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12:27 AM
@BESW alcohol content?
Oh yes, high-proof illusions are the best. If you can't light it with a match, what's the point?
12:43 AM
@BESW exactly
> 'Shiner By mixing alcohol and moonlight, you can use Crafts to create advantages in the form of potent illusions. These illusions explode when in the presence of fire or bright light, inflicting your Crafts rank in stress on everything in the zone (if the illusion aspect had any boosts on it, you must spend them to increase the stress dealt).
1:13 AM
I can feel the chemistry-engine shenanigans on that. Good job.
I don't know what you mean but thank you anyway?
In the same way as a "physics engine" allows video games to simulate how things interact with each other through mass and leverage, a "chemistry engine" is a simulation of other interactions, such as a giant pink elephant suddenly catching on fire.
specifically it put me in mind of the shenanigans you can get up to or have inflicted on you in the tactical combat of the Divinity: Original Sin series.
Anyone played any of the Cepheus Engine Traveller variants?
[quick Google later] Ah, I see. I was channeling more Manly Wade Wellman than Hidemaro Fujibayashi.
@nitsua60 No, but I am amused that it has a dedicated forum with no content.
1 hour later…
2:31 AM
Afternoon all
3:00 AM
@Ben How goes the life?
Amount? Maybe... Quality? Uncertain...
3:20 AM
"TopatoCo Launches TopatoGO; A Full-Service Crowdfunding Platform For Independent Creators" announcement by TopatoCo. TopatoCo now offers complete project services, from project planning to funding to fulfillment.
It certainly is a catch 22 - I need the caffeine to maintain my alertness, but it also has the opposite effect that I get more tired more easily.
3:44 AM
Q: Can people generate quintessence through prayer?

Maiko ChikyuI have been thinking about various quintessence sources and I was thinking on how a mage could reliably generate quintessence on a weekly basis without a node. The idea I came up with was a pastorship. In MtA the idea of belief being power is emphasized quite a bit. So what I want to ask is: Is i...

