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2:02 PM
@JourneymanGeek is it alright if I edit a closed question of mine to include the information I was asking for? you know, on the question yesterday
anybody know?
@xCare: sure
great, thanks
wait, will the question get deleted automatically since it has -4 vote count?
funny, I tried deleting it myself, but it just brings me back to the question
Auto deletions are timed
supposed to take a year or something
Q: What are all the penalties to delete or close our own Questions or Answers?

xCareEDIT: This deals with finding out information about penalties for the deletion and closing process, questions not dealt with in the question marked as duplicate. I'd like to know please what are the all the exact penalties if I delete questions or answers I've asked. How about if others delete...

so it will get deleted eventually after a year or so
I really don't care if it stays or goes but if I selected a post of mine for deletion it would be that one, the comments section is mostly off-topic negativity.
If it stays for a bit at least, I'll add the info, but i'd like if it were copied somewhere else before it goes. Do you have the ability to add to the FAQ?
considering the volume of people who already asked these questions, people are bound to look again and ask again if they have have difficulty finding answers
newcomers especially
@xCare: Don't forget that's on MSE
right. I'm adding the info now. You think Mokubai has the ability to add to the FAQs or make a more permanent post and delete that one?
MSE is essentially a seperate site with its own mod team
was I talking to any mods in the question?
look for the diamond? ;p
looks like no
2:34 PM
no diamonds, doesn't look like it
One user who amusingly teaches the C++ course I'm doing now I think....
3:33 PM
@Deltik why did you reject my edit?
That question has nothing to do with Photoshop, it shouldn't be tagged under it.
I reject your edit! because grumble grumble mutter sputter
I asked the user for clarification in the comments, I guess that went overlooked :\
@JohnB Doesn't show up in suggested edit queue.
@Bob it's already rejected
@JohnB Oh, I meant the comments don't.
3:37 PM
ah ok
At least, I don't think so.
Haven't done that in a while.
you're probably right, but I don't see how my edit at all changes the intent of the question.
hm, do I have a list like that? how do I get it
The review queues in general are missing a lot of info required to make a good decision.
@JohnB The user added that tag specifically because he asked for a solution in Photoshop (which you removed together with the tag. I would have rejected your edit with exactly the same reason (as @Ramhound has already done) - "This edit deviates from the original intent of the post. Even edits that must make drastic changes should strive to preserve the goals of the post's owner."
3:39 PM
It's not possible in Photoshop, the user didn't know that. It's silly to have it tagged with Photoshop just because of that.
Well if he didn't know that... it's kinda going around in circles
and no, I did not remove all mention of that with the tag. I re-worded the mention of Photoshop in the question
That doesn't matter. The user specifically asked "How can I do this in photoshop". If it can't be done then say so in a comment. Don't change his question.
@DavidPostill Bit of leeway here with the "or in windows if not in photoshop".
Removing the tag is not changing the question
3:41 PM
@DavidPostill Ramhound's not involved here btw
@JohnB In some circumstances, it is.
We do rely on tags quite a bit for context.
In this case, I believe it's not. The user is misguided in asking their question.
However, in this particular instance, shifting the focus away from PS is acceptable IMO.
@Bob Then we will have to agree to differ.
ic. I can't review yet, that's why I don't see a list. 80 more points to go for that
for what it's worth, I did seem to have made it up here.
yay, I made it to the big leagues! ..er little big leagues maybe? lol
There is no value in leaving the Photoshop tag on it, just as if there would be no value having an mspaint tag on it if the user thought that might be possible. I asked for clarification, the user confirmed their question was based on a false premise. My edit removed that false premise to improve the question
They still have a valid question there. Photoshop is just irrelevant to the question.
3:55 PM
@xCare For what it's worth you need 2000 ("the reputation threshold for full edit rights (2000) is the same threshold as for approving edit suggestions (2000)"
Tag wiki edit are different ("full edit rights come at 20000 reputation, while approval rights come at 5000")
meta question if anyone would like to voice their disagreement meta.superuser.com/q/10822/234790
Stack Exchange just notified me that you pinged me in this chatroom. @DavidPostill took the words right out of my mouth.
@DavidPostill is that similar to adding tags?
@Deltik without the comments asking for the clarification I would have agreed with you both. But taking that into consideration, I insist on its removal
In that case, I would have written a comment under the question to recommend that the OP edit their own question.
4:04 PM
@JohnB You don't see the post comments in the edit review queue. That's what the edit comment field is for. If the OP agreed that PS wasn't an option then add this info to the edit comments.
That would have been wise, I'll remember that for next time
I hadn't considered that comments weren't visible
I figured there'd already be a related feature request :) meta.stackexchange.com/q/150142/216955
I was just about to post that link ;)
5:29 PM
@Bob Ready for October 13th? Have a VPN to Sweden ready? yro.slashdot.org/story/15/10/12/2258209/…
Actually the data gathering should already be "on"
Assuming your ISP is technically able to do it, that is
it's a sad day when Australia is leading the world (except perhaps for China and India) in censorship and tracking of users
5:50 PM
is there a place to dispute a question marked as duplicate?
@xCare is it already closed or just has some close votes?
it's closed I think
Q: What are all the penalties to delete or close our own Questions or Answers?

