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12:08 AM
No existing users with even tiny rep are going to complain about a protect, which probably includes anyone who would vote for you in an election :-) I bet it can really piss off that one guy (though) who has the actual real solution to the problem, and is exstatic about showing everyone what it was.
(right before it was rejected , for not being typed out well enough)
Been there done that. one thing took me like months to figure out the behaviour of it, and what exactally was going wrong. I went back to the forum where layers apon layers of people with the same problem provided clue after clue as to what it could be.
They had closed the thread permenently. Whatever the answer was, Only i know it :-) the problem itself is porbably obsolete.
1:01 AM
@Bob You still have self destructed tools, you just can't use them anymore in that state.
that thing looks like it should be dead
1:17 AM
its a t-2000 bread terminator
toaster video was interesting
"Now consider that you can buy this piece of equipment virtually anywhere for a couple of dollars. That was made possible through innovation, and our subsequent capabilities to streamline complex tasks like building an intricate machine containing hundreds of parts made from various materials in order to heat up our bread. That's pretty cool! "
not to mention the process bread goes through now a days to be made in mass quantities
Last toaster i bought was $69 USD because every freaking one of them now were made in china, what seems like the same factory.
you bought a Chinese one or American?
or wherever you're from.. =p
1:28 AM
And after searching far and wide, none of the toasters had in them the little 12cent thermal releace mechanism, or the Bread crispyness tester thing, that used to exist in even a $8 toaster.
not a toast fan myself.. used to love me some buttered toast though
Even the high priced one was just built better. aparentally i have to get one with a computer in it, to have the simple RueGoldberg parts they used to put in a toaster, so the user didnt have to adjust for everything.
@CanadianLuke I thought Canadians ice skated to work?
I'm not looking forward to buying new appliances soon.. decent ones can add up fast
I am american, even the $69 one was made in china. and it works, but not neerly as well as the one it replaced, which was at end of life, which survived for 15+ years.
I've got a couple in my cellar that are about 30 years old, I can mail you one of those beauties
may burn the house down though
1:34 AM
There was this Chunk of metal that would sit about in the middle of the bread, as the temperature rises, and the Bi-metal releace mechanism would bend, this piece of metal would move into the bread. IF the bread had become crispy, this piece of metal would no longer sink into the bread. the release mechanism would then more likely releace , and out popped perfect bread.
I went to 4 stores and checked every toaster they had, and none had this simple bread crisp thing. But for $120 i could get one with a computer in it, that sees if the bread is brown :-) uhh whole wheat bread? is already brown , hows that gonna work
just make one with a little chopstick that pokes the bread periodically
We have gone this far , then started rolling backwards. I seriously think i can make a better toaster (dyson), or that many very cheeplay manufactured garbages can be made again with great quality instead of pretty colors and much marketing.
The internal mechanism inside 90% of the toasters was clone similar, as if there is really only 1 :-)
Even the ni-chrome heating elements were all very poorly wrapped, very poorly distributed (needs more) and heat at different levels in different areas. Again, All of them had this too, as if they all came off the same machine.
2:05 AM
The blender is another example. anything less than $169 blenders now have in them crappy induction motors , that overheat from the simplest tasks. They built those better back in like 1960, with brushes motors, more powerfull, and not overdriven.
I got one of them Milkshake makers , which is another 1960s design, it couldnt even whip up milk anymore , let alone break frozen ice cream. it "works" but for $500 i can (instead) get a real one like the restraunts use, because the POS sold to consumers has been cheapened to the point of unusable.
Toaster ovens, checking them out, 1/2 of them in the store, didnt even survive being on the shelf. the doors were broken and some dangling off the front of the thing. Used to be made with steel or at least some thickness of aluminum., with hinges that would last 1 million + operations. The heating element reduced to single items in the center, instead of spreading the heat .
I wouldnt doubt that the cheap dorm sized microwaves , probably heat the user faster than the food in them :-) that stuff is supposed to stay inside the cage made around it, so why are people loosing wi-fi connectivity when firing them up?
When Microwaves first came out, some people out of paranoia bought leakage detectors, NOW those might just be a good idea :-)
2:22 AM
@DragonLord rule of thumb - if it attracts targetted spam or more than 3-4 me too answers... its worth protecting
That said, I think I've protected less than 30-40 questions since I got that ability
2:34 AM
@Psycogeek Good thing I'll donate that to an institution and not a person ;p
It's much easier to say no (and / or) to charge an institution than a person
Besides, I am intend to donate it preferably to an NGO that uses computers for projects with lower income segments in poorer areas... If they want to call me to take care of their computers I'll offer to start a project with them
Teaching kids how to fix computers, start a website, use Linux...
... elementary OS freezes the machine. Let's try Lubuntu
create a whole class of troubleshooters , then they can help microsoft make a troubleshooter that actually does something :-)
@ThatBrazilianGuy: I'd love a local equivilent of free geek
(Who basically do this - collect old systems, fix em up, and get them to poor kids)
2:58 AM
I just accidentally triggered Aero Shake while moving a window around aimlessly.
3:12 AM
Aero shake has to be the most useful thing ever added to an operating system, if you dont have touretts, RLS , or a dog scratching his ass under your desk.
That is why top search resuts for "aero shake" are how to disable it.
would it have been so wrong or so hard to put in a button next to the minimise on the title bar called "M.E.S.S" Minimise Everything 'Sept this Stuff.
3:29 AM
user image
Well... sysadmins seem unpopular
where is the consumer/user in all that? unimportant entity?
Typical, the persons paying for it all, not even getting mention :-)
3:58 AM
cat threw up on the carpet and made 0 effort to go to the tile floor..
not like it makes a difference to a cat though
User, as seen by All of the above
4:45 AM
trying to install ZNC on RHEL.. it's being a PITA
4:58 AM
mostly user error tbh
5:30 AM
Q: Is marrying my own sister a good idea?

