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12:01 AM
see ya @KronoS
@studiohack You actually voted an almost staggering number of times
@BloodPhilia: which is a good thing or bad?
and your song quote reminds me of living in the middle of nowhere :P
@studiohack I think it's a good thing
Haha no, it's a song:
@BloodPhilia: I find it ironic that I have more votes than rep. :P but I try to do it, because it is quick and easy feedback...
@studiohack And I'm sure that's what it's meant for... And besides, rep isn't anything
No offence if anyone is offended by this: But honestly, some of the higher rep users I would never vote for...
12:05 AM
@BloodPhilia: yeah...rep is more of a demonstration of how much the user knows and is active...
@BloodPhilia: how come, If I may ask?
@studiohack They do answer a lot of questions correctly, but show no further interest in the community with constructive feedback, discussion, etc.
@BloodPhilia: because they are too busy answering questions...
@studiohack That's why I'm saying rep isn't everything
By the way, I love this question =p superuser.com/questions/231273/…
@BloodPhilia: right.
@JohnT Good good, it's not meant to blame anyone, just to show how rep doesn't mean anything ;)
@JohnT There's no shame in that...
So you shouldn't be afraid to
I'm a university drop out, unemployed, I just happen to have all the time of the world! haha!
Haha sure, what would I be trading places with?
Hmm I'll be back in the fulltime student thing
Have to wait for the new academic year to start though
Nope, different
I really ought to be going to bed...
Because I no longer found passion in what I studied
Well, I've waited too long really
i should've stopped earlier
I've come to actually dislike what I did
12:22 AM
@BloodPhilia: did you pay for TechSmith?
@studiohack No I didn't, I was allowed to use a copy from someone else
@BloodPhilia: nice! thanks
But honestly, I can't imagine me taking a screenshot without it ever again
If my license was to expire, I'd definitely buy myself a new one
$50 though, @BloodPhilia?
@studiohack Well worth it
@studiohack taking and editing screenshots for explanatory purposes has never been easier
@JohnT No, Snagit
@JohnT Yes, but a lot A LOT more functional
12:26 AM
@BloodPhilia: except that $50 is a lot money for software. I've probably read Lifehacker too much. :P
Good evening, everyone.
@Mark Hi
Hi, @BloodPhilia. How are you?
@studiohack It sure is a lot of money, but why don't you download a trial and see how it workd for you
@MarkSzymanski Fine thanks, how about yourself?
I'm doing great, thanks.
12:27 AM
@BloodPhilia: I might.
@MarkSzymanski: hello
@studiohack It might take some getting used to, I upgraded from 7 to 10 i think
But it's a great piece of software
Hi, @studiohack.
How are you?
@MarkSzymanski: I'm good, how are you?
I'm doing great, thanks.
My phone doesn't like its batteries being run dryu
@studiohack Are you checking out my answers? =P
12:31 AM
@BloodPhilia: what do you mean?
@studiohack well You commented on some of my answers I think
And I suddenly got 4 or so upvotes
@BloodPhilia: I did comment on some of your answers.
@studiohack Okay =) Just being curious really
@BloodPhilia: what is the meaning of your name? Curious because I'm typing 'blood' so much :P
and yes, I voted. haha, its what i do
@studiohack Haha well, it means Bloodlover
@studiohack like homophile means love the same (home = the same, phile = attracted/loving/etc.)
@studiohack I just once picked that and now I'm stuck with it forever haha!
12:37 AM
@BlooPhilia: interesting. kind of weird, I must say lol
@studiohack What can I say, I'm a weird person every now and then ;)
@BloodPhilia: One thing that's weird about your name. I'm a furry, and I've met people on furry IRC networks that are actually into blood and stuff >.>
@MarkSzymanski What's a furry?
@MarkSzymanski And I'm not THAT into blood really haha
