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12:24 AM
hey there @AncientSwordRage
12:41 AM
@Shalvenay I recall a lot of cross over spells in 3.5, Eberron at least. I don't recall specifically what cleric spells essentially does "charm person", but that's the route I'd go.
@GcL yeah, come to think of it, my char has access to charm scrolls through their Ranger dip, although I wonder what caveats that'd come with?
@Shalvenay If you've just go straight up access to charm person, use that. If they're already captive, you don't have to worry about pissing them off more... which is usually the aftermath of charm person.
@Shalvenay uh, hello?
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2:31 AM
Q: Does the Feral Tiefling still use Charisma as its spellcasting ability for the Infernal Legacy trait?

AzevecoI'm new in this world of D&D. I was reading through the Player's Handbook and decided to create a character following the process in Chapter 1 (Step-by-Step Characters). The Tiefling caught my attention, and when creating my character on D&D Beyond, I saw Feral Tiefling as an option. I opened the...

3:21 AM
Q: What is the highest solo ability check result at level 19?

WakiNadiVellirHighest possible ability check is discussed in this QA. However, answer to that are rather extreme. I am looking for a value that is, hopefully, more grounded, and might happen in any highest tier game. For this reason, specs are these: The effective D20 shows 20 Level 19, so proficiency bonus +...

3:39 AM
Any recommendations for fun medieval bestiaries, preferably in a more readable format than "a bunch of pictures of the pages"? A player has acquired one, and I'd like to have actual references. The one from that answer about why the Gorgon is a metal bull looks good, but is... a bunch of pictures, in all the places I found it.
Relatedly, a second-edition monster manual is great for slapped-together bestiary entries, presumably because it was designed by people who sometimes read bestiaries. The only problem is that I like its monsters better, so the bestiary entries end up completely true.
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7:56 AM
Q: Would a sorcerer or a wizard make a better fake warlock?

Andy SimI was wanting to build a character that was raised by a warlock before going out on their adventuring days. My question is if the character wants to cast spells like the caretaker warlock, which would be a closer fit?

8:44 AM
I randomly stumbled upon this map of Faerûn, with hexes and political boundaries: reddit.com/r/dndnext/comments/vedt96/…
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12:31 PM
Q: Rerolling or taking +2

Groody the HobgoblinIn Fate Core, the game rules for skill resolution involve rolling four siex sided dice, and counting faces 1,2 as -1, face 3,4 as 0, faces 5,6 as +1. You then sum up the resulting numbers and add a fixed value from your skill level (typically between 0 and 4) for an overall result. After seeing t...

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4:41 PM
Q: If the Raulothim's Psychic Lance spell "dissipates without effect", is the spell slot consumed?

BeAuMaNI was reading the description of the Raulothim's Psychic Lance spell (Fizban's Treasury of Dragons, p. 21) and I was left with a question. Raulothim's Psychic Lance gives the following alternative targeting rule: Alternatively, you can utter a creature's name. If the named target is within range...

5:25 PM
I really dont think this question is ready to be open.
It isnt at all clear to me what the question is. It seems to me to just be a "check out this homebrew".
@ThomasMarkov concur, vtc added
5:55 PM
@ThomasMarkov I think it might be actually, but that may be mostly because most of the weapons are awful in comparison to the normal weapons
How powerful is X compared to the normal Y, should be an answerable question. We can say it worse, about par, or that it's Z more powerful (eg. equal to a +1 weapon, like a bonus feat, etc.)
The added context in the q also provides a lot of ground for useful advice beyond the specific evaluation(s)
Reading through again, I think youre probably right.

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