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1:06 AM
@Trish I was wondering what the point of the book was for a bit, but.... I wonder no longer. The book was obviously produced just for the title pun.
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4:23 AM
posted on September 22, 2023 by RPGSEA

A story-building (and paper-airplane-folding) one-page RPG about two people, the promises they made to each other, and how they must say goodbye at the airport. The post Of Promises & Paper Airplanes first appeared on Across RPGSEA.

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7:39 AM
Q: Is Turn Undead still in effect when the cleric becomes unconscious or is otherwise removed from combat?

GraybarkThe rules seem to imply that the undead have to be within range and sight/earshot only at the beginning of the effect. Which makes sense since part of the feature is that they run away from you and would then cease to be within range at some point. However, what happens if the cleric becomes unco...

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2:09 PM
@BESW A microscope game about this could be fun.
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7:08 PM
Q: Fire Immunity as a racial feat

ScherbenI want to give one of my players a racial feat for his custom race (basically a goliath). The race is heavily influenced by the ifreet/efreet of Final Fantasy - and therfore it seems appropriate to give the player the opportunity to have/learn fire immunity. I could just plainly give fire Immunit...

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