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10:18 AM
E: Failed to fetch httpredir.debian.org/debian/pool/main/e/erlang/…  Error reading from server. Remote end closed connection [IP: 80]
Why do I keep getting this error on like every other build on our CI server?
Always the same package
@Burgi Huh, crappy bank then :-/
10:38 AM
biggest in the UK :S
@Bob Bob Bob!
Cutest thing I've seen all day. Granted, I've only been up ten minutes, but still!
@Burgi Hmm
I'm with the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th largest. While none of them are known for good customer service, funny enough their fraud departments seem awfully responsive.
@Burgi That would be HSBC then?
Banks Total Assets in Billions*
HSBC Holdings $2,634.14
Barclays PLC $2,114.13
Royal Bank of Scotland Group $1,635.93
Lloyds Banking Group $1,333.99
HSBC is foreign, no?
Guess not. Got deceived by what H and S means.
HSBC Holdings plc is a British-based multinational banking and financial services company headquartered in London, United Kingdom. It is the world's fourth largest bank by total assets, with total assets of US$2.67 trillion. It was established in its present form in London in 1991 by The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited to act as a new group holding company. The origins of the bank lie mainly in Hong Kong and to a lesser extent in Shanghai, where branches were first opened in 1865. The HSBC name is derived from the initials of the Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation. The...
10:45 AM
that's an odd choice for the header image
i would have expected the logo to appear
i'll be honest, i never opened an account with HSBC originally
@Burgi Your bank got over taken? :)
Midland Bank Plc was one of the Big Four banking groups in the United Kingdom for most of the 20th century. It is now part of HSBC. The bank was founded as the Birmingham and Midland Bank in Union Street, Birmingham, England in August 1836. It expanded in the Midlands, absorbing many local banks, and merged with the Central Bank of London Ltd. in 1891, becoming the London City and Midland Bank. After a period of nationwide expansion, including the acquisition of many smaller banks, the name Midland Bank Ltd was adopted in 1923. By 1934 it was the largest deposit bank in the world. It was listed...
Weird how the embed uses the first non-header image in the article rather than the designated main header image
@jokerdino No you didn't, they're from Hong Kong and Shanghai
Just set up office in London, like many big corporations
they came into school in about 1995 and explained what bank accounts were and i thought "hey that sounds like a good idea"
abbey national had closed my account due to lack of activity so i opened my account with the £11.74 cheque abbey national had sent me
11:01 AM
@kerbalspacecat I see
@kerbalspacecat they could be lying
@Burgi that's quite a lot of money
it was for a 12yo
How far is Sheffield from Manchester?
about 60 mins drive
20-30 miles roughly
11:08 AM
ah I see.
but there is no direct motorway so you have to take the snakes pass (great road)
Is it a nice place?
My cousin is doing a 1 year course in the Uni.
its your standard northern post-industrial city, lacks the investment of other similar cities
which uni?
11:09 AM
Uni of Sheffield I think. Is there another?
Sheffield Hallam Uni
He didnt say anything like that
both are good uni's
i went to SHU
That's nice to hear.
its a good student city
is your cousin indian?
11:12 AM
Do they export education?
@Burgi yeah
tell him to pack warm jumpers and good boots
it gets very cold in the winter
He is already there in Sheffield. I told him to bring some wet gear and some winter clothing
not sure what you mean by exporting education?
@Burgi it was the only place to accept his application.
In economic terms, when people come from abroad to study, I think it's considered export of services.
well a lot of UK universities do that
11:17 AM
He also was grumbling about Brexit.
Harder to visit continent, etc.
we aren't out yet
Probably out before the vacation or so?
earliest we can leave is 2019, in reality it will be long than that
ah, that's plenty long enough for him at least.
11:42 AM
@kerbalspacecat @kerbalspacecat @kerbalspacecat!
Q: Do drop bears exist?

tuskiomiA drop bear is a carnivorous bear that is know well for hanging in the tops of trees, and dropping down on potential prey to attack, hence the name. They eat medium-large mammals, often times many times larger than itself. While there is some resemblance to a koala, drop bears have been noted to ...

