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12:02 AM
meh. Adjusted to be more modly and boring.
> Welcome to Super User. The questions you've been asking have been of consistently low quality and do not show research effort as they are easily addressed through Google searches. This is why your questions are getting downvoted and closed. Please consult the help center and try to ask answerable questions about practical issues instead of broad questions about how computer equipment works in general.
@JourneymanGeek Looks like SE knows what's up with that user. lol
I'm not sure. That screenshot is from an account that hadn't used yet.
Every post deleted.
Sadly, you sometimes have to be blunt. It's hard to get the point across otherwise.
12:12 AM
Well there's blunt. Then there's the sledgehammer ;p
The issue here is that if you try to be direct (your questions are getting downvoted and closed), you are spoonfeeding an explanation of the problem without promoting an understanding of what's wrong.
(I probably would have left the old spice reference if I wasn't a mod)
@DragonLord: hence suggesting he read the help, and telling him the exact issue.
Another example:
Grasp the stick between thumb and forefinger. Rotate arm laterally such that hand is positioned over round container next to your desk. Release. — Daniel R Hicks Feb 25 '14 at 18:06
This is much more effective than:
> The drive is dead, throw it out.
@DragonLord: However there's the hat.
... or even:
12:15 AM
Humour is useful at times, but I was essentially going "knock it off"
> Your drive is broken. Just throw it out, don't bother.
Someone might see it as mockery
(when all I was trying to do is help)
@JourneymanGeek I see the point here, but I feel the obvious language barrier would have gotten in the way.
@DragonLord: a combination of 1 and 3 would be even more effective
@MichaelFrank: hence the edit
I don't like being blunt. I always prefer to be transparent, clear, and to the point.
12:17 AM
Your question is bad. Read the help.
Welcome to superuser. You're asking a bunch of extremely basic questions that are trivially googlable - which is probably why they arn't being well recieved. I'd suggest help center and consider asking questions about practical issues, rather than asking questions on how stuff works with no research effort. I'd add too many closed questions might result in restrictions in your ability to ask questions. — Journeyman Geek ♦ 23 mins ago
!! s/arn't/aren't
@MichaelFrank That didn't make much sense. Use the !!/help command to learn more.
@MichaelFrank You're missing the trailing slash.
12:18 AM
@DragonLord Ahhhhh
Yea, I've never used that particular command in it's native enviroment before.
I would rather make an easily understandable and direct statement even if it falls on deaf ears than a blunt and salient statement that could come across as offensive or condescending.
> Welcome to Super User. Your questions are getting downvoted and closed because they are too broad and could easily be addressed through Google searches. Please consult the help center for guidance and try to ask questions about practical issues that can be addressed more directly. Asking too many bad questions can result in your account getting blocked from asking any more.
I ultimately think this is just a troll.
Suspend or delete the user.
The conduct I'm seeing from this user is exploitative of the community.
> you see I want to understand 100% from the point you turn the computer on to the point a cursor moving. how does a mouse move 100% explanation if you can
Little more than a troll.
At this point, even I can't assume good faith.
Q: Our muscles give us the ability to move our arms but....?

Saqib A NaeemI have a strange question, but let me tell you something first. If you think of this carefully, then you realize something, please try this right now: Contract your muscles only so that your arms move without you doing it. You can't. The way it happens is that you move your arm (or you do somet...

This guy is trolling across the network. A network-wide suspension may be in order.
12:36 AM
@DragonLord: or a language barrier
This guy is just rambling, asking random questions to get attention. I cannot see any plausible reason for this conduct other than to troll.
Look, this is not a confused newbie here.
This user has multiple accounts across the network and is exploiting our communities.
As I said, this user needs a network-wide suspension.
@DragonLord: That's somewhat overkill
In reality, he'll get questions closed, and question blocked
The user is actively being disruptive. He'll be blocked on Super User, but will just go on to troll the other SE communities. Notice that the user has asked questions on Electrical Engineering that have gotten deleted:
Badges, but no questions on the account.
suspensions are for people who 1) we think are salvagable 2) need salvaging
a question ban is more effective since there's nothing we can do about it
This is to stop disruption. This user is actively toxic to the Stack Exchange network.
12:42 AM
@DragonLord: You're getting worked up over one insignificant user ;p
> toxic
(Tip to not burning out as a moderator. Pick which ships to burn)
This doesn't happen all that often.
And sites can handle their own shit
Don't forget, there's inter mod communication
I've seen lots of noobs who don't understand how the site works or what our rules are and just need some help. This is not one of these users.
