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8:05 PM
So a question that is easily googleable (top 5 links for the exact question give a huge selection of answers) shouldn't be answered?
-answered +questioned
you can use google on any question buddy
@BeatMe You trying to hate on me because I don't accept your assumptive science?
you're not that special to me ;)
Q: Is a question that can be found on google allowed?

Jonathon ByrdFrom my friend @BeatMe in chat "So a question that is easily googleable (top 5 links for the exact question give a huge selection of answers) shouldn't be answered?" Right after commenting on my question Who are the two witnesses in the book of Revelation? My question is the same, where do we d...

I answered it already
@BeatMe well I tell you what, I still think you're special ;)
8:14 PM
Posted by Jeff Atwood on February 22nd, 2011

On Podcast #58, Joel and I had a disagreement. Not the first, and certainly won’t be the last:

Joel says that the only bad simple question is a duplicate simple question. I say simple questions are OK as long as they’re actually interesting (in some way) for other users to consider and answer. To prove his point, Joel actually asks the question on Stack Overflow: How do I move the turtle in LOGO? Do you think this question adds value?

We still have this disagreement. Our community is now struggling with the very same issue across multiple network sites: …

so you believe in the rapture too, do you know when it happens?
oh thats funny
@BeatMe My guess is probably in another billion years, but that's based upon assumptions
you like that word don't you?
Do you wanna join us in the creationist chat again? I would like to ask you, if you have ever used a genetic algorithm, or genetic programming.
@BeatMe no I haven't
Did they spontaneously pop into existence to?
not to be a smart A or anything.
come over ;)
8:26 PM
@DForck42 Hello dforce, I enjoy your answered questions ratio
@JonathonByrd hello. btw, it's DForck ;) don't worry though a lot of other people have done that as well
i just hit reply...
system auto does your name
oh my dforce bit
btw, do you mean you like my acceptance ratio?
Jonathan really, I observed that you don't understand evolution itself and would like to maybe explain it to you
@BeatMe macro or micro?
8:30 PM
@BeatMe are you christian?
no i'm not
dforck both i guess
@BeatMe :-O
May I ask why you feel the need to change my mind?
I would like to bring science and reason into the world, same as you christians do spread the word about god
@BeatMe ...
8:32 PM
Some of (we) Christians can be very logical people.
Including myself
you are certainly not
you FEEL as if you're logical because of your presumptions.
what you should have said was "i don't necessarily want ot change your mind, i jsut made the observation that you might not 100% understand the concept of evolution and i would like to take it upon myself to help you come to a better understanding"
thats a better wording sure, but wouldn't it be the same reason? a better understanding?
You think that I'm not logical because I'm not willing to submit to your Dogma.
There are plenty of more knowledgeable scientists then yourself and they laugh at evolution as I do.
Yet you think somehow you're more logical because you've been indoctrinated into a belief that was fueled by lies
that doesn't sound very logical to me.
8:36 PM
@BeatMe no, not with what you said
@JonathonByrd no, you base your understanding of the world not on evidence and reasonable logic, but on the things you would like to be real (genesis) altough I and several people have shown you why it isn't true
I was a catholic in my youth, i was an altar boy and recieved my confirmation
I have been indoctrinated by my parents and at some point started to think for my own
and research those things, that make no sense to me
Any thoughts on this one?
Q: How do Christians square the concept of an omniscient God with the Uncertainty Principle?

AdamRedwineOne of the foundations of modern quantum mechanics is the Uncertainty Principle. This principle is not an assumption, but rather is derived from assumptions made with regard to the structure of nature. The basic statement of the Uncertainty Principle, however, is that it is impossible to know t...

@BeatMe you have shown me nothing
@BeatMe I'm sorry you had to go through that...
as I told you, you instead took the bible and try to squeze your worldview into the limit the bible gives you
@BeatMe That doesn't surprise me, most people are ignorant to the Truth.
8:39 PM
@Caleb I read it and immediately thought it sounded like a great question even it if was asked from an outside understanding. VTC votes don't seem to agree with me. How did you guys read it?
not researching anything and believing anything another creationist told you
@BeatMe so you've taught yourself everything. Have you gone to school for any of this?
well I started studying physics, but does that make any difference?
@BeatMe The Bible doesn't give me a limit. I first learned who God was, but in a much different way then you have and I'm willing to take His word over yours, because I know Him much better then I know you.
seems like a great question to me:1825418
8:41 PM
@BeatMe I research plenty, I see flaws and I'm interested in those answers, of which you cannot give me because you have not been properly educated on the topic. The last thing I care to hear is a dawkins puppet ranting about assumptions and dogma
@BeatMe if you don't want to hear my ranting, well... this probably isn't the best place for you. yet you think that you've got something to teach us...
I took an hour to write that answer about the methods of dating and you dismissed anything I told you because of some dogma you read somewhere
@BeatMe which is where you're wrong.
@BeatMe you should have read the question then, because you didn't answer it
and your answer has yet to get more then a single vote
nobody else cared for your answer either
and again I tell you, that your question is really irrevelant if its about researching the age of earth
i guess we should stop again
@BeatMe care to link to this?
A: Is carbon-14 still increasing in the atmosphere?