xCareEDIT: This is wrongly tagged a duplicate as it deals with clarifying and finding out information about penalties for the deletion and closing process, a topic that has spawned much confusion and past discussion. I'd like to know please what are the all the exact penalties if I delete questions ...

your edit will place it in the re-open review queue
it can be re-opened? good.
it can be but I can't say that it will be. You're at the mercy of the review queue now
5:57 PM
I don't think it qualifies as a duplicate, especially not of that post indicated (no more than any other post about the topic, of which there are many scattered everywhere)
but if they'd put that info into the FAQ or some place easily accessible, I don't care if the thread gets deleted
I agree that it does not seem like a dupe. Shadow Wizard's comment seems contradictory to his close vote
Related, yes; dupe, no
right, it that's a dup, they'd have to take into account the -many- other questions about that topic.. and I mean many. They need that info gathered somewhere else if not on my post.
> Closing is generally preferred to deletion. Closing a question requires 3 votes, one of those votes can be made by the OP themselves.
that should be 5
I'll correct that, thanks. how about for deletion, is that the same voting process?
6:12 PM
uhmmm I don't have enough rep on any site to cast delete votes so I'm not confident but I think it's complicated
me neither
I gather as much
yeah, it scales. Look at the Deleting questions section here superuser.com/help/privileges/moderator-tools
so 3 votes for deletion for mods
@JohnB You have 12k on graphicdesign.stackexchange.com, that's enough to cast delete votes. But of course you're are a real mod. I suppose that changes things ... ;)
hehe yeah. We don't have enough high rep users over there for delete votes to matter :\
Any deletions are done by Community or a mod
I would be impressed if the high rep users actually managed to delete something without mod assistance
6:55 PM
wasn't next Nvidia chips rumoured to use HBM2 ?
Sep 5 at 3:21, by DragonLord
As a matter of policy, I do not observe holidays except where required; academic coursework and other activities are scheduled on holidays just as they would be scheduled on a normal day.
Sep 5 at 4:13, by DragonLord
In fact, barring self-control limits or physical constraints, I would work through the New Year's Eve countdown if needed, oblivious to the transition to the new year.
Yesterday was Columbus Day, a holiday which we generally do not observe, but I tend to just work through holidays as if they weren't special at all.
Sep 5 at 3:32, by DragonLord
I've done academic work on Thanksgiving, Labor Day, and all sorts of other holidays where the college is closed or does not run classes. I do not give special treatment to them.
Just asking again: Is the added productivity coming at the cost of my health and sanity?
Sep 5 at 4:01, by DragonLord
I've never really considered weekends, holidays, or vacations to be necessary.
Perhaps I'm not feeling it now, but mayhaps working on holidays would take its toll on my mind and body when I get older...
Christmas is no different than any other day of the year.
This puts me in a tiny minority (less than 10% of Americans don't observe Christmas) but if there's something that needs to be done, I'll just keep working on Christmas (or any other holiday, for that matter).
7:11 PM
My experience is that the older I get the less meaning the holidays have. Especially Christmas (which seems to start earlier every year). And at my age people have a lot of trouble finding suitable presents. I have everything I need already and I'm getting rid of stuff all the time ;)
I'm still in college.
Things are ramping up, though, as I'm beginning an internship shortly and already have a part-time campus job.
7:34 PM
hey guys!
I accidentally deleted a folder in python using shutil.rmtree(). Is there any way to get it back?
8:03 PM
@AbhishekBhatia Restore it from a backup.
@AbhishekBhatia on some versions of Windows there's Previous Versions
8:16 PM
it shows no previous versions avaiable
i am using windows 10
any other way?
That's pretty quick for Google to fix a bug...
@Mokubai the standard seems to be, "we'll eventually have someone rewrite that entire subsystem in ~5+ years; if you're lucky they might accidentally happen to fix your bug during their rewrite"
(or in the case of Bluedroid, introduce a new bug with the rewrite that won't be fixed until the next one)
8:39 PM
@allquixotic, see above messages. Should I keep on working on holidays?
@DragonLord Balance. Put your actions in context. A sustainable, sane life (one in which you are happy living in your skin, and the happiness helps you succeed in every other way, too) is a balanced one. I'm not going to say that working on a holiday is forbidden, but neither should you always do it. Think about how hard you've worked lately, and how much or little you've slacked off or relaxed.
If you worked extremely hard in the week leading up to a holiday, you should more or less faff around aimlessly without really trying hard to do anything on your holiday.
If you had a very unproductive week and you spent a lot of your time gaming, then a holiday involving hard work might be justified.
I had a very middle of the road week, where I got a lot done a few days but also spent a day or two slacking off, so I spent my holiday about 50/50 between learning/working and goofing off.
hey guys, I am still stuck at it. Is there any way to recover data deleted by shutil.rmtree() in python?
@AbhishekBhatia Regardless of the mechanism you used to delete a file/folder(s), if you do not immediately turn off the computer you did it on (meaning, hold down the power button until it turns off, or pull out the plug), in all likelihood your data has been corrupted by other programs running on the system
the fact that you deleted it using Python is irrelevant; your question boils down to how to undelete a file
and if you're running on the computer where you deleted it, my messages right now are probably helping corrupt your files
because your browser will be caching stuff as it comes in from the web
literally every second you have your computer on after the accidental deletion, you are vastly increasing the chances of data corruption
you might be able to recover parts of it if the data was images or text, but anything else, probably not
Q: Stack Exchange App feature request