This is a troll, plain and simple.
12:44 AM
In general unless its a spammer we don't get involved with other site mods
Also, it's kind of amusing to read.
> there's nothing we can do about it
I don't understand this assertion.
@DragonLord: Its automatic
The ban may be automatic, but the user has a history of deliberate abuse.
In addition, the ban is per-site.
So we can't remove the ban manually. And while there's ways to lift it, its nebulous enough that the user is forced to be a high level contribution, and unlike a suspension, permanant.
I'm an SU mod. Other sites are outside my domain.
12:49 AM
I don't understand how this is more effective.
1) no mod intervention needed
2) no obvious time limit
3) good behaviour is the only way out.
The user has no intention to contribute in good faith.
There's a few cases where a user manages to get around it
Yup, and he's handled on the site I moderate at.
As someone who's aspiring to be a mod, what lessons should I learn so that I can put them to use when the diamond comes?
@DragonLord deal with the problem in front of you, then put it aside ;p
12:51 AM
I don't want to make the wrong decisions. I'm still very green when it comes to things like this, having very little experience in managing a community.
Is Community Building the answer?
And being a mod is essentially being a leveled up poweruser
I never go there
I used to be a mod elsewhere (and am still a mod on a battletech site)
What can you teach to me that I can put to use?
And really, I be the mod I want to have ;p
Nothing ;p
Just be terrified and horrified by your powers ;p
I'm afraid that as good as I am at handling spam, I simply lack the skills experience to act as a good leader.
spam is easy
12:56 AM
How do I get started using my existing tools?
XD. As far as community leadership goes, I think you're ready when someone else starts annoying you about being a mod, not the other way around
as for existing tools, things changed a lot since I got elected
I just used to try to clear queues
I still go through the review queues and do general site cleanup on a regular basis.
I've taken to commenting more, though, and have tried to guide users through the system.
(of course, now I have a job, so I mainly do proper moddy stuff in the mornings, lunchtime and evenings)
...and of course, I still try to post answers of the highest quality.
Sadly, I still feel like a complete neophyte at actual community building
Flags, badges, and reputation ultimately say nothing about whether you would be a good community leader
one day somebody will write a satire on SE
1:04 AM
You can have a thousand spam flags, 100k reputation, and a hundred gold badges and still be a bad mod.
one day some moderator will say, "You're stupid and the help center won't help you. SE is not for you. Please talk to your parents about installing a webfilter on your computer. do your homework, have a good day."
Sadly, that's where I stand.
I just want to be the best contributor I can be.
security bulletin of the day: never plug in flash drives from untrusted sources kukuruku.co/hub/diy/usb-killer
...but I just seem to lack the secret sauce that makes a good mod.
Well, instead of complaining about it, how do I start building experience?
Perhaps I should just lurk on Community Building a bit?
Gotta get to work, ping me with any tips.
It's about time for me to learn this stuff as a 15K+ user.
@oldmud0 This happens all the time.
1:18 AM
I think dealing with problematic users is the trickiest part of being a mod and I'm slowly learning.
My highest rated comment is "Have you tried the other mouse button?"
I have been trying to post more comments lately.
@MichaelFrank I meant write a satire targeting SE, not writing it on meta itself.
1:51 AM
posting comments doesn't give you rep :^)
2:04 AM
chatting doesn't give you rep either :^^))
@oldmud0: I chat cause its fun.
Comments are more for clarification purposes. Its a good way to replace broken windows ;p
I breached 75K today.
I better get to 20K soon...
I absolutely need to answer more questions.
I'm at one answer every 2-3 days ;p
I'm at 2-3 per month :P
2:20 AM
My most recent ones are heavily zero score
Wierdly, I'm two zero score answers away from a bronze badge
3:13 AM
Hey guys
I'm waiting on a literal ton of storage to be delivered to work ;p
@JourneymanGeek @Bob Check US news... I live about 12 miles and work about 3 miles (as the crow flies) from the tinderbox that is Baltimore City. It's an absolute mess. Racial tension, looting, violence against the police and media, burned down businesses and homes, military troops incoming, curfew imposed
Aw, shit
Is it quiet where you are?
600k people living in a few square miles area, 65 percent of them black, most of them living in poverty, took the opportunity to loot and vandalize and destroy people's livelihoods, overshadowing a peaceful protest against police activity leading to the death of a black man.