BeatMeC-14 has error margins of a few thousand ans is accurate only up to 50.000 years. There are a few cases where the results are inconsistent, and these are the only experiments that are mentioned by your source or creationists generally. For example the The (2300 year old) mollusk incident is expl...

well, i guess someone gave me atleas 1 vote ;)
8:45 PM
My question had nothing to do about researching the age of the earth or about the reliability of carbon dating
my question was very precise
and you still fail to see that.
@DForck42 you should notice, that jonathan worded his question completely different any my answer is not relevant to him
you are seeing what you want to see, that I'm somehow attacking carbon dating
@BeatMe hahahaha did I edit my question? go back and look at the edit history?
again, we have talked about dating methods before, then you ask a very specific question that is one of the reasons creationists dismiss those methods, and you still think it's not relevant?
I didn't say you edited it
yes you do attack any form of dating as you think the world is 10k years old
While I was speaking to you about carbon dating I had questions, so I posted them for others to ansewr
yes I do believe that its 10k or less then
but I don't attack you for it. I'm not sure why a pawn is trying to defend the king? you are not equipped for this debate.
you cannot answer anything that I cannot google
we should take that debate where it belongs, or stop it
8:50 PM
Yes please do :)
and yes I feel torn, if I take my time and explain it to you with basic scientific evidence and you still neclect it
can you move the discussion again please?
@Caleb lol
@BeatMe go for it
@JonathonByrd No offense at all because I'm actually interested in the topic being discussed but have limited time to participate in Christianity.SE right now and need to focus that time. I'd like to see discussions that happen about the site so I keep chat open, but it's crazy hard with the amount of stuff going by.
so, anyway, @jonathonbyrd, what denomination, or whatever, are you?
8:53 PM
@DForck42 Well.. I was non-denominational. I like to call it modern christianity (sinners prayer type) but now I just consider myself a Christian, that is because I have recently been saved through means not of my own.
God basically came and visited me one night and showed me that I'm a sinner... I guess it took that because I wasn't listening.
Since then He has been teaching me about Himself.
@JonathonByrd interesting
Definitely been a rollar coaster.
my beliefs are kinda... weird
I was kicked out of my church :)
what are your beliefs?
@JonathonByrd oh wow! can i ask why?
well, i was raised catholic. went through confirmation and everything
but i don't think i ever really believed in the catholic church
8:56 PM
@DForck42 yea you can ask. My beliefs changed and I submitted to the bible literally. My church didn't want to do that.
Embarrassing in the extreme: Browsing the site and having a yellow popup inform you that "you cannot vote for your own post" when voting on a question and then do another read through before it dawns on you that you actually did write that.
or really god in general.
high five
i do believe in being a good person, i kinda believe in a sort of heaven and hell (that's the weird part). i think something MIGHT have created the universe, but it honestly doesn't matter
but i'm also ok with people having their own beliefs. it's only when people start pursecuting other's beliefs that i start to have issues (or their beliefs cause others harm...)
Is a chat "questions for atheists" appropriate?
9:03 PM
@BeatMe lmao, why not?
@JonathonByrd i don't quite understand what you mean
he became a YEC
@BeatMe YEC
young earth creationist
@BeatMe oh...

 Questions for Atheists

If you're curious about anything, just ask!
9:16 PM
@DForck42 Well I didn't always submit to the literal translation, matter of fact I had never even read the Bible. But after my experience, like I mentioned, God began to teach me and I began to submit to everything that He says. He has given me significant understanding in order to discern His Truth as well.
that again, not of my own doing.
it just came to you?
9:30 PM
ok guys, I'm out
1 hour later…
10:32 PM
a troll...
would a moderator please delete this post?
and perhaps ban the user
Q: Which major denominations demand most and least effort?

Jenny ThomsonWhich major Christian denominations demand the most and least effort to conform to the church head's expectations for being a good Christian or be considered a member of the church in good standing? By major I mean > 100K members. By effort I mean the sum of hours invested derived from tithe pe...

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