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12:01 AM
peace out fellas...it's closing time...
Q: Linux connected to network, can't load web pages.

WilduckI'm having an interesting problem: My Linux box (Debian) can connect to a network/the internet fine at home and at school, but any new network that I try to connect to doesn't allow me to access the internet. I'm using knetworkmanager to manage my network, and it show's that I've connected to a ...

Look at the cmments on the answr
1:03 AM
@studiohack, it is an interesting phenomena... there are some people I've hardly seen around recently who've suddenly started participating much more in the past couple days
I wonder if there's any sort of incentive we could use to encourage that increased level of participation all the time
Hopefully when it comes time to vote, people will consider the candidates' broader history, not just what they've done in the past few days
1:15 AM
@nhinkle: yes, I agree. I have flagged my observation though, to be removed because I'm also in the running, and it's a "conflict of interest" for me to say that.
@studiohack, who said it's a conflict of interest? Or do you just personally feel that?
@studiohack @nhinkle I feel that it really doesn't matter in the long run though...
@nhinkle: I personally feel that - observing other users and myself
@studiohack, fair enough
@KronoS, I think you're right about that. I do find it interesting though.
I've noticed that even I, when I think about it, find myself motivated to prove myself a lot in this next week...which is not a good thing. @KronoS, @nhinkle
1:18 AM
I'm not going to lie... my 'moderation' activity has increased this week... but not becuase I'm gunning to be a mod, but rather actually have the time this week :)
@studiohack i disagree... things like this are meant to be a motivation
but they are not a long-lasting motivation @KronoS
I would expect that whoever becomes moderators will be quite motivated to make use of their new powers to help the site
true dat @nhinkle
@nhinkle agreed
Buh. I feel weird writing a nomination for myself
I hate tooting my own horn, even when I feel like it deserves to be tooted :P
1:24 AM
ya same here... i actually thought about editing mine but decided against it... if you know who I am and know that I deserve to be a mod then you'll vote for me...
@nhinkle: I agree! I would just rather be nominated by someone else...
1:43 AM
Say, what about JohnT? Where is that guy?
2:30 AM
@digitxp he's really busy with school and work
@KronoS I just find it amazing that he hasn't ever asked a question on SU rofl
2:53 AM
whoa i didnt know that
3:10 AM
Anyone here an OS X user?
@JustJake sorry dude...
no worries, not a pressing issue
what is it out of curiosity?
@KronoS I'm trying to set up a daemon user for transmission-daemon
nope... can't help for sure
3:15 AM
@mrman is good with OS X, but he's not online right now
@KronoS I think I've got that sorted (OS X uses a command called dscl instead of useradd, ergh) and now I'm trying to get the service running using OS X's alternative to init.d, launchd
It's always best when you figure something out yourself. Makes the learning process all the much better
And then I have some problems with Avahi and D-Bus which may be OS X specific
but I don't really care about that anymore
lol k
3:57 AM
mornin @Sathya
you too @MarkSzymanski
Hehe, evening, @KronoS :P
@MarkSzymanski where are you at? state side or UK or india like @Sathya
States, Central. It's 10:00PM for me.
hi @KronoS
@KronoS: What time is it for you?
4:01 AM
@MarkSzymanski it's 9 for me..
evening @MarkSzymanski
@KronoS: AM?
How's it going @Sathya
no pm...
still sleepy :\ though it's 9:32AM
woke up about half hour ago
4:03 AM
where are you located, @KronoS
somewhere in MST?
oh, smack. you have that on your profile.
going through Tom's question.. it was like he was arguing just for the heck of it :\
where are you at @MarkSzymanski
@Sathya lol you missed quite the.... debate
@Sathya: AR...
I won't go into a long, drawn out rant about why I'm here and why I want to leave.
But, I will say that I'm from Wisconsin.
4:04 AM
no comment. lol
what about you @studiohack?
> The Stack Exchange Mountain Range
where's that?
its online
maybe you haven't heard of it, but it hosts this site :P
thought there might be some meaning to the acronym :P
4:05 AM
what acronym? @MarkSzymanski
TSEMR - The Stack Exchange Mountain Range.
to narrow it a bit, @studiohack's from Eastern timezone :P