Furry fandom is a fandom for fictional anthropomorphic animal characters with human personalities and characteristics. Examples of anthropomorphic attributes include exhibiting human intelligence and facial expressions, the ability to speak, walk on two legs, and wear clothes. Furry fandom is also used to refer to the community of people who gather on the Internet and at conventions. Therianthropic characters that between human and animal form are also considered by some to be part of the genre. Even superheroes with animal derived powers are considered of furry interest by some fans,...
12:39 AM
Ah right
That's what a furry is.
So, now please explain what a furry is?
yeah, with the cat as photo haha
I'm still not sure what it is
12:39 AM
I know
But what does it mean to you?
A furry is a person that is a part of the furry fandom.
i have to say, -1 for explanation haha
And on these IRC, what would you talk about?
if you don't mind me asking
What do you mean?
Well, you say you're on furry IRC's
12:41 AM
Like... Hehe. I dunno. :P
What would you discuss?
Just about anything :P
Okay... =) no need to answer really
Just being curious
As ever
One thing that I really don't understand is this tool that creates Lorem Ipsum text, but instead of gibberish Latin, it uses English text. Which completely defeats the purpose.
What do you mean?
12:44 AM
You know what Lorem Ipsum text is, right?
yes I do
But I've never seen a lipsum generator generate English?
yay. haha
Well, the reason it is in Latin is because that keeps people from focusing on the content. And instead makes them focus on the layout.
@studiohack Yes, we know xD
@MarkSzymanski I know...
It generates placeholder text in English instead of latin.
12:45 AM
@studiohack Imma star it anyway
@BloodPhilia: haha I know, just couldn't resist. thanks lol
@MarkSzymanski Lol, which one does
@JohnT: Yes, but it's not English words that can be comprehended like English can.
Lorem Ipsum, that is.
Well. It's not supposed to be read easily.
@JohnT It isn't either
this conversation about latin is greek to me.
That's not an operator
CDs are made see-through - they just have a coat that makes them opaque
I know
12:50 AM
try scratching the surface of one with a knife...
Try putting them in a micro wave
I do it all the time
HA! scary lol
No it's pretty awesome
Like putting a light bulb in a microwave oven
It's so neat
Don't try this at home kids
Mom will hate you for it
12:52 AM
@JohnT: agreed. I value my life.
@JohnT I use protection ;)
@studiohack Lol, there's nothing dangerous about putting a CD in the micro wave
goggles? fire extinguisher?
lol haha
It's only been a few hours
@JohnT: what do you mean?
12:55 AM
If there are less than 10 nominees, they'll skip to elections
wow, interesting.
@JohnT What do you mean
Oh right
We do need the votes though
Elections only work when everyone is willing to pick favourites
vote! vote! vote!
Gone star
I edited :(
yay, back star
that is the entire process of voting...picking favorites
yay haha
12:58 AM
@studiohack 'tis true :D
I should be getting to bed
It's 2 am here
netherlands, right?
good night! :P
nice meeting you/talking
Thanks! You guys have a nice day/evening/whatever :D
Goodnight, @BloodPhilia.
1:00 AM
@stud You never met me? :P
@studiohack As in, did you never notice me?
@BloodPhilia: yes I noticed you, and voted for you, and commented on you, but not chatted to you. happy now? XD
@studiohack Very, very happy, couldn't be any more delighted
@studiohack I'm sure I'll get a good night sleep now, thanks n_n
@BloodPhilia: shakes hands :P
1:03 AM
@studiohack Bye now ;) It's been nice "meeting" you too!
you too sir @BloodPhilia
/me doesn't work here right?
Nop it doesn't, too bad
thinks it does
It does.
One second.
1:04 AM
Extensions :(
Will look at it later, thanks! bye now
1:56 AM
Howdy folks
1 hour later…
3:18 AM
@studiohack: Thanks for the helpful answer!
3:36 AM
@TomWij, are you around?
Yes and no.
I'll take your responding as a yes-ish :P
Just checking what's up here so I'm not too behind on the transcript, and then going for an immediate last food/drink/sleep.
you have a few seconds to give some input on this discussion?
Q: Proposed tag wiki for Community-FAQ-Proposed and Community-FAQ

