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12:23 AM
multi-cloud is actually falling out of favor
multi-region within a given cloud, yes, but multi-cloud is bad because you have to code to the lowest common denominator, you can't use all the features of a given cloud
12:46 AM
Good night, fellows. Gotta wake up early tomorrow.
2 hours later…
3:02 AM
When I was 13, I picked up a bunch of parts, some of the decisions I made were terrible, and I ended up where I am now
feels like building a tablet misses a little of the magic
3:13 AM
> Residents of richer nations like the United States are more likely to have doubts about vaccines, new study shows.
uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh why tho are you kidding me?
like ya'll just go like "hurr we discovered cures and preventive measures for some of the worst diseases, but uh no that's all BS propaganda let's go back to the dark ages??"
1 hour later…
4:16 AM
@rahuldottech Our education system is far, far worse than India's; worse, in fact, than most countries on Earth. Our top tier institutions are internationally recognized, but the lower 99% don't go to those; they go to schools with no air conditioning, with teachers who think the most important thing to "teach" is Christianity.
Basically, unless you go out of your way to be educated, the average person in the US is grossly undereducated about science and medicine, and the default is to tend to fear or suspect these things. Plus, with all the false information on the Internet, it's made a lot worse. A huge contingent of the Republican party's membership is made of undereducated people who believe many factually wrong things about the world.
You won't find many folks with a college degree who think vaccines are more harm than good, but among those who have just a high school diploma or worse, yeah. We're only "richer" in the sense that we have a very wealthy upper crust and a pretty fat (literally and figuratively) middle class. The have-nots are both uneducated and poor.
1 hour later…
5:45 AM
@allquixotic :(
@allquixotic One can't totally blame that
That sucks, man
there's literally educated, smart folks pushing that, unrelated to religion
@JourneymanGeek then they're... not smart
Oh my god are you kidding me
@rahuldottech there's different kinds of smart
5:46 AM
I'm looking for laptops to use for college
And NONE of them have keyboards with the menu key
Imagine me if I was evil
The only ones that do are the Microsoft laptops. Which are too expensive for me
but even better at convincing people to do things
@JourneymanGeek mhm
and honestly - I'm not that smart
I get how a small subset of the human population works
so imagine, you actually honestly cannot that that your kid is autistic so much so you need to make up a story about how its a conspiracy
or you can cure them with bleech
yet the rest of you is high functioning. (and maybe a sociopath)
And the kid might actually function normally if you actually spent the time being a parent.
5:53 AM
Yeah, I get your point
Okay back to laptops
All these brands want to make their laptops so thin
That the keyboards have very little key travel
I can't take this man
@rahuldottech thin is sexy. Also modern laptops don't need to be fat.
I need a good keyboard
Also cheaper to produce
Get a second hand x220
@JourneymanGeek I don't care about sexy. I care about usability
@JourneymanGeek it's impossible to get second-hand devices here now
You can upgrade it a fair bit if you're so inclined (even install a full HD monitor)
5:55 AM
Ever since they killed eBay
Every. single. modern. laptop. uses chicklet keys
@JourneymanGeek :(
to quote spencer...
you're stuffed.
I don't know what sort my y50 has, but I've used it for four years and they keyboard has spoilt me
I thought they moved away from the really nice keyboards
5:57 AM
@JourneymanGeek the only device I see here with a decent keyboard is a Zenbook
But it's also very expensive
Although I guess it's not a bad investment if I can get it to work for four years like my previous laptop
@JourneymanGeek it's a gaming laptop from 2015, so I guess that's why it has a better keyboard? They hadn't moved away yet?
Fwiw the gaming laptops in this store have nice keyboards
I'd guess not
But I'm not going to buy one ever again
@rahuldottech gamers are keyboard snobs
They're a reason mechanical keyboards came back
@JourneymanGeek as are programmers
not all
6:04 AM
Unfortunately, yeah :(
The ones who are are also generally hardware snobs
Most folks would just use whatever was supplied with the PC
I can't type for more than a couple minutes on a Macbook, and yet many programmers use them alllllll the tiiiiiime
@JourneymanGeek I'm just a snob for a lightweight laptop with a good keyboard and good battery life
Unfortunately that appears to not be a common combination
@rahuldottech and that ends up being pricy ;p
Shit man I reallllly like the Zenbook
I want this
But the store only has an 8gb ram option
Even the configurations available online don't have more than 8 gigs of ram unless I also go for an expensive GPU that I'll never use
6:24 AM
Why is it that laptops today still ship with the same amount of RAM as four years ago?
RAM takes space, RAM is expensive and most people don't need that much RAM
@Bob But these are high-end machines
And if that's the case, why can't they just make it upgradable?
I just added a four gig stick from another machine to my y50, and it work perfectly
6:40 AM
@rahuldottech because you wanted thin and lightweight
RAM slots waste a lot of space
@Bob I don't need macbook-level thin. Just something I can easily carry around. Think 2015-pre-macbook-ultrabook.
> For the fiscal year ending January 31, 2019, Slack reported losses of $138.9 million on revenue of $400.6 million. That’s compared to a loss of $140.1 million on revenue of $220.5 million the year prior.
> My question is where the hell is that money going?

That money is all the cash flow in some entire minor industries. It’s the GDP of some minor lower/mid-economy nations’ cities. Their losses are equal to half the entire GDP of Palau.

Maybe I’m detached. But I don’t understand the cash flow in chat apps today. It’s absolutely bizarre amounts of money for something that can and will easily be replaced in a few years, as always happens.
Yeah, I have a hard time understanding this stuff too
@rahuldottech it's business. They rejected reality and substituted their own
The big issue with slack is they're hoping enough free tier folks move into paid tiers
Call me old-fashioned (which is something that literally no one has ever done), but to me the ideal system is Matrix/Riot for regular conversations (coordinating, troubleshooting, etc) and email for all serious communication that needs to be archived for future reference
@rahuldottech most of the folks here think like that
Riot ticks off so many boxes for folks here it's not funny
Most of us run servers for fun (and who knows, profit) and want to be able to set our own rules and talk privately
6:56 AM
> Call me old-fashioned
> Matrix/Riot
do you even IRC?
@Bob I do, actually
Hang out on #philosophy @ freenode occasionally
But I realize that expecting non-tech people to IRC is... unreasonable
@Bob that referred to email, lmao. But any chat app will do instead of riot, really.
@JourneymanGeek downside is it's apparently easy for one server to drop off the face of the earth without anyone noticing :P
Damn. Reddit Delhi meetup is not too far away from my place!
yey, maybe I can make a couple friends
@Bob that's almost a feature
@rahuldottech I used to be part of a non techie IRC network
Just throw in web chat
@Bob actually the half duplex communciations 'feature' was the most amazing bit
7:26 AM
@Bob I'm still confused over who runs 32 bit
other than wierd chinese tablets with very little ram
@JourneymanGeek I do
@Bob wierd little tablets with... ;p
7:42 AM
@rahuldottech Generally speaking, people aren't stupid, they are misinformed
The thing about anti-vax stories is that they all create a little bit of doubt about safety
Whatever it is, mercury, autism, etc
And these are folks who want to protect their kids, that old hundreds of thousands of years of biological imperative
@bertieb Also, target vulnerable folks: parents who don't want to take any risk with their kids
@bertieb yeah, that
Aye, and for whom most of the diseases their kids are getting vaccinated against are just names
They haven't seen people with polio who have to use walking aids
They haven't experienced being terribly sick with measles
Plus, due to the unfortunate way we are wired up, experience is a much stronger teacher than massive randomised controlled trials
@bertieb yeah, the newer gen of parents
So someone's cousin who had a 'reaction' (whatever that is) to a vaccine sticks in their mind
Who, ironically, haven't seen the affect of such diseases due to the very vaccines that they now refuse to get administered to their own kids
7:47 AM
Exactly, vaccinations are a victim of their own success
And the other way we are generally wired up is that we read, process and integrate things that conform to our world view; and reject, ignore and find faults/weaknesses in the things that don't
Of course, there are those who have beliefs which are a little further... "out there"
@bertieb I still don't get the thought process tho. Surely if you never experienced those diseases but your parents did, that's due to the vaccines, right? So... they work? Isn't that the logical conclusion.
but those can be worked around (with questionable ethics): reddit.com/r/AskReddit/comments/br87g0/… (short read but worth it)
@rahuldottech Not everyone thinks logically
Can't ask someone to be logical if they're under the impression that they already are
(sry for double beep)
Hah, the thing about logic that I've seen is that everyone seems to be under the impression that their own thought process is logical, even when it's not.
