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12:10 PM
I'd be pretty nervous to fly on a plane with schematics labeled in Comic Sans. — Undo 10 hours ago
Should I have posted this on Server Fault? superuser.com/questions/1237263/…
Hmm, probably
Oh, right. I can't close by myself anymore :P
12:33 PM
flagged it for you
SF is where questions go to die
@Burgi I often self-answer on SF
A: Can I invoke Windows Update from the command line?

kizzx2In Windows 10, you can use the PSWindowsUpdate PowerShell module. > Install-Module PSWindowsUpdate > Get-WindowsUpdate > Install-WindowsUpdate

This is good stuff btw
Making that the accepted answer now
12:49 PM
> We're re-running this story today because our American colleagues are busy celebrating the Original Brexit
Singapore's equivilent
... the day we got kicked out of malaysia... ;p
Winamp winamp It really whips the llama's ass baa
I miss winamp
@JourneymanGeek you are still in the empire commonwealth though, right?
We don't have the queen as a head of state tho
do you have a president then?
1:00 PM
The malaysians have a rotation for their king
Elected. and mostly ceremonial
since the government rigs it so very few people are eligible to stand
in SG?
Wow, they actually fixed that Windows Hello issue in one of the Windows Updates I just installed
Well, the "fix" is that I now can't attempt to enable it because it tells me it won't work on my device
Then sends me to Bing to find a solution
what's the solution?
buying a new PC?
or a new webcam
1:06 PM
or a new face.
@Avery Apparently
or a yubikey
The first hit is a page that tells me where to enable Windows Hello
@Avery Not a fan
why not?
Contrary to my face, I don't always have my YubiKey on me
1:07 PM
They are just incredibly inconvenient. I have two of them and they are never there when I need one
but if your face gets stolen or lost, you can't replace it
I have mine in my keychain
I was mostly playing around with the feature to see how it works. Didn't get far ;P
@Avery that happened to nicholas cage
which I always carry around outside house.
1:09 PM
I have my keychain on my desk, next to my YubiKeys :P
And I leave it there, just like my YubiKeys, when I walk around the office
I mean losing face isn't hard
america did that
Also, that feeling when you brought the wrong YubiKey somewhere
well, I only have one
I wonder if windows hello would work on dogs...
and can tell the difference between different dogs...
@JourneymanGeek I'd also like to know :D
1:14 PM
that gives me a start up idea
face-detecting animal door
1:24 PM
@Avery already exists on hack-a-day
also, a catflap that detects if the cat's got a mouse/bird in it's mouth
what if the cat walks in backwards?
the system needs to identify cat arses
Sounds like that would conflict with the face detection
@Burgi cats can't be fussed to do this.
if you've ever owned a cat you'll know they like to show you their arse a lot
@djsmiley2k your cats have never brought in a still flapping pigeon?
1:41 PM
all cats are arses... so it should just work if it can detect cats at all. Or Lawyers ;p
what if a cat owns a lawyer?
@Burgi lol yes
they once brought in a LIVE BAT.
a lawyer on a donkey holding a cat.
better than batcow!
1:55 PM
A cowbat would be something interesting.
@DavidPostill where do you find radar for weather btw?
draw.io is awesome btw. In case that was not known
@OliverSalzburg : Kinda related... easyeda.com you can design your own PCB's and have them instantly delivered to you from the website if youre into circuits ;)
check out the end of that video of an example of a PCB that they send.
after design
its sweet
2:18 PM
@djsmiley2k darksky.net
That looks pretty sexy
The emoji map is pretty cute @DavidPostill
> No reputation is earned. Normally, accepted answers confer +15 rep to the answerer and +2 to the owner. Owner accepted answers do not earn rep (or badges) for anyone.
@NotAdminDave lol. I never tried that option :)
I cant get the emoji map to work in 3d mode though :/
But that doesnt matter. Still nice maps
2:26 PM
@DavidPostill I assumed we were only talking about the +2. Good catch
wtf @ the emoji view xD
weather == car
or bike
> you just need to set up a FOR loop that doesn't actually loop
@OliverSalzburg Migrated :)
I've done that before. It felt dirty...
@DavidPostill Thanks
2:36 PM
@DavidPostill ty
This calls for rage!
If that was the source of the problem, somebody needs to pay :P
@OliverSalzburg What's this for?
Sending an email from the address of a distribution group
I want to reject this migration (do not migrate crap) :)
Q: Dirt next to mouse pointer icon

Nicola SI am using Arch Linux. Sometimes the icon of the mouse pointer changes and pixels appear like dirt on the right of the arrow. pic1 and pic2 show the problem. The issue disappears after reboot. I suspect this to happen after an intensive use of resources but I am not sure at all. This is the ve...