we had a discussion about that, one time @Sathya ;)
(I think) :P
where did you get the acronym? did you find it somewhere else other than my profile, @MarkSzymanski?
or made it up?
4:07 AM
Made it up XD
I like Mountains haha
Just looking for hidden meanings :P
wow, you guys are suspicious of my location? any particular reason why? haha lol @Sathya @MarkSzymanski
No. XD
more like nosy
4:08 AM
@studiohack :P
I wasn't being nosy D:
we'll let the matter rest. @alleverybody. :P
It would be awesome if there was actually someone with that username :P
hm, @th3dude withdrew his nomination
reminds me of some song i heard sometime "you all everybody"
oh how come?
4:10 AM
I didn't even know he nominated himself
I noticed...
it was really quick though
the number of noms has been @9 all day, or most of
and @the3dude did it earlier today...
@nhinkle I've noticed the same
@Sathya, noticed what?
3 hours ago, by nhinkle
@studiohack, it is an interesting phenomena... there are some people I've hardly seen around recently who've suddenly started participating much more in the past couple days
4:12 AM
yeah. I made an observation, but had it deleted -
seemed like a "conflict of interest" but I already said all that lol
@studiohack can you repost & delete it again :P
like repost for a split second?
and delete within one minute? haha
@studiohack not sure why he withdrew his nomination
@studiohack yeah :P
Well, I'm off to bed. Goodnight everyone!
4:15 AM
night @MarkSzymanski
@MarkSzymanski 'nite
night @MarkSzymanski
ah thanks for your help @KronoS
4:16 AM
@studiohack that's true, but don't see why it deserves to be deleted - your choice anyway :)
@KronoS LOL time to change those batteries
stupid retry!!!!
its more that I don't want someone to take it against me, like accuse me of unfairly observing - I've even noticed myself doing it sometimes
@Sathya @KronoS
lol yep
@studiohack like i said earlier... I think it's generally a good thing... some good motivation
@KronoS: I agree, yes and no...won't get into that now...
closing comittee :P @Sathya, @KronoS
@studiohack I've flagged it, anyways I'll join you guys soon,time to get ready
its all good... we've all got oour opinions
it's 11:20 EST here...late
bleh lol
4:21 AM
It's so nice to have all of us 3k+ users together to get stuff done @Sathya @studiohack
good to see @IgnacioVazquezAbrams in here
do you like being 2 hours behind @KronoS
hey @IgnacioVazquezAbrams
@KronoS, yes, agreed on the 3K+
@studiohack what do you mean?
in your time zone, you are 2 hrs behind EST
4:22 AM
couple of weeks ago, I was Googling for something on Fedora & found @IgnacioVazquezAbrams's post on Fedora mailing list :P
ya... but I haven't known anything different... so I feel like your two hours ahead of my normal time :P
true lol
i wish I had this kind of memory
4:41 AM
nite fellas... time to go finish up my last job and then head to bed...
@Sathya if you get the chance check out the newest blog entry and comment/critique/suggest... looking to improve as this is the beggining
that goes for everyone else too...
5:04 AM
@KronoS Well thanks to IvoFlipse we’ve got our answer of the where the traffic came from exactly, but where did it start ===> Well - thanks to Ivo Flipse, we've got out answer to where the traffic came from. But where did it start?
@KronoS The social network is a great place to get and idea ===> ` The social network is a great place to get an idea'
btw, nicely done @KronoS love @Jeff's avatar in that pic ;)
5:24 AM
@sathya thanks will make the changes in the morning
@KronoS yw
Submitted my nomination
May the best candidates win :)
very nice @nhinkle
btw who are you referring to in the post ?
referring to with what? the guy I helped out?
@nhinkle yes
(you can mention and delete it, if you want)
@nhinkle 2 mins
5:33 AM
It shouldn't be a problem, but just in case, I don't want to drag anybody into an argument or bring up previous worries people had.
I think you'll actually be able to see the original post, since you're 10K+... i can't even see the original discussion we had in the comments on his answer
@nhinkle I understand :)
lol @Sathya, realize now looking back you commented on it back then, too :P
Also, for what it's worth, I definitely would've nominated you as a mod if we could nominate other people. You'll definitely have my vote :)
yeah, I remember that very well
tho gotta say, nicely done :)
well gee, thanks :)
so how's life? what time is it over there in india?
