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9:42 AM
Q: Some things Islam got wrong

mire12I have some questions Jesus did never had any book from god. Mecca is never mention in the old testamente and not Prophet Muhammad either only about a False Prophet is mentioned if that Islam means and what has the Kaaba with Abraham to do? It feels like Prophet Muhammad and Islam have got some t...

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3:08 PM
Q: Church fathers and the Rabbis

user24992I’m wondering if there is any evidence in Jewish writings of correspondence/the mentioning of church fathers. I would assume that the interactions would have happened in the time of the late tanaaim/amoraim period. It is said that Jerome corresponded with Jewish sages of his time ( Rav Ashi perh...

3 hours later…
5:41 PM
Q: If I gain a privilege, can I lose the privilege if I bounty my reputation below the required reputation for that privilege?

Luke HillLet's say I reach 20 thousand reputation (giving me more things that I can do), and then bounty away 100 reputation. Will I lose my newly gained privileges?


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