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6:17 AM
Q: In Pathfinder 2e, how do the Cathartic Spellcasting feats interact with existing spellcasting?

darchCathartic Mage Dedication is something of an odd feat, in that it grants a spell repertoire and the Cast a Spell activity if you don't already have spell slots, but augments your existing spellcasting if you have it: If you don’t already cast spells from spell slots, you learn to cast spontaneou...

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7:33 AM
Q: Can Silvery Barbs and Voice of Authority be used together?

NecronomicronicWhen casting Silvery Barbs, could one apply the Order Domain class feature Voice of Authority to the second half of the spell?

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10:38 AM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

AncientSwordRageGenerate a Tiefling's Traits A Tiefling is a character race from Dungeons and Dragons, that have a list of possible traits: small horns fangs or sharp teeth a forked tongue catlike eyes six fingers on each hand goat-like legs cloven hoofs a forked tail leathery or scaly skin red or dark blue ski...


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