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posted on February 26, 2024 by Nadja Lipsyc

Aesthetics, Possibility and Ethics of an Immersive Mass Media This article is a personal commentary on a few major topics I picked up throughout the past six years of creating for VR/new media and larp. The principal aim of this text is to touch on philosophical themes related to industrial technology, as our community gravitates closer and closer to new media and A.I.. I also wanted to address

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@VLAZ ayup, I checked last night with the most mainline systems, and that's why I thought most got done.
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2:17 PM
@VLAZ I am not sure Orpheus is a well known WoD setting... I mean, it'S like... 1 question... and that's mine XD+
Well, it's part of the setting. And I think even if Mummy is more popular, it's not present. Neither new nor old one.
Even KotE has a tag which I was surprised by.
2:34 PM
posted on February 26, 2024 by Steph C.

This article covers how you can easily make a short zine or booklet prop (like a menu for a restaurant in your game or a notebook for a bard) with kids using standard printer paper and supplies at home. Continue reading “Tips and Tricks: DIY TTRPG zines and booklet props”…

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7:52 PM
@VLAZ mummy was more like an attempt of a setting.
@VLAZ as a sub-game for vampire with distinct world?
there ought to be more hunter tags... hunters-hunted is wod
Hunters Hunted/ Hunters Hunted II is a mortal subgame to Vampire
@Trish Yes. I always thought it's a bit niche. Not that a whole 5 questions prove it isn't but other sub-splats are more prominent (in my experience, anyway): ghouls, sorcerers, thralls. There is even a fair few questions on the Fera. Yet these don't have separate tags.
@VLAZ sorerer is more prominent because it is working much neater with mage. KotE is more like a "total revamp" of Vampire. And Fera are... well, an extension of Werewolf.
@Trish True. Not a "large" game. But it definitely has its place in "sub-games". The oWoD editions of Mummy were...certainly interesting. I've never played them. But seems to at least have a fresh take on the setting. Rather than everything being doom and gloom, mummies want to party. I suppose that was retained in Geist later. But the new Mummy also has a very interesting take on the setting and the rules.
Especially the reverse power of the characters where they start off strong, then burn down to the bottom their power stat. It's an interesting view into how changing the standard mechanics slightly can have a whole different game. Well, also the new mummy had a weird place in that it was the last before CoD 2e rolled around. Also, I'm not really sure how chronicles with all mummy characters should play. Presumably these are secret cult corpses summoned for a reason.
But they also have to play together and also achieve their own goals. Seems...messy. Similar to Promethean. Although probably great with 1-2 players to run.
Or probably something to run intersecting chronicles with. Somebody plays a mummy, another troup a vampire. They can cross paths (and sessions) every once in a while.
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9:58 PM
@VLAZ New Mummy was like... there were 2 splats in the oWoD that were totally imbalanced: Demons ignored half of the powers outright and decidedly did not count fire as aggravated like everybody else, and Mummies you just couldn't keep dead - though if you didn't put at least some points into the "You come back" stat, your character was out of the campaign for hundreds of years.
Yeah, that is kind of what makes me think a Mummy campaign is probably better off solo.
Even if you want to play some campaign with multiple people spanning centuries. The chance of all of them being awoken at the same time seems very low.

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