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1:46 AM
@BMitch looks like it's there. :)
10 hours later…
11:18 AM
@Aarthi Thanks for looking. I guess it's getting pushed off but everything else on the board (I'm seeing the event, a blog post, and two varying meta questions)
11:51 AM
Trying to think of a good title for this question, but I can't really figure out what the question is.
Q: New roof, old sheeting

viper2pt0My wife and I recently moved into our first home. Its a raised ranch in CT that was built in 1967. I've been doing a large number of "refreshing" myself on the inside, however I hired a roofing contractor to replace our end of life roof. It was a 2 layer job so we had to go with the whole rip ...

Sounds like the user really just wanted to talk to the contractor, but he was unavailable. So the user decided to air their concerns on the internet instead.
@Tester101 I'm thinking along the lines of "When should roof sheathing be replaced?"
It does have a bit of rant to it, and it's too late for him to fix now
Any other customer would have been upset if they were charged an extra $100 to replace some healthy sheathing
12:24 PM
@BMitch "Should I expect a roofer to repair damaged sheathing after completing the roof?"?
@Tester101 That may be what he's asking, but I don't think it makes a useful question. I'd push to make it more useful to others that follow.
@BMitch Hmm... Maybe I'm having such a hard time, because the answer is simple. Talk to the roofer. He is the only one that can say what he's willing to do to make the customer happy.
@Tester101 Yeah, lots of rant, editing will be a challenge to avoid changing the meaning too much
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1:52 PM
Attention chatters: some posts on the front page need some spam flags.
2 hours later…
3:29 PM
Looks like Vebjorn took care of them. Thanks for the heads up.
3 hours later…
6:24 PM
4 days until the newest mars rover touches down
I like how they use "touches down", which implies a gentle landing. While in reality, the rover slams into the ground at hundreds of miles per hour.
it's got the new sky crane thing, so not even airbags like spirit/opportunity
6:40 PM
The front page PUT announcement is up bloody early.
yeah I was about to say
did it not get changed properly for DST?
Oh! That's the problem. Because every spring we put our clocks back 20 minutes
I think it always went up at least 15 minutes early
I think it's the lead time on the announcement. 20 minutes is too much. 10 is better.
They should change the text in the lead time banner, it should say "this event is starting soon"
6:44 PM
Any one else worried about @ppumpkin's attic?
raises his hand
I'm betting those joists are 2x6 or less. Not going to make the span.
I've seen way too many people trying to turn attics into load bearing spaces
Q: What are these beams for in my loft?

ppumkinI have very good building experience but in a house we bought recently I have been wondering what the heck to do with my loft. Initially its converted to a mini workshop / storage The max height is 1.8m from the floor boards to the centre of the roof. I stand up straight just about. The previous...

