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4:00 PM
I am so tired. +_+'
if (substr_count($me, "tired") > substr_count($cat, "punch")) die() else sleep();
i'm educating my minion in the delights of romanian pop....
> we are the cheeky girls...
@Burgi The bands dress in togas or as legionaries, and sing in ancient Latin?
not quite....
The Cheeky Girls are a Romanian-born British-based pop duo consisting of twin sisters Gabriela and Monica Irimia, originally from Cluj-Napoca. After appearing as auditionees in Popstars: The Rivals, they achieved success in the charts with four top 10 hits between 2002 and 2004. They are best known for their debut single, "Cheeky Song (Touch My Bum)", which has sold more than 1.2 million copies worldwide. == Biography == Gabriela and Monica were born on 31 October 1982 to Doru and Margit Irimia. Gabriela is older by 10 minutes. Their early life in Romania consisted of studying gymnastics...
@Burgi Quite NSFWish image there.
4:09 PM
they were broadcast on TV before the watershed in the UK so i figured SFW
Well, I don't get offended by the way they dress, but I can imagine it giving a bad impressiong havin it on your screen depending on the workplace.
@Bob They used to, now it's all about ZEH FEATUREZZZ
4:27 PM
that i can't watch at work....
4:42 PM
hey yall
Urgh. Romanian girls.
5:03 PM
@ThatBrazilianHeadlessHorse O_o
> Miss Bumbum
is that a TV show about Brazilian TV?
@Ramhound Okay, you win. But doesn't Cortana and Onedrive keep on requesting?
@allquicatic UK documentary.
oh... once I turned on the sound I was stunned to realize it's in English lol
I had Portuguese to English CC translations turned on
they did a pretty good job
I think Youtube has got a new, improved voice detection alghorythm. Whenever I watch John Oliver it's correct >90% of the time
5:31 PM
lol my cat keeps stretching her paws up to my dresser and trying to paw at the treat jar
5:47 PM
I want a cat toooooooo
6:07 PM
My cat loves when I sing for her; unfortunately I am biologically predisposed to being able to sing only one phrase, so she might get bored.. after all, I'm a fwog who keeps a pet cat
All I can sing for her is "Wawawawawawao."
6:18 PM
6:37 PM
@kerbalspacecat Good to know, have you filled your taxes this year, sir?
4 hours ago, by Journeyman Geek
Tax all the Cats ?
coooooooool for taaaaaaax
I'm OK with the cat tax... But only if paid in catnip.
A tax for owning a cat or taxing the cat for merely existing?
@kerbalspacecat Yes! =^_^=
6:47 PM
!!trout @ThatBrazilianHeadlessHorse
OK who killed the bot
Can't trout this ta-na-na-nammmm
Stop combobreaking me!!!!!
I probably killed the bot.
6:50 PM
weird... Node is running but phantomjs is down
wonder if there will be another clock drift problem
Nice, thanks.
That was quick
I just wet the floor in excitement
slaps @ThatBrazilianHeadlessHorse around a bit with a large trout!
7:08 PM
/me is switching offices.
/me is slowly hooking up cables in a smaller office
/me is happy lots of stuff is going to storage so I can work
/me is unhappy it's a smaller office with no air circulation :-(
/me buys @CanadianLuke a $30 desk fan
We've been promised a new office on a new building for years
So far, it's a theoretical building.
we downgraded by moving to a worse building with more maintenance problems, less work area per person, fewer amenities, but about 2 miles closer to home... that last part is the only good part
Currently we sit at a corner under three or four layers of "borrowed space".
@ThatBrazilianHeadlessHorse is it inside a Schroedinger box with a bowl of building food tied to a machine that causes a nuclear explosion that randomly makes the building destroyed or not destroyed?
I wonder what buildings eat
7:20 PM
The building has a non-IT purpose. A floor was borrowed to IT. But wait... my previous team don't sit there. Neither my current team. No, that would be too simple. We sit on an office on another floor. This office was borrowed to a journalism team. Some rows of this office have been borrowed to my previous team. A corner of this has been borrowed to my current team.
I'm glad someone starred that; I was fishing hard for a star there
Star? What star?
@ThatBrazilianHeadlessHorse meanie!
(no, I didn't cancel a star from someone else, it was my own) I mean, what are you even talking about? No idea!
@ThatBrazilianHeadlessHorse >_<
7:23 PM
> a Schroedinger (...) building destroyed or not destroyed
:32270863 Bizarrely enough, we have one of those here. Only it is destroyed and not destroyed. At the same time. While still in operation.
@allquicatic Thanks! Lol
Needed to make room for another principal. So I got an old counselling office
7:38 PM
@ThatBrazilianHeadlessHorse ...what
Q: Force windows to be maximized but not fullscreen?

allquicaticOn my Early 2015 13" MBP, on both El Capitan and macOS Sierra, I notice that some windows -- particularly Google Chrome, of which I have the latest stable version -- often seem to resize themselves slightly upwards without my consent, not taking up quite the full length of available area between ...

Wawawawawao. :( The fwog needs help using the easiest to use operating system in the world(tm).
8:28 PM
@allquicatic: Again, consider changing your username?
8:48 PM
@bwDraco OK, I just considered it again, and decided I'm perfectly happy with my username as-is.
9:02 PM
... Why does he need to change his username?