This tends to happen far too often in the US :/
3:19 AM
Where I live is definitely far, far out of the area of danger. Where I work may eventually get caught up in the roving bands of thugs and looters.
But they are putting thousands of military troops throughout the area starting tomorrow so I should be safe to go to work
(out here we had one riot in recent times. They got caught flatfooted. We do have police trained to handle it tho)
It's not martial law, the police have authority, but the national guard will be supporting and reinforcing
The military guys will be taking orders from the civilian executive branch.
Its more having boots on the ground to handle the situation
I'm crushed by how there is so much injustice for so long, causing so many people to live in poor conditions and not have access to higher education and the global economy. And they are so desperate and angry about it that they are looting malls and drug stores for medicine and clothing and TVs.
"The incident stemmed from a flier that circulated widely among city school students via social media about a “purge” to take place at 3 p.m., starting at Mondawmin Mall and ending downtown. Such memes have been known to circulate regularly among city school students, based on the film "The Purge," about what would happen if all laws were suspended."
This is fucking stupid
@allquixotic true, but ... stuff like this makes thing worse, not better :/
3:25 AM
The people committing crimes are definitely stupid, and they are setting back the city YEARS because the businesses are going to move back out after we worked hard to move them in to give people opportunities.
yup. And at a local level trickle down economics actually works.
They are destroying their own neighborhoods. And Baltimore has always had a high level of violence. Most of the violence in Baltimore has been black people stabbing and shooting each other, not white on black wars. Most of the white people moved out of the inner city, ceded control of it to the blacks when they became afraid of violence.
One of our Mayors said a few decades ago, now the shoe is on the other foot, referring to the fact that now these people are in control of their own destiny and can do what they want with their life and community
A lot of the community leaders are sad now that they have apparently failed to raise a civil and progressive community
There's a lot of people who feel that they just can't get jobs that pay a living wage. Whereas if you go to a 4 year university your prospects are much better.
These people have destroyed like 3 or 4 major businesses and countless small businesses. They've also totaled about a dozen or so vehicles by setting them on fire. What has that solved? It's just made things worse. It's made people even more suspicious of inner city "hood rats". That's the wrong message. How can we figure out how to give them better opportunities if they're being violent and looting constantly?
Baltimore is out of control, wow
Hope you're safe, @allquixotic.
The sad part is, I've been IN the mall that got looted. It was a very nice mall. Not super high end but very modern and lots of good interesting businesses. Radioshack, gamestop, verizon, lots more
Would not be surprised if you're ordered to evac at some point.
Why are blacks like this? Can't we all just get along?
We're all human beings. This is not okay.
3:37 AM
I'm way out of dodge of the chaos downtown, Brian, but thank you for your concern. I just hope my place of work will be safe, because it is MUCH closer to the Hotspot than my house
Racism makes absolutely no sense.
My home is not even in the same county as the city or its outskirts. I'll be safe at home at least. My neighborhood is completely quiet right now.
Its more that 1) they're an underclass in general 2) racism is kind of an excuse.
I agree with Ravi. It's more about class and economics than color of skin. Only a small percentage are pulling the race card. It just so happens that the poorest communities are mostly black.
> Ravi
Do you know Journeyman Geek personally?
3:41 AM
I was also referred to by my real name Brian.
The gangs are a problem. The gangs are much bolder and more dangerously armed than the regular folk on the street.
Regular folk wouldn't generally have or want to use a gun tho
My real name is public, but it's not on my Stack Exchange profile.
I probably couldn't ever shoot a person, even in context.
3:42 AM
Oh. You guys stated your names publicly when you ran for mod, and it's on your fierydragonlord site. I sometimes use people's names when I'm in a serious or heightened state of mind.
@allquixotic Oh wow :(
I'm on my phone so I don't have an easy way to reply to messages, no chatsey installed yet. I'm watching TV on my primary monitor.
@allquixotic Just... stay safe. Might be worth taking a day or two off until it calms down a bit?
Well I considered taking a day off but I'm going to communicate with my boss and coworkers and poll them. If everyone else comes in, I will too. It also depends on how traffic is in the area, considering there are thousands more law enforcement officers on the streets now than there are usually, and they disrupt traffic.
I'm cool with that. If you want it nuked, let me know, and I'll do it
3:46 AM
Not an issue.
I know a coworker who lives about 2.5 miles from an area that was looted
(and heh, knowing my workplace, my boss would be "stay the fuck at home. We can handle shit remotely"
He texted me to say his neighborhood is ok
@allquixotic, good luck, and stay safe.
