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posted on November 30, 2023 by Steph C.

What’s Popping Fellow Kids is a TTRPG that puts the kid in the GM seat as the adult, playing a cryptid, tries to fit in at school!  It’s a great way to learn about your kid’s day and have some fun giving your child a chance to run the scene! Continue reading “Review of What’s Popping Fellow Kids, a cringy game about fitting in”…

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@GcL i'm inclined to agree, at least for hot rpg questions bot
it posts a lot of questions and like, we'll see them anyway
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4:46 PM
@GcL I never played it myself
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9:28 PM
Q: Can a creature controlled by Dominate Person warn his allies?

EllaMy D&D group has run into this problem multiple times and we were never able to find a solution to it according to the RAW. Situation If an enemy casts Dominate Person on a PC and commands him or her to attack/ kill his friends or a specific target - can the dominated person verbally warn his fri...

10:15 PM
Q: How long do Intellect Devourers live?

SenmurvI can't see any information on the lifespan of an Intellect Devourer in the 5th edition of D&D monster manuals. Is there any information that says or hints in other sources/books, including past editions, as to how many years an Intellect Devourer can live for?

10:38 PM
Q: Can an Intellect Devourer use Body Thief on body that already has an Intellect Devourer in its skull?

SenmurvFrom looking at the mechanics of Body Thief I can't see why not, but I may be missing something. The intellect devourer initiates an Intelligence contest with an incapacitated humanoid [...] If it wins the contest, the intellect devourer magically consumes the target's brain, teleports into the ...

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