@nhinkle life's alright, it's 11:10AM here
5:41 AM
@nhinkle yes. waiting for the weekend, have a little getaway planned :)
nice! I can't wait for the weekend, mostly because it means I'll get to sleep
I'm getting kind of sick, so it'll be nice to get some rest
Where are you heading for your getaway?
@nhinkle generally my weekends are like sleep, sleep, sleep so this time, it's a welcome change :)
heading to Goa, @nhinkle
Goa (; ) is India's smallest state by area and the fourth smallest by population. Located in South West India in the region known as the Konkan, it is bounded by the state of Maharashtra to the north, and by Karnataka to the east and south, while the Arabian Sea forms its western coast. Goa is India's richest state with a GDP per capita two and a half times that of the country as a whole. Panaji is the state's capital, while Vasco da Gama is the largest city. The historic city of Margao still exhibits the cultural influence of the Portuguese, who first landed in the early 16th century a...
looks pretty!
hope you enjoy it
@nhinkle thanks!
5:47 AM
well then, I should probably get to bed
it's 9:46 pm here
and I've got a microbiology lab in the morning at 9
@nhinkle ah, nice. Sleep well! And hope you recover soon
wait... I'm interested in the user that you helped too... do you mind sharin @nhinkle
then I'm off to bed as well... lol
@KronoS, just a sec
lemme see if I can find it again :P
let me know when i can delete it
(that's the beginning of the convo, it went on for a while)
you should be good now
That's awesome man... cya all later!
Thanks @KronoS
G'night everyone
2 hours later…
7:44 AM
inherited this SP.. I can't even fathom what the prev dev was thinking when he released it to QA. it's broken at the most basic level
8:10 AM
morning all
@Sathya that doesn't sound positive :/
morning @DMA57361
@DMA57361 indeed, to make matters worse, the SP is being called from a report, I have no idea what parameters are being passed to it, much less figure why it's failing.
oh, lovely
ugh, dupe. added some debug code, 4 of them are being passed as null :\ and no null handling
20-JAN-11 X
         20-JAN-11 X
         International X
         Retail X
         Personal Insurance X
         Personal Property X
         Personal Property X
         Bankers X
         US X
         Personal Property X
          Personal Property ONLY
            2 X
            05 X
'X' separates the parameters
8:14 AM
hmmm... looks... interesting
fantastic, the descriptions are passed as parameters , instead of codes :\ that means another trip to db to find the codes & then fetch them. Wonderful
this is a live Daily WTF entry :\
going to have a long afternoon. bb after lunch. Have fun @DMA57361
@Sathya you too
8:39 AM
I can't believe this - superuser.com/questions/235546/run-as-admin-windows-7 - question isn't a dupe, but for the life of me can't find one...
@DMA57361 i know, same here
hmm, same situation for this one too... superuser.com/questions/235543/…
If you can't find it, it's differently worded enough to be kept as an open dupe
following Jeff's blog post
very true, it just seems odd that we've not had them before :)
I've always found it worrying that we lack more 'basic' question like that, because there are dozens of users who don't know it and know go looking for it elsewhere
even though the question is completely on-topic here
8:52 AM
that's a good point actually
but I never got around adding those questions myself, because first I thought the system doesn't really let you seed without having to take attribution (and thus rep etc)
and then it's just the mountain of work that is, that just blocks you from ever getting started
hmmm, the 2nd point is unaviodable .... but the 1st could be done via a secondary account, maybe?
well, I recently decided to do what they asked in that blog post: either edit the crap out of a existing question
or simply asking it myself
and the 2nd point is becoming easier if there is fresh blood who makes a start with such things ;)
9:11 AM
there's no way to add a path to your env. variable w/o Admin privileges, is there ?
not perminantly (that I know of)
but you can use set to temporarily change them for a batch or cmd instance
(there are possibly other methods)
@DMA57361 na, not that, I meant for Windows as a whole to recognize it
in which case, not that I know of
@DMA57361 that's what I feared :(
Q: Change environment variables as standard user (Windows 7)

