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10:51 AM
Hi all. I'm still really curious why ham.stackexchange.com/questions/156/… got downvoted. Anyone have any idea why it might have been? (I'm not holding grudges, just want the answer to be the best it can be.)
4 hours later…
2:57 PM
I'm still a bit bitter about ham.stackexchange.com/questions/261/…
3:45 PM
@PearsonArtPhoto @MichaelKjörling and I'm bitter about this one: ham.stackexchange.com/questions/283/…
Yeah, the problem no doubt is the image format. That'll cause all sorts of issues in the long term...
@PearsonArtPhoto as soon as we have LaTeX support, I'll fix it
Yeah, that'll probably take a week past public beta start.
4:01 PM
hey folks :)
I'm pondering about adding some more APRS questions, like about the frequencies used worldwide, or about why WIDEn-N is the default path, but both of them turn up pretty good results in Google - any strong opinions on that?
Also, what about gear-specific questions? My Kenwood D710 fan is noisy, turning up on every APRS beacon sent, but I feel like asking for a mod/howto to fix that is off-topic.
@ge0rg yeah I was hoping to ask more Elmer questions myself (here's my scenario, here's my equipment, how do I...?)
but apparently these are all off topic
4:18 PM
@Dan Is that documented somewhere? I've skimmed the meta site, and can not find any links to ham.SO FAQ...
Q: To what extent are "recommend a solution" questions allowed

DanObviously a question like "where can I buy X" is not on topic, but there is a valid question right now of chinese-brand vs established-brand HTs. This is more of a continuum than an easy boundary line, so where should the line be drawn? Some examples: Requests for specific product suggestions...

^^^ I took the answer here to mean that asking about specific things in my environment are off topic - for instance, I don't know what antenna I will buy for my car
I would like recommendations
but this is off topic to ask
but I could be reading it wrong
@Dan I think that question is related to "product A vs. product B", because both products would become obsolete over the years. It is probably not too much of a stretch to conclude that questions about "product A" specific issues would become obsolete as well, and thus are off-topic.
4:34 PM
@ge0rg I think those are probably on topic - the trick will be providing a better answer than the ones found on google
1 hour later…
5:55 PM
@Dan Yes, "given equipment X, how do I do Y?" are generally on-topic. I would suggest trying to word them fairly broadly, so that answers can be useful beyond the specific question.
6:08 PM
@MichaelKjörling my question was equipment-specific, nothing that can be useful to non-d710-owners
@ge0rg While obviously the specific steps are going to be unique to the particular piece of equipment you are working with, I don't see any real reason why such a question would be off topic. But the only way to know for sure is probably to see the question.
@MichaelKjörling "The fan in the Kenwood D710 mobile radio is turning on on every transmission, including APRS beacons. This happens even when there is no thermal need for spinning it, and is annoying in a quiet shack (as opposed to under the car seat). Is there a way to turn the fan off / make it temperature dependant / replace it with a quieter one?"
@ge0rg Definitely sounds like a good question to me. It's clear what you are trying to achieve, it's answerable, and answers can be judged on their relevance to the question as asked. I'd probably write "how do I disable this / make it ..." but that's just a preference of mine.
Yeah. As a general rule of thumb, I would say that it's okay to ask about a specific model of device; don't worry that "eventually that device will be obsolete"
I mean, eventually it's likely that people will move on from Python in 50 years; that doesn't mean SO doesn't allow Python questions
Time obsolecence is the least of our worries, as long as the timeframe is > a year or so
@Dan - btw, a little birdie told me that MathJax was enabled on Ham.SE about an hour ago
6:27 PM
@Amber w00t!!!
@Amber Yes, it's working!
@Amber @PearsonArtPhoto I will begin editing my answer !!!
(I might have emailed one of the SE people I know about it. >_>)
@Amber can I use it in normal text too or does it need to be on its own line?
6:34 PM
LOL. I almost never use my connections on SE, but every now and then...
Let's just say it pays being a triple diamond sometimes;-)
You use $text$ for inline
congrats, you got your TeX math now! :-D
And for on its own line,
@Amber ahh ok great
Just like how LaTeX normally does math
6:36 PM
isn't it [[ ... ]] for multiline?
I was about to use \begin{equation}
Any room for more fun questions? (+:
@ge0rg I think the "official" version is double brackets
but double dollar sign works too
(for LaTeX)
MathJax just does double dollar
@Amber we just edited the same question'
for the same reason haha
6:38 PM
@dan heh
I'd inline it, but I like the non-frac version better that you used
I'll probably sleep on it tonight; the general direction my question is headed is - Are there any regulations against working CW mobile?
@Amber I tried with fraction but it was hard to read so changed it back
now I am editing my long answer
I saved the LaTeX file so it won't take long
actually, \begin{equation} works just fine!
A: Calculating Antenna Length on the FCC Exam vs. in Reality

DanLegend $c$ = velocity of propogation = speed of light (299,792,458 meters/second) $f$ = frequency $\lambda $ = wavelength Formulas The basic formula for calculating wavelength is: \begin{equation} \lambda = \frac{c}{f} \end{equation} To make the math simpler, frequency ($f$) is expressed i...

Right. I'm off to sleep on me question; nini (+:
Q: Kenwood D710: loud fan noise when used in the shack

Georg DO1GLThe fan in the Kenwood D710 mobile radio is turning on on every transmission, including the periodic APRS beacons. This happens even when there is no actual need for spinning it, and is very annoying in a quiet shack (as opposed to under the car seat). Is there a way to disable the fan or make i...

6:46 PM
@Dan For that answer, you may want to use subscripts for units. Like $f_{MHz}$ rather than f (\mathrm{MHz})
I am outing myself more and more as an ignorant software geek. :)
@MichaelKjörling good idea
What is the best way to handle tag subsets, i.e. aprs is a subset of packet is a subset of digital. Should all three be tagged on aprs questions, or is there some way to let SE know that all aprs questions are also packet and digital?
I got started on the answer to ham.stackexchange.com/questions/316/… but someone ought to finish it; I'm not quite up to converting the more complex formulas into LaTeX right now.
@ge0rg I don't think there is a way (or SuperUser wouldn't need windows for the windows-7 questions...)
6:56 PM
@MichaelKjörling ok I did that
@ge0rg in general, add the tags that seem most relevant
I probably wouldn't add all 3 to the same question
for a question specifically about aprs, I'd probably just add the aprs tag
If it's discussing some aspect of aprs that would generalize to packet radio, I might add the packet tag as well
and if the question used aprs as an example but generalized to all digital radio, I might do aprs+digital
@Amber ah, interesting opinion. I was thinking in the way of browsing the site by tags, looking for interesting things that might be related to the topic of interest.
nod One way to assist with that is to note related tags in the broader tag's wiki
E.g. "some subareas within this include ..."
@Amber wouldn't that invite people to tag aprs+digital on plain-aprs questions?
7:12 PM
I was actually using that example for the description
's description would mention that is a subset, and so on.
I wouldn't worry too much about "inviting people to tag ..."
tags can always be cleaned up after the fact, and there'll always be a little noise/misunderstanding
Alright; I will worry less and ask more :)
8:07 PM
You think is a good tag name? I think it needs to be distinguished from electronic noise...
acoustic-noise ?
@Amber be sure to check this out to make sure I didn't misrepresent what you wrote
@Amber but I would also appreciate if you explain more, because I'm not totally following
I edited the answer to clarify
8:22 PM
@Amber thanks! Are you positive the second-to-last equation is correct as is?
which one
@Amber never mind
I see why now
okies :)

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