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4:05 PM
Q: Why do we migrate Christian questions to a Christian audience about the Christian bible to a non Christian site?

MikeI have often wondered when people ask an Old Testament question why sometimes they will be told to ask Judaism.SE as though everything in the Old Testament was not a Christian subject. If I ask a question on Christianity.SE I am looking for an answer that might have a Messianic twist even though...

4:26 PM
Would it be on topic to ask a question about the interpretation of a biblical text here if I only wanted a Christian worldview in response? Or does that still fall in the realm of BH.SE?
@Caleb @mods ^^^
@DanO'Day If the exegesis has nothing to do with doctrine, that's for BH.SE. If the question presupposes a particular doctrinal perspective or asks how the exegesis supports a particular doctrine, that'd be for C.SE.
@El'endiaStarman thanks, I'm putting together a meta response on something and wanted to get clarification on that
@DanO'Day I think about the most succinct way to put it would be "BH.SE is about what the text says and C.SE is about what the text means."
4:41 PM
@El'endiaStarman yes, but unfortunately BH.SE more often than not deals with the latter
@DanO'Day It's still not quite as broad/far-ranging as C.SE.
@DanO'Day There's room for the same question to exist on all three sites: J.SE, C.SE, and BH.SE. Of course, each version would need to be tailored to the culture of the site it's posted on.
@JonEricson Full disclosure: I'm answering this right now
Q: Hermeneutics vs Exegesis

RayIs "Biblical Hermeneutics" the best name for this site? So far, it seems few of the questions asked (similar with earlier phases) have much to do with hermeneutics directly, and are more exegetical. For example, I would expect questions about hermeneutics to relate to, say, horizons of understand...

That is the reason for these questions
@DanO'Day Yep. And I think I see where you are going...
@JonEricson I don't even like the direction I'm going - but I am following the logic of the statements just made as well as what has been happening both here and at BH.SE
There is a logical fallacy underlying all of this, and the only resolution in my mind is either to admit that BH.SE really is Christian OR to narrow its scope
4:54 PM
@DanO'Day I don't see that as our only choices. What I'd like to see us do is embrace relativism. ;-)
@JonEricson oddly enough, that is my first point haha
#1 "the worldview of this site is postmodern relativism"
@DanO'Day I think it's a practical necessity for all Stack Exchange sites and much of the internet.
@JonEricson indeed
even C.SE has adopted this worldview if you think about it
@DanO'Day that's quite intentional
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8:06 PM
A: Hermeneutics vs Exegesis

Dan O'DayI think this question needs more attention. I think the site name is misleading. Hermeneutics is the branch of knowledge that deals with the interpretation of texts; it is not interpretation itself. That falls into the realm of exegesis. Allow me to make a few points and then some proposals: As...

8:43 PM
@DanO'Day I think El pretty much nailed it. If you want to hear the gambit of possible exegesis, C.SE can't give it. We only handle stuff target at specific doctrinal frameworks or that is so widely accepted that there aren't major differences (or those of us that understand those limitations were sleeping when it went through).
@DanO'Day I think this is the key to the issue we're having right now over there. We do need to do something about the jumping straight to what the text means without working through what it says first.
@Caleb I concur, that's why I strongly support option two :P
3 hours later…
11:21 PM
How in the world did this get up-votes, an actual answer, and not one vote to close in 10 hours? christianity.stackexchange.com/questions/15450/…
@DavidStratton I dunno. I upvoted the android question (because it was interesting!) and didn't upvote the ape one because the android one got closed. My guess is that it doesn't have as much of a intellectual punch, so to speak. We can entertain the idea of apes being rather like humans, but apparently most people consider androids to be less "human". [shrugs] My $0.02.
11:38 PM
@DavidStratton I had a great answer for the android one. then it closed on me. Disinterested in the apes one. I think both can have elements in an on-topic question.
11:53 PM
Maybe I'm just too picky.

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