SMeznaricI am Zoroastrian and marrying my own sister would net me a very nice vassal opinion boost. However, I also run the risk of undesirable genetic traits (inbred). My question is, if you have played the game through, which effect generally outweighs the other?

""Just make sure that the kid that inherits isn't the one with the inbred. Kill any of your children that are... defected."" what are these games teaching :-)
@allquixotic I think we were talking about password managers
@ThatBrazilianGuy uhm ?
@ekaj: Quite a lot of things are a PITA in RH
Most of it was user error TBH =p fighting with EC2, yum, etc..
5:44 AM
compiling or packaged?
tried both
failed both
until I got help =p then it was an EC2 problem
I need to move my ZNC install home.
what client do you use?
5:45 AM
xchat2 hexchat
Need to get konversation set up for it too
But there's more interesting things to do ;p
what's konversation? Also, have you seen weechat? slant.co/topics/1323/compare/~weechat_vs_xchat_vs_irssi
O_o. are you on KDE?
I've always been on KDE in linux
My bad, xchat is essentially dead ;p
still very useful.
@jokerdino: There's a VERY nice fork
5:54 AM
@JourneymanGeek :D
@JourneymanGeek hm, hexchat has been around for quite some time now. Didn't know it was a fork
looking at weechat atm, it's a pita too
@JourneymanGeek Do you use split screens w/ irssi?
@ekaj: I don't use irssi at all ;p
trying to achieve something along these lines, would help if I wasn't such a Linux noob: alexyu.se/sites/default/files/images/irssi.png
1 hour later…
Its a raided SSD array over tbolt
7:49 AM
@JourneymanGeek No prizes for design.
Preset RAID 0 with Mac OS X RAID
Software RAID too
Overpriced junk.
Hm. Actually, $200 isn't necessarily overpriced.
As in, not much of a mark-up over just the components.
I'm still not seeing the value in it though. Where it would be useful.
the price not to bad, i have seen other Thunderbolt only devices to be selling cheap , i believe it to be how many people actually can use them.
It certannlly isnt "mac prices" :-)
if they keep doing that a MB with TB built in starts to look like a good feature.
8:11 AM
WTF, while there are many suckey poorly documented questions on the front page, did somone have to Downvote 3/4 of them ?
I still suspect that there exists 1 or 2 angry users, treating people the same way they were treated. (not just a hat for downvoting tossables)
Woo it's like serverfault
Yeah that is pretty ridiculous.
At least 6 of those were in a 5 minute span
5 of those 6 within a minute
9:16 AM
Q: How can I fix an old HP LaserJet 4050N?

