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12:02 AM
Q: What is the network policy regarding AI Generated content?

PhilippeEarlier this week, Stack Exchange released guidance to moderators on how to moderate AI Generated content. What does this guidance include?

(I don't believe this ^^ has been dropped in here yet?)
And the related discussion:
Q: Discussion: Network policy regarding AI Generated content

Ryan MA new Network policy regarding AI Generated content was recently announced by Stack Exchange. As discussion is not currently permitted on such posts, please discuss the policy in the answers here so that we have a single place for discussion and feedback regarding the policy. (also I asked Journe...

12:44 AM
@Trish Okay I've no grapevine for that timeline, so maybe.
5 hours later…
5:53 AM
@Trish The 80's was AD&D. 90's was 2nd edition confusingly also involved AD&D in it's name. Not a lot of D&D specific toys for kids though. Heck, dice sets were still not abundant when we started playing 2nd edition. Hobby shops only and even then the selection wasn't great.
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6:54 AM
Q: Can the logo of TSR help identifying the production time of old Products?

TrishResearching the availability of old D&D products in Toys R Us I spotted a copy of Deities and Demigods with a Price Sticker that appears to still read the letters “S R US”. But what got me was the logo in the bottom corner: it was the TSR in a Cartouche. But when I googled the work, I would alway...

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9:10 AM
@GcL I always mix up that it was ODND, DND, ADND, ADND2, DND2...
9:51 AM
posted on June 04, 2023 by Thomas M

I think matrices and graphs might be getting over-represented on this newsletter.

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1:50 PM
@nitsua60 👋
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3:08 PM
@Trish I only remember it by the covers of the books we were playing with.
@GcL heh...
Stealing gem eye from a statue? AD&D. Paladin guy on a horse... 2nd edition.
@GcL Guy on a horse striking a guy hiding under a shield while a guy with shield and spear tries to poke guy on the horse?
@Trish Dunno. Not any PHB, DMG, nor MM I can recall playing with.
@GcL Chainmail
3:16 PM
Never played it. That was Dad's generation of games.
Guy on a horse, winged helmet, horse bucking and trying to toss him off?
(Original D&D Box, book 1) much better: Red Dragon coming at the viewer!
1 hour later…
4:37 PM
@doppelgreener :hat_tip:
flies a 200 flag
2 hours later…
6:58 PM
@Trish ? (I don't follow.)
200 OK?
7:14 PM
@nitsua60 oh, once more cracked the daily max.
7:57 PM
@Trish Oh, you repcapped. \o/
@nitsua60 ok, I refined that history of gaming thing for like... the last day^^
The mods have put together some language, given recent direction from SE:
> We, the moderators, understand that this community has no interest in hosting AI-generated posts. Unfortunately [MSE policy link] directs that we may not delete posts based on suspicion of AI provenance, unless that source is *freely* offered by a post author. Furthermore, we may not suspend users for repeatedly posting suspected AI-generated content.
> You, of course, are free to act in any manner that hews to the [Code of Conduct].
I'm not sure whether that'd make more sense as its own answer (which you accept for prominence?) or as an edit to the post. Thoughts?
1 hour later…
9:15 PM
So, I have a question. If a user just repeatedly posted confidently worded statements that were unsupported and untrue, what would the moderators be permitted to do?
9:27 PM
hey there @nitsua60, how've things been?
As usual, we'd delete anything R/A, we'd delete NAA (though what constitutes NAA is a very wobbly area), we would message someone who's repeatedly failing to grok the system.
But if you're talking about polite, on-topic, *incorrect* answers... that's for downvoting.
Honestly, it's been 18-plus months from hell. But just this last week or so I feel like things are moving (gently, cautiously) in a positive direction for the first time in a long time.
That said, I've got my health and the kids are good and I've a roof over my head and a job I love--lots of positives.
@Glazius Enough downvoted and VtD'ed answers and a user would get answer-banned. But we can't, basically, effect the policy of "no AI answers" that you-all want via moderation tools. We can't even say "hey, was this AI-generated?"
@Shalvenay How 'bout you?
@nitsua60 yeah, things have been up and down for me here, I haven't had much of a chance to do much on the tabletop/PnP side either :/ positive side is that I'll be getting to do some vacationing again nowadays
Excellent. Any concrete plans?
@nitsua60 yeah, will be seeing relatives in a couple different places this year
9:48 PM
@Glazius Random, made-up example: "The D&D 5e HPB does state on page 91231 that Rangers always wear green pants."
@nitsua60 Good lord, the sherson is getting spoiled by life! We need to provide less drama to spoil the sherson more! (really, I hope we have no drama, and that SE cans their drama)
@nitsua60 the best you may do is the "add sources" box, yes?
10:21 PM
@nitsua60 Let me do some cogitating, and I'll get back to you. :)
@Glazius What the network is doing at the moment is favoring AI or human users. How do they not understand that? Or if they do, why are any of us still using their network?
@Glazius Sorry, I meant to say "Favoring AI over Human users" ... spaz fingers. 😛
10:36 PM
@KorvinStarmast Yeah, I don't see it. Somehow people will start giving AI answers that are good enough to not get downvoted but bad enough to be recognizably AI?
10:59 PM
@nitsua60 Do you mean as an edit to my post? (when you say "as an edit to the post") or as an edit to another post that has already addressed the topic?
I can see putting that into the opening post under a hard line as a caveat or a "we heard this from SE, this policy initiative runs afoul of the Powers That Be" kind of thing.
11:11 PM
@Trish Basically.
@KorvinStarmast Sorry, yeah. I meant something like dropping an <hr> at the bottom of your question-post with that mod-language afterward?
@nitsua60 So what you’re saying is (and I would definitely never ever do this) I can vote to delete posts that are AI and I’m not breaking the rules?
11:26 PM
@ThomasMarkov You can vote to delete using whatever hueristics you've developed for yourself during your years. Hopefully they're simpatico with the Code of Conduct =)
We mods are in a slightly different position: we've signed on to an agreement that says (gross paraphrase) "when we direct you how to do something, do it that way." We've been given new AI-related guidance. You (users) haven't.

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