SealedSunWhen clicking on "Advanced system settings", I need to login as the administrator and hence only edit the administrators environment variables (in addition to the machine wide ones). How do I edit the environment variables of a standard user? Details With the migration to Windows 7, I decided t...

might be as close as you'll get
9:17 AM
@DMA57361 unfortunately, I'm on XP
oh well
so both the answers are not applicable, nevertheless, good answers. upvoted them both ( and the question too)
on an unrelated note, Mobile Number Portability was introduced in India today
...which means?
which means you can switch from your existing cell phone carrier to another w/o having to change your cell phone number
oh, nice... didn't realise there was a name for that :/
9:25 AM
@DMA57361 hehe :)
right, free hour an hour since database is down for replication
"free" as in you get to do whatever you want, or "free" as in you get to finish other "work related" tasks
@DMA57361 as in do whatever I want - the schema I'm working on is being replicated so there's nothing work related I can do :P
lol, party time then? ;P
time to win some souls for the next round of the elections then ;P
@DMA57361 lol yeah! doesn't affect me much really, since I'm constantly wandering about :P
9:37 AM
fairly standard by now, but still relevant I feel ;P
@DMA57361 heh!
You people are making it difficult for me to choose who I'm going to vote for as moderators!
don't worry, I've got the same problem as well...
Too many good choices
>>>>>>>>>>> ME! ME VOTE FOR MEEEEEEEEEEE <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
see, I stand out now :P
9:43 AM
I think I'm going to add a comment to those I see fit the last day
then when nobody else can comment anymore, I'll have the last say ;P
Like sniping ebay auctions, but with comments?
yup :D
lol, I did think about that being a potential problem actually - a burst of "this person is rubbish, vote for X" just before the deadline
That could be a fun thing to try, who can get their comments down in the last second
I doubt it'd be a real problem, but still
9:45 AM
Bonus points for the most hilariously inappropriate comments...
well some users are more fit than others, as random said on MSU
and if regular users can't tell the difference, I'll have to tell them what the difference is
what the ... I've just realises that (in IE7) the "copy shortcut" option on the right-click menu for links is really "copy URL"... I've been doing it the long way ...
I have my preferences for mods, but I'm afraid my choices may not be completely informed... I'm curious what your opinions are @IvoFlipse
I understand @Mokubai, but I have to think about how I proceed with this
I don't want to seem favoring users
and I don't want to anger those that don't get my recommendation either
it is somewhat of a delicate balance you need to keep
9:51 AM
Good old politics, that fine balancing act...
possibly we do need something link the MSO stats for SO? something that's entirely objective?
as an example: its important to leave comments when you for instance downvote, vote to close, or do general moderating actions. BUT it's not just the act of commenting that decides whether you're doing the right thing, it also has to be a polite/civilized comment.
(* although, that said, objective as the stats are the meaning is subjective on how each person interprets them, I suppose )
Aye. They do, to an extent, have to be judged not just by their "score" but by how they handle the community as a whole
the same can be said for voting. It's good to vote to close, but what percentage of your close votes result in an actually closed question? If that percentage is too low, it shows that people disagree with your judgement too often
9:54 AM
As a mod you can see those stats?
sadly that stat isn't available anywhere, but my point is: there are users who are useful for locating trouble, but who shouldn't be the judge of things
whereas other users are helpful, patient and more levelheaded, who are better in judging those cases for what they are and take appropriate actions
the latter is who should be made a moderator
the former would either enrage users or burn out, because he feels an urge to close everything that's slightly off limits, draining his energy in a couple of months (trust me ;) )
Aye, I suspect I would fall into the "bad moderator" category, either that or bug the other mods by constantly double checking these things.
well, like you said it's a fine balance
it's not black and white that every user is always one or the other
Oh, I just noticed that ChrisF hadn't nominated himself, I kind of thought he would be in the running.
I actually wanted him to be elected last time together with Gnoupi
now we lost him to Web Apps and Programmers
10:00 AM
I don't envy him that's for sure
but @Mokubai, know that all the help with moderating is appreciated, even the overzealous kind, because most of the time it's being balanced by requiring peer review anyway
so no need to hold back :)
Aye, I'm happy helping the community however I can, it's nice that the users can be like "mini-mods" to at least make your jobs easier.
Well, slightly easier...
@Mokubai well he did mention he'd rather be nominated than put in a self nomination
@Sathya I can see why he'd prefer it to happen that way
It'd almost be nice to have a "blind" nomination phase where users nominate the mods, and the results are only seen at the end of it so that they're effectively voted for by the people they've helped and by their peers, rather than stepping forward and "pressing the flesh" to get votes
argh, why do I keep getting logged out every few minutes
10:13 AM
well the idea behind elections without a campaign is somewhat hilarious off course
@Mokubai that used to be the case
Though most of the people on the list would have gotten my votes anyway...
I mean how are users expected to 'gather' votes?
I guess by writing the best nomination... :\
.. till the nomination posts would contain "I'm not interested" et al
@IvoFlipse well you can say that writing your own nomination.. is kinda like campaigning
hmmm that's interesting, we should assemble a list and have each nominee answer those questions
they have to answer them in their nomination
10:15 AM
@IvoFlipse similar approach is there in math.se
Q: List of questions for candidates in 2010 moderator election