2x6's give a 9'11 inch span. Which might just be ok, if he can relax to L/240. But he'll get ceiling cracks below.
I leave all the structure calculations up to the architects that give us the blueprints
6:50 PM
I'm in a back split, and have plans to EVENTUALLY top the front section for Mother In Law apartments, if an engineer approves the footings. But I intend to completely replace the joists. Attic Joists just don't cut it.
I did 3 years of Civil Eng before switching into comp sci.
I'm pretty good at the structural analysis stuff. I just hated Transportation and Roads, which was where it looked like I was going to end up.
afk. coffee.
I already get ceiling cracks. So each room I am re doing the ceiling - putting a mesh tape over it and final with ceiling wallpaper. The ceiling is original 1960 something plaster-- it is really old but solid.
speak of the devil
Heheh :-]
Welcome to Project Update Thursday
did you manage to measure the joists?
6:59 PM
@BMitch Thanks. Hello to all
I am going to go now. Just got back from town...
and the span...
Yes will do
need to unscrew a few boards
brb .. 10minutes
not sure what wood it is - looks like pine- but really dark . not yellowish
its 3inch tall by 1.5" wide
span centre to centre is 18"
And the length?
7:09 PM
one second
its the length of the house
but its supported in the middle by non bearing walls
is it means something..
Length the span --- how long is each joist.
3" tall? Do not put any load on that, it's there to support the ceiling and keep the roof from bowing out the walls, not much more
7:11 PM
That's dangerous!!!
2x4's at 16 inches give a max span of 6 ft.
And over 18ft, that interior wall is load bearing
So assume 9 ft, if the wall is in the middle. You're still at 150% of the nominal span.
Your ceilings must bounce when someone's up there.
yes they move
vibrate.. not move
it does not cause massive cracks or opening
but I noitice seems in paint.. not cracked just a hairline
For 9 ft, you need a 2x6
7:15 PM
I need to reinforce it
The only good thing you have going for you is old lumber, it's stronger than the 2x4's you'd buy today
Yea I can see
Hows the headroom?
it not like the yellow pine you use these days
headroom is 1.75metres in centre
its verry steep
We did a renovation and all of the old lumber was giving us a heck of a time, pain to nail into
7:17 PM
Really, if you intend to proceed, you'll need to double the joists vertically.
Which is going to take 4 inches of headroom.
vertically - you men in parallel?
what if i take all the floor boards off and put new joists in
On top. One 2x4 on top of the existing one. Glued together, and I don't even know if you'll be able to properly mount the ends.
like every 4 th span or something?
You might sister the joists to the existing ones, but you'll need the 2x6 that Chris says, as long as that interior wall is designed to bear the additional load
7:19 PM
I just checked the picture again. It doesn't look like 18' wide to me...
More like 10
i measured down startis from wall to wall
its about 18.. maybe 17
19.2" is about as far as I'd want a floor joist to be spaced
From eave to eave? or gable to gable?
eave to eave
from gable to gable its 3 times that
but the joists run eave to eave
Pictures can be deceiving...
Sister each existing joist with a 2x6 beside the existing joists,
7:22 PM
that picture is centre of the house
It'll be easier than trying to double them vertically.
yea but like mentioned aboive
not sure about the walls in the centre
I have to find if any neighbours tried converting the lofts
If the joists are undersized then the plans must have been made with the assumption that the loft will not be used at all
I think we're talking major renovation here. It's probably best to get an engineer in to check things out.
For that money, you could spend a lot of time in the pub, and not need the extra space.
7:25 PM
Well thanks for the advice. I never had experience with conversions. At least I have a big red warning light now. Thanks allot!
@ChrisCudmore + I can invite all you guys over for a few rounds too
Where is everybody? It is PUT time, isn't it?
@Tester101 what is put time?
@ppumkin Next Time I fly over, I'll take you up on that.
Project Update Thursday.
@ChrisCudmore No problem - There are several great pubs in the area ;)
Actually that park to the west looks interesting.
7:30 PM
yup, it's PUT
@ChrisCudmore Park?
Peak District -- Sorry, EAST
Everybody must be reading the blog.
@ChrisCudmore 1st and 2nd Highest Pubs in UK in the Peak District.. stunning views. Also one of UK most dangerous bikers roads.. A537.. Sorry - to interupt Chris. Back to PUT
Great article. How come I do not seem to find these articles in searches?
Yes, our blog advertising seems to leave something to be desired. It's really the only flaw in the StackExchange multiverse.
7:35 PM
I was in a mtg but back now
I'll take some pictures and write up on my werner ladder for a blog post
I just went to the Werner website. What ladder do I use to go deer hunting?
That depends. Are you trying to bludgeon the deer with it?
I just went there as well. That is a strange promotion for a ladder company
That site makes piggy noise?
I was thinking I'd go the Warner Bros. route and drop something on it from the ladder.
Sound off at work.
where's @aarthi
@ChrisCudmore I'd go with the warehouse ladder.
@ppumkin I think that is supposed to be a deer grunting.
7:43 PM
How the heck am supposed to get that in the woods?
oh yea there is a aardvark.. um baor running about
@ChrisCudmore What? it has wheels.
It'll need all terrain wheels.
And an escort of lumberjacks.
@Aarthi We just missed you...
aww <3
7:50 PM
Well I am going to put off the loft project till next year. Need to get some people in to asses .. maybe a few quotes so I can have a good laugh.. then when the sun is back I will know what to buy.. Gonna shoot. Thanks again everybody!
Good luck!
:) /waves
You will all hear about it when i get to it :-) hehe - waves back.
At one point, you just knock the house down and go again.
@ppumkin make sure you've got your life insurance paid up and have your will updated before going back up there
7:54 PM
Or, you could simple attach a safety harness to the roof beam, and not touch the floor.
he could fly like peter pan :)
Well My name is Peter..
@BMitch I am a bit concerned now... so yea.
"DIY, terrifying homeowners since 2010."
Or possibly "Saving Lives"
8:07 PM
heh. My wife left Detroit at 1 pm. Just texted me from Windsor. It looks like she fell into a shopping trap.
shopping trap? :D
Those stores with the cheap perfume and whisky they set up at border crossings.
Ok, this is cool: dornob.com/…
ahhh nice.
very cool, almost as portable as my tent, and a lot more comfy
This having money thing looks like fun. Where do I sign up?
8:16 PM
somewhere in NYC from what I hear
I'll have to book a trip then. Never been to New York City.
it's a cool place
But whenever I feel like a 10 hour drive, I always end up in Quebec City.
Once I turned left instead of right and ended up in Chicago. Which was pretty cool
8:22 PM
love that town
Then the kids were born and 10 hour drives became an impossibility.
I was in Quebec briefly when we were in ottawa last month
Where? Gatineau? It's a hole.
Ugliest city in canada.
It's Gary Indiana without the industry.
Yeah, just across the river
Funny how all the street signs change immediately
I went to Carleton University in Ottawa. It was called "Hull" then. At that time closing time was 1 am in Ontario, and 3am in Quebec. Needless to say, we spent some time across the river.
8:29 PM
yep, the wife related a similar experience to her time at Carleton as well
It was a rite of passage. Dancing at Le Cafe Bar until 3 am. Never seemed to find any company. A certain Dead Kennedys song would explain why.
8:59 PM
Thanks for joining this week's PUT
kind of tailed off there a bit towards the end I guess
oh man it's over?
wht the smuck happened.
....maybe these should just be 1 hr?

Project Update Thursday - 2 August 2012

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Possibly, or @Aarthi can do more dancing to attract the crowds ;-P
how's your disco?
9:01 PM
i can do the hustle
lol. My favorite move by you is still the recursive desktop sharing over G+ hangouts
It reminded me of someone that starting playing a live stream of their podcast while recording.
yup i'm a moron.
I wouldn't call that dumb, I'd call it awesome, we could all use more recursion in our lives
ok, time for me to relocate and catch up on some olympics before my DVR explodes, l8r peeps
9:17 PM
kk /waves

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