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7:16 AM
@CanadianLuke linux server?
4 hours later…
@rahuldottech Good points, well made :)
Oh, they renamed "featured" to "bountied"
11:34 AM
Yup, since there's confusion with the featured tag
ah ok
LinkedIn is down...
11:51 AM
@JourneymanGeek @djsmiley2k
12:15 PM
@Burgi if you keep very quite, you can hear the HR departments all over the world crying out in pain and despair
@Burgi Working for me. Your internet is clearly borked :)
12:50 PM
@rahuldottech holy cow awesome.

1:02 PM
@djsmiley2k @rahuldottech said:
> This is specifically a C++ question
Also, using a second array isn't permitted
1:18 PM
are you allowed to do multi-dimensional arrays?
1:33 PM
Dosen't that risk tearing the fabric of space time, and inviting eidritch extradimentional horrors?
@Burgi No. You're given a single 1D array with the values in it.
Oh wait, no, that's parsing XML with regex
@Aibobot as long as you use the right hexcode you should be ok
@rahuldottech so you can't append to that array?
@Burgi C++, so no. Array size is fixed. Eg: you're given an array of size 10 with 10 elements in it.
oh, also: there no more than one duplicate
1 hour later…
2:45 PM
Sean Bave on September 19, 2019

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Report specific ads you don’t like and we, together with our ad partners, will make sure you don’t see them again.

2:55 PM
£31.50/hr on a survey
@Blogbot we'll see.....
they ran an ad the other day for the free trial on SO Teams
3:18 PM
For up to 11 users iirc
4 hours later…
7:44 PM
@djsmiley2k Yup, Debian
All the snot is coming outta my face.
1 hour later…
9:09 PM
It's so amazing when someone comes across an answer that you posted ages ago and leaves a comment saying it helped them :)
9:58 PM
Anyone used an ARM-based machine for general web browsing?
Wondering if an Odroid XU4 (SBC dealie) would be up to the task...
eh probably
Its a mobile phone chip with a fan
Odroid do provide Ubuntu (+Mate) and Android images
oh, for that...
what were they called...
Oooh, there's an unofficial Arch build!
Armbian makes very nice alternative images for a lot of dodgier SBCs ;p
10:03 PM
Good shout, there's no reason this needs to be Arch after all
It's only for web browsing and email
And this is one of the few times that is probably literally try ;-P
The orangepi I bought had a very strange stock image (basically a mongrel mix of 14.04 and 1604 which I couldn't upgrade)
@Aibobot Ty, there's also a guide on their forms about armbian
Its 6 in the morning and I nightshifted
Couldn't remember XD
Oh boy :P
10:29 PM
which reminds me
I need to fire up my orange pi to test some things ;p
10:57 PM
I'm thinking of trying out running pihole in a container
It's dead easy
I think I have my pihole on a VM now
Which kinda makes the Pi I have sitting in a drawer doing nothing look kinda sad :P
Well probably lxd or docker
Fair dos
Uh, Armbian?
11:10 PM
The armbian system runs the same setup as my x86 router
Did you and Igor?
Now I'm trying to remember if I have anything installed for writing images to SDs, or if dd does the job...
I think someone recommended etcher.io before
ISTR having issues of some kind
and moaning about noting them here
Aug 14 '17 at 16:10, by bertieb
(interestingly, Etcher seems to have written the image as UDF, same as dd; presumably that's why the old BIOS isn't seeing it?)
11:33 PM
It's udf cause the original image is udf
I only barely remember what I was trying to do before :D
In the time I've spent trying to figure this out I could have just dd'd
So I'll do that

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