2 hours later…
5:28 AM
@bobble the first law of high school is that you are never sufficiently caffeinated until your friend has commented on how goofy/strange/weird you’re acting and asked how much caffeine you have in your system
And even then you are only barely sufficiently caffeinated
[insert fry.gif]
@BardicWizard I graduated high school without a single drop of caffeine
My theatre tech kid friends, however, had an illicit coffeemaker hidden within the folds of the curtain, used judiciously.
I only used caffeine recreationally before college.
Though, that's not exactly representative, since my brain chemistry seems to process caffeine atypically.
@BESW This sounds like a very useful trait usable only at night outdoors. Vampire alcoholic illusionist? Can vampires even get drunk? Do they need to drink drunk people's blood for it? Is the stress the mechanical effect of Shiner getting people drunk? Hmmm, what do moonlight illusions do to lycanthropes? So many questions.
I only started drinking coffee ever after I started working in IT. Even avoided energy drinks most of the time
I started in IT when I was... 27?
5:40 AM
My brain chemistry is wack. I have nearly zero ability to feel tired. I still get tired, but the first sign is when I start falling asleep on the spot (eyes closing of their own accord), and even that is fairly easy to fight off if I can move around a bit.
@bobble I typically don’t do coffee, but I do drink tea sometimes, and usually it’s either absolutely no caffeine or like six cups of earl gray tea at once
> Moonshine Bottle You start each session with the marked condition Bottle of moonshine, which lets you use moonshine magic without natural moonlight. After a failed moonshine magic roll you may unmark the condition to re-roll one of your dice with an ordinary d6 and bath the zone in Moonlight for the rest of the scene.
@bobble I’m pretty sure I know a few people who’d kill for that
@BardicWizard murder is illegal. don't murder
@bobble stage kill, then
I bet the SM has tried hiding coffee before
Actors aren’t allowed food in costume so they don’t get any coffee, and somehow that extended to “no coffee in the wings” which the SM has complained about at length before
5:47 AM
@BardicWizard acceptability depends on the weapon used, dramacticness factor of the pre-death monologue, and composition of the background music.
@bobble how about rigoletto’s “ Se pria ch'abbia il mezzo la notte toccato”?
With a dagger
And no predeath monologue because this is opera
This passes muster.
*pre-death monologue, pre-death dialogue, post-death monologue...
What's the best "please pass the muster" joke?
1 hour later…
7:09 AM
So where I live has become affected heavily enough by COVID that it has (in my eyes) legitimized a custom mask purchase, rather than just a disposable one. It arrived today.
2 hours later…
8:44 AM
@Ben sadly, those are no longer allowable in my area - you need to wear FFP2 standard.
5 hours later…
1:50 PM
You can double mask and wear both right? :D
2:23 PM
@ThomasMarkov your jewels comment made me lol
@doppelgreener Would you mind giving a helping hand on that post? The recent edit was a move in the wrong direction, and I've got other things on my mind atm.
2:49 PM
@Ben mighty morphin power raaaangeeeeeeers
@ThomasMarkov done!
@doppelgreener typo in third comment "accomlish"
i fixed that :)
@Yuuki I learned not long ago that power rangers is a re-cut of a long-running Japanese franchise and I want to see the original now.
@doppelgreener Excellent work, thanks
Naturally the entire story of Power Rangers is something totally different spun from whole cloth, with all the out-of-costume scenes just being something the Western studio produced, interspersed with dubbed fight scenes from Super Sentai.
2:55 PM
@doppelgreener it's about as campy as the western adaptations although the western power rangers adapts them out of order
for example, the first mighty morphin power rangers series is based on zyuuranger, which is the sixteenth super sentai series
i'm personally annoyed that gokaiger didn't get its own separate power rangers adaptation and was instead used as a second season upgrade
3:57 PM
@BESW Interesting. The Discord is very active. (Hundreds of unique speakers daily.) I guess we're into full web 3.0 these days?
Q: Is 'does this spell fill a niche' a legitimate question?

KirtThis question, from a relatively inexperienced user, asked "Would you use this (homebrew) spell?" Thomas Markov rightly identified this as opinion-based and bad-subjective, explained that the question type was not one we used, linked to stack policy on questions to be avoided, suggested that the ...

4:14 PM
@ThomasMarkov there's another update to watched tag display :)
The kindly SE overlords just want you to get some screenshotting practice.
They specifically called out whitespace as an issue in that update...and have done nothing really to resolve the core whitespace problem the design causes (beyond what they did removing the Ignored/Watched tags)
le sigh
4:45 PM
I actually quite like the newest version
I will say the colour is a bit... unappealing
Does this open the can on colouring tags though, I wonder?
Andddddddd the peepee colored tags are back.
i like the watched/ignored annotation but yeah not the color
yesterday, by Carcer
you need to drink more
@bobble this rapid iteration of design could have happened in like... User testing, or passing it through QA.
I mean, it's getting tested on lots of users right now...
4:56 PM
You saw nothing!
Don't know what to tell you
Purging the history would be abuse of privileges wouldn't it
That it would
You'll just have to live in a world where we all know that one of the All-Powerful Moderators is a fallible human vulnerable to typos.
@doppelgreener The colour they have chosen for the watched tag is going to be particularly eye-bleeding if someone is using a dark-mode theme, but on rpg.se I don't think it's too bad. They still have a problem with how they are presenting the stats, as well as the stupid amount of whitespace (imo), but it's significantly better than their first iteration.
5:07 PM
it is definitely better
i don't think coloring the tag this way is the right move; it could equally be given a thicker border or something, or a slightly prominent but not this prominent shade
@Someone_Evil They opened that can already with the featured tag a while ago
it's also very slightly off-shade for gold
so it looks kinda wrong
@illustro that's one meta, though; meta has had three colors of tag since forever
@bobble True, but it's a design choice they are already comfortable with as a company (since they did it on the main meta for the network), so I can see them being much more receptive to just rolling that out everywhere (or something similar)
@doppelgreener Yeah, I don't like the colour they chose, but I can live with it (particularly since at home I can just have a userscript make the change to a more pleasing colour)
(as it's just overwriting a css tag now)
5:43 PM
Unrelated random thought of the day: Communicating in a text based medium is hard...so much information about intention and tone is lost
I mean communicating full stop effectively is hard, but it's harder in text based communication
absolutely yes
5:58 PM
@illustro Yep. I wish I could just talk to all you wonderful people.
6:15 PM
Is there... a good reason they can't add "old mode" for the people that like it? I can see the argument "but then we have to add an old mode for everything we change and that's stupid," but... it looks like some people like the new mode at least a little, and most like the old.
They're loathe to add more user preferences in general
@ThomasMarkov how about the non-wonderful people
6:42 PM
A: New post summary designs on site home pages and greatest hits now; everywhere else eventually

Thomas Markovbug Unexpected behavior when removing tags from watched and ignored. I was able to create this interesting situation: Add a tag to your watch list. Add that tag directly to your ignore list Remove that tag from your ignore list. The result will be a tag with the watched color, the ignored eye ...

Look what I made.
7:19 PM
A: New post summary designs on site home pages and greatest hits now; everywhere else eventually

Thomas MarkovWatching/Ignoring overrides the red coloring of moderator-only tags. Moderator-only tags are usually red, but watching and ignoring them overrides this: I think instead it should look something like this when you have a moderator tag watched or ignored, preserving the red color but adding the a...

I'm up to five answers on that meta.
1 hour later…
8:37 PM
@illustro why don't they just make it beige-space and call it a day?
@ThomasMarkov I'd bring the beers ...
AS evidence for the fact that there is nothing new under the sun....I went looking back through the history of the greatest hits page, and I found the old design of SE from 10 years ago in this post
Q: How can we utilize the "Greatest hits" list for our sites?

wafflesWe have been trying to figure out ways to utilize anon feedback. One idea was to use the information to find questions that are disproportionately popular with the anon and low rep users (aka. The Long Tail). In particular, look for questions that got a large number of anonymous feedback in rel...

This image in it looks remarkably similar to the "new" design
And yet, still remarkably better than the new design.
(with a few artistic additions by the author of the screenshot)
2 hours later…
10:24 PM
If the user were specifically trying to accomplish something, and was unaware of tools in published materials that were available to solve it, and so they homebrewed a spell for it, then they already have a niche in mind and wouldn’t be asking for one. The user’s posted question is almost-literally the polar opposite of the one you’re claiming they “meant to ask,” and that, to me, is preposterous. — KRyan 7 mins ago
Have I missed something in my interpretation of Kirt’s question or the main site question it references?
11:20 PM
I figured it out.
@nitsua60 The days of forums do seem to be waning, but I don't think Discord is so deep into crypto that the platform itself can be considered web 3.0.
Upcoming crowdfund: The Station: A ZiMo TTRPG by Pidj Sorensen. Collaborate to answer prompts about a station, a long-awaited train and the people around them. A GMless worldbuilding prompt game.
Romance Jam hosted by BrambleBerry. During the month of February, craft a game that has a major or minor theme of Romance.
BJ Games wrote a twitter thread about responsible worldbuilding in the face of "the uncomfortable truth" that "Many creatures of our childhood stories ARE the result of othering."
Q: Is this ship resurrection spell balanced for 4th level

Krimson42While modifying the Ghosts of Saltmarsh I realized there was no spell for bringing back a sunken ship, so I decided to make a spell. Spectral Vessel 4th level necromancy Casting Time: two hours Range: 30 feet of destruction/sinking site Components: V, S, M (sailcloth of at least 5 feet by 5 feet,...


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