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2:38 AM
Great video right here.
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11:20 AM
Q: What is the source for Rav Soloveitchik's assertion that 1st Century Christians introduced mixed seating for prayers?

user6591In the collection of Rav Soloveitchik’s responsa Community, Covenant and Commitment, there is a series of letters railing against mixed seating in the synagogue. Amongst the points raised there is a claim made in letter 18, pg 134. I quote: When primitive Christianity arose as a sect in the H...

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4:20 PM
I just wanted to point out that I have a shiny new gold badge coming my way: christianity.stackexchange.com/review/first-posts/stats
4:51 PM
A: What is the source for Rav Soloveitchik's assertion that 1st Century Christians introduced mixed seating for prayers?

fredsbendIn this answer from Christianity.StackExchange there is good evidence that Christians were not mixing the sexes during prayer/worship gatherings in the 1st century. It states that St. Cyril of Jerusalem notes in the 4th century that men and women were still separated. Further consider 1 Cor. 14:...

@TRiG The only thing I've noticed that some try to do is if the law is affirmed in the New Testament, then they keep it. If not they leave that as a personal choice if you want to keep it.
Then there's the others that think trying to keep those ones is actually a sin somehow.
That's reminisce of a quote you've given recently:
6:44 PM
@fredsbend I almost never do reviews, on any SE site. Probably should.
7:37 PM
@TRiG Don't do them if you don't want to.
7:49 PM
Q: Where should I ask about the sevenfold Spirit of God?

PetahChristianOne of the things I've been wondering about is the sevenfold Spirit (or the seven Spirits) of God. Should I be asking about this on C.SE or BH.SE?

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11:23 PM
@MattGutting I was trying your %40 trick for URLs with parentheses and having trouble. Any ideas? http://en.wikisource.org/wiki/Page%3AGesenius'_Hebrew_Grammar_(1910_Kautzsch-Co‌​wley_edition).djvu/418
(or for anybody else who is handy with such things)
11:36 PM
@Susan Looks like the URL is ever so slightly different.
Dunno what you mean by %40 trick.
@El'endiaStarman Sorry, I didn’t actually pose the question here because it was something MattGutting and I had discussed in comments at some point...but you would have no way of knowing what I was getting at. :-) I’m trying to make a Markdown link using that URL, but I am confounded by the parentheses because of the Markdown parenthesis syntax for links.
He had suggested replacing the left with %40 and the right with %41.
AH, markdown.
[shrugs] Looks like it works fine?
You'd probably have trouble if it had a closing parenthesis before an opening one, or no opening parenthesis.
Ooh, something like THIS link? testsqenh%2Fs)
yeeep, okay
@El'endiaStarman embarrassed - oops, I didn’t even try. Just say the parentheses and figured it wouldn’t work.....yes, like that.
MattGutting is right. Replacing that stray closing parenthesis with %41 does the trick.
I like the “clouds” theme in this here “upper room”. :-)
11:45 PM
That worked out nicely, didn't it?
Pretty much unplanned, though.
@El’endiaStarman Anyhow, thanks for your help!
@Susan You're welcome. :)

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