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1:20 AM
Q: How can I optimize my familiar as a pack-mule?

The Dark CanuckLow strength spellcasters could use a strong, loyal companion to carry any loot and excess equipment. They can fairly easily get a loyal companion in a familiar, but most familiars aren't exactly weightlifters themselves. How can I best optimize a familiar to haul and caddy items for me? I'm espe...

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6:45 AM
Q: One of PCs backstabbed a powerful ally. How do I punish them without seeming like singling them out?

HFOrangefishFollowup to this question. So, I'm running a Starfinder game, and we are 50 sessions into this campaign. The campaign involves the fate of a small but strategically important settlement, which several factions are vying for control of. My group are from several different factions, but have tempor...

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1:16 PM
posted on December 01, 2023 by Patrick Buechner

Also Vaesen's solo rules, the Advent of Abomination, and a Schuppel of Chlaüse

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6:32 PM
@doppelgreener And they get in the way of replying to a person... even if the chat is more asynchronous these days.
@AncientSwordRage I played a modern flavor or skinning of the game. Was a nice medium between shadowrun and D&D
7:29 PM
Q: Can you use True Polymorph and an Intellect Devourer to potentially learn Deep Speech and a secret?

SenmurvI have been thinking of making a homebrewed campaign where, as part of a bigger plot, the party needs to learn Deep Speech and a secret that a particular Intellect Devourer learnt from consuming the brain of a king from long ago. Can True Polymorph be used twice -once on the Intellect Devourer an...

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11:21 PM
Q: How can I remove smoke from a bag of holding?

JimboboIf I fill a bag of holding with smoke, could I remove all of the smoke by reaching in, or would I have to turn the bag inside out to release the smoke? I feel like removing the smoke by hand wouldn't work because the smoke particles aren't connected, so whatever I could "grab" is all I'd be able ...


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