DnrDevilIn the Stack Exchange app I see no way to delete previous posts, I must login on webpage to do this am I missing something?

8:54 PM
@allquixotic Is that the one with the skipping audio, 'cause I've just tried it on another phone for 30-40 mins without skips...
@Mokubai with the screen off? and what are the bluetooth versions and codecs supported by the phone and headset?
@allquixotic Screen off, phone in pocket, walking to and from work. No track skipping (to try and keep it honest. Amazon Music player (if that matters). Tell me how to find out codecs without root access and I'll tell you.
I'm voting to close this question as off-topic because it's network-wide in nature and not specific to Super User. Please post feature requests for the Stack Exchange app on Meta Stack Exchange. — DragonLord 9 secs ago
Q: Mark Deleted Files as Undeleted

ElmoThe capacity of my hard drive is 500 GiB. 150 GB of data got deleted accidently. I didn't write any byte to the drive after that incident, so my data is guaranteed to be there. I have tried apps like Recuva, all apps show that the data is there and allow me to save the data in a different locatio...

Q: How do I recover or "undelete" files that I accidentally deleted?

KronoSI've accidentally deleted some really important files on my machine, and I'm looking to find out how to recover them. Using the Trash bins "restore" isn't an option, as the files aren't there (mostly likely I wasn't paying attention and permanently deleted them from there). Is there any way tha...

