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2:51 PM
God I hate doctors!
Too bloody important to read the two sentences of instructions at the top of the page, but able to waste 10s of minutes on the batphone for tech support.
3:14 PM
Anyone know how to do this?
Q: Excel Conditional Format if table value does not match first row

Chris CudmoreI have test results data in Excel like this: Correct d b c a b c d Student1 d b c a b c d Student2 d b c a b c a Student3 d b c a b d d Student4 d d c a b c a Student5 d d c a b c d Student6 d b c a b b d I want to h...

then u just need to figure out how to change the cell color and not the text
Nah. It's a referencing issue. I can do it for one column cellvalue = B1, apply conditional format. But what I can't do is cellvalue = b1:b75. Ranges explicitly disallowed in that context.
Q: Displaying special extended characters with PHP

lsiunsuexSo I've been working on this for a couple hours now and I'm close but I keep getting stuck on these special characters. My client is a type foundry. The majority of their fonts have extended characters. The requirement is to upload 1 OTF file per each font, convert it to eot, woff, etc... then a...

my question of the day ...
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4:27 PM
this has been driving me insane !
A: Displaying special extended characters with PHP

lsiunsuexFinally figured it out! I remember seeing that fontforge can also export an SVG file. On a wim, I converted the OTF file to SVG and opened it in a text editor - its plain human readable text that looks like <glyph glyph-name="ff" unicode="ff" horiz-adv-x="1001" d="M26 496h74v58c0 67 56 114 13...

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5:49 PM
@NiallC. @waxeagle sorry, forgot to cleanup the comments before migrating this. More mod work for you.
@BMitch Already taken care of.
@NiallC. damn you're quick :)
6:17 PM
in some areas rain barrels are illegal, as ridiculous as that sounds...
@lsiunsuex I could see it.
for a variety of reasons. If they aren't properly used or maintained they could harbor disease, promote pest populations and other harmful things
I think it's also "stealing water" from the watershed
but unless you're taking that barrel and trucking it over the hills, it's going to end up in that watershed anyways, so that sort of confuses me too
@Aaron it could be seen as a delay of the water cycle, but it shouldn't be substantial enough to matter

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