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12:09 AM
"DTRPG Indie Gallery" Spotlighting hidden gems
(Editorial: if you've got articles in Polygon or Dicebreaker dedicated to your game, especially if it's not just as part of a list of indie games but a full article about how successful your funding campaign was or how your concept is challenging TRPG standards? Not a hidden gem.)
I'm trying to figure out how to make a lazy, smoking young red dragon in a way that's half pun, half not. Smoking meat almost works - this dragon just sitting in his lair blowing smoke on some meat all day and enjoying the smell.
Goblins in Shadow (EARLY ACCESS) by Color Spray Games. A game of goblin revolutionaries fighting elven oppression in a world of smoke and shadows, Forged in the Dark.
12:30 AM
> Generous Host The heady smoke filling your lair's caverns impose a compel on all who enter to relax, sharing food and telling stories until the end of the scene or until hospitality is challenged. If the compel is not broken until the end of the scene, each compelled guest gets an extra fate point and so does the host.
12:42 AM
I could totally see that as a bronze/brass dragon thing (not motivated enough to dig out my books and find out which).
12:58 AM
Yeah, "red dragon" in D&D is a really hard nut to crack in terms of characterization. They're acceptable-target antagonists without much interiority, the draconic equivalent of a moustache-twirling villain tying the damsel to the train tracks.
1:10 AM
@BESW And thus must immediately also have a monocle, with either the "nyah, see?" or the "sophisticated muhahaha" chuckle
I would also allow the "nyuk nyuk nyuk" chuckle as well, provided they were also wearing a bowler hat
Definitely the mustache-twirler of the Chromatics. They've got a bit of territory-as-hoard going on, a bit of hoard-counting and pride, but not much interesting. Compared to some metallics... meh. Idea! They're stuffy traditionalists!
They think that all dragons should be vengeful maiden-devouring hoard-counters who attack all contenders and annoyances (even though only red dragons have ever really been that way) and stick to the Proper Behavior of Chromatic Dragons.
2:18 AM
@nitsua60 thx
2:29 AM
@KorvinStarmast :thumbsup:
@Ben I encourage people playing Goblin Court to consider that this is the court's powerful and very small dragon.
Tabletop Hotdish announced on twitter about "a Potluck Fund, which is a source of money for folks who'd like assistance covering printing costs thru TTHD! 10% of every notebook purchase will go toward this Potluck Fund."
Horrible Things In Space Bundle by ostrichmonkey games. To celebrate the release of Anomalous Carbon Sludge, here's a collection of other space and space adjacent horror games and game content.
Anomalous Carbon Sludge by ostrichmonkey games. A system agnostic sci-fi horror adventure
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5:18 AM
Q: Playing a person with autism , how to do

Abraham RayHow would you handle playing a person with autism/Asperger’s syndrome? I’m asking because I’ve got Asperger’s syndrome myself. I play dnd pretty well, however I’d like a second or third opinion on how to do it. On enworld.org they said that potentially autistic people might be able to hear magica...

5:28 AM
@TheOracle @linksassin @Someone_Evil @ObliviousSage @nitsua60 The user is posting on meta either/both as a means for a more "open forum" option to a interaction with players question, and also due to an apparent block on asking new question on main
5:53 AM
It would be useful to know if they've run into a question rate limit or a question ban.
And it would be useful for them to copy-edit their questions. That may be part of the reason they have the ban/block.
I looked on their page, and from a brief review, I'd say it might be the former
@Ben note that they can check their deleted posts for themselves now
6:11 AM
Q: Disabilities tag?

Abraham RayHow would you handle a disabilities tag for questions on blindness/deafness? I mean that eventually someone is going to want to create it anyway.

