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9:27 AM
Argh what are these stupid CS concepts
K-MAP and SOP and POS
10:20 AM
No idea
never mattered to me lol
4 hours later…
2:15 PM
operation dig up the garden has begun
2:41 PM
I have teh pipe work
decided not to go the full length of the garden as I don't think there's any need
4 hours later…
6:23 PM
I need friends
Friends who live in the same city
spam or just plain dumb ?
Q: my chrome is getting redirected on clicks to random websites

user327509Hello I have asked this question 1 year back and it was downvoted and closed by someone https://superuser.com/questions/1294296/chrome-is-getting-redirected-to-some-ad-website?noredirect=1#comment1954996_1294296 my problem remains the same in the meanwhile I scanned my computer with different to...

@djsmiley2k Hmm. Could be spamming unhackme but I suspect he is just dumb.
wtf is unhackme btw, is it legit?
@djsmiley2k Appears to be
6:40 PM
what is 'greatis.com' ? D:
wow thats errrrm
@djsmiley2k Some kind of software catalogue site.
1 hour later…
8:11 PM
Anyone familiar with pfsense know if I can assign an ethernet interface as the console?
1 hour later…
welp. Hopefully, I can spend some time on Docker again.
Apparently having user accounts ready for a new starters first day isn't something that is high on anyone's priority list here... o.O
9:55 PM
Q: Database accidentally deleted with a bash script

SoftTimurMy developer committed a huge mistake and we cannot find our Mongo database anywhere in the server. He logged into the server, and saved the following shell under ~/crontab/mongod_back.sh: #!/bin/sh DUMP=mongodump OUT_DIR=/data/backup/mongod/tmp // 备份文件临时目录 TAR_DIR=/data/backup/mongod /...

I love their excuse about backups
10:11 PM
Now that's a big whoopsie!

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