7:51 AM
People don't tend to question their own thought process
@rahuldottech that said, techie folks often have imposter syndrome
we actually stop to think if we're idiots
and that sometimes helps
I'm sorry for repeated messages and delayed responses, I'm on really crappy WiFi
But there are those who respond... emotionally (for want of a better word)
or as I once told my dad "I'm a computer guy, I don't get car stereos"
or medicine
I have a doctor I've had for ages and I trust the guy to give me good advice
As in "doing this thing doesn't feel right to me"
A bit over-simplified
But there you go
Oh, I forgot about past cases of medical thing that were actually very harmful, but still used
eg thalidomide
things like that also stick in the mind
the point is it's good to try to to understand the thought process and motivations behind thinking like that
because as that askreddit link shows, you can work with feelings and beliefs and come up with something that is agreeable to both agendas of the dr and patient
7:59 AM
@bertieb and tend to always start with the assumption that they're right and the one opposing you them wrong, rather than with the possibility that they just as easily could be wrong themselves.
OOOOOOOOOoow. My back hurts. And I have a long day ahead of me. oh no.
@rahuldottech Yes, and people don't like to be wrong
OOOOOOOOOoow. My back hurts. And I have a long day ahead of me. oh no.
@bertieb which oddly enough does a number on some cancers
So showing them facts / evidence that they might be tends to (counter-intuitively) push them further away from what you are trying to convince them of
its just something to avoid when pregnant
8:00 AM
@JourneymanGeek Correct, it is a very useful drug
It just has a ton of stigma
for obvious reasons
On the other hand
there's actually evil drug companies you can't trust
but they won't be doing stuff like vaccines.\
there are plenty of other things that shouldn't be given to women of childbearing age too
@JourneymanGeek Aye, just routine evil stuff like jacking up the price of insulin until people die
I was also thinking perdue
Reading from comments on their latest meta post they seem a bit... snarky
@JourneymanGeek Have you interacted with this SE employee in the past?
@rahuldottech not directly
but I interact with someone who he works with a lot
Juan used to be international team so we didn't see him that much
@rahuldottech that said, if you need something reasonable, I can probably ask around.
Catija's in his team, and she's kinda the CM most of us see these days
8:06 AM
@rahuldottech your messages are out of order
which comments exactly?
@JourneymanGeek nah, I was just curious
@JourneymanGeek yeah, really crappy wifi here
@rahuldottech I can relate. I just got confused
There's only one seat in the cafe where you can get decent connectivity and this old man has been occupying it for the past couple hours, just sitting there and reading the newspaper
8:11 AM
ah lol
And I think he's staring at me now because I keep looking to check if he's left and I guess that comes off as creepy or something
@rahuldottech I kinda miss the good old days when SE was smaller and we had random CMs turn up
Like the time Aarthi assumed one of the british regulars who isn't around any more was the tamil dude and we were all nooooooooo
The man just called the waiter over and I got excited thinking that he was asking for the check but noooooo he wants a refill of his coffee. Damnit.
(for the record - its just me, jokerdino and hacktohell)
8:14 AM
@JourneymanGeek I haven't seen either of those two here in a very long time
@rahuldottech Ya :/
the no swearing policy has killed this channel
Ah well. People come and go. There were Gypsy Spellweaver who and Satibel who used to hang out here a couple years ago. I saw Gypsy on cseducators.se a year ago, I think. No idea what happened to Satibel.
Then there were the two daves
@Burgi I think we mostly have the same people since that. And its less a policy than a "go faff yourself, we're not going to give you the satisfaction"
And Psycogeek ran away in an RV
(check? bill? idk proper terminology)
8:22 AM
(check? bill? idk proper terminology)
what you need is a cantenna
he's leavvvvvvvvvvvvvvvving
Someone else beat you to it
that's life!
these things happen ;p
for things more serious than wifi ;p
@JourneymanGeek I'm so sorry I tried to edit the message but chat is really acting up here
Just delete those I can't anymore
I'm going offline till I can find a decent connection, see ya.