@Bob hey I only @'d the first one
@kerbalspacecat :(
...So it is some sort of nation-wide, traveller-trolling sport? Australia is even more awesome to me, now! — Thales Pereira 10 hours ago
@Bob Did you watch the fox video?
@Burgi Won't work on my machine! Mwahaha
no HDD?
The other methods would though
its penguin joke time!!!
> What type of pasta do Penguins eat?
@kerbalspacecat the FM transmitter on the GPU is scary
@Burgi Penguine!!! :D
@kerbalspacecat ya :)
but it was facebook, which gets a :(
so it's a :|)
12:14 PM
@Burgi that's terrible.
no worse than yours
plus i was quoting it off the back of a penguin
@JourneymanGeek that's abominable*
@Bob Yeah :-( I didn't put it there
@Burgi I suspect it may only work on VGA/analogue signals though
12:36 PM
So I have spam on my phone that masquerades using that now
does anyone know what "pro" stands for in PS4 Pro?
I could tell you but I'd need to flag myself
"proctological edition" ?
i'm nearly done with NMS
12:54 PM
@tereško basically it does 4k
"no man's sky"
@JourneymanGeek afaik, it only does 4K video ... well ... probably also 4K wallpaper .. but not sure it counts
(with "video" I mean bluray and netflix)
so meh
Wait, that's wrong
It doesn't do Blu-ray at 4K.
> However, while the company's excitement over the console's 4K and HDR capabilities is evident, it comes with one particularly huge caveat – the console will not include Ultra HD Blu-ray playback functionality.
It does do gaming at 4K though.
> PlayStation boss Andrew House said the new PS4 Pro is "targeted to the hardcore gamer or those who have invested in high end display technology". So it can render PS4 games at 4K resolutions, and with more vibrant clear colours (HDR). Other improvements with the Pro are a larger standard HDD (1TB), an extra USB 3.0 port, and faster Wi-Fi.
1:02 PM
lol, no
@kerbalspacecat actually PS4Pro will be rendering upscaled 1080p
i thought you meant PhotoShop
Dude, life was so much better when you had me blocked.
yeah .. nobody told you that you are wrong
I would also note that "targeted to the hardcore gamer or those who have invested in high end display technology" does not mean "rendered in 4K"
it actually only means "targeted towards people with new TVs"
Sony Bravias
1:10 PM
@kerbalspacecat You have selected (1) iPhone 7!\n\n**Almost there!**\n\nFill in your email address and delivery information on the next page (CHOOSE YOUR PHONE COLOR!).\n\nHurry up!
Oh my
@OliverSalzburg Yeah
It's more the data:text which basically embeds an iframe that's... new
I guess that gets past adblockers :-/
1:26 PM
whoo. Headphone parts shipped
arstechnica.com/tech-policy/2016/09/… warning, pretty graphic injury photos. Apparently an s7 edge blew up
Drat. LibreOffice does not work well withopen office (.ods) files
@JourneymanGeek I am not surprised, since S7 batteries has an extremely high energy density in the batteries
afaik, all materials, with high energy density, are volatile
Hi guys, I had a small question. I'm currently doing Windows deployment and don't understand a thing about it, via my answer file, i'm creating partitions, via the WindowsPE settings and the Windows Setup component
But when I reboot the machine, in sys prep stage, the partitions arent created
we've got a freelancer coming in on thursday for umbraco training because, i hate to say it, SO failed me :(
Why is that?
1:40 PM
@JourneymanGeek Lol.
> Morgan says he wants to do discovery to determine whether the problem is a problem with the Note or a problem with Samsung smartphones more generally. "If you compare them, the damage [to the phone] is almost identical, and the burn pattern as well," Morgan notes.
No, it's a problem with anything with a lithium battery generally.
@Bas typically this isn't the best place for a 'quick question'. if you're a regular, its fine cause you'd get the long winded answer...
However its a complete waste of time asking specific questions on chat unless you know someone who knows or you know someone knows or someone know someone who knows.
@JourneymanGeek Is it better to make a seperate question about it?
@Bas typically yes. And or compare it to a known good answer file
and get a second pair of eyes on it. Maybe you typoed
@JourneymanGeek That's what I did :) The problem is that I always think that my questions are too broad. I checked it so many times. It's just that I don't windows deployment at all.
And ofcourse I've been reading articles and everything.
1:45 PM
Already tried :)
Cause I'm lazy and been meaning to play with answer files for ages
I just found this piece of text:

