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@LukeHill Thanks for the feedback. One meaning of "Christian nationalism" is implied by this handout by the organization encouraging people to sign the Christians against Christian Nationalism Statement.
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Q: What would have kept Clement V from instigating a popular revolt against Philip V?

Frank BoothI am reading this book, "Trial of the Templars" by Malcolm Barber. I am not a historian, so I do not know to what extent Barber's thesis is right - that the Templars were arrested because Philip V has financial problems and had to raise money in ways other than taxing the populace. Assuming this ...

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2:33 PM
@LukeHill man, I'm glad I'm not an undergrad. I'm enrolled online at University of Maryland for a cybersecurity program. I don't get many emails from the university itself, but I did just get one about "offerings to Testudo", which has something to do with the Univeristy Mascot - but it's utterly pagan and an utterly pagan idea.
But nobody says, we're substituting our vapid pagan ideal for your entirely good Christian one out loud.
I can't remember where, but Chesterton bemoaned this new paganism, he wanted socieity, if it had to revert to paganism, to be a hearty, healthy paganism.
I can't even complain to the student government because the links they leave at the bottom of their emails are broken instagram links (for me at least)
Testudo, a diamondback terrapin, is the mascot of the University of Maryland, College Park and represents the university both at sporting events and as a more general symbol. Testudo has served as the school's mascot since the 1930s, and several statues of the terrapin exist on the school's campus. == History == === Statues === In 1932, Curley Byrd—who served as the university's football and baseball coach, athletic director, and president—proposed adopting the diamondback terrapin as a mascot. The first statue of Testudo cast in bronze was donated by the Class of 1933 and displayed on Baltimore...
healthy pagan offerings ^^^ They literally want to substitute that with

> canned broth, oil, herbs and spices, vinegar, grains, canned or dry beans, salsa, pasta sauce, soy sauce, or peanut butter
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I like your answer, will try it out. Do you think Catholic priests hear confession from A Protestants?
A: Does the battle between the flesh and the spirit ever get easier?

Peter TurnerA priest who I knew from youth and later in campus ministry who has recently become my pastor again. After many years of campus ministry, he's came back to parish life with a rather scary realization that as soon as you get to a point where you can deal with sins of the flesh, that were prevalent...


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