Because he's allfwogxatic
rather, allquifwogic
9:17 PM
I love how my SSD can do thousands, sometimes tens of thousands, of IOPS during a Norton full system scan :)
9:55 PM
just got this worrying advice from my bank:
> Shankar: at 22:51:23
Thank you. Please do not use Google chrome, if you are using it.
Burgi: at 22:49:32
why is that?
Shankar: at 22:52:50
We have come across many customers reporting issues with Google chrome while registering their debit card details in the page. It is advisable to use Internet explorer. It had worked for them so I assume it should work for you too.
you all know my name anyway
> Thank you. Appreciate your understanding. Chat services close at 11PM UK timing otherwise I would have checked tonight itself. Please chat back to us. Alternatively I would suggest you to try in Internet explorer.
fracking banks >:(
also steam is being a bitch and not accepting my new debit card >>>:(
10:16 PM
Google Search seems to be giving me trouble. A little earlier, the main search wasn't loading at all. I'm having problems with video search right now.
It is not my Internet connection.
have you tried using internet explorer, my bank thinks it is the bees knees?
where does the galaxy J5 sit in the samsung world?
If I'm not mistaken, it's the most basic Galaxy model. Don't expect a great experience.
thought so
the girl i've dated a few times recently just bought one
she bought it without my advice
the moto g is £80 cheaper and you can pick which colours you want....
Sure, there's worse than this, but it's not exactly a fast device. It's at the low end of the spectrum as smartphones go. Snapdragon 410, 720p AMOLED.
I've seen much worse than this.
10:31 PM
well her previous phone was the samsung blackberry clone
with the full qwerty keyboard....
The J series is the entry-level lineup. The J1 is the most basic, and it runs up to J7.
The A series is the next step up.
Then you have the flagship S series.
You also have the cheap Galaxy On5 and On7.
480x800 display, no-name SoC.
10:50 PM
I remember spreadtrum
they're the ones who did the chip for the FF phone
@allquicatic Expectation:
antici...pation? ;p
Upload failed :P
seems... oddly appropriate
11:05 PM
meow meow
Folks like using laser pointers as toys for cats, but not sure if this is really a good idea...
I've never heard of cats being hurt by them
Be sure to use it properly.
Make sure your cat has something safe to physically catch.
Its a kitty. Its a kitty whose mind has been opened to new possibiliites. Enjoy the damned kitty pic
Managed to get my netbook upgraded overnight
process seems a but slow
now one more system to go
11:15 PM
Windows 10 v1607?
It's taking you this long to deploy a Windows upgrade?
It can take a really long time
low storage system and it was slow
Why can't this be done concurrently on all devices, considering the speed of your Internet connection?
so I had to use a iso + USB key to bootstrap it, since that option lets me use external storage as needed for more space
11:16 PM
Joys of working off a small embedded "ssd"
Well, well. Your HP Stream 11 is still your field computer. I guess that needs to be updated as well.
and since I'm starting work again, I will be in need of it
It took me more like 25-30 minutes to do this on my laptop, but this is a far faster machine.
usually its pretty fast/painless
...actually, it was closer to 45 minutes.
11:19 PM
this was at 0 percent far too long
so I left it in a corner and went to sleep
Aug 2 at 23:46, by bwDraco
> Hi
We've updated your PC
Getting things ready, please don't turn off your PC
Probably CPU-bound. The Celeron processor is not exactly helping. I doubt the storage is to blame.
Is the disk access light constantly lit, or flashing?
Wait. The Stream 11 doesn't have a disk access light.
and I think part of the problem was me using a cheapish sd card for temporary storage
I always foolishly assume every system has this "cylinder" light to indicate disk access.
BRB, rebooting the laptop to get a sense of how fast this machine boots up nowadays. It was 15 seconds when I first installed the SSD 850 PRO and completed the migration.
when I get around to upgrading my home server's windows install I can compare
On my main machine with a fairly powerful CPU, it seemed to be working on the disk the whole time
11:25 PM
Personally... on a spare machine, it makes a ton of sense for me not to bother and do these things overnight ;p
It was still mostly CPU-bound. The disk was flashing quite rapidly, but it wasn't quite constantly lit.
Off to reboot.
21 seconds. Windows 10 needs a bit more time to initialize; seems to be compute I/O-bound.
It's measured from power-on to lock screen.
Heh, I get 7 seconds
Ubuntu in 5
Windows 10 is a bit larger than Windows 8.1, but the boot process seems to be less compute-heavy than it used to be.
The UEFI isn't the fastest on this machine. It takes quite a few seconds for the system to POST before I see the boot splash.
Enabling Secure Boot, which I did a while back, likely hurt performance a bit as well. (Oddly enough, it was disabled out of the box due to a configuration error.)
Oh, yeah. Secure boot doesn't help - all my boot stuff is managed by grub, which does help
I'm rather surprised that the UEFI POST is that slow.
It's not like "hit Power and get the boot splash right away".
Bear in mind that I do this from a full shutdown (hold Shift when clicking Shut down in the Start menu). Otherwise, fast boot will throw off the results.
11:41 PM
I always do a full shutdown, otherwise Ubuntu doesn't mount the Windows partition when I use it
Ok, this time it'll work!
@allquicatic Expectation:
Half the building stayed up. It is still up to this day.
Tried again. 18 seconds this time.
I assumed the demolition crew just went "oh, f#$# it, leave it like that".
The building is still in use. As an hospital.
I was about to say it would have been funnier if part of the building stood.
11:59 PM
Problem is, as much as 9 seconds are spent in POST. It takes five seconds just to turn the display on, and another four to display the boot splash.
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