*The Windows PE options are applied only when you are running Windows Setup from a Windows PE environment. The Windows Setup options are applied when running from both Windows PE or a previous Windows installation.* but what does that even mean
Seems like i can't even format lmfao
Windows PE = booting off an install disk.
you can just run windows installer from inside windows in many cases
1:46 PM
Yeah, but does that mean I can capture the WIM file of my current windows image
Then boot into Windows PE
@allquicatic fwogquixotic
And then apply it?
And that then the settings from the windowspe settings work?
That's how I understand it at the moment
ehhh. No idea.
Damn :( I'm gonna make a question then I guess
Nods. Make it a question.
I guess that I should be impressed rather than point out inconsistences (9th, 15TH).
2:03 PM
@Bas WinPE options does not apply if you run setup.exe from within Windows. Setup options apply both if you run setup.exe from within Windows and if you boot straight into WinPE.
At least that's how I'd interpret that quote.
@Hennes you are dutch, you can just channel the spirit of MC Escher
I wonder if he would have made a great physics teacher.
Lets see, space-time is like this drawing here .....
2:21 PM
@Bob Sorry, i still don't understand it... I'm not running any setup.exe, from what I understand, the thing I'm doing is, setting the machine in a sysprepped state, capturing the image and applying the image to another machine
@Bas There are two sets of options. "Windows PE options" and "Windows Setup options".
There are two ways to run the installer: boot into WinPE, or run the setup.exe while booted into an existing ("previous") Windows installation.
"Windows PE options" only apply when you boot straight from the disk into WinPE.
"Windows Setup options" apply regardless of which mechanism you use to launch the installer (whether boot from disk into WinPE, or running setup.exe while in an existing system).
I'm sorry, but the WinPE disk doesn't even have that answer file yet? It only receives the answer file when you actually apply that image where the answer file is on right?
Or am i just facing the wrong direection here
I'm trying to explain your quote.
> The Windows PE options are applied only when you are running Windows Setup from a Windows PE environment. The Windows Setup options are applied when running from both Windows PE or a previous Windows installation.
I'm explaining that.
No Azure for you!
I understand that your explainig it, but I just don't get the part where i'm running Windows Setup from a Windows PE envoirement.
Or from any envoirment actually, when is the part when I am running windows setup?
2:27 PM
The part where it, y'know, launches the installer.
Boot from disk: boot into WinPE => run "Windows PE options" => launches setup => run "Windows Setup options"
Eh... never noticed it? I'm not even kidding, i'm so sorry lol.
Run from within Windows => launch setup.exe => run "Windows Setup options"
I'm just explaining that quote. I am not even trying to explain anything outside the very specific scope of that quote.
I do not know, and frankly do not care, whether that quote is right or not... this is just my interpretation of it.
Alright, thank you for that though
I'm just having a hard time understand it, because I only saw a windows setup when I first booted up my machine and didn't even configure anything yet
That is a windows setup for me
I gave up on WinPE somewhere between "download that ginormous installer!" and "no, you can't redistribute!"
And I only saw it once
2:30 PM
"Windows Setup" is the part that actually performs the installation.
WinPE is a basic OS that exists solely to run the setup program when there's no other compatible OS available.
@OliverSalzburg Have you tried turning it off and on again? :P
When applying an .WIM file to a disk within WinPE, is that considered a Windows Setup?
I like how blurry the image is.
It's an 883x672 image, that looks blurry rendered at 1920x1080, that's currently being rendered at 2160x1644 :P
wait 1644?
You'd think they could... create a higher-res one. Or not embed the text inside the image...
@JourneymanGeek 150% scaling, minus space for tab and url bar
2:35 PM
@Bob I don't think anyone designs for UHD
@JourneymanGeek It looks blurry at 1080p...
clearly they pissed off their boss and are running 640x480 CRT screens...
@Bob why would Azure use "loose control over your business-critical secrets" as a tag line?
There was also an overview of what WinPE actually does, but it hasn't been updated since Win7 so it's probably wrong now. technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/dd744556(v=ws.10).aspx
Thank you, am I just misunderstanding this whole deployment thing?
The thing why i'm doing it without all those tools is because I just wanna learn it how it works behind the scenes haha
2:43 PM
Microsoft docs can be a tad wordy, but they're generally quite thorough.
But as i'm doing it, at some point, youre going to have to apply the captured image of the OS right?
Is that the start of the 'windows setup'?
@Bob Several times actually
The "See Also" section of the Windows Setup Technical Reference covers planning, deployment and operations. Read through it.
Click the links.
I am, thank you, i got something to read now though. hehe
If you really want me to list the links for you, https://msdn.microsoft.com/windows/hardware/commercialize/manufacture/desktop/windows-setup-scenarios-and-best-practices, https://msdn.microsoft.com/windows/hardware/commercialize/manufacture/desktop/windows-setup-automation-overview, https://msdn.microsoft.com/windows/hardware/commercialize/manufacture/desktop/windows-setup-installation-process, https://msdn.microsoft.com/windows/hardware/commercialize/manufacture/desktop/deploy-a-custom-image ...
2:47 PM
Thank you.
Basically, you can skip to the section that answers what you want. Or, you can read from the beginning so you at least understand how setup actualy works, which will probably prevent a dozen assorted questions.
12 hours ago, by Journeyman Geek
@ThatBrazilianHeadlessHorse if the mule is headless... what did you get bitten with?
@JourneymanGeek I used mule-gui (mule-gtk based) ;p
Ah! here we go.
Instead of rebooting the machine when applied the image, i should have run the setup.exe program from the C:\ drive?
Is there a way to easily install a Windows 10 VM for evaluation purposes?
2:50 PM
why isn't that automatic though :/
@OliverSalzburg er.. modern.ie?
Because I tried simply creating an ISO with the official tool and booting it in Hyper-V, but it asks for a license key but refuses the one I give it :P
14 GB download and it's only 50% complete
!!doge huge, big, gigabytes, immense, android, sdk
                  much huge
                         many  big
so  gigabytes
             very  immense
                            such  android
so  sdk
@JourneymanGeek I'll try that one. Thanks
@ThatBrazilianHeadlessHorse Click all the checkboxes!!!
2:52 PM
@OliverSalzburg Well, the sylabus says so...
Wait, it doesn't. I'm dumb lazy.
@OliverSalzburg Depends... do you have a MSDN/VS subscription?
@Bas Uh. I think you missed a step. Or ten. In fact, I have no idea where you got that from o.O
@Bob That's actually where I get the 403, on the MSDN sign up page
@Bob I've actually been skimming through the pages first, and came across this:

