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1:33 AM
Question - As I said earlier, I am thinking of using M0 as the target machine. I know it is too weak to be a development machine. I know STM32 can do RS485. Do you recommend any thing like "Blue Pill" which is cheap, newbie friendly, but still can do RS485? I heard of "Black Pill" which has DSP, but I think it is too much for newbie me.
3 hours later…
4:08 AM
I found this TT-Link mini circuit from FeeTech. What do you think about it?
3 hours later…
7:03 AM
Now I am reading the URT-1 Status Byte and Commands List, and making a summary.
Serial Bus Smart Control servo SCS15 Manual v1.02 - FeeTech 2016dec21

2.1 Current status byte

BIT7 0 -
BIT6 0 -
BIT5 1 - Over load
BIT4 0 -
BIT3 0 -
BIT2 1 - Over temperature
BIT1 1 -
BIT0 1 - Over/under voltage

Note : All bits = 0 means no error

2.2 Memory control table (edit v0.1 tlfong01 2020sep18hkt1456)

The above text file is not well formatted. Here is a pretty print.
7:29 AM
The above pretty print image is not complete. Here is the complete one.
7:40 AM
So I finished reading the SCS15 Servo's 10 page long manual. I could not find any other manuals for higher/newer models. So I will come back the the URT-1 board and start learning how to use it. Tea time. See you later.
8:03 AM
I first tried the program mode to read and write to the memory locations and found everything OK.
5 hours later…
1:03 PM
I scratched my rusty little head for 10 minutes but still got no clue how the following TTLinker works. So I gave up. Do you have any idea?
1:17 PM
Now I am reading references on FeeTech SCS15 servo. The following article has a good overview and an Arduino demo program. Now I know SCS15 indicates 15kgcm. The most powerful analog servo I have played so far is TowerPro MG996R, which is only 10kgcm. So LX-224HV 20kg is indeed very powerful.
FeeTech SC Servo SCS15 Overview and Arduino Demo Program
1:38 PM
What I don't understand in the following diagram of TTLinker, why the pink bubble TxD after conversion becomes TxEn.
2:01 PM
Now I have found an Arduino library for FeeTech SCS15 Servo. The library seems small. I am going to steal the code and convert it to my own DIY python library for SCS15 servo.
Arduino Library for FeeTEch SCS15 - Elecrow
Ah bed time! Will carry on tomorrow. Cheers. youtube.com/watch?v=wrEggYMu-1s

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