SoaperGEMI bought an HP LaserJet 4050N printer from Craigslist for really cheap. The guy who sold it said the only thing wrong with it was the network card, but now that I've been trying it out, I'm not so sure that was the only thing wrong. I confirmed that there was some kind of problem with the network...

Your Project :-) so get buzy with it.
Cheap adaption cables for Sata to IDE and Parellel to serial Ser&Par to USB and all that stuff, are often a problem themselves, even when you have 2 known tested devices. making the project even funner, you'll never know what part of it is wrong.
9:36 AM
10:25 AM
Neat, my first xmas present is the resolution of a major issue we had with the backup system of a client
10:51 AM
@Outofmemory Hi
Heh, never saw that one before
11:21 AM
I might have.
Tho the one I remember was from MSSE
@OliverSalzburg I'm surprised it still works.
WSUS-Offline please.
Q: Photoshop CS4 on I7 3770 with HD4000 on XP SP3 does not recognize opengl

Gert GottschalkWe have a WinXP Pro SP3 box with i7-3770 Intel CPU. The CPU's HD4000 graphics is supposed to support opengl 4. (See : http://www.intel.com/support/graphics/sb/CS-033757.htm) (Added to clarify comment : We use Win XP 32bit) We installed latest Intel HD4000 driver. ( The 'Realtech' ...

