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3:16 AM
Whoa what did stallman do
3:32 AM
Oh man... is anyone here a python wizard?
@rahuldottech ohhhh maaaaaan
hi Journeyman! Nice to see you :)
@rahuldottech Said some stuff people didn't agree with.
3:48 AM
someone needs to package a python project as a stand-alone executable for a school project hahaha, and their teacher thinks it's trivial to do so for a person who's never coded before. yet there isn't a complete project that can accomplish such, cause python doesnt do that out of the box
4:01 AM
well linux
we've tried stuff like cx_freeze , pyinstaller, nuitka they all choke on the face_recognition libraries my friend needs
not sure what to do with this error:
ImportError: cannot import name '_imaging' from 'PIL' (unknown location)
I wonder if the school he registered with is a scam.
the course wasnt cheap and they have making the program be a stand-alone executable an absolute passing requirement. even though there was no lesson on packaging python apps
it was just a no prequisite first time learner python course haha
4:24 AM
@djsmiley2k quit pressing the turn off touchpad .. oh. just update your driver ^^
3 hours later…
7:47 AM
@bwDraco and you brought what?
@CausingUnderflowsEverywhere wut
not sure if scam or just terrible
8:26 AM
Oh god
We're having a workshop on FOSS
Conducted by second year students
And holy crap they complete messed it up.
They literally took "free" software to mean free as in free beer, not free speech
I mean they gave the proper definition but...
They've been using the term incorrectly all along
They also said "GIMP is like Photoshop, and Blender is like MS Paint".
the first one is correct
Which is like...
@Burgi I'm aware
the second one.... maybe they meant 3D Paint?
But comparing Blender to MS paint or 3D paint is literally like comparing a spaceship to a unicycle.
Or like... A singular wheel
Maybe a ball of yarn.
And it's not even like accidental
They're literally standing here and pulling stuff out of their arse
They just said "Microsoft declared XP is now FOSS".
I'm so pissed rn.
9:01 AM
say something then
Eh. Its a school project
9:57 AM
@rahuldottech if that makes you angry, you're gonna grow up a angry old man.
10:25 AM
nah he'll die of a heart attack at 45 because he is so stressed
10:57 AM
RIP @rahuldottech
11:44 AM
@djsmiley2k The thing is, there's still a market for expensive flagship phones. Most people pay for them via installment plans I still see mostly flagship phones on my commute.
See my personal growth room (September 10) for an explanation for this.
12:10 PM
@bwDraco You missed my point.
...let's not encourage flaggable behavior. Sorry about that.
before you post anything, stop, count to 3, read what you've typed, then hit enter.
My apologies for the attention-seeking behavior. This is an issue that doesn't admit an easy solution...
I assume you got what I posted before it was deleted...
Again, see the personal growth room. I'm there now.
1:16 PM
no-one else has a dedicated room where they talk about their personal growth
whats a foss
bw whats the apple flagship phone
Free Open Sourced Software
wow microsoft loves us
Despite the end of support for Windows XP, Microsoft has released three emergency security updates for the operating system to patch major security vulnerabilities:

A patch released in May 2014 to address recently discovered vulnerabilities in Internet Explorer 6 through 11 on all versions of Windows.[124]
A patch released in May 2017 to address a vulnerability that was being leveraged by the WannaCry ransomware attack.[125]
A patch released in May 2019 to address a critical code execution vulnerability in Remote Desktop Services which can be exploited in a similar way as the WannaCry vuln
Hey, they were still using XP in Toronto to power their public transit fare system. haha so I heard.
this must be why they said it was FOSS ?

"Two specific shared source licenses are interpreted as free software and open source licenses by FSF and OSI. However, former OSI president Michael Tiemann considers the phrase "Shared Source" itself to be a marketing term created by Microsoft." - Shared Source Initiative [Wikipedia]
1:26 PM
I've no clue what you're trying to ask @CausingUnderflowsEverywhere
rahul said some school is claiming XP is foss
1:40 PM
4 hours ago, by djsmiley2k
user image
I need to check how ROS is doing ;p
this is the biggest news in computing for 15 years
eh its just microsoft
2:11 PM
eh its just microsoft
Its something he clearly finds exciting
2:41 PM
Anyone here with Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) devices?
3:43 PM
Weird question of the day.
Q: Is it safe to put a microwave in a walk-in closet?

CraigMy spouse and I like to sleep with rice bags in the winter, which we microwave to heat up. To avoid having to go back down to the kitchen, we’re considering adding an outlet in our closet and plugging in a microwave on top of some wiring shelving. Is there any reason this is not a good idea / d...

3:53 PM
it's not life threatening though is it
that's one of the few things I get really angry about at work (which in my current job, means very very very rarely).
Speaking of question phrasings
> Minimize taxes now that I earn a living wage
> I recently received a hefty promotion for $350k [CAD] (plus stocks and bonuses)
> living wage
> $350k
You keep using that word phrase, I do not think it means what you think it means
4:09 PM
Lovely little promotion
Ah, title's been edited by a mod :D
4:35 PM
350k is deffo a living wage
'cept maybe in London
That buys you, what, a couple of pints with enough left over for a cheap kebab?
As I tell people as well who complain about minimum wage not being a livable wage: No shit, it's minimum to get you off your ass and learn to do something better with your life!
hmmmm, so my kittens... they're playing with a wrapper they've found somewhere, chasing it around etc
cept one of them just picked it up
walked over to their water bowl, drops it inwtf was that about
3 hours later…
7:48 PM
@CanadianLuke except as you grow in life, technology, interpersonal and other skills, you are still offered, and get settled for, minimum wage. It's minimum, so your employer can make a profit from your employment.
8:19 PM
i really need someone to come help me in borderlands lol
8:47 PM
@djsmiley2k Console or PC?
8:57 PM
done now tho
just soloed the boss of presequel
ahh okay, are you playing BL3 at all?
Welp, that was fun
funny that i completed borderlands 2 before playing tho this :D
In order of release BL2 was before BLPS right?
yeah I think so
i don't know how i ended up playing borderlands2 first, I think they gave it away free randomly on psn, then more recently did the handsome jack collection which contains both.
9:29 PM
@CausingUnderflowsEverywhere dude, you have no idea!
@Burgi I thought it was good news.
its going to revolutionise several of my spreadsheets
hopefully make them a little smaller in size and faster to recalculate
10:09 PM
@MichaelFrank yes
And you need to play the telltale game and the last bl2 dlc for context
1 hour later…
11:11 PM
@AgnesK.Cathex Absolutely, but that's not what people making minimum wage care about. They tend to care about either getting experience, or not being a bum on the street

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