8:30 AM
3 messages deleted
Yay, my eyes are now unoffended!~
Actually its more the "its not that bad chiiilllll"
what happened?
@tereško @rahuldottech's wifi is terrible
Until last year, that was every day ending with Y for me ;p
ah, he's in my ignore list
8:38 AM
I'm cool, man!
(I... Think?)
@JourneymanGeek So I found a spot in the cafe with decent internet. Unfortunately, however, there's no power outlet nearby, so I'll have to go back to another spot w/o internet in a bit because my laptop has crappy battery life
Long extension cable? :D
@bertieb I actually could probably purchase one (that's wayy overpriced) in the mall, but I'm not sure if it's acceptable to run one along the floor of a public cafe.
Could ask the owner/manager?
If you're a regular and actually paying for stuff they might look favourably
You could even get a multi-outlet dealie as well as an extension, so that the socket is still available in that location
@bertieb Not a regular. Waiters here are very polite, and I am indeed a paying customer, but idk.
That said, paying over the odds for something simple would chafe me...
8:52 AM
My mom's a professor and I take after her in the sense that I've always wanted to eventually end up in the teaching profession
That said, I have wondered in the past whether I would be a better teacher to younger students. I feel like I might.
I'm unsure, and all this is at least a couple decades away, but I wonder...
(all this = me becoming a teacher)
I'd like to add a footnote to your last paragraph: Sometimes it's not about the material you teach, sometimes it's about the lives you impact. — J.R. 15 hours ago
@rahuldottech why are you not working from home?
This is precisely the reason why I want to become a teacher. You get to have a legacy in a manner that's rare, if not impossible to have when you're in a different profession.
@Burgi Cafes are fun. I'm sick of being at home.
I also have better productivity when I get out of the house, I feel. Too many distractions at home.
even with crap internet?
@Burgi I wasn't anticipating that bit ;p
10:07 AM
@alq riot
I wanted to ask about Web Development/Wordpress , but I can't seem to find an appropriate chat room , can someone please guide me ?
Lmao I love riot
But their chatrooms appear to not be very active
Depending on your problem, you could ask on Server Fault or Stack Overflow chat
@rahuldottech thanks
10:50 AM
Why does my laser printer think there is a jam in tray 1 after printing after printing one sheet, even when there isn't one?
I print something with 4 pages (say), and after page 1 it says "jam in tray 1, clear it and hit ok to continue"
so I open up the tray and close it, hit ok, and it prints page 2
@bertieb probably due to dust jamming up parts?
@rahuldottech But it does actually print okay
Do you mean like dust in a jam sensor, or somesuch?
I'm not actually sure how printers tend to detect paper jams
@bertieb Paper sensor problems? The printer might think there's something in the paper path when it's actually clear. I've seen this happen before in high-speed office copiers.
@rahuldottech SF chat is mostly dead and frowns upon such questions
@bwDraco Seems like a possibility, is there a general way to troubleshoot it, or should I try and find the manual online?
I got the printer for free ages ago, and it came with no manual
11:07 AM
@JourneymanGeek TIL. I had a toxic experience there a few years ago and haven't visited since so idk
@bertieb possibly. Also might be jamming up gears, motors or other mechanical parts and causing resistance which can be possibly detected as an obstruction or jam
@rahuldottech I guess it's possible, doesn't sound like any motors are under strain but would be kinda hard to tell from audio clues alone, probably
@bertieb I don't know much about the troubleshooting printers (although I have taken a couple apart in the past), so dunno. Good luck troubleshooting.
I'm in pain so I'mma go to bed and take a nap
Cheers 👍
See y'all l8rz
It's an inconvenience rather than non-functional so I haven't done much with it up till now
Just annoying for multi-page docs
Hope the nap improves your back!
11:24 AM
@rahuldottech SF was tricky
For some reason people there like me though
@bertieb apparently I'm too caffeinated to go to sleep
rest ≠ sleep, tho
Bengaluru is not where I expected it to be
@bertieb why not?
Figured it'd be in the north east
11:39 AM
@bertieb why tho?