From Windows PE, a previous version of Windows, or another preinstallation environment, run Setup.exe with the explicit path to the answer file. If you do not include the path to the answer file, Setup.exe searches for a valid answer file in several specific locations. For more information, see Windows Setup Command-Line Options.

Well, I guess it contains a setup.exe then somewhere?
I tried to just set up Win10 on Azure, which tells me to get a subscription, so I choose the pay-as-you-go, signed up successfully, but the interface still didn't let me create a Win10 VM. So I go through the process again, 403
@OliverSalzburg Sounds like what lead to m ytwo weeks of phone calls to MS :P
@OliverSalzburg Are you going for a Visual Studio subscription, or a MSDN subscription? Different things.
2:57 PM
@Bob Yeah, I just assumed that this is Microsoft's way to tell me to go fuck myself
@Bob I actually want neither
(btw, I actually have Win10 on Azure - you have to activate a dev/test subscription specifically, you can't do it on PAYG)
@OliverSalzburg I had download 15 unnecessary GB ;___;
Oh, they have Win10 for CBB too...
@Bob I don't understand why I can set up 20 Windows Server instances in the trial, but I need a subscription for Win10 :P
Client versions of Windows are special.
They're only available for dev/test, or if you have something special with Software Assurance specifically for Win10.
@OliverSalzburg Same reason you can run Server as much as you want on AWS but not client versions.
@OliverSalzburg Basically, you're never allowed to run client Windows in prod like this. (with the exception of the SA/CBB funniness)
And your Azure "trial" is to try out Azure, not to try out Windows.
3:00 PM
@Bob That leads me to this:
That's where I was before and I chose the second option
That gives me the 403 now
I'm importing the modern.ie vhdx right now though
@OliverSalzburg That's because you already have PAYG. PAYG won't give you dev/test.
I'm really not good at this stuff y'know, so, capture my image, that's done, alright.
But can I launch the windows setup from winpe then?
@OliverSalzburg Basically, if you want dev/test on Azure, you need to buy either an MSDN subscription or Annual Visual Studio Professional/Enterprise Cloud subscription: visualstudio.com/products/how-to-buy-vs
@Bas "Customise WinPE to launch it."
Yeah... I read that.
But customize what.
The first link tells you how to launch it manually down the bottom. The second link tells you how to tell WinPE to launch it automatically.
Try actually reading the whole thing instead of skimming...
> For more info, see WinPE: Mount and Customize.
3:08 PM
@JourneymanGeek What's the password on those machines? :P
What the... now it logged in by itself
@OliverSalzburg IEUser/Passw0rd!
Funnily enough, I was using one earlier today.
@Bob Where do you get that information?
Though, unless you're specifically testing Edge, you're violating the licence... so...
@OliverSalzburg it's on the desktop background iirc