How this is not a use-case that is covered by any UI by now, is beyond me
2:41 PM
@OliverSalzburg Oh that's fun. I set that up to be able to send emails with a from address of my aliases :)
On O365, not local Exchange.
Yeah, I really don't get why this is a problem. I have a group sales@company.com. Why is it a complicated task to have members of that group be able to send emails with that address?
@OliverSalzburg It wasn't that complicated... though what pisses me off is they introduced new O365 groups that don't seem to be able to do this. And they're pushing for old DLs to be upgraded. If they get rid of the old DLs I'm screwed. And probably moving to Google Apps.
@DavidPostill gpu starting to go out?
Its common, mine started doing that before my GPU had to be replaced.
@NotAdminDave Fixed by a reboot suggests not.
@Bob Yeah, we got those O365 groups as well on our own tenancy. This problem is just regular old on-prem annoyance
2:44 PM
@NotAdminDave mine does it sometimes when the PC has been on for 5 days straight
And it's still not working :P
@DavidPostill: Interesting, well I observed freezing behavior too after sometime while the pixels were goofed like that, which would require me to reboot (obviously lol). Eventually though, shit died.
> You have taken responsibility.
Well ain't that an ominous subject.
Cool, im going to bounty it.. Ive been wanting to bounty something.
Hes been waiting for a long time for an answer anyway, feel kinda bad for the dude
(you would not believe your eyes if ten million fireflies)
I am obviously claiming responsibility for this ;P
@OliverSalzburg Odd feeling of deja vu here :P
(saw it on RSS. saw it from your chat link. saw it on Reddit. ... saw it from your chat link again?)
so apparently it's big news? :P
@OliverSalzburg omg wot dis better not break compatibility with my rickroll prank batch scriptz
2:53 PM
The old colors look more readable to me :|
@Rahul2001 They'll probably revert to "Class Color Scheme" next update ;)
> Choose Your Pwn Adventure 2. A custom 3D MMOFPS based on the Unity game engine. The game included several quests that were only solvable by modifying the game client.
woocommerce has shipped their latest version with the node_modules folder intact
40,000 files have been added to our repo
Send as still doesn't work
And the error analysis tools of Exchange refuse to work because they can't connect to the internet
HTTP proxy is too advanced of a technology for Exchange :P
@JourneymanGeek Question about your favourite OS here superuser.com/questions/1237328/i-cant-install-kali-linux
3:30 PM
question: what would be the best way to open huge excel file, up to 1Gb?
What kind of data are you trying to get out of it?
If you need to use all the features of Excel, you should probably try to open it with Excel, if that works
Otherwise, maybe try Excel Online?
Though if you're storing that much data in a spreadsheet, you might want to move to an actual database
thanks @BenN. I've managed to open it with Excel
@AndyK 64bit Office and lots of RAM
@OliverSalzburg Don't even need 64-bit; Excel handles huge files surprisingly well.
3:33 PM
@Bob did not know that
They probably needed it after everyone started using spreadsheets as databases...
upto 2 mil rows iirc
@AndyK Do you intend to just pull one piece from it, or actually parse data out to use elsewhere? Is it xls, xlsx, csv, something else?
@OliverSalzburg o365 doesn't work, you can't connect to the internet
I'm seeing a pattern here...
3:35 PM
Usually if I'm given an xls(x) I chuck it through Excel, export as CSV, and process the CSV (w/ CsvHelper on .NET). Though processing xlsx direct isn't that much harder.
@Bob just xls. I managed to open it
@djsmiley2k Those are different "projects" though
But if the pattern is "MS software is shit", then I would agree right now
And I just found another approach to the Send-As problem moments ago and the employee who is affected by this is already out of the office
@OliverSalzburg for our one, which went on for weeks
we had to do what I originally said - delete and recreate the local mail profile on her machine
once that was done, all the problems went away
it went on for weeks because the user was so uncontactable
3:50 PM
she'd make sure to reply to the emails, telling us that she couldn't do what we needed at the time
which unfortunately was enough to keep the ticket open
4:39 PM
@BenN I figured the argument thing out!
What did you discover?
It doesn't appear to be documented anywhere on the internet though, I had to experiment around
@BenN Blog post coming up in a minute....
4:56 PM
Looking back at some recent TMUS press releases... newsroom.t-mobile.com/news-and-blogs/categories/network/…
This is outright scathing.
> [...] Verizon has a bigger fundamental problem: spectrum, the life blood of the wireless industry. Verizon has by far the least amount of spectrum per customer!