3:48 AM
I can't handle anything remotely. I have to be on premises. However, if our building is unsafe, the customer campus is MUCH safer, it is locked down by the Federal Protective Service.
I can work from the customer site.
Great, at least you have security.
Thank you @DragonLord I appreciate the sentiment. I'll be cautious.
What's happening ? o.0
Scrolls up
Baltimore is rioting.
3:49 AM
Oh, it was all over reddit yesterday
@allquixotic lives neraby ? :O
What in the actual fuck.... another fire... unbelievable
So we've gone from angry looters and rock throwers to MULTIPLE arsons
@JourneymanGeek My boss would react similarly if asked, but organisationally our response to local emergencies is pretty terrible. We found out about the siege ~200m away via an email forwarded from one employee's husband's workplace... and then the designated OHS officer got pissed cause the news broke unofficially :S Then again, it's nowhere near as widespread (or dangerous, as it turns out) as such a massive riot...
All this over one person, Freddie Gray.
@DragonLord Well, no.
This is one of Baltimore's darkest days in history, according to our Mayor
3:51 AM
The protests were over a more widespread general issue.
The riots... rioters always pop out at times like this, and generally use the issue as an excuse.
The rioters rarely actually care.
The state of emergency was declared because doing so is necessary to invoke the National Guard and obtain federal assistance.
There is no martial law.
The protests were over economic inequality in the inner city, particularly among black communities. The protests are 100% legit and peaceful. The protesters and the rioters are two completely different groups of people.
The protesters want social change and to work with Government. The rioters want a stolen 50" LCD TV.
Totally different groups.
@allquixotic ROTFL
No disagreement there.
The worst part is they don't get the fact that rioting to get free stuff is a double edged sword
They are killing their neighborhood
3:54 AM
A lot of the protest groups are led by people who were alive when Martin Luther King Jr was leading the civil rights movement, and they are steadfast, as MLK was, about PEACEFUL social change!
That assumes these people think that far ahead
I downright support the protesters. They are in the right.
The rioters are numbskulls
MLK had the right idea. He and people who took after him got real results from the stingy and change-averse federal government.
What change do the rioters think they're going to get by burning down buildings???? Ffs
small change. And TVs ;p
(none at all)
@allquixotic Reinforced stereotypes. More restrictions.
They come out of this worse off, obviously.
But of course they won't see that until it happens, and then won't connect it to their own actions.
In asia, generally when there's 'racial' riots, there's an actual racial/sectarian component
3:59 AM
You're right. We're moving backwards and it's really disheaetening.
@allquixotic He was a charismatic well-known leader. Most protests now lack an obvious rallying point...
More than ever before, money makes the world go round.
@Bob leaders like that are rare
One word: Avarice.
Well, that's at a wider macro level
4:02 AM
Avarice is a big problem of course but I don't think a poor person, who's living under the poverty line, is being avaricious when they dream of having a 2 story house with 3 bedrooms and a kitchen and a little backyard and a garage and a 4 year degree and a good job, just like me
On one hand, you need economic opppurtunities across the income curve, and on the other, people need to be willing to take it.
The poor people in Baltimore's inner city are not looking to live in huge palaces and not work for a living. They want to work hard, earn their place, learn new skills, and use them, to get opportunities to live in a good, safe community in a nice house with fast Internet and a cat and a pool and etc
@allquixotic ...just like that adorable cat of yours.
(or a dog.)
4:05 AM
I intentionally avoided mentioning a dog because I would have to hang on its back with my claws
(and heh, the singaporean dream is a condo. I'll settle for an apartment with the potential for a server rack ;))
I love our local newspeople. They've been on the air for 8 hours continuously with no commercial breaks and no rest and they are still going strong. And the news anchors are 50% black 50% white. It's awesome
Our newscasters are creepy
Most of them have no expression above the nose.
On a linux system is it possible to observe the stdin of a process given a pid? I'm not sure if I quite understand how the standard streams work
4:12 AM
I want our place of business to get involved in the community more. Help the local elementary schools.
@Qcom heh, flesh it out and ask a question on the site. Sounds like a potential hot question with a little more context.
Oo excellent, glad you think it's worthy
I'll be back after some more research
@allquixotic Wait a sec. Your company is a government contractor?
@DragonLord: where do you think the NSA jokes started? ;p
I don't think you can passively observe a stdin. You'd have to disconnect it from whatever it's connected to and reconnect it to a monitoring process. And if it was previously set to NULL, the process may have to be somehow made aware that it has a stdin now
My company is a government contractor, yes, @DragonLord
It's past midnight local time and the news crew is still going full tilt. Their dedication is truly stunning.