@Mokubai manufacturer spec sheets, basically, is all you have to go on
@allquixotic Both claim apt-x
8:59 PM
@allquixotic My data is text files organised in multiple folders. I deleted the top-lvl directory.
9:15 PM
@AbhishekBhatia doesn't matter if you deleted the top level directory or what
imagine your disk drive (SSD, HDD, doesn't matter) is a whiteboard
every point on the whiteboard has a flag, true or false, as to whether that point is being used right now
what you did when you deleted the directory tree is, for each file and folder within that directory tree, you changed the "being used?" flag from "yes" to "no" for the entire sub-tree
so if you drew a pretty picture on the whiteboard, you could have a coworker who randomly flings whiteboard markers at the board who will randomly paint over whatever you originally drew
and in fact that's how programs actually work: they fling data pretty much anywhere and everywhere on the disk that's marked as free
in fact, certain filesystems have their disk write patterns biased so that they will prefer to write in space that was recently deleted
so, no, if you've been running that computer for hours, browsing the web, running programs, etc., you're not getting your data back, period
there's simply no way because the data has been destroyed in random ways, corrupted, piece by piece, like flinging little flecks of paint on a whiteboard in no particular orderly fashion
you might be able to recover little bits and pieces, but that would require a data recovery specialist's services, and you wouldn't get the complete, original data back no matter how hard you try
also, disk writes occur a lot more frequently than you think, by lots of background processes that you are probably not aware of
so even if you just sit at the PC providing no "inputs" (no clicking or typing, etc), background services that maintain the system and programs will very quickly perform lots of writes that will corrupt your deleted data
you can either restore from backups, or, if you don't have backups, learn your lesson, suffer the consequences of writing off that data as a "loss", and never work on valuable irreplaceable data without a backup ever again
there's really no more you can do, sorry
I hope this woman slips down some stairs leaving the courthouse...
9:32 PM
Oh dear. He was only 8. And 4 years on she complains about walking up 3 flights of stairs. "I live in Manhattan in a third-floor walkup so it has been very difficult". She had a broken wrist not a leg or ankle. How does that stop you going up and down stairs?
If her wrist is still a problem after 4 years she should be suing the hospital not her poor nephew.
@DavidPostill Yup. She was probably too busy attending parties to put any effort into the required physio that would have given her proper usage back.
2 hours later…
11:19 PM
Was playing with the idea of setting up a UTM as part of my future computer plans.
The initial plans were to set up a pfSense machine from a custom build, but given how many times the FortiGate appliance we have on the college network has saved my butt from malicious websites, I'm very tempted to get my own FortiGate (probably FortiWiFi-60D).
Is it worth it? The UTM appliance costs about $600, and I'll need a ~$300 annual subscription to keep it fully functional.
I want to set up my home network like a corporate network, however complex doing so would be.
No, Clippy, you don't belong here
Your thoughts?
Can anyone here convince me that I should or should not set up my home network like a secured corporate network?
The main reason on my mind is to gain experience with setting up enterprise hardware, but I also want a high-security setup that is significantly more resistant to attacks than an ordinary home network.
(Assume that I have an unlimited budget and cost is not an issue.)
11:40 PM
which is never the case.
If it was though, its probably useful to have a proper home lab in the process.
Aye, under the assumption of cost does not matter: Do so. And hire a few skilled insultant to help and explain.
@DragonLord My thoughts are you need to be more careful with your web browsing.
> saved my butt from malicious websites
That means you're visiting them in the first place.
I would consider that to be the problem.
@Bob Not necessarily under my control. They were malicious redirects from compromised websites.
@DragonLord If that's a common occurrence that's still a problem.
Will be AFK for about 45 minutes or so as I go home.
11:54 PM
My mouse was set to 800 dpi
That was painful, and took me a while to work out why it was so sluggish.
@JourneymanGeek That feels sluggish? o.O
@Bob: on a 4K display? hell yes.
And I'm used to having it turned up to 11 8200 dpi
@JourneymanGeek That's only 2x a 1920x1080.
With mouse accel 800 and 6/11 is probably fine.
@JourneymanGeek O_O
How on earth are you accurate with that? :S
11:58 PM
@Bob: Big screen + I have the thumb buttons set for quick sensitivity switches.
so one thumb button knocks me down to 4900, another one to 800.
I have just been restarted! This happens daily automatically, or when my owner restarts me. Ready for commands.
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