The source might be a little biased though
OTOH, Sprint actually has by far the most spectrum per customer but they haven't been able to use it (2.5 GHz needs very high cell site density).
@BenN Kinda, but this was only a couple of weeks before OpenSignal confirmed in their latest report that Verizon and AT&T data speeds had indeed regressed over the last several months.
(disclosure: I'm an OpenSignal user)
> Our 4G speed results for Verizon dropped by 2 Mbps, allowing T-Mobile to leap ahead of Big Red in our rankings. What happened? Unlimited plans happened.
> The most likely explanation for this sudden drop in average speeds compared to peak speeds is that Verizon’s network is experiencing more congestion due to its new unlimited plans. By opening up the data spigot, customers start consuming more data more often, forcing them to vie against one another for more capacity on each cell site. The more data demand there is on a network, the more average speeds will drop, regardless of the network’s technological capabilities.
(not sure why I pulled that)
I'm a Verizon customer, though not particularly enthusiastic about it
I have noticed cell signal strength dropping in the past couple months
5:04 PM
Have speeds noticeably dropped?
Not sure about speed since I do very little web stuff on my phone, but call quality has gotten noticeably worse
I'm honestly a bit surprised that multiple data sources have been able to confirm that Verizon and AT&T's network performance have regressed since they reintroduced unlimited data.
First it's Ookla Speedtest, now it's OpenSignal.
I just saw some of her C++ code, and it is impressive
@BenN lost the post!
Took me so long to write it damnit
Internet failed when I tried to publish it
5:22 PM
Ow :(
@BenN Wait, I think I have time to re-write
5:34 PM
@allq: Vega preliminary hashrate benchmarks are considerably worse than expected, doing 30-35 MH/s: steemit.com/cryptocurrency/@plainbroadcast/…, 1stminingrig.com/…
It will probably hold up better long-term, but at least gamers have a shot at getting the cards.
@BenN Done! rahul.tech/…
Is the explanation clear enough?
@Rahul2001, good writeup.
@bwDraco based on how terrible the code in most of miners is, I am not even slightly surprised
I had this thought like a month ago - I should mine some Etherium (before it crashed)
the second thought was - let's take a look at the code
... which was promptly followed up by - MY EYES, MY EYES!!!
Who needs soap opera when there's my workplace?
A coworker threw a huge tantrum on the toilets and then on their desk.
5:49 PM
@fixer1234 thanks :)
@ThatREDACTEDGuy uh what why
Jul 26 at 13:34, by That REDACTED Guy
No, we're actually crazy
yesterday, by That REDACTED Guy
Of course I want the money. And the chance to work anywhere less crazy.
Jul 11 at 14:57, by That REDACTED Guy
@Burgi This sounds normal. FOR A MADHOUSE!
Jul 6 at 14:31, by That REDACTED Guy
6:14 PM
@ThatREDACTEDGuy on their desk?
did they run out of toilet paper or something?
@Burgi I'm not really good above prepositions.
6:34 PM
Have I ever told you guys how messed up my life is?
@Rahul2001 haha
@Avery So apt
google it.
Someone. Has. Been. Leaving. Hateful. Comments. On. My. Website.
6:40 PM
@Rahul2001 That. Means. You. Are. Now. Famous. I. Guess.
@Avery huh. Sees google. Sneers.
@ThatREDACTEDGuy It kills me inside
Rahooby pls. I once got death threats. Over the phone. At the school's administration.
At, in, on, into, over, about, under. Whenever.
I got serious death threats and nearly got murdered once. Don't downplay the risks of death threats.
@Avery I have dad who has threatened to kill me. Mum thinks he caused my cycling accident so....
6:46 PM
Ok. Your life is messed up.
@Avery when I was a kid, CN was not so fugly
hugs both @Rahul2001 and @Avery
say one more negative thing about cn and I'll make you watch all episodes of SU and all eps of AT that were directed by RS
@ThatREDACTEDGuy hugs back
@ThatREDACTEDGuy hugs
hugs are nice.
@Avery No, no, no: All episodes of Adventure Time, period. Specially the ones with BMO.
And add all most episodes of Gumball to that.
6:49 PM
rebecca sugar is god
Sugar is good.
@Avery well ... when I was a kid, they called themselves "Cartoon Network"
@Rahul2001 I could have all the hugs on earth and still wouldn't have enough hugs.
@Avery yessss
@tereško well, they still do
6:50 PM
@tereško Wait, they don't anymore?
@tereško They did when I was a kid too... Till about 2009
Logo used to be the full "C A R T O O N N E T W O R K" before
It's just "CN" now, with "cartoon network" written in subscript under it
the full old logo is at end of all originals
with a 2-3 sec shortie in it
Cartoon Network is an American basic cable and satellite television channel that is owned by Turner Broadcasting System which is a division and subsidiary of Time Warner. It was founded by Betty Cohen and launched on October 1, 1992. The channel primarily broadcasts children's shows, mostly animated programming, ranging from action to animated comedy. It is primarily aimed at children and young teenagers between the ages of 7 to 15, and targets older teens and adults with mature content during its late night daypart Adult Swim, which is treated as a separate entity for promotional purposes and...
@Avery Ah, it is?
Haven't watched TV in years
^ same .. I dont even have a TV
6:53 PM
I don't watch tv anymore
I just stream SU from time to time
and AT
steven universe, adventure time.
also, back to aaaaaaa: BUBBLEGUM X MARCELINE IS CANON
those are cancer
those are the best are you kidding me
6:55 PM
but yeah
Oh, I just remembered, he's ignoring me.
CN made bubbline canon
Man. Just remembered Codename: Kids Next Door
@ThatREDACTEDGuy why?
Jul 11 at 15:47, by tereško
because he's annoying
6:56 PM
@Avery Prove it.
@Rahul2001 Bah. Screw him. Whoever doesn't like SU and AT can't be a good person.
@ThatREDACTEDGuy lol
@tereško Saw that somewhere today...
@bwDraco 35 MH/s for 295W is hardly worth the money and electricity cost
better off getting an RX580 or even a GTX 1060(M)
:39211208 Humph. That's not nice.
@Rahul2001 To be honest I never liked those.
6:58 PM
That'll leave more Vega cards for gamers \o/
@DavidPostill how was it not nice?
@ThatREDACTEDGuy don't remember them very well
I think I liked them
vague memories
Now, Powerpuff Girls, Dexter's Laboratory and early Spongebob... Those were amazing
6:59 PM
There's an entire PPG episode with nothing but Beatles lyrics.
@tereško Definitely had the potential to offend someone
@tereško Contains obscenities and may offend people with certain religious beliefs.
honestly those were good but nothing can beat su/at.
7:00 PM
so we are back to this
@tereško I deleted it because it's the kind of thing that will attract flags.
wouldn't it be my risk to take?
7:21 PM
## s/w/~/g
@allquixotic Ya~~~~n (source)
##zalgo ~^-=2{ll
@allquixotic ~̧͍̳͓̗̥̹̓̀̃͆͘͝͡^̷̢̧̛̫̲̲͕̰̑͑ͦ-̼̘̘͕ͥ͆̐̀̾ͣ̊=̴̡͕͇̓͢͟͟2̴̡̟̫͛̏͂͠{̨͍̟̪̯͉̮̰̓ͤ̔ͫ̔̇̀̕͞l̍̅͌‌​̡̣̩͊̐͌͟ļ̴̸̺̺̽͊͞
7:35 PM
Huh. Either chat is down or just got blocked at work.
Which would mean... They're watching me and the stuff I say here.
Ok, chat is definitely not down and works in a VPN.
so it's now blocked at work?
fun fact
I'm the guy who's watching now, at work
evne more fun fact -- actually watching someone, without some reason, is incredibly boring.
7:56 PM
@djsmiley2k You've obviously never tried stalking.
@MetaEd you obviously have
@TT4M.C I hope it's not obvious, or I'm doing it wrong.
@MetaEd indeed
@djsmiley2k Your are the keeper of the proxies and its logs?
8:05 PM
and the lord of the firewalls, judisicar of the vpn...
I see all things
and it's gloryius
anyway, off to sort out lunch and bed!
...aaaaaaaand we're back (sans VPN).
Probably just some router hicupping somewhere along the way.
@djsmiley2k, Protector of the Proxies, Lord of the Logs, Father of Firewalls, Vindicator of VPNs...
Born during an electric storm who killed the data center
anyone installed libliri-git ?
I seem to be having few issues
and I am 99.99% sure that it is something related to missing dependencies
I have it. Let me help you... Oh wait. I can't. You blocked me.
Nah, don't have it. Just kidding.
@ThatREDACTEDGuy lol
not actually funny
since I got it working on my work PC by installing some (undocumented) dependencies
fuck .. I will have to grep pacman's logs, don't I :(
8:28 PM
@Rahul2001 Alright, I'm back. I think it's worth clarifying that Windows doesn't affect the parsing of the command line into arguments; that's a function of the program (or, more commonly, the runtime library it was compiled with).
I'm currently writing a command-line tool that does its own parsing, and it interprets \\ as \ only inside double-quotes, otherwise it's just \\
I suspect most applications adhere to the rules you ascertained - and all programs compiled with the same runtime library definitely will - but Windows has no control over that
@tereško run ldd on the exaecutable
see what libs it's missing, install said packages, hope for the best
thing is
I got it working on my worplace PC
and the reason was some obscure dependence
since I am about 1.5 wine-bottles in, I probably shouldn't run any commands that require sudo or my root password
thats ise
is there any output from teh program?
9:58 PM
posted on August 03, 2017 by Luke B

In connection with another article about Deploying Windows Updates via the Command Line, I have come to notice that it is not the end-all we thought it once was. With the Roll-Up Updates for Windows 7, 8.1, and 10, I have found a better way to deploy updates. As per before, this is all done… Read more » The post Deploying Windows Monthly Updates (without WSUS) appeared first on Talk About

fuck, I'm drunk

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