4:17 AM
I do happen to be in the same time zone as you, @allquixotic.
You're out of New York, right?
I actually live in New York City. I can't say much more, though.
I don't need an exact location. Somewhere in that area is close enough :P
Its probably possible to find out where I work from what I've said in chat.
Microsoft's Azure documentation is crap
4:22 AM
You know what's remarkable? Despite millions of dollars of property damage and numerous hospitalizations and arrests, NO ONE has died in all of this unrest.
@allquixotic: this is a very good thing
The 2013 Little India riot occurred on 8 December 2013 after a fatal accident occurred at SST 21:23 at the junction of Race Course Road and Hampshire Road in Little India, Singapore, causing angry mobs of passersby to attack the bus involved and emergency vehicles that had by then arrived at the location. About 300 migrant labourers from Tamil Nadu and Bangladesh were involved in the riot which lasted for around two hours. This was the second riot in post-independence Singapore, and the first in over 40 years since the 1969 race riots. == The riot == The riot continued for approximately two hours...
This is the last riot we had .
Wow. Any deaths?
No. Outside the guy who died before the riot.
Could have been handled better tho. Initial response was a bit shit
Wow, are you KIDDING ME???? Another god damn arson in a drugstore. This is depressing. Why won't these people stop destroying the city?!?!?
This just happened
@allquixotic whoops didn't see your reply
4:28 AM
would it not be possible to examine /proc/pid/fd?
Good question, not sure
@JourneymanGeek now I realize I tagged the wrong person D:
To everyone who wished me well and expressed sympathies for the destruction in Baltimore tonight, thank you much. I'm going to sleep now. The local news went off. I'll talk to you guys tomorrow. Gotta see how I can help out in Baltimore in the weeks and months ahead...
4:53 AM
A: Why are there separate fixed-width characters for 0-9 in Japanese, compared to the typical 0-9?

DragonLordThese are fullwidth characters. These characters, which are in Unicode U+FF00 to U+FFEF, are intended to be used with CJK characters. They exist so that Latin characters can line up with fixed-width CJK text. Historically, Han characters were set double-wide in 80x24 terminals, and these charac...

I've been starting to use more images in my answers to address the "wall of text" issue that plagued some of my older long answers.
A: Why are we still using CPUs instead of GPUs?

DragonLordTL;DR answer: GPUs have far more processor cores than CPUs, but because each GPU core runs significantly slower than a CPU core and do not have the features needed for modern operating systems, they are not appropriate for performing most of the processing in everyday computing. They are most su...

This is my highest-voted answer, and it still reads like a wall of text because there are no images and no section breaks (except for a brief TL;DR at the top).
This is in fact the primary reason I adopted Thaddeus's answer format.
in Post Quality Advice and Tips, Dec 18 '14 at 8:48, by DragonLord
I started this initiative as part of a commitment to better serve the Super User community, but I've noticed that some of my answers, especially my longer, more thorough ones, read like walls of text.
heh. I've used animated gifs, images, and pretty much anything else I could. Of course, I'm a visual thinker so it makes it easier for me to read myself.
It's giving my answers a distinctive look and a considerable advantage over other answers.
Jan 15 at 13:47, by DragonLord
Protip: Think your answers might be a bit hard to read? Look at Thaddeus's recent answers and try adopting his style.
My recent answers seem to be scoring a bit higher overall as a result
@DragonLord that gpu answer was informative and easy to read as someone unfamiliar with cpu/gpu hardware specifics despite being all text
5:11 AM
This, actually, is my latest full-length answer:
A: Why are newer generations of processors faster at the same clock speed?

DragonLordDesigning a processor to deliver high performance is far more than just increasing the clock rate. There are numerous other ways to increase performance, enabled through Moore's law and instrumental to the design of modern processors. Clock rates can't increase indefinitely. At first glance, i...

Notice how much easier it is to read this way?
Answer quality has always been a primary goal of mine, and this is why I do this.
that's an article
It's not just long and detailed answers. It's about readability, too.
@DragonLord ever thought of writing for the SU blog? ;p
for sure, I really appreciate a piece's form
in Post Quality Advice and Tips, Dec 18 '14 at 17:28, by Thaddeus
Read through some of your posts and found the information held within to be viable but not easily analysed. Go for smaller chunks of text, isolate the main points, use section headers to break out big ideas, or specific vendors. Use infographics to support your work. Good graphics (flowcharts are great for processes) can make a big difference.