Total time: 22.793 secs
Command finished with error code 0: /home/user/Projetos/gorjeta/cordova/platforms/android/gradlew cdvBuildDebug,-b,/home/user/Projetos/gorjeta/cordova/platforms/android/build.gradle,-Dorg.gradle.daemon=true,-Pandroid.useDeprecatedNdk=true
YAY \o/
@Bob On first boot, it just shows the login for a while before it logs itself in
3:11 PM
@OliverSalzburg Yea, they have auto-login enabled. It'll lock itself if you leave it too long though.
This stuff is so hard to understand in my opinion, but alright.
@Bas Figure out what you actually want to do. Read the planning documentation.
Every part is a tool towards a goal.
If you start with "I want to use WinPE!", you're going to have a bad time.
And, of course, I run into another thing that doesn't seem to be supported
"I want to install a custom Windows image!" => create the image. That page also had instructions on how to launch it from WinPE manually.
I have two directories in my Azure AD account. When I want to join my Win10 to it, it just picks the first one
3:14 PM
"I want to run it automatically when the disk boots!" => set up WinPE to launch your setup on boot.
Azure AD Sync supports N directories though
Alright, I actually read a few. Before I go the wrong direction again, can you tell me if this is right?

After I created the image, I need to get myself a Windows installatation media, replace the install.wim from that with MY custom image and then run the setup.exe with the unattended answer file located in my custom image?
@Bas While you could probably try that, and it might work, that's not what this was all about.
Download WADK => create a clean WinPE instance from there => follow the guide to customise the clean WinPE image to run whatever setup you need it to => deploy that image to disk.
That's the general flow.
I don't really care if you follow that or not.
You can either hack an existing installation disk, or build your own from scratch.
The latter is definitely the MS-supported method. The former... might be supported, might not be, might be allowed, might be against the licence, I really don't know.
I should also note: I knew little to nothing about WADK/WinPE two hours ago. The docs don't exactly try to hide information.
I am trying to follow that though
@Bas Then, follow - actually follow - this one first. Don't skip any lines. Make sure the resulting image's installer can run. msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/hardware/commercialize/…
Once you have that completed, you can go on and create the properly unattended/automatic install.
3:30 PM
Should it be better if i just start over with everything? Like configuring my images and all?
I am going to do that right now
@Bas On second, closer look - you may as well try that first.
Going for it.
Except, instead of pointing at an external answer file, just chuck it into the root of the DVD named Autounattend.xml
Yea, that might be the easier way.
@Bas Ok: suck out a install DVD into a folder somewhere, replace the install.wim, put your answer file in the root of the DVD files named Autounattend.xml, burn that.
And pray.
Haha yeah, that was my initial thought, but wouldn't that take ages if the answer file fails?
If you have to install over and over again
Well, you could always generate an ISO and mount it in a VM to test.
Making sure it's bootable and all.
3:38 PM
That's what I am doing the whole time actually, just because I don't have any reference machines.
But even that takes so long.
If you have WADK you can run MakeWinPEMedia /ISO from the Deployment and Imaging Tools Environment.
Mhmhm, I did that indeed.
Alright, it's starting to make sense now though
What I did was just skipping the whole Windows setup, and just deploying an sysprepped machine?
How i understand it at this moment
(And not done reading yet, haha)
