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@BESW this is nice
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Q: In D&D 5e what if you dropped a 30ft cube of water from a height of 30ft (or more depending on elevation and positioning) on someone's head,

Diamond HeroIn D&D 5e, what would happen if you dropped a 30ft cube of water from a height of 30ft (or more depending on elevation and positioning) on someone's head, using the Create or Destroy Water spell?

3:25 AM
Q: What summons that are casters themselves are available to a Sorcerer/Wizard or a Cleric?

Nec XelosCharacter: support spellcaster with access to level 5 sorc/wiz spell list and level 4 cleric spell list. I'm looking for thematic combat-ready summons for my character: I need summons that are casters themselves, preferably elemental-themed but that's not a requirement. My first thought would be ...

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7:38 AM
Q: Does healing from Fast Healing and Regeneration stack?

LinusI have Fast Healing 14 (from level 14 Battle Oracle with Major Curse) and Regeneration 15 (from casting Regenerate on myself). Does the healing from Fast Healing and Regeneration stack, resulting in me healing 29 Hit Points at the start of my turn?

8:29 AM
Q: Why high dexterity means low armor class?

miroxlavI am not sure whether character adjustment in Eye of the Beholder 1 works accurately. I see that AC depends only on DEX: DEX AC (HUMAN MALE) ------------- 3 14 4 13 5 12 6 11 7-14 10 15 9 16 8 17 7 18 6 Screenshot (playing with ...

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1:35 PM
@KorvinStarmast Looks like one of your dates is wrong in your comment (to be even more pedantic :) )
@JoelHarmon 1000 years of ADND
However, my goal was to get the information on the page, rather than behind a link, which I consider successful.
@ThomasMarkov Pax Gygax?
And I suppose that's generally what I get for trying to make corrections about editions that stopped being printed before I joined the hobby (and which I've only played in one short campaign).
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3:14 PM
@JoelHarmon pointless pedantry is the best kind, right? 😁 I am guilty of that sometimes.
@Someone_Evil I think we got a dogpile close vote series following KRyan's comment. My comment and edit was accepted by KR, and I hope that we can prevent that from being closed. I do not think that this is a sys rec question. Someone is looking for a game mechanic to help with a game.
I would argue that it's not pointless to correct the newbie on a point specifically related to his original question. If miroxalv was already familiar with the various editions, the question wouldn't have come up.
As a side note, I only phrased it as pedantry in an attempt to not make a new user feel bad for not knowing something.
@JoelHarmon I for one enjoyed the back and forth in comments, since my errors made for some morning humor.
Glad they were received in the spirit they were sent.
@V2Blast When you copy someone else's typo rpg.meta.stackexchange.com/revisions/11915/2 πŸ˜‚
3:39 PM
@Akixkisu Haha, yeah. I fixed the spelling of doppel's username one answer, then noticed the same typo in another answer... and then noticed it in the question, too :P
4:25 PM
i'm alive
is anyone i know still here?
@Someone_Evil @AncientSwordRage you here?
@JoelHarmon how about you?
4:51 PM
@Catofdoom2 Hi Happy new Year. 😊
5:03 PM
@Catofdoom2 wave I'm here pretty intermittently.
5:50 PM
I'm literally always pingable lol
6:03 PM
I suppose that's a thing: I leave the chat window open, typically, so I'm always pingable. I'm not always responsive, though.
6:21 PM
@Catofdoom2 ahhh I was busy, sorry
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8:44 PM
Q: Is this homebrew "Sir Knight" class balanced?

CezaryxI'm here today to ask whom it may concern to read through this class' description. I would ask your answers to address this class in terms of balancing, its features fitting with image of a medieval knight(of course in a fantasy setting) and on your overall feeling. I am also posting two subclass...

Q: Can you change the damage type of Poisons via Grave Touched?

XsandrosIf I hit a creature with an attack using a poison coated weapon (for example Purple Worm Poison) could I, rules as written, change the poison damage type to necrotic via the lvl 6 Undead Patron Warlock's feature Grave Touched? That reads: [...] once during each of your turns, when you hit a crea...

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10:25 PM
Q: Does a Great Old One Warlock have two-way telepathic communication with its thrall?

orderThe warlock's Awakened Mind telepathy was recently changed from "You can communicate telepathically with..." to "You can speak telepathically to..." with the intent of clarifying that the telepathy was one-way. Create Thrall's text, however, also says "communicate telepathically", but it has not...

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11:30 PM
Johan Nohr wrote on twitter about buying TRPG books because "I want the creator to just have my money."
"The Wizards and the Wastes’ second edition opens an endless sea of magic - at a cost" article by Chase Carter for Dicebreaker. The Wizards and the Wastes is a social-driven tabletop RPG that lets players cast awesome magic if they're will to pay the terrible price.

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