusCat with your name change does that mean you do tricks?
or just clown snigger around? :D
@CircusCat thats you riding on top of @JourneymanGeek with two mice...
9:32 PM
> A destruction of (wild) cats
weirdly i can't rightclick or highlight anything
ah found the issue
they've got shenanigans on the body tag
> <body oncontextmenu="return false" ondragstart="return false" onselectstart="return false" vlink="#000000" link="#FF0000" bgcolor="#F3EAC5" alink="#800080">
they are no match for the power of this fully operational dev console
9:54 PM
On Firefox, holding Shift while right-clicking bypasses stuff like this and force-opens the context menu.
However, I try to respect the wishes of the webmaster whenever possible, so I only do this when absolutely necessary.
@bwDraco TIL: So it does. But you still can't mark text and copy to the clipboard :/
10:06 PM
you can if you edit the body tag in the dev console
and i'll be honest, as a webmaster the only thing that irritates me is people hotlinking images, fonts or video files
@Burgi Yes, of course.
especially without accreditation
The problem is that doing this theoretically constitutes a circumvention of copyright access controls, which could result in civil liability under the DMCA in the US. Law as written, even simple code like oncontextmenu="return false" ondragstart="return false" onselectstart="return false", can constitute an access control.
@bwDraco you say copyright infringement and i'll throw "fair use" in your face
@Burgi This isn't an infringement claim per se. It's a separate civil cause of action defined in the DMCA.
10:10 PM
i think in this instance the content holder is being deliberately obtuse
also in other news...
my girlfriend is starting to leave more stuff in my flat
@Burgi Yeah, that sucks up your bandwidth as well. My personal website had some rewrite rules for that ;)
you have a personal website?
I think the DMCA seriously needs to be rewritten. Yes, it's important to protect against infringement. But no, these protections must be balanced and not excessively favor the copyright holder.
@Burgi had
darn it
i wanted to read your fanfic.. ;)
seriously though she's sneakily appropriated a drawer in my chest of drawers
and in my bathroom cupboard
and i have "fruity" shampoo now
it smells like i should be spreading it on toast or something
10:15 PM
@Burgi The time to start worrying is when she uses your razor and toothbrush :)
she hates razors and i lock my toothbrush away
other people using my toothbrush is my redline
i have backups in case a guest needs a toothbrush
and i have little bags for them to take it home in
@Burgi Does your girlfriend smell like you should spread her on toast after she shampoos?
@CircusCat good question
i hadn't thought about that
she's staying over tomorrow night now that school has finished
i'll sniff her then and report back
i just realised how creepy that sounds
firstly she's a teacher and secondly...
screw you guys, if i want to spread her on toast i will do! :P
that's roughly the strangest thing to see first thing in the morning
@JourneymanGeek are you starting to enjoy your job a little more now its settled down a bit?
10:28 PM
@Burgi Unless you're getting hotlinked onto the homepage of MSN.com or something big like that and your server is hosted on home internet, I really don't see the problem
Even the cheapest VPS hosting plans offer way more bandwidth than any sane even insane people can use
and if that's not enough, unmetered 100 to 500 Mbit isn't uncommon either
@allquixotic the fonts we've paid for hotlinking them is plain theft, the videos are made for our clients so are tricky on the copyright especially when the parasite isn't crediting our client. the images i'm a little more "meh" on but still no credits and they are passing them off as their own imagery
@Burgi oh, I wasn't speaking in reference to the legal aspect
the bandwidth isn't an issue
its the copyright that is, sorry if i wasn't clear on that initially
additionally i've just found hair bobbles all over my bedroom floor
yeah, I guess I agree about the legal issue, that is until the world moves on from Old World ideas of ownership and can embrace a more evolved collectivism about content a.k.a. "free electrons"
this is a navigationary hazard i haven't had to deal with since i shared a room with my sister
honestly if we spend 3k on a webfont and some little shit is stealing it for their personal site...
10:39 PM
@Burgi What does she teach?
@DavidPostill primary school
Does your sister like cats?
