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5:48 AM
Q: If you have resistance and cast Absorb Elements, do you take less damage?

ItsScottishIf a creature has resistance to fire damage and takes fire damage they would have half damage (lets say 12 Fire.). So 12 Fire would become 6 due to racial/class resistance but if they cast absorb elements before taking damage, would they take 3 damage instead? The way I read it would indicate thi...

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9:55 AM
posted on December 10, 2023 by Thomas M

Every year, I’m going to be annoying for exactly 4 (or maybe 5) weeks and explain to you why you should be actively supporting my work. The upside is that I will not be annoying for the rest of the 48 (or maybe 47) weeks of the year. This is my Promise™.

12 hours later…
9:41 PM
posted on December 10, 2023 by bankuei

I’m slowly putting together stuff for my next run of Errant and I came across Hexroll App’s sandbox generator. I’ve seen dungeon generators and a couple of hexmap region generators, but this is pretty cool for combining everything together with but a few moments to set up your parameters. You end up with a full […]


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