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3:56 AM
Q: Are Catholics supposed to make the sign of the Cross during the Sanctus?

Luke HillI have noticed that during the Sanctus prayer at mass, there will be a few Catholics (typically those that I would identify as being more “trad”) make the sign of the cross when “Benedictus” is sung. Is this supposed to be done (like when the priest says “have mercy on us” after the confiteor), o...

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6:12 AM
Q: What denominations have published prophecies about lost Scripture?

pygoscelesThe existence of Holy Scripture not contained in the present-day Bible editions can hardly be debated against, since there are numerous references to Scriptures we do not have within the Scriptures that we do have. It is understood that this may be partly a question of what qualifies as canon, or...

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12:16 PM
Q: Was Jesus physically anointed by someone?

Kadalikatt Joseph SibichanWe hear Jesus saying in Lk 4:18: The Spirit of the Lord is on me, because he has anointed me to proclaim good news to the poor. < We see a number of chosen persons in OT getting anointed for specific purposes for instance, Aaron in Exodus and David in 1 Samuel. There was a prescribed procedur...

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2:56 PM
Q: Is it absolutely required for people to believe in the deity of Jesus to be called Christians?

TassoThe more I study scripture the more I realise that all those proof texts for the deity of Christ can also be interpreted in another way that points more in the direction that Jesus is an Elohim but not YHWH. John's gospel for example makes it very clear that when Jews accused Jesus of making him...

3:27 PM
I mean, meta discussions already exist, but some of these new questions seem to be against what I get from the meta posts.
Q: How can I ask about the Christian response to atheist arguments in a way that would be on-topic?

Twilight SparkleI'd really like to ask some apologetics related questions. It would be a tragedy if wavering Christians left us because we failed to provide answers, especially to the easier and more common challenges. However, I'm a little concerned about the wording. Which of the following would be the approp...

That is, why aren't they closed as off-topic, if they are just asking what "christians in general" (whoever they are) answer these questions?
Once more through the review queue. @GratefulDisciple I am at Augustine Meets Ambrose in Milan and now must do some reading up on Ambrose to better contextualize what Brown covers as a bit of a survey. Still enjoying the deep dive into Augustine. Thanks for the rec. Am up to Justinian's reign beginning in the Eastern Empire in the other book ... the parallel reading is parting ways.
3:50 PM
@Conrado Yes, trolling is an apt descriptive.
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6:30 PM
@GratefulDisciple cslewis.com/the-apologists-evening-prayer obviously the powers that be wouldn't allow it, but I'd love to have this as a pop-up on the site each time someone goes to answer a question. Dr. Peter Kreeft mentioned it in Pints with Aquinas, I'd never read C.S. Lewis poetry before.
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11:01 PM
@PeterTurner Another poem along with the book reference that both came out from can be read here. Never read C.S. Lewis's poem before, reminder that I should. About having this as a pop-up, maybe making it one of the "Featured on Meta"?

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