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2:43 PM
Another spam user found
typical baiting scheme … posts questions so they can answer with their own software
Q: App cleaner for Mac OS X 10.6

Mariah01Which app cleaner works on Mac OS X 10.6? I would like to find a free one.

A: Why has my Mac become so slow? (And how do I start to answer that?)

Mariah01Maybe you have too many useless files on your Mac OS X. you need to clean Mac for more free Mac space. and this software is very good, you can have a try. http://ww.magicansoft.com/magican.html

A: How can I delete or uninstall Office 2011 Clip Art in Mac?

Mariah01You can drag it to the trash. If you want to delete it compeletely without laftover, you can use Magican to uninstall it. http://www.magicansoft.com

Please burninate …
3:01 PM
I have HP Pavilion DV4T-2100 model running windows 7. Today when I turn it on I got black screen and it is not showing anything at all. Everything else is working. I can hear fan noise, LEDs lights are blinking and even I can hear window welcome tone when window starts and also as I know my first screen is password screen when that tone is played I type password and press enter and I can hear sound that is played when user login inside system. Only thing that is missing is display as screen is completely black all time. I have done removing battery and pressing power button for 30-60 second
@anujprashar You're in the wrong room. This room is for contacting moderators about moderation issues on Super User.
Oops.. sorry about that. Thanks for reply anyways.
Although, it says "Got a question for a moderator? Just ask.". So if you really only want a handful of moderators answering your question, you might be in the correct room after all ;-)
@anujprashar Maybe try again in "Root Access", that's the general purpose room for Super User.
OK thanks going to post on Root Access room now.
3:52 PM
room topic changed to Ask a Super User Moderator: For moderation, spam, troublesome users and related issues you need diamond input on (no tags)

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