Why would run windows xp on something this modern....
12:13 PM
it not odd to run XP on anything, it is bloody fast because it is smaller, less junk running. but to run XP then expect that the higher version numbers of drivers and features will operate, thats just plain , expecting to much .
Disabling Adobee CSes grafics acceleration itself is par, people say "it dont work right" anyway. so it is some mixed up wild combo of old and new , that it trying to find the worst of both :-)
Another reason why it is needed to have all the drivers , and software things that worked with that OS, stored local , backed up, because they will dissapear off the web.
12:53 PM
I strongly disagree
XP's 64 bit version was a bodge job, and with a high end system from only 2-3 years ago, you're losing out on ram, and probably some of the newer drivers
1:04 PM
he was using the 32bit version , as added later to the question, so if he actually has ram , he is loosing out, if he doesnt have ram, then Xp used less.
The system was not only good for 10+ years, but it had 400 security problems , just like windows 7 did too. they got 400 of them patched and there are 400 more to go ?? IF one system is way more secure than another, why will that system, whichever it is still have 200 more patches added to it. The whole premise is rediculous, for 10 years people ran it with 200 exploits ?
Now it is a problem if there is 3-4 exploits left :-)
If a person secures the system manually and closes the ton of holes that are the ones being patahed always anyway, then it is more secure than the new features , and the heavy web linking and hard program running of the web that has not yet been patched.
If they dont secure it, then it could be abused.
Merry Christmas, all! :)
If a piece of malware jumps up on the screen and says "you may very well have viruses" (which still happens just as often if not more often with win 7 ) everyone says, it is FRAUD. When Microsoft needs to get everyone to buy a new OS, it is called The Word Of God.
@Psycogeek Actually, the memory management and CPU scheduling improvements in Vista and newer provide better performance when there's higher contention, and especially on modern hardware.
XP was designed and released in an era where multi-core CPUs basically didn't exist.
Microsoft is doing so by pushing the idea that not only will it no longer be supported, but it is going to run amok all over the web and infect everyone . Ok it probably will, but they Made it :-) and they tried to patch it 400 times.
@Psycogeek If they sold it as a subscription service, then I would agree they need to keep supporting it as long as the subscription lasts.
But it's not.
And it's always been very clear from the beginning how long support will last.
They extended it multiple times, but there was zero guarantee of any extension at all.
1:19 PM
So does anyone ask why they made a system that as soon as support ends it destroys itself and takes down the web with it :-) isnt that what viruses and malware do?
@Psycogeek Fact of the matter is, they did not.
Every OS has bugs. You'll see similar issues running any other OS without patches for an extended period of time.
@Bob One of the extentions was the parts of the US governmment paying them more millions to keep it alive.
There is no sabotage on XP - they simply won't fix any new bugs that arise.
Problem is, with the prevalence of use, and the lack of understanding of the general populace, it's simply easier to give a simplified view.
Otherwise people will think "oh, I can keep using it, I'll be fine".
@Bob Exactally, everything is loaded with exploits, we know that it comes With the problem in it, and is patched one by one as it is discovered. soo, todays operating system has hudreds more problems still,
@Psycogeek And you think that was just extortion for money? Really? The writing's been on the wall for the better part of a decade.
It costs a lot to keep patch distribution channels alive, to keep programmers maintaining yet another old development stream, etc..
Not necessarily as much as they're charging, true.
Then again, if you let people keep legacy systems alive for cheap, they will never move off it.
1:23 PM
@Bob No i think that the US government would still be using punch cards , if they didnt have to change a system they had set-up in 5000 locations, with billions in training and all.
Now you're just trolling ;p
@Psycogeek That's the thing. Modern OSes have security bugs discovered and patched frequently.
So did older OSes.
And older ones.
Go back far in time enough and you'll actually find OSes in common use where that wasn't the case.
But that's not because the OS was simple and secure and perfect.
It was because they didn't care about security.
@Bob: and you had a much smaller threat vector
As long as the attackers evolve, so to must the defenders.
Modern OSes are bigger cause they do more.
1:25 PM
And for 4 years people used windows 7 with 400 expolits, but you can convince us that it is somehow more secure, than shutting off the holes that they keep putting band-aids on
And they're kind of getting somewhat smaller again, using clever tricks.
@JourneymanGeek True - physical security is harder to get through.
@JourneymanGeek More modular.
Well, Windows is.
Getting closer to the Linux model.
@Bob: saw what they did with some of the netbook/ low end tablets?
@JourneymanGeek Hm?
Using WIM to compress the OS image
1:26 PM
Which is a trick they first used with Windows FLP
@JourneymanGeek Got any links? For some reason, I don't think Google will help me much here :P
I googled that ;p
Oh, "WIMBoot"
That helps :P
I didn't remember what it was called either ;p
I googled 'windows 8 tablet WIM'
Tho, I'm clearly misremembering FLP using WIM
1:30 PM
@JourneymanGeek Interesting.
I wonder if that's related to my Win8.1 tablet taking less space after the update :P
Oh, probably not if it needs to be enabled at setup time.
It's got BitLocker enabled O_O
All i am saying is for 20 years even secure parts of the system were exploitable :-) Modern OSes have even more open holes, listening ports, web connected softwares, automated updates, and myriads of patches, and more programming running off the web . Sure they are highly skilled at dancing with with the devil, but they sure aren't god :-)
@Bob: It depends ;p
@Psycogeek The main infection vector on a modern desktop system is through the user :P
@Bob: "We have an operator, a computer and a dog... the operator's job is to feed the dog. The dog's job is to operate the computer bite the operator if he touches the computer"
In this case though, its not even a security issue. Its roughly the equivilent of putting a Model T engine into a brand new mustang.
You have a great car