@Bas See "order of operations" down the bottom here: technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/dd744556(v=ws.10).aspx
It's for Win7 but I assume it still applies to Win10... can't find an updated copy
> Winlogon.exe runs Setup based on the registry value HKLM\SYSTEM\Setup\CmdLine. Winpeshl.exe will launch %SYSTEMDRIVE%\sources\setup.exe if it exists, otherwise it looks for an application specified in %SYSTEMROOT%\system32\winpeshl.ini. If no application is specified, Winpeshl.exe will execute cmd /k %SYSTEMROOT%\system32\startnet.cmd. By default, Windows PE contains a Startnet.cmd file that will launch Wpeinit.exe. Wpeinit.exe loads network resources and coordinates with networking components like DHCP.
> Winpeshl.exe will launch %SYSTEMDRIVE%\sources\setup.exe if it exists
Yay, special cases!
Yup, i'm on that.
So WinPE will actually run the setup.exe from %SYSTEMDRIVE%\sources\setup.exe if it's there.... alright.
How does the %SYSTEMDRIVE% get assigned though
@Bas It's the WinPE system drive. So whichever thing it booted from.
3:48 PM
@Bas It's the boot drive.
Ah okay, so it assumes if the winpe boot drives becomes the installation media, the setup.exe get's ran..
There's an additional special case for newer Win10 installers: it's possible to have both x86 and x64 installers on the same drive.
But you'll probably want to ignore that case.
I'll have to post this gif atm.
!!tell 32289782 mindblown
3:50 PM
So you basicly wipe out the complete WinPE files at that point?
@Bas ???
Computer boots into WinPE. WinPE runs its init stuff, runs winpeshl.exe. winpeshl.exe finds a \sources\setup.exe on the WinPE drive and runs that. Setup takes over. Setup installs from install.wim into wherever.
If you have an answer file, setup.exe will look for that first. Search order described in the table halfway down this page: technet.microsoft.com/en-au/library/cc749415(v=ws.10).aspx
> The name of the answer file must be Unattend.xml or Autounattend.xml, and must be located at the root of the drive.
WinPE itself is boot.wim, not install.wim
It's (very vaguely) like the Linux initrd/initramfs
Ohh... jyeah okay
So the installation media gets basicly copied into the winpe?
The installation media is a WinPE instance
more technically, a WinPE image plus supporting boot files plus setup files (that are launched by WinPE).
Ohh so the \sources folder and all the files are contained in the WinPE?
4:25 PM
Wrote up a new tag wiki and updated the excerpt: superuser.com/tags/optimus/info
1 hour later…
5:37 PM
A guy on this 4-lesson Apache Cordova course just said "Oh, I want to build a browser".
I can't even... I...
6:05 PM
@ThatBrazilianHeadlessHorse a nested web browser? :D
@allquicatic Yo dawg heard you like browsers
6:22 PM
@ThatBrazilianHeadlessHorse it's not even funny unless you spell heard as "herd"
yo dawg i herd u like browsers so we put a browser in yo browser so yo can surf while yo surf
I feel sorry for the guy. Why settle for just a browser? Why not build an entire OS in Cordova?
A: Can someone write another answer for our canonical malware question?

allquicatic ... But I can upvote your question in hopes that someone else will. (This answer brought to you by Humor. Sometimes, you just gotta have fun.)

2 hours later…
8:01 PM
Fack Off? What's that?
8:19 PM
@ThatBrazilianHeadlessHorse Me too!
8:59 PM
lol. Repcapped with 2 SU answers in HNQ
Already 220 rep "lost" ;)
@DavidPostill Hi, Bingo.
9:18 PM
9:57 PM
A: Can someone write another answer for our canonical malware question?

Ben N The new ransomware answer I just hammered out the above answer, giving an overview of how ransomware works, what to do, and how to avoid it in the future. Most importantly, I linked to this Google Doc (from this Reddit thread), which is a list of ransomware variants, their characteristics, and...

@BenN Excellent answer +1

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