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2:45 AM
Q: What is the lowest CR creature that can defeat an Ancient Red Dragon in open combat, and how many of them does it take?

David CoffronThis Q&A explores a similar question with commoners specifically, but I wanted to pose a challenge that isn't defeated by kiting. As such, I figured I'd open the floor to all creatures with a priority for lower CRs and less creatures (in that order). Assume the battlefield does not contain cover ...

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5:01 AM
posted on December 07, 2023 by Lyla (Jar of Eyes)

The Jukebox Journal (Devlog)

Q: In Princes of the Apocalypse, is this monster “supposed to” kill a player character?

KerrickIn Princes of the Apocalypse Ch. 6, has plenty of time and warning to prepare for his encounter with the party, along with the spells to do so: He is also in possession of a powerful magic item, Which the adventure says he grabs before combat breaks out. He’s also alone, cornered, and clearly ...

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7:42 AM
rpg.stackexchange.com/questions/209486/… - this begs for a "suicide automaton" build.. oh my! Clockbug Wasp!
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12:20 PM
posted on December 07, 2023 by Steph C.

Raccoon Sky Pirates is a TTRPG full of chaos and trash pandas taking to the skies in search of the wondrous treasures just waiting to be plucked from the suburbs!  With creative mechanics that push players to come at a problem with their character’s full personality, it’s great for getting into some creative trouble and having a blast (just hopefully not with the ship actually blasting) at any

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1:22 PM
Q: What instruments are wind instruments for purposes of being a Windsinger?

Monty WildIn the game I am running, there are several characters who are bards with the Windsinger feat (Stormwrack p94). The players and I have been debating what qualifies as a wind instrument for purposes of using them to activate this feat, as this feat specifies: You can use song or a wind instrumen...

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3:16 PM
Q: Where can I find the rules for the Oriental Adventures Scry skill?

Monty WildI have the Oriental Adventures book, and the 2/6/2006 errata. In a number of the new classes, there is a skill, Scry (Int, exclusive skill), first appearing in the Shaman class on p23, but appearing as a class skill in a number of other classes. However, I cannot find any definition or explanatio...

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6:57 PM
@Trish I used to run simulations to determine the LD50 of kobolds for my player's characters. Wasn't as useful as I hoped it would be, but similar line of thinking.
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10:28 PM
Q: Do weapons that do both Piercing and another damage type suffer underwater combat penalties?

ElliotSome weapons, like Morningstars and Sugliin, do two types of damage at once (Piercing/Bludgeoning and Piercing/Slashing, respectively). How does this interact with underwater combat penalties? Normally a weapon that does piercing damage isn't subject to such penalties, but slashing and bludgeonin...

10:49 PM
@GcL: Nice one. But what's the LD50 of simulations?

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