but you can't drive it very fast.
1:37 PM
If you're running a single lightweight program, I'd expect XP and 8 to be roughly similar in performance on a modern system.
Once you start multitasking, or running multithreaded programs, or using a lot of RAM, or some behaviour that involves the disk cache, etc., I'd expect the 8 system to beat the XP one.
At least by a little, potentially by a lot.
Does XP even run on a 4 physical core system? ;p
For like 6 years after windows 7 came out overclockers were still using XP , because it was faster When there is less crap running
eventually they all caved in, or thier drivers and new hardware would not work
@Psycogeek: overclockers are ricers tho. Clock speed means very little these days
The numbers they are trying to achieve, is not always clock speed, the competitions include actually having a faster computuational speeds.
Such is benchmarking is attempts at showing that the machines is capable of conputations at higher speeds.
@Psycogeek y'know it hasn't been 6 years yet? :P
1:44 PM
Well i was going to say 4 , but well Vista , they didnt use it either
Vista had quite a few problems with drivers, unfortunately.
Hardware manufacturers are usually lagging behind on drivers (< @allquixotic)
@Bob: Vista felt slow at release
I'm told updates made it tolerable
@JourneymanGeek Depends what you installed it on, too.
It wasn't quite as happy with 2003 hardware as XP was.
1:48 PM
I think it was a celeron. Ran 2003 like a charm.
7 runs on xp/vista era hardware fine.
Just needs a spot more ram 2gb of ram to be really happy
But, yea, the initial release had its own issues.
@JourneymanGeek Runs yes, quickly, no.
@Bob: I have XP and 7 on the exact same hardware
Then again, XP itself didn't exactly run quickly with that hardware.
the 7 box is snappier.
How does more parts and pieces making up a operating system , make the system more secure or more stable? Say i have 1 Huge chunk that is all the kernal and explorer wrapped on one. Or i have 40,000 parts and pieces. what makes it more secure? what makes it so the smaller parts that can be altered individually without notice , is more stable?
1:50 PM
Granted my dad's XP box is a bloaty monstrocity with a multi-gig outlook mailbox.
(I've been pointedly hinting to him to buy a new laptop)
@JourneymanGeek Unless they're both clean installations, it's hard to make that comparison.
@Bob: They arn't
I remember trying 7 on my old (2006) XP box. That was actually painfully slow at times.
BUT who would do a clean XP install now ;p
Damn IDE drives.
1:51 PM
Oh, this has sata
@JourneymanGeek That guy running it on an i7? :P
@Bob: My sentiments on this are clear.
@Psycogeek In theory, more modularity is more testable.
Only XP installs on new systems are disposable VMs
1:53 PM
I maintain an XP VM at work.
But that's only because we still have clients running IE7
cough cough OS/2 VM cough cough
Oh, VMs for fun I have that 98 one
I haven't gotten my 98 vm back up
Need to find a copy of MS-DOS 1.10 sometime :P
I messed up something and couldn't be arsed to get driver doctor back up
1:55 PM
@JourneymanGeek That sounds like malware :P
@Bob: Old 'universal' video driver
Least that's what I think it was called
Maybe not
UniVBE (short for Universal VESA BIOS Extensions) is a software driver that allows DOS applications written to the VESA BIOS standard to run on almost any display device made in the last 15 years or so. The UniVBE driver was written by SciTech Software and is also available in their product called SciTech Display Doctor. The primary benefit is increased compatibility and performance with DOS games. Many video cards have sub-par implementations of the VESA standards, or no support at all. UNIVBE replaces the card's built-in support. Many DOS games include a version of UNIVBE because VESA issues...
smells like a better, non abandonware option
What I really want to know is why the Bay Trail Atom has VT-x support.
So loonies like me can run KVM on it?
Well, technically its a celeron
@JourneymanGeek DOS, not Win
@JourneymanGeek I'm talking the Z3740 in a tablet
@Bob: There's a win98 build of it, trust me.
@Bob: Probably makes no sense to strip it out
2:02 PM
@JourneymanGeek Actual Win98 build, or a crappy port relying on the Windows DOS-compat hacks?
Makes design simpler since they can reuse that entire blick
@Bob: actual win98 build
Its the only way to get better than 640x480 on windows 98 on vbox. (unless that new driver works ;p)
Oh man you cant run '98 it only had 16 colors, it couldnt make a word document, and it was incapable of making pictures, nobody made a web page with it, or chatted on it. It couldnt visit forums, or play a video. and if you downloaded anything with it , it would collapse under it's own weight. that system was obsolete the day it cam out .
@JourneymanGeek I think VMware does it, but I can't remember which machine my Win98 VM is on :S
Yeah, vmware does
Plus the only audio it had was 8bit 8k and some midi stuff that sounded like a casio watch :-)
2:11 PM
Actually, I''m pretty certain winamp came out around then
and no, 98 did 16 million colours I think
You had to use this thing called a mouse, and there was no holographic 3D , you even had to move the mouse with your hand, that must have been weird
and people never spent all day long playing video games on it either :-) there was no torrents only this weird thing that dowloaded from many different users at a time.
2:31 PM
"98 didnt even have a registry, you had to store all the setting by typing them out in notepad and putting it on a floppy disk to use later :-) Installing programs was impossible because each one would take up 1/2 the 40 gig disk , and it would take 2.5 years to update them over the 9.6k modems
Viruses were rampant too, with all of 4 processes running, you never knew if one of those processes was an explorer or the notorious expolor.exe virus
I said , nothing has really changed that much
We would spend the whole day looking at the web, because it took the whole day waiting for the modem to squeal down the info. Back then we would say "you know if this thing was a whole lot faster, i would be done with it in a few minutes" years later the stuff comes blazing in, and strangly people spend more time on it than they did
a lot more content now to waste time on
2:46 PM
And the modems didnt always work right, sometimes they would slow down, and we could spend days trying to figure out why we paid for 36.1kb speed but only got 33. Now we know that it was just to far away from the router :-)
but modems didn't have routers..
The printers like epson "line printers" would suck up an ink Ribbon after only having printed a few pages
3:07 PM
Q: Text instead of images