Had Bengal in the name, figure
@bertieb oh lol
d it would be up where the Bengal sultanate used to be
or at least near there
Nah, that's not how it works
my knowledge may be half a millennium out of date
Anything can be anywhere I guess
11:42 AM
Yeah. Very different places, very different cultures.
More of a "if I had to guess" situation
I don't know what to think of this law
Doesn't Sweden have a similar one?
As in the one they're pursuing Assange with
Not so much the marriage aspect
but the deception bit
> And because having sex with someone by promising to marry them after is considered rape in India, the man was thrown into jail immediately after.
I presume he was permitted to re-dress himself, at least
11:46 AM
She met someone on tinder, an app used almost exclusively for hook-ups, and then claimed that she expected... Marriage?
I have sex with a chick, and then she claims that she expected me to marry her and bam! I'm booked for rape?
Seems harsh and unfair
Presumably there would have to be evidence
@bertieb continue on riot?
hmmm .... I think I will have to see this one: rottentomatoes.com/m/shaft_2019
@rahuldottech I have to head out very shortly for a meeting but I'll be back later and read scrollback!
@bertieb yeah, do that
1 hour later…
1:23 PM
> Please write us at tails@boum.org, stay safe, and keep struggling!
that last word seems... out of place?
s/struggling/fighting/ (?)
2:36 PM
jack daniels or rum
...aren't you still at work? ;-P
3:11 PM
@Bob lol
@rahuldottech "the [great] struggle" is nearly synonymous with "the [great] fight" in English.
@bertieb we have beer o'clock
@Blogbot you've gone for a new crazy domain like @rahuldottech
At work? :o
@bertieb yeah
its not all bad here
Hmm, can't say I expected that
Didn't think it was a thing in any workplace
I mean, not in a judgy, "how dare a workplace do this" way
Just not on my list of things I would expect a workplace to do!
3:45 PM
@bertieb nah misses' birthday./
Rum, in that case
Or possibly Gentleman Jack, if she's a fan
Wait, that's a different thing
Lemme check my purchase history, i got something for my brother in law which he enjoyed
No wait, it is totally the right thing
Jack Daniel's Gentleman Jack Tennessee Whiskey
(happens to share a name with a programme on the beeb about Anne Lister)
Gentleman Jack is weird
it's like watered down, but not watered, but.....
Sounds good to me?
I don't think I've tried it in any great quantity
4:05 PM
> The United States has told India it is considering caps on H-1B work visas for nations that force foreign companies to store data locally, three sources with knowledge of the matter told Reuters, widening the two countries’ row over tariffs and trade.
BS. Such major BS.
4:21 PM
@rahuldottech Which part is the BS? That you can't use a foreign service provided over the Internet in India unless the data storage for it is located in India? Sounds like a lot of BS to me :) I've got data all over the world and I don't want my government to force all of it to be in the US.
@allquixotic No, that's not what the law says
I can freely use a service hosted abroad (such as, say, riot) without them having to store any information locally
What does the law say?
The law applies to any and all local companies, regardless of whether or not they're subsidiaries of foreign companies
For eg
Google India can't send data of Indian users to USA servers
That's a good thing IMO
5:05 PM
So that's what we're supposed to have in Canada, but we know better....
5:33 PM
To bad, I just bought an i9-9900k
My phone autocorrected lovely to 'lubberly'
Apparently Dick van Dyke populated the autocorrect dictionary
Also the race is down to the
the hobo and the perv
Slightly better (?) if you think of them as campy 1960s Batman villains
Rather than the next PM
2 hours later…
7:49 PM
Q: EC2 Java StartInstancesRequest goes from "pending" to "stopping" to "stopped"

allquixoticI have the following situation: Dedicated tenancy m4.large EC2 instance running RHEL6 Manually starting it using the AWS Console works fine Lambda function (written in Java) that tries to start it, fails, because the instance state goes: stopped -> pending -> stopping -> stopped I have a Lamb...

3 hours later…
10:19 PM
I got Nagios statuses sent to my phone now, except outside working hours. I'm learning to love it!
10:42 PM
@rahuldottech honestly? H1bs kinda get abused and it might not be a bad thing for the Indian outsourcing sweatshops to go bust

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