nhinkle This is a suggested tag wiki entry for community-faq and community-faq-proposed, tags which very few users can edit and would benefit from having a tag wiki. Please see "make editing tag wikis more accessible" for more details. Community FAQ Proposed Community FAQ questions are designed to ...

I'm actually looking for a quote now for superuser.com/election :P
> Well you seem to like IT Crowd so you get my endorsement! :) Anyone who quotes that show must be pretty awesome. – Nori 5 hours ago
3:38 AM
I do love the IT Crowd :D
But I'm only finding quotes that could be very misinterpreted. :-D
"I'm a people person, you need a people person... I could be your relationships manager" - Jen
In a way, I'd say being a community moderator is very much like Jen's job, you just have to do it better. You're supposed to be good at interacting with other people and be a people person, but also need some technological background with computers.
Anyhow, regarding the question above
Is that an IT Crowd quote?
Do you have any ideas for how we should go about determining when a question should "graduate" from community-faq-proposed to full-on no longer proposed?
Anyhow, not going to go for an IT Crowd quote too... :D
3:41 AM
It's not a direct quote, but it's pretty much what one of the characters said
I think it should be either done by a moderator or by someone that has enough knowledge on the subject.
It doesn't look like @David actually quoted the it crowd in his post, he's just mentioned it before
Or perhaps also based on the votes/views.
That seems reasonable. You, me, and @ivoflipse seem to be the most on-board with the community-faq idea right now
Though we've been trying to get more users involved
@nhinkle Another problem with that quote is, and I seem to have an eye for that, ...
... is that I'm not there to manage the relationships of the Super Users. :D
3:43 AM
It's meant as in manging the interactions between the IT dept and their users. So in this case, it's managing the interactions within the community - making sure people get along, helping to pass new ideas around, etc.
Think that will come with time, that's why I mentioned it in the nomination so it gets some more attention.
With the community-faq thing, let's just say that if any of us who are involved with that initiative feel like a question meets our idea of what a community-faq should look like, we can tag it as such. Perhaps mention it on chat first to see if anyone has any objections
Have been around more on other sites SE lately and been inactive on Super User, and I'm having exams too now...
That makes sense
My participation here fluctuates depending on how much school work I have
@nhinkle Sure, we don't have to be too specific about determining the guidelines for it. But what I wonder about is users who will decide it instead and don't see that the question is good enough...
Gonna be active again these days to hide the inactivity in my activity, so that it's no longer an issue in the primary phase.
3:47 AM
that's why I've been a bit hesitant to nominate myself... I feel like when I have the time, I can do a lot, but when I have lots of exams or projects in school, I don't have nearly so much time to contribute
Would be stupid to be there with weeks of inactivity... :D
Was thinking about adding the exams as a note in my nomination but it makes it too long.
I could like a book if I want too, which is generally a good idea for writing questions but going a bit long on nomination feels wrong...
Anyhow, apart from proof-reading and reacting to comments I'm going to let it rest and let time tell. :-)
Hopefully, the SO team will eventually make community-faq a special tag, and implement some process for it, probably just that a mod has to approve it. And hopefully your or I (or both) will be mods, which would make that easier too.
(I'm going to nominate myself, just haven't gotten around to writing anything yet)
Yeah, there are a lot of things I would love to see implemented, but all those things will probably never happen.
Indeed. We'll see though. Time will tell.
I'm sure it wouldn't be too hard for them to add, since they have a nearly identical system to what I'm proposing already in place for meta FAQ questions
you should nominate yourself, @nhinkle
3:50 AM
Hey, @studiohack. Thanks again for the helpful answer ^^
Those things are not "must-have features" but more "handy to have as an user which performs a lot of maintenance work or batch-style work", like going on a tagging or answering spree.
@studiohack, I will. There's 7 days yet, I'm going to take the time to write a proper "speech" before I post it. Will probably do it Thursday afternoon.
@MarkSzymanski: no problem!
I am a bit dismayed that it's impossible to nominate other people, both because I'd like to be able to nominate other folks and I'd feel better about being a nominee if that came from other users.
@nhinkle: will look for it. :-)
3:52 AM
@MarkSzymanski, what did @studiohack answer for you? If you don't mind my asking - just curious, since it sounds like it must've been neat
@nhinkle: This
A: Something like Cloud.app for Linux?

studiohackHave you tried: Let's Crate - http://letscrate.com/ There is also Windows Live Skydrive - it supports links and sharing, etc. I know neither option is not desktop based, but you can at least use it on multiple operating systems...for what it's worth.

@nhinkle: Look at @IvoFlipse if you want to compare, he works on his awesome project, has a girlfriend who he spents a lot of time on, plays StarCraft II with me occasionally, hangs around Gaming.SE site and chat (and other SE sites occasionally) and even did some traveling lately.
@nhinkle: i agree about this whole nominate someone else thing....
It's actually almost better that it isn't a desktop application. Because the person that needs it has horrible internet.
Note that I didn't mention Super User in that sentence. :-)
3:53 AM
Which is the reason Dropbox didn't work.
Nice question and nice answer, well done to both of you.
@MarkSzymanski, @nhinkle: it wasn't a big deal to answer that?
Thanks, @nhinkle.
Well, it certainly was a big help.
Still though, sometimes the most helpful things are the simplest.
Yes ^
Very true.
3:54 AM
true. thanks @nhinkle
I'm encrypting a USB Flash drive.
fun fun
And it's been taking like 20 minutes XD
and @TomWij, i agree, it's doable. @ivoflipse is a good role model for potential moderators
brb. checking something with the network. I'll explain in a few minutes when I'm back online
3:56 AM
how big of a pen drive, @Mark?
@studiohack: 4GB.
3m remaining.
sounds good. gotta log off - night all!
Goodnight, @studiohack!
I love the competition and risky introductions in the current nominations.
I want to nominate myself, but I'm not sure if I should...
What the...
Ok. WHAT is this?
3:58 AM
And we're doing better than the Server Fault elections, look at the amount of sentences that begin with I in each answer. :D
Sorry, just gonna repost to see what it'll do...
It brings up a SuperUser search page.
@MarkSzymanski: Oh my... That's just a nice trigger of our hidden easter egg. :D

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