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12:10 AM
@fredsbend It seems that such human creation could be considered discovery in that type of philosophical theory. Just as one might say that humans did not create mathematics but discovered that certain axioms produce interesting systems. The nature of existence seems to be a difficult philosophical topic, especially for "intellectual creatures" like math.
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1:26 AM
I think this discussion focuses too much on the word "create". If I were to explain the phrase, then I would say that the phrase "created in God's image" just describes the purpose of humanity, from the viewpoint of the biblical authors. As Paul writes that the greatest of these three is "love", I think love is greatest, because love is most godly.
Faith and hope are what humans do. And the purpose of humanity from a Christian point-of-view would probably be most godly or serve God's purpose for humanity by being his image on earth.
1:48 AM
@JonEricson zombie tags can be blacklisted :)
2:01 AM
@McShauno g'evenning
3:05 AM
Belief is interesting.
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6:15 AM
[mouth agape]
@TRiG: ...two and a half years?!
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11:56 AM
@DavidStratton i looked at the site definition and I looked at the question you thought was terrible and I think there was no real problem. I know you think both the question and the answers were off topic but Caleb simply removed the comments. If that question had not been a duplicate I think it would have been fine to solicit answers for an actual problem that person faced regardless of whether the answer was written in the form of a truth response or a generic statement of perception.
12:14 PM
@caseyr547 I didn't think the question was terrible, it was the bickering in comments on the answer. It's too bad you missed the comments. They were even mild, but they were representative of what we were up against.
But I'm glad you're around. I'm running late for work, and this question could use an answer that actually represents Christian teaching. I bet you can handle it. christianity.stackexchange.com/questions/16830/…
12:31 PM
@DavidStratton That might be a candidate for Biblical Hermeneutics. Hey @JonEricson you around? See ^^^
12:52 PM
@Caleb If Jon's up for it I'm good with kicking it that way
oh wow. finally got enthusiast...and just in time to be offline for 10 days straight.
1:16 PM
@waxeagle Ten days! I hope elections don't start at in the next few days then.
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3:58 PM
@JonEricson Your comment on trials as gifts reminded me of a quote in Bujold's Shards of Honor (now in Cordelia's Honor): "But I've always thought—tests are a gift. And great tests are a great gift. To fail the test is a misfortune. But to refuse the test is to refuse the gift, and something worse, more irrevocable, than misfortune. Do you understand what I'm saying?"
This quote was followed shortly by a statement from the atheist Emperor Ezar: "I've always felt that theists were more ruthless than atheists,"
4:10 PM
@mods: If this is on topic, can it be protected? I have a feeling it will be necessary. christianity.stackexchange.com/questions/16849/…
4:34 PM
@RyanFrame Closed now. How's that for protected?
@fredsbend yeah, I think that's the protection it needed :) too many ways that question would (not "could") go wrong
@fredsbend: I nearly flagged it for closure, but was uncertain. There have been quite a few I would like closed that seem to do well.
@waxeagle Might need to do that...
@RyanFrame VTC then. It is your call. When I had that priv in beta I was a little more aggressive than most, thinking that I would rather miss out on a few marginally interesting, on-topic questions, rather than have a few sensationalized, off-topic questions.
I wish people could behave nicely concerning politics, but it just does not happen.
18 hours ago, by fredsbend
@MODS There was a question around the first of may that I answered, but it has been deleted. I would really love to get the text of my answer if that is possible.
@DavidStratton Is it a dup of:
Q: What is "The Parable of the Shrewd Manager" about?

WikisThe Parable of the Shrewd Manager (full text below) is perhaps one of the hardest parables to interpret. At first glance it seems to be about rewarding dishonesty! What lesson is Jesus teaching His followers with this parable? Luke 16:1-14 Jesus told his disciples: “There was a rich man...

Or maybe:
Q: Was the discounting by the manager in Luke 16 a dishonest act?

Bob JonesThe shrewd manager in Luke 16 discounted the debts in order to win favor with the debtors. What hermeneutic principle should be used to determine if this was an evil act, or just good business?

(I see now that @AffableGeek already pointed to one of those.)
@PaulA.Clayton Sounds like a book (and author) I need to look into obtaining. James seems to agree with that sentiment in the first chapter or two of his letter.
5:38 PM
@fredsbend: I can't anymore.
@fredsbend do you remember the subject?
5:53 PM
@fredsbend I did a class with a guy who was talking about networking (hardware) and he said that after the 7 layers in the OSI Model, layers 8, 9, and 10 were people, politics, and religion.
6:11 PM
@fredsbend christianity.stackexchange.com/a/15475/49 I think this might be it, you should be able to see it (it's your deleted post, if not let me know and I'll get you the text)
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7:40 PM
@JonEricson Well, Bujold writes very readable science fiction, but--like most SF--the sexual ethics are often problematic and the worldview is non-Christian. Shards of Honor is perhaps her most Christian-friendly novel. If you like ebooks, Cordelia's Honor is available from the publisher's website.
@PaulA.Clayton I do like ebooks:
E-books and E-book Readers

Proposed Q&A site for e-book publishers and users of e-book readers including Kindles, Nooks, Kobos, etc.

Currently in commitment.

(Hint, hint. ;)
I canceled the newspaper the other day so that I could have an ebook budget. Looks like I can start spending that. ;-)
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9:04 PM
@JonEricson Getting closer, but soooo slooow.
@Caleb Yeah. Someone with lots readers needs to write about it.
Q: Core Doctrine vs Common Practices

SSumnerIn a comment to an answer on my question, Maiwa noted that [particular theology] is not always a part of core doctrines of any denomination. It's about what the majority of the denomination believe So when asking questions of the form "Is X practiced by any denominations/'mainline' denomina...

9:31 PM
@JonEricson At this point all it would take is the right person tweeting about that to make it happen. Unfortunately that person is not me.
@Caleb Nor me.
Me neither; I'm not a Twit.
@JonEricson I guess it's a catch 22. All the people really interested in the proposal are readers. Go figure. And we do more reading that writing. Writers on the other hand are later to embrace the medium because their vested interest is where the revenue stream is and that's taking a while to adjust over to the eBook side of things.
@Caleb I noticed that when attempting to purchase an electronic format of a Ravi Zacharias book the other day...
10:41 PM
@waxeagle That's the one. The site will not let me see the post.
@fredsbend kk cant now but ill retrieve it for you later
11:27 PM
I realize we have had trouble with this user, but this question is downvoted and there is no constructive comments about why. I really hope there are no grudges here. I admit that I'm pretty fed up with this user and generally avoid him in chat, but there have been a few times, like this one where I think he actually made a good post.
@Caleb I don't see why you removed the link. This time he actually linked to a respected scholar, Ehrman, whom many of us have actually read so can therefore critique, and not some crazy-head propaganda site.
@fredsbend I have a feeling that a good bit of the downvotes are perceived intent and also reflective of the specific user. (that's not necessarily fair nor right, but that's likely reality). It's not as if the user has a constructive past.
That said, that particular question likely has a lot more standing on Hermeneutics (oddly a lot of his nitpicks are better there than here because his arguments aren't really apropriate here).
they aren't about doctrine so much as they are about the text and issues he has with the text.
which while they technically have standing here because of the relevance and reliance of Christian doctrine on the text, they are far more appropriate there than here
Q: Bart D. Ehrman - respected critic?

Dan AndrewsI found Misquoting Jesus: The Story Behind Who Changed the Bible and Why troublesome to my understanding of the translation process of the bible. It has made me review my understanding of the bible. However, this is just one book of many from different authors. I am wondering if Dr. Ehrman is ...

(the post you requested, I went ahead and took the markdown source since that's the best form I know of to preserve it)
@fredsbend Personally, I don't think the question was asked in good faith. I'm pretty sure that user has already formed an opinion on the issue.

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