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1:00 PM
@OtherCat ah yea, I run into that a lot
1:21 PM
can you link multiple things to androidpay?
multiple accounts?
@djsmiley2k Yes
Also @Bob, guess what the most reliable and long-lasting MicroUSB cable is I've come across?
@OtherCat $2 from china?
tronsmart maybe?
my current one's probably a year old and somehow still works
@Bob Nope
The one that came with the Samsung Galaxy S5 wireless charging kit
It's 1.5m long, and has put up with about two years of abuse. Yet still works perfectly.
Ironically it wasn't designed for much use at all, seeing as it was meant to plug into the wireless charger and stay put
But yeah, daily use, pocket use, outdoor/mobile/on bike/public transport portable charger use, in the rain use... still works :-/
1:37 PM
I cycled some 30 km today
Went to visit a friend who lives faaaaar away
I don't think I've ever cycled this far before
And mum didn't know lol
It was fun
But I'd probably get grounded for a year or two if she ever finds out
1:49 PM
I like how google sent me security alerts because I logged in from a windows machine
@Avery Does that every time I use Linux
also yubikey apparently works perfectly on school pcs
(that's nice)
@Avery cooool
Haven't lost it yet? ;p
@OtherCat my amazon kindle 3G one is awesome.
Actually, the one I got with my PS Vita also puts up with lots of abuse
And my samsung S3 one
Best one ever tho? truely? My blackberry charger cable
that thing was hardcore til I lost it :(
@rahuldottech that thing costs a ton yo
I can't afford to lose it
so I didn't lose it yet.
1:54 PM
@djsmiley2k aww
I had/found a junky blackberry one but it didn't work so well, and didn't lastong either
@Avery heh, I have one of the u2f ones...
kinda bummed you can't unlock a PC with it ;p
I have a 4 nano
@JourneymanGeek you can, if you're on linux
or mac
I'm not ;p
I don't even lock my linux box
@OtherCat that blackberry one lasted through me going to 4 different jobs!
see, I translated first sentence for free (I didn't state that, I included it, and said "here, I translated this to prove that I'm not a bot", never explicitly or non-explicitly passed on the rights).
if they use it I'll c&d them
2:04 PM
@Avery wha
also, "marketplace"? really?
@djsmiley2k Wow
am I a product now
@Avery how do you prove someone else didn't translate it?
@Avery you were already
we're all products of society
and some people want to consume us
@djsmiley2k no.
2:05 PM
We're all products of capitalism
but we're capable of breaking it.
oh and @rahuldottech turns out that my english teacher is a socialist comrade haha, it was pretty great.
Break the chain!
are we in GoT now?
She gave "karl marx" as an example during class.
or was that a wheel,
2:07 PM
Then I brought it up, we talked a bit, turns out she's a socialist.
2:17 PM
priviledged applications such as suid
anything priviledged which is often ran via external calls?
/me ponders ping
/me thinks
2:32 PM
@MetaEd Wtf
This is what happens when you try to kill a sentient bot
@OtherCat gotta do it right.
I'm doing it wrong apparenlty
2:41 PM
@JourneymanGeek o_O
@MetaEd hi again
@MetaEd Rahul made the bot sentient and now it's wondering how the heck you could inhale a traffic cone and not notice for 40 years
we keep bumping into each other :O
is it the 480,000 deaths? that's kinda low.
then again
don't more people die from heart diesiase etc
Anyone else think this: superuser.com/questions/103290/… is spam for the service in question?
2:55 PM
I dunno but the question is offtopic.
> Questions seeking product, service, or learning material recommendations are off-topic
/me VTC
The answer seems iffy tho
It is a 7 year old question
that's the 2nd spam like answer on that question too
2:56 PM
But I spent a lot of time hunting spam today, so everything smells fishy to me ;p
and the asker, hasn't specified 'why'
@Ramhound ok?
which is kind of important
the thing is, sending email is incredibly cheap
you don't need to validate anything
If it wasn't, we wouldn't get spam.
A 7 year old question got good answers. I say at the very least the question should be protected.
or locked, ha!
which answers are good?
The one saying you can't do it?
Or mine, saying it doesn't actually matter (haven't written it yet)
At times I feel guilty for receiving almost 100 reputation from an answer like this: superuser.com/questions/1254334/no-updates-for-jdk9/…
In a month that answer will have at least 12 votes, and all I did was literally Google the term "JDK9 wiki", and said the release date was this week.
I've seen... worse
A: My cat sat on my laptop, now the right side of my keyboard types the wrong characters

AibobotThat's the standard tenkeyless Num Lock key layout found on many PCs. Turn off Num Lock - on my Lenovo, it's Fn + F10, but the combination may vary by manufacturer.