T..This thread is opened for questions addressed to (all) the candidates in the December 2010 moderator election. If questions are kept simple enough they can be answered fully in the comments, and doing so would reduce the tendency for pre-election voting on the candidates rather than their comm...

@IvoFlipse "What is your name?" "What is your favourite colour?" "What is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?" type questions?
Damn, now I've got to watch that film.
sorry you forgot to specify what species of unladen swallow as there are 26 different known species in Afrika
what the heck is unladen swallow ? The only "unladen swallow that I know of is a Python JIT compiler
10:19 AM
oh it was even 47 :P
damn, I thought it would be 42 :P
And that's not counting all the European swallows
Sigh, I really need to use the spellchecker today...
"Well you have to know these things when you're a king"
I thought at least getting the gist of it was pretty good ;P
I've actually got it on DVD, it's got "Subtitles for people who don't like the film" taken from Shakespears Henry VIII, Act 4 or something... it makes for an even weirder experience watching the film.
Someone says "Hello there!" and the subtitles show "Ho there!"
10:25 AM
Hey everyone!
Where can I find info on the use of @ signs in comments again?
Q: How do comment @replies work?

How do I respond to a specific user when entering my comment? Will they be notified? Related: How do I view my recent replies? Return to the FAQ index

there ^
/// beat me to it
@Sathya :-)
@DMA57361 Thanks!
I was wondering about the use of spaces.
wonder if something can be salvaged from the recent activity tab to get an idea about recent comments / revisions / answers/ questions
@Sathya for election-campaign-supporting purposes?
10:32 AM
@DMA57361 yeah, still thinking across the lines of what we were discussing earlier, on quantifying stats
btw @Mokubai this article (dated) explains well why I love PL/SQL developer orafaq.com/tools/allround/plsql_developer
@Sathya I'll have a read of that, thank you :)
11:01 AM
@Mokubai you're welcome :)
1 hour later…
12:24 PM
> AndrOINC is a BOINC project trying to break a 1024 bit RSA key used by Motorola to sign the boot and recovery partitions on the Motorola Milestone. If this key could be broken, we would be able to sign our own boot/recovery images, which would enable us to run custom kernels and recovery images on the Milestone.
huh, nice, but might take a while
that's where the distributed computing comes in :P
even then it might take a while
gday folks
@IvoFlipse oh wow.
@akira g'day
12:29 PM
@akira hi
hmm, how to we go about getting the Privileges pages updated?
In particular I've just noticed that the flagging (http://superuser.com/privileges/flag-posts) page isn't updated for the new flag pop-up
bring it up on MSO :)
ah, ok
I wonder if it's wrong elsewhere...
I suspect it's wrong everywhere ;)
indeed it is
do we know if they've finished messing with the flag pop-up? if they intend to tweak the options again next week (or whatever) then there's no point updating the whatsit pages yet
12:48 PM
down delete find s find a append sdkj
I don't think they're 100% finished yet @DMA57361
yeah, I had a feeling that may be the case
I've left it be for now
@DMA57361 I still think it's worth pointing out in MSO
hmm, suppose it keeps it on the agenda
12:59 PM
if it's incomplete, well you'll get a confirmation of the same. Else it's a place which might have been missed

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