@Burgi So a bit of everything subject wise?
i've written an polite email to the website owner asking them to stop. the next step is to alert our clients lawyers and get an official cease and desists letter.. :S
@CircusCat she prefers small dogs, especially terriers
@DavidPostill yes focusing mainly on phonics and english as a second language
they've just made her the official mentor to the new teachers they hired
basically all the student teachers that she's had in her class have been hired by the school
so they gave her a promotion
Nice :)
10:46 PM
@Burgi I worked 13 hours yesterday. Oh hell no
I am getting frustrated :/
{sigh} Read the link I gave you twice already. "When Bash is invoked as an interactive login shell, or as a non-interactive shell with the --login option, it first reads and executes commands from the file /etc/profile, if that file exists. After reading that file, it looks for ~/.bash_profile, ~/.bash_login, and ~/.profile, in that order, and reads and executes commands from the first one that exists and is readable. " — DavidPostill ♦ 1 min ago
I absolutely hate my job at this point
@JourneymanGeek i thought you getting a boss had smoothed out most of the kinks
@JourneymanGeek You need to assert yourself and walk out after 8 hours or whatever your contract says ...
10:50 PM
@DavidPostill that's what I usually do
you are working yourself into an early grave
basically i've discovered that after the age of 32 your body starts panicking and stuff stops working properly. and this is because you should be, genetically speaking, dead
when my GF's brother showed up to help move my new sofa he literally just picked it up in one arm and walked up the stairs with it
he's 25!
so my point is after 30ish you need to make sure you aren't breaking yourself
its late, i've had a glass or 3 of wine
i maybe talking bullshit
Eh. Yeah. Tbh the only reason I work here is desperation
can you not set up @JourneymanGeek Enterprises and provide tech support or w/e to small businesses on your own terms?
Any Mac experts in the room?
i have a mac
whats the question?
11:02 PM
Q: How to reset bash to factory settings mac

Meme StreamI have tried every solution the internet has to offer. I have no experience with bash i'm a dummy. whenever i open terminal, this shows: $ PS1="\W \$"; clear; I want to remove all PS1 exports. I deleted the bash profile, but nothing happened. If I nano .bash_profile, its empty. However, I stil...

its over there in the pile of dell towers
ooh thats beyond me... @allquixotic?
I've given up trying to fix their problem. I wonder if Mac OSX bash is different to other flavours of Unix.
Or whether the OP is just not capable of understanding ...
OSX is FreeBSD iirc
Or maybe I'm stupid and not able to understand their question ... :/
11:07 PM
@Burgi Yeah, so should be the standard bash config files ...
Anyways I'm off to bed. Maybe @allquixotic will have some input.
i have never terminaled enough in OSX to confirm or deny your recommendations
@Burgi I've never used OSX, but bash is bash ...
true i guess
i'm going to finish this bag of crisps and go to bed
@Burgi Looks like the OP has solved it :)
OSX is dead
11:10 PM
oh guess what, I had to reset terminal plist file as well — Meme Stream 55 secs ago
@Avery not if you have a 2009 macbook
install winblows
that involves buying a license
@Avery Yeah, they just renamed it :)
OSX is easier type than macOS
give it another generation and they will have diverged enough for the distinction to matter
11:14 PM
@Burgi in theory :p
@JourneymanGeek is that a parrot on your shoulder? ;)
I checked them all, i cant edit the bashrc that has this ps1 command — Meme Stream 59 mins ago
sounds like he needs to sudo to edit it
Naw. Was thinking stuff like dreamspark
thats only available to students iirc
and with OSX you sort of buy a license with the hardware but then they don';t allow you to download the naked installer...
so a small parrot is needed
11:28 PM
And in theory the non parroted installers won't run on a regular pc
.... Left for work wearing a t shirt....
I am too worn out
when is peak summer in SG?
We're in a middle of a heatwave
I don't like collared shirts so I wear a t shirt inside
11:43 PM
so mid-september it should have cooled down a little?
the singapore episode should amuse you
basically we need it cool enough in september that those damn ferraris don't get an advantage
@Burgi a little.
the last GP usually gives an indication on how the teams will handle singapore
the last GP being hungary
high temps, high humidity, tight corners with little run off
iirc the humidity in SG is higher
but the temps are a little lower
its close this year
i know i'm boring everyone but man they use the bleeding edge tech
motor racing is a natural geek sport
not much moving about but lots of technology and shiny bits
on a serious note SG and KL are towards the end of september... is there any danger of extreme rain?
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