See the original revision
3:02 PM
where's that cat now
Probably sitting in the channel .... ;p
(I quite literally typed ONE LINE in my phone just before leaving work. Then that exploded)
Wait, your work exploded, or your phone?!
@djsmiley2k Here#
> %CRYPTO-4-RECVD_PKT_INV_SPI: decaps: rec'd IPSEC packet has invalid spi for destaddr=
@OtherCat I thought you were some imposter
Entertain me plz :/
@djsmiley2k the question
I working at the casino with the boat on the roof ;p
3:05 PM
@JourneymanGeek I figured after asking ;)
Asking here to avoid a "too broad" question: Need creative way to create a text file from a Windows Command Prompt. I'm remotely connected to a machine via a "web-based" command prompt that...doesn't work right. I've tried copy con myfile.txt and echo sometext>myfile.txt and neither work? Ideas?
Powershell! ;D
Can't. The only access i have is through this remote command prompt.
you tried something with output > a.txt 2>&1
Like echo something > myfile.txt 2>&1?
3:07 PM
copy /b NUL EmptyFile.txt
echo "SOMETHING" > myfile.txt
...no dice....for some reason only the FIRST character of my output gets into the file
I'm not trying to delete the file...just get a few lines of text into a text file (so I can use that as input to FTP...cuz I can't even run FTP in interactive mode due to this stupid issue).
type file.txt
Q: How to create an empty file at the command line in Windows?

GrendlerHow to create an empty file at the DOS/Windows command-line? I tried: copy nul > file.txt but it always displays that a file was copied. Is there any other method in the standard cmd? It should be a method that does not require the touch command from Cygwin or any other nonstandard commands...

that has lots of solutions for creating files, maybe you can abuse one of them
Sounds... dodgy
3:11 PM
@Twisty are you moving your mouse around while running these commands in this weirdp rompt you have?
Wow, a lot of great ideas...but all of the ones that could actually result in text getting into the file I've tried
@OtherCat I have administrative control of this PC...if I initiate a live remote control session to it. I'm trying to retrieve the result of a POWERCFG /energyreport I generated without bothering the end-user.
you using psexec?
why not just mount c:\$ ?
@djsmiley2k I'm not moving the mouse. I'm not sure how this remote prompt is implemented. It's through a webpage, so I'm guessing is not "native" in some way.
@djsmiley2k This
k, just I've know some really bad java implementations which'd enter mouse movement as characters.
1. psexec is awesome
2. see 1.
3:17 PM
I cannot PSEXEC to the machine...it's at an unmanaged remote site.
and you don't actually have any access other than this?
lame :/
some combination of netstat and netcat to setup a tunnel lolol
Yes, very lame. There's no server at the remote site so my only non-interactive remote access is through this stupid web prompt crap.
wait you just want the content of the file?
type <the file>
they not on a vpn or anything? :/
It's 46K. and HTML.
dats a lotta html
3:20 PM
@djsmiley2k Meh
ur screwed.
46k html easily copy and paste-able
@OtherCat The buffer isn't long enough to hold it...and I'm not interested in doing type file.HTML | more and then removing --more-- from every 81st line.
Guess I'll ask the end-user to email the file to me...rats
Thanks all for the ideas nonetheless!!
also concider asking for better remote tools.
@Twisty I can't pull the image off the server but the edit -> purge makes it practically impossible to find.
3:24 PM
@Catija No worries...thank you!
Sure :D
4:07 PM
I'm a cat.
4:25 PM
huh... hugh hefner is dead...
4:47 PM
what a strange day... i've been mentioned on kotaku...
i should log in
Also... "her"? I thought that you were a he. I'm sorry for that and will update the mental databases promptly.
4:53 PM
can i not roleplay in an MMO?
I thought of that possibility.
Is it allowed if i post comments in "on hold" question to help someone with his problem?
I am now double sorry.
meh it happens
but the early experiences made me appreciate what you go through daily
@Burgi they're asking after you reddit.com/r/Eve/comments/71vthr/…
5:03 PM
i noticed
5:20 PM
what's going on?
aight, done the reading.
@Burgi that's awesome
can i come help?
i guess so, i don't play much these days
I've never played tbh
never know anyone well enough that did to bother.
6:03 PM
@Bob Could the extension use the user's cookies to make the request like the normal site UI does?
(I haven't tested, just wondering if that sounds like it could possibly work)
6:15 PM
I think it would be far better if we could avoid the complication that comes with the API
@JourneymanGeek Somebody downvoted both the test questions, should I upvote them to balance things out?
1 hour later…
7:50 PM
@Ramhound Will be blacklisted in Smokey, thanks.
8:56 PM
> Ok, I get it, it's amazing, but aren't you guys even a little scared at the power Google has here? All that data, all those faces linked to people names, all the places you've been to. Seeing all these comments praising it and emotions tied to it makes me feel like I'm in a dystopian future novel.
9:54 PM
@ThatBrazilianGuy I'm more concerned about this:
Jan 30 '15 at 17:27, by allquixotic
@DragonLord that's basically how I feel. it's unfortunate that Google has painted an enormous target on their backs saying "HACK ME" now that they have so much data collected on people... everyone who has a reason to want lots of personal data, browsing habits, search terms, etc. is gonna go out of their way to get to that data.
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11:47 PM
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