RogUEGo to the following page, Yahoo Answers There's a screenshot of the problem by the question owner. When I click on the image to see it, , a window with so many characters and which don't make any sense. I am using firefox latest update. But this problem doesn't exist in Torch

bloody cross posted mess, beginning with an e-mail that google said do not open.
3:31 PM
I remember you at Yahoo answers, are you active in Yahoo answers? — RogUE 1 min ago
3:43 PM
" I looked at my resource monitor and there were over a hundred instances of explorer.exe accessing the internet" I don't believe it, why would anyone create a system where the file browser can access the internet? you must have pushed the UAC button 100 times :-)
4:18 PM
anybody here?
Robert Cartaino on December 24, 2014

There are few things that make me more proud to be part of Stack Exchange than the outpouring of good will that comes from our communities during our “Giving Back” program. Each year we set this time aside to remember the organizations and people who need our help by offering to make a $100 donation to charity on behalf of each community moderator. It’s just a small gesture of thanks to our moderators on behalf of each community whose hard work makes this all possible.

In our sixth year of Giving Back, I started to wonder if asking Moderators to select their charities year after year might become somewhat routine and unremarkable. …

What can I do when I was in Hamburg, it was raining the whole day and I had my laptop in a backpack and the rain got into the backpack and now I can't turn my laptop on?
How can I let it dry, so that it starts working again?
Or it won't work anymore?
I have no idea through which holes got the water in...
Q: Laptop flooded with water

An AlienMost laptop liquid damage guides online show how to clean a laptop if liquid is spilled on top of a laptop. In my case, my laptop was sitting on my basement floor and my basement flooded. I don't know the exact water level but the water did splash high enough that it got on top of the laptop's ...

Q: Water in laptop, not switching on

Vinayak GargI had my laptop (dell inspiron) and water bottle in my bag, and small quantity of water leaked into my laptop. When Iopened my laptop, the power light came and went immediately. So I removed the battery, and saw a.water drop on case. Laptop felt wet. I dried whatever I could (outside only). After...

Q: Laptop water damage repair procedure

rstageI'd love some advice in repairing a water-damaged laptop. My girlfriend spilled a glass of water on her Sony Vaio and now it doesn't turn on...at all...dead! What steps should I go through to work out where the problem is and which part(s) I'll need to replace? I can't seem to find out what has...