> viable but not easily analyzed.
That's the "wall of text" problem.
5:17 AM
I agree with you ;)
though I don't mind suffering through a wall of text if it's worth it
but for a q&a site it's only decent to have standards
I actually discovered this wall-of-text issue during the last Winter Bash while looking for ways to get my work to stand out.
Seeing Thaddeus's answers is what made me take action.
those diagrams are lovely
how can I view a user's answers?
holy shit praise be to the paper clip
5:34 AM
My walls of text suffer most from starting with an Outline that literally covers everything, and would be breif and readable, to "expanding" on it, and keeping people from whining about sematic , and technical wording. By the time it goes from short thought, to covers everything, it is simply unreadable.
At that point i could re-write the whole damn thing from scratch, given that someone would pay for that :-)
Pictures, even just for the sake of pictures, seem to give the reader a break, a transition to other sences.
It is actually much easier to toss up thoughts about a question on a forum, then to expand on it when the user themselves wants expansion of it.
Providing just the 1 user in query answers to thier latest thinking, while they are mentally involved, works great for that 1 person. reading back through the brain + brain train of thought , is then heck for anyone else to read. (including myself later).
5:55 AM
A: How can I replace a string in a file(s)?

terdon1. Replacing all occurrences of one string with another in all files in the current directory: These are for cases where you know that the directory contains only regular files and that you want to process all non-hidden files. If that is not the case, use the approaches in 2. All sed solution...

I really find answers like these to be erotic
that font and syntax highlighting just so pleasing
better than images unless the information really lends itself to a visual demonstration
Heh. I know this guy off... IIRC AU
I look at stuff like that and think, there must be a simple library by now that you type Find Foo Replace FooGoo Quantity ALL
looks like that'll do it if you have npm installed might be a nice simple option
If there isnt , were going about all this the wrong way :-) where each person has to spend hours in comprehention and programming to accomplish things that have been done for 20 years 20,000 times :-)
I would hardly consider npm simple
6:00 AM
from the everything is a module durp point of view it is
installation in other words
especially where sed replaces in place.
not its cost
what simple means depends on the crowd
@Qcom: Unless it gives me a significant advantage over a built in tool I prefer the builtin tool. Alternately installation over the standard package manager.
I like my systems replicable.
(says the guy who has a standalone copy of FF on linux at work ;p)
@JourneymanGeek I really appreciate this principle
just not too familiar with the unix ecosystem
superuser.com/questions/906610/… Nuked for being opinion again. I notice they added in the "Specific Expertise" to that opinion close. It did not stop them from closing the question where i placed 20 years of partitioning experience into it :-) Real experience with all the methods across any aspect of the discussion from all the people discussing it.
6:13 AM
I do however have a hobby project I'm starting that'll involve jumping into some c and process work
all the cool kid work I don't know how to do
(with windows, I have a "standard install", which I eventually intend to replicate with chocolaty from ninite)
is homebrew the de facto package manager for os x?
No idea. That's the one major OS I don't use much (yet)
haha it's the one I've used primarily
when looking up command line information I usually just pretend it's linux until something goes wrong
Windows and fedora at home, centos at work ;p
6:16 AM
I did however just pick up a used copy of this bad boy so hopefully that'll change
wow is that enormous for everyone?
Yeah, oneboxed ;p
I learnt linux super informally
what's centos' deal by the way?
Oh? They used to be an unofficial community respin of RHEL. Now they're an official community derivative working with redhat
haha I think only real entities in the unix community I could toss out a quip about are ubuntu and arch
Ubuntu's dev friendly, most sysadmins hate it tho
6:22 AM
yeah that's about the extent of my knowledge as to its intricacies
what does it offer that other distros don't?
regarding dev friendliness
Most devs use it for some reason so.... chances are if you're installing something to hack on, it'll work
Its also generally got a newer package selection than centos or stable debian, and VERY predictable release schedules.
so pretty much you can sudo apt-get install node and 'everything just works'? ;)
Not really. You prolly want the nodesource repos ;p
ANd sometimes io.js rather than node.ja and...
oh I'm messing around of course
2 hours later…
8:05 AM
We're off to a good start today. I changed all my Google credentials yesterday and now my work desktop is useless :P
8:46 AM
@JourneymanGeek got the V3 Pistons
they sound alright
don't have time to do a full comparison right now, though
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