@TheOracle ?
Another reason why I'm thinking it's more of a rate limit lol
@bobble doesn't cover everything about disability; the experience of disability can't be reduced to "is my environment an active obstacle or not?" And wouldn't be really great either because experts in wheelchair use may know very little about being HOH (and also some people --particularly in the Deaf community-- don't consider themselves disabled at all).
Overall the subject like a really good example of why it's usually better not to make tags before we have questions to tag them with.
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7:30 AM
also I don't consider myself disabled
I do consider myself differently capable of certain social actions or other types of activities but disabled feels like an incredibly insulting marking
even though Autism Spectrum is in at least some lists as a "disability"
7:42 AM
but anyway, the point is that this kind of thing should definitely be in the hands of the individuals it applies to
Aye. Unfortunately the Stack isn't built to consider that kind of priority, so the best we can hope for is that meta users are responsible about listening to those people when it comes to tidying up.
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8:47 AM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Link at beginning of answer, potentially bad ns for domain in answer (35): Where did the writing-focused roleplaying forums go?‭ by Christian Martin‭ on rpg.SE (@Rubiksmoose @ThomasMarkov @linksassin)
9:24 AM
@SmokeDetector I cannot unread that as 'Whites & Empire
10:22 AM
@BESW I finally looked at this. Nothing gets me excited quite like drawing map pieces randomly
Betrayal at House on the hill remains one of my favourite games.
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12:56 PM
@ThomasMarkov a potential new image for your meta post
@doppelgreener I just got to the office, I'll make one up in a bit, I want to keep the same order
fair :D
1:24 PM
rpg.stackexchange.com/q/195483 I'm struggling to see how this isn't a dupe
Yeah I'm gonna hammer it given that even the answerer thought it was a dupe
@Exempt-Medic I think the recent askers just isn't completely happy with the answer, but I agree it looks dupey
@AncientSwordRage so dupey.
but ill ask it on meta anyway.
give me a bit.
@ThomasMarkov 01
@Ben Thank you for the heads-up.
@BESW and the people say "amen."
@Akixkisu a recent spam flag has me scratching my head. Assuming you know the post I mean, I'm not seeing where it's excessively promotional--it seems on-topic. Is there some indication I'm missing that the post author is affiliated with the linked site?
1:44 PM
@nitsua60 It is standard advertisment copy - which can be coincidential, but it doesn't look like the post is doing anything non-promotional.
@SmokeDetector I assume we are talking about this one, right?
@nitsua60 ^
OP asks where the writing-based forum RP has gone. This answer claims to point OP right at some. I don't know whether that's true or not, but I don't see how it's spam.
Yeah, that one.
It is entirely promotional.
So what?
No doubt that it could be edited and turned into an example answer.
If the site linked answers OP's question, we want someone describing how it fits and linking to it.
1:48 PM
"This is the closest place I have found that reminds me of the old forum days."
@Akixkisu there's no affiliation to declare as far as I can tell
@nitsua60 You mean the dit that ASR did?
Was there a comment that I missed?
This is the answer.
@Akixkisu Right. And it's definitely not spam.
Idk, I think we differ here in what we consider promotional.
1:51 PM
From the help center description: "Unsolicited means that mentioning the product serves no purpose other than promotion. For example, if an answer mentions software that may solve the asker’s problem or a question about web programming references a website as an example, this is not unsolicited."
If I ask a question about telegraphing threats and this answer (verbatim) comes in, that's purely promotional. If I ask where to find literary roleplay and this answer comes in, it's an answer.
I don't think that the questions solicits for this kind of answer.
"So, my question is two-fold. What, if anything, happened to forum-based roleplaying, and where are the people who used to write there?

Here is a cool website that does this thing, check it out.
I consider that entirely promotional.
The question is clearly not asking "where do I go for roleplaying on forums?"
@Akixkisu the answer that got deleted at spam would have answered that, but that's not the only question it can answer
if they hadn't added a link, I'd have asked 'Do you have a source for that?' and I'd have expected a link to be edited in
I'm not sure that question is even on topic anymore.
@ThomasMarkov every answer seems to be a frame challenge
I think it might be too broad, because there's no specification as to which forums, or when they were active.
Apparently I VTC's and then retracted my close vote already.
@AncientSwordRage Yes, I was about to vote Needs More Focus
2:01 PM
@ThomasMarkov done and commented
As written, it reads to me as more like opining about the good old days.
@ThomasMarkov indeed, it's sort of why I edited to put the bit from the friend in quotes to signal that's not the OPs opinion, but just sort of background?
My thoughts--I have to run to a full day of classes, will be back in the evening.
Someone posts "I used to love hypercolor shirts, but they're not around anymore. What ever happened to them?"
A couple people write in describing fads, purchasing, &c.
Someone writes in "Target's got em!" with link.

I see nothing wrong there.
2:28 PM
@nitsua60 K, but what if the author of that answer is a shareholder of Target Corporation?
@ThomasMarkov then they need to disclose it
But I wouldn't ask unless their username is like B.Cornell or TargetCEO_Is_Me
as soon as it's disclosed it's fine as far as I am aware
gtg though!
I'm gonna go buy a share of Hasbro and add a disclaimer to all 1073 of my D&D 5e answers.
I don't really see a problem with either the answer, or the question in general
It could be written by someone who happens to work in a marketing department (for some other company) and uses that style of language when the speak naturally
or it could be a promotional item, or it could just be a coincidence that it happens to looks like either of those two options
I also don't see a particular problem with the question construction. Where have all of the old resources I used to use for TTRPG related things gone is a perfectly fine and stackable question
But either way, for that question, the answer is on topic (and therefore not unsolicited promotion)
But without the poster actually disclosing something is a potential conflict, we have no way of knowing if it is or isn't
2:57 PM
There's a change and I don't like it - I don't like change oh god
@goodguy5 At least they rolled back some of the change, it was initially much much worse
Q: LegacyQuestions - Bringing back the old questions design

Spectric Preview What is LegacyQuestions? (install) Legacy Questions brings back the old questions list design changed in a recent update. Changelog v1.2 make post statistics responsive (bug report) make match universal to include all question lists v1.1 Added bounty support (bug report) Load ne...

Here's a user script that restores some of the previous functionality.
@ThomasMarkov interesting. I usually just mentally switch back and forth with party splits
3:34 PM
@illustro When I ask about what happened to banana cultivar-growers of non-hybrid Musa Acuminata and Musa Balbisiana, and where they went, imagine someone tells me to try plantation y that grows Afara from Tahiti - how is that an answer?
*shareholder*? How many shares?
One? I couldn't care less.
10%? That might be worth disclosing.
Member of Target's PR department? Definitely needs disclosing.
I, like ASR, also poked around the target (pun intended) site to see if there's any obvious connection to the answerer. None jumped out at me.
@nitsua60 It is and or - either unscolicited or undisclosed.
I think it's not unsolicited. Do you agree?
@Akixkisu That is an example I have no experience with to resolve, but also isn't really the same situation here. The querant was asking "where have all the roleplaying forums gone" (in essence) and the answerer said "this is the only one I've found that still exists that reminds me of the old roleplaying forums"
It's a perfectly valid frame challenge answer to "I don't believe any of these types of forums exist any more"
@nitsua60 No, that is the crux of the issue. I'd agree with you if I thought it would answer the question.
3:44 PM
Okay, then.
As I read it currently, I see it as 'here is this somewhat related product that you want to check out, where you could do the thing [mentioned in your inquiry about historical change and trends - which I'm not going to address except for that this thing has been around for at least 10 years).'
The fact that we used Target as an analogy is indicative to me that this is really a shopping question.
@Akixkisu FWIW the characters supposedly have been around for 10 years. The site itself seems to be two months old
@Someone_Evil yeah, I also checked it, couldn't find most of what i was looking for though.
I think the crux here is whether "I want to find a good-old style roleplaying forum" is an implicit underlying problem. (I don't strictly think Shopping is a real concern with the question.) The third paragraph in the quote actually leads to it not being. The querent(?) can find them, but have noticed a general trend and thus is asking about that
3:54 PM
So are we gonna undelete that answer or what?
We're talking about it atm
Spam is the wrong deletion reason, but methinks a LQP delete might have happened anyway
It's not strictly speaking deleted as spam
Not in the technical sense at least
@Someone_Evil Content is hidden.
> This answer was marked as spam or rude or abusive and is therefore not shown - you can see the revision history for details.
@Akixkisu It's closer to a link only answer, and it's an answer for a resource based question, which gets me wondering if the question is a shopping question, but I don't think it is.
3:59 PM
I think the question is focused enough.
@Someone_Evil Yeah, I think this is also what makes the question stackable, the querent is asking about general trends.
@Akixkisu That's the position I eventually arrived at as well
@ThomasMarkov Oh right, artefact of a flag (amusingly invisible to mods), but no other consequences. Not really worth fixing rn
4:13 PM
4:23 PM
Hallo! What's up?
4:47 PM
@doppelgreener It's now 5th most downvoted ever....even more so that the introduction of advertising more widely across the network
5:17 PM
@illustro vox populi - will it signal a need for change?
5:40 PM
@doppelgreener It is now just after the time you said that, and apparently... you were close, but not quite. It was very plausible that it would beat the license one, but not the ones below it.
Wait a second... I can downvote. Heh.
Now they're equal.
5:51 PM
@KorvinStarmast I think the volume of the negative reaction has signalled some need for change certainly. They reverted the terrible decision on the Watched/Ignored tag display method, and have now noted, at the top of the original post "Most of the reported bugs have been squashed. We're currently gathering together all the discussion and feature-request feedback items to decide how we want to alter the design. Thank you everyone for your feedback."
So, at least it shows they have acknowledged that there is need for a potential change in direction (by their "decide how we want to alter the design" statement)
6:03 PM
@Phoenices I doubt it's going to "beat" the PR disaster that is occupying the bottom three questions in that list (that I really don't want to get into a discussion about)
Yeah. It could, just barely, beat the third one, if nothing changes for another week. Maybe.
6:33 PM
I just want to comment on this question and the actual comments aren't quite the right place.
Q: Should a high elf wizard use weapons instead of cantrips?

Jeremy BeloloAs a new DM I'm running my first adventure for my kids (LMoP). My daughter took the high elf wizard and she was wondering whether she should use weapons instead of her cantrips when she runs out of spell slots. Indeed, high elf being proficient with weapons, she could use a bow who does 1d8+2, ad...

♥LMoP and playing with their kids warms my heart.

I'm so excited to play D&D with my kid(s) when they're old enough. Only a few more years....
6:56 PM
@Phoenices I was definitely over-optimistic in estimating second worst. I'm okay with being off by one at fourth though.
5 hours later…
11:42 PM
Q: What counts as proof of an illusion?

DastardlyIn Pathfinder, proof of an illusion automatically allows you to disbelieve it without having to roll a saving throw. What constitutes proof of an illusion ? Here is an example to show what I'm having trouble with. We'll assume someone has created a Silent Image of a large rock. I approach the roc...

@HotRPGQuestions Receipt of provenance?
Notarized certificate of falsity?

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