@JANORTS Those should get you started
OK, thank you very much, I will go through all of the articles
4:29 PM
OK, I won't
A bit of dampness won't cause immediate damage until you power it on
When you do so, the likelihood of permanent damage rises quite quickly.
Thought it might already be too late for your case :\
But I was not able to turn it on
I only tried like 3 times
@allquixotic ^
you can turn that off for more consistent behaviour
5:31 PM
Had to delete my answer to this question because it duplicates superuser.com/questions/22238/…
I've reposted my answer there.
Hello guys! I know I should be waiting a bit with posting, but it would be urgent to solve it... So, anyone has ever ran into this problem? superuser.com/questions/856493/…
Also Merry Christmas to you all StackExchange dwellers ¤¤¤
Why the only way to truly delete data on an SSD is to securely erase it
A: How to securely delete files stored on a SSD?

DragonLordBecause of the nature of NAND flash memory, SSDs cannot directly overwrite data. In addition, writes need to be spread evenly across the drive to avoid premature failure. Repeatedly overwriting a file prior to deletion, while often effective on a hard drive, will not securely erase it on an SSD...

5:57 PM
@Bob in my experience they have been great. ._.
@DragonLord Instead of waiting for a secure erase, could we not just electrocute it with a car battery, then smash it into tiny pieces and throw the pieces in each of the 7 oceans?
@CanadianLuke do you ever think about the hobos who would give their prosthetic legs for half an SSD filled with government secrets?
That's why you need to spread it among the 7 oceans, throughout the world. One seventh of an SSD will be useless, especially when you need to fish it out of the bottom of an ocean
but you're not breaking it into seven pieces
No, the goal is millions of pieces... How bout this... Will It Blend?
6:06 PM
rather into really tiny ones then evenly distributing between the seven oceans, factoring in ocean size, depth spread and average, currents spread and speed, and in general, the surrounding population
meh fuck it just grind it up into molecules
@CanadianLuke If the information is that critical, you might as well use a self-encrypting drive with TCG Opal support. If you wipe the key, you can't recover data from it.
Modern Samsung SSDs, both consumer and enterprise, support TCG Opal with 256-bit AES encryption.
@DragonLord While I understand, and mostly agree, I am a little skeptical of encryption, mostly because I've seen technologies get broken in under 50 years. While it would be extremely rare for it to matter, I still care
1 hour later…
7:13 PM
This place is awfully quiet this time of day...
I suppose it's because most people in the US are at work right now
At... work? On Christmas eve?
Unless most RA regulars work on malls and retail stores... I find it unlikely
It's Christmas eve, A.K.A. fix-your-relatives-computers' day
7:33 PM
@ThatBrazilianGuy Well, it's Christmas day now, and I was working yesterday.
Probably could've taken the day off, but there really wasn't any point.
(Christmas and boxing days are public hols, but the eve isn't)
I'm at work, but I'm literally listening to a YouTube playlist, chatting, and playing games
For the clippy fans - i.sstatic.net/zQw1o.jpg
Is it really a great idea for me to adopt someone else's answer style for my answers?
It's been very successful (just look at the scores for my most recent answers), but I can't shake the feeling that there might be an ethical issue...
@ThatBrazilianGuy Outside of the retail sector, practically nobody works on Christmas Day (and even in retail, very few work on Christmas), but many people still work up to Christmas Eve
The local Starbucks is open with reduced hours tomorrow, closing at 5:00 pm instead of 10:30 pm
A: How to securely delete files stored on a SSD?

DragonLordBecause of the nature of NAND flash memory, SSDs cannot directly overwrite data. In addition, writes need to be spread evenly across the drive to avoid premature failure. Repeatedly overwriting a file before deleting it will not securely erase it on an SSD—the data would just be written elsewhere...

Compare this answer to Thaddeus's answer to see what I mean.
My last several answers were also written in the same style, and I've revised one older answer to fit this style.
A part of me is thinking Thaddeus is flattered by my adopting his answer style, though... ;p
7:57 PM
I don't bother with answer styles. I just write.
If it looks too wall-of-text-ish, I separate with sections, headings, maybe bullet points and summaries.
I suppose you could consider that a style too? :\
Hm. The vast majority of my answers were early on, when I first joined. 2012.
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