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4:10 AM
@Ramhound could be legit
I know some software bundles chrome
When I asked about the question the author wasn't being very open about information. Even with the information they recently added wasn't what I asked for :-%
Asking questions is easy
asking good questions is hard
1 hour later…
5:42 AM
in Ask Different Chat, Aug 21 at 16:53, by bmike
@ankiiiiiii well said. Asking good is hard, great super hard.
Deja vu
and chaining.. @JourneymanGeek
@ankii some things are universal
Even as an experienced user I often iterate through questions - adding stuff as people ask
hmm mmh. The context of this question is an improver development of my question on SO. I deleted at the end when at -1 and then asked on AD
got it solved soon.
Well sometimes asking on the right site is important too ;p
well I could have asked it on this site too (I think). . . it was bash
Q: Including virtual environment in bash prompt

ankiiI am using bash on MacBook Air running macOS Mojave and wanted to change the color of terminal prompt. I was helped on this question on SO and this IBM blog after which I used export PS1="\[\e[30;47m\]\W\[\e[30;47m\]$\[\e[0m\]" which has colour, wrapping, working directory and $. It chan...

Some users delete many good questions. E.g. superuser.com/questions/1484859. How can I request them not to do that? Or should I not interfere their choices?
Interesting, I see clippy here!
5:53 AM
Q: User wildly erasing all his posts continuously even after we rollback

marcogThis user clearly wants his account deleted and everything he ever posted to vanish off of SO. He's non-stop erasing the contents of his questions, even after we rollback. It's getting so silly that some of them have been made CW. Should we be stopping such cases? If so, is flagging for moderato...

@Biswapriyo no answers
he got what he wanted, there's no answers and I guess the comment got what he wanted

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