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12:13 AM
@Ben hey-ooh!
How've you been?
Finished the school year feeling okay, now into summer break, building a grill and catching up on reading (which I did far too little of during the Academic Year from Hell) and training for a marathon... pretty much all good. How 'bout in your part of the world?
Oh wow that sounds like bliss! I'm probably at the other end haha. Got a lot going on at work, trying to get the boys to use their brains a bit more, think about their actions and the effects on others, had a hiccup with my drivers license (which has just been cleared).. More work on the horizon...
IT's starting to have an effect on my ability to focus, so I haven't been overly productive, which has sort of exacerbated the whole thing haha
IT=doing IT work, or is it a different abbreviation I'm not thinking of?
It* as in everything. My Keyboard (or maybe just my reactions?) often capitalises the first two letters of a word when I use shift and type quickly.
12:27 AM
AH, gotcha =)
YOu get it :P
I've slowly realized that either double-capitalizing or shifting space sin words by one letter is a sign that I'm overtired.
Well, I'm always tired haha. I think i need about a weeks worth of ~27 hour naps to catch up
#FatherOfTwo Lolololol
@Ben they may have simplified it for the movies
True. That was part of the reason why I asked the question, since it seemed to be an anger managment thing instead
12:38 AM
Bold of the querent to assume that sixty years of different writers and producers across multiple companies and many different mediums, would all stay consistent on the idea of what Banner's transformation is an allegory for.
@Ben G'day, how's it going? Did you need me for something or just saying hi? (Both are welcome)
@BESW Well based on the fact that the character was inspired by Jekyll and Hyde, then they started going off an emotional trgiger, then throwing in a heart rate monitor... it gets confused
@linksassin Just saying hey, haven't seen you in a while
Well... ever, I guess. :P
The original concept was also drawing on Frankenstein's monster and the Golem.
You know what I mean haha
@BESW True. That's why I wanted to know what the trigger was/is... Though I suppose it should be triggers (multiple)
And like with all properties, each new writer shapes it to reflect their own experiences and concerns. Anger, stress, sometimes it's just night that causes the transformation.
(The first year of Hulk had his transformations just be a day/night thing; then they retconned it to be stress-based, around the same time that the Hulk's intelligence and vocabulary were toned down.)
12:50 AM
Going sideways a bit - I have a theory about the Holo deck in Star Trek. They often visit either alien planets, or the 70s-90s periods. I know that's due to the limitations of the time, but my alternate theory is that after the 90s things just became more unifrom and less inspired.
And for all the flaws of that period (primarily the bold fashion choices) I do admire the inspiration the time period had.
Reimagining old icons into new ones, Coming up with all new icons all together...
@Ben Who knows, I've been to brisbane. Granted it was a long time ago and I was like 12 but I've been there.
@linksassin Well, I used to live there. We moved when I was 9, but I do go back and visit family. So there's a chance. A very small chance, but it's there
@AncientSwordRage It might be worthwhile to repost the question as a new one - as @BESW has pointed out, it is currently related to emotional/physical stress, but over time that changed. My original inspiration for the question is a now outdated movie, nut the interest in what it was in a more uniform understanding, over all iterations of the Hulk.
@Ben hmmm I've edited it just now to have the comic tag
Feel free to roll that back and add a movie specific tag
Well, Like I said in the comment, it was about both. The thought was inspired by the movie, but I was interested in the comics as well.
That means the current answers are still relevant and we can ask a new comics focused question
1:03 AM
Ithink maybe the fact that it was scoped to the iteration of the Incredible Hulk specifically might have narrowed it down as well
For myself, a much more interesting line of query is what causes Bruce/Bob to become the Hulk in the first place. eg, self-sacrifice (2003 film and original comic) vs grief (1978 tv), etc.
@BESW Maybe he's born with it, maybe it's Gamma Radiation?
[Side note: I don't know how many will get that.]
I'd love to find a sandman (the Spider-Man villain) hulk crossover comic where they shoot them breeze in a bar and talk about their origins
@Ben 🙋🏻‍♂️
Also for tagging purposes it might be worth remembering that "The Incredible Hulk" is the name of a film, three different TV series, at least two different comics (one based on one of the tv series), and four video games.
@BESW at a glance the tag implies it's for the character
1:05 AM
Which is. amusing.
@Ben I got it
@BESW Yeah. The Incredible Hulk is one "version". Much like the difference between the "Amazing" and "Spectacular" Spiderman(s)
@AncientSwordRage Oh right. Good. Lol
Though nowadays they list them all as alternate universes.. Earth-616 and so on
All hail the illusion of continuity!
I was learning up about the discontinuity of Carnage recently. And fun fact - Deadpool was another that doesn't have any continuity either
He was a henchman that just took off then they just came up with some superpowers for him and went from there
1:12 AM
@Ben I'm not at all surprised by Deadpool
Yeah that tag is grunked up
Anyway, I have a meeting to attend, So I shall bid you all adieu!
Au revoir
Q: Which tag should we use when OP thinks they are asking about a house rule but it is actually an official optional rule?

Thomas MarkovThe description for house-rules states: House rules are small fan-created additions and replacements to core rules in a rules set, and this tag should be used when there are locally-created rules at the core of the question. The description for optional-rules states: For questions about option...

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2:34 AM
Q: Should my party get xp twice, first for a negotiation, and then for killing the creature

OliverMy party negotiated a truce with the Nothic in LMoP, then shortly afterwards the wizard found the sword hidden away and decided to try and steal it. The Nothic noticed and engaged in combat, at which point it was killed. In the guidebook, it mentions that the party gains 450 xp for killing or neg...

3:24 AM
@AncientSwordRage Hmm, seems you dropped some bounty on me, and I don't think I thanked you. thank you, kind sir. 😎
3:37 AM
@ThomasMarkov I should probably chuck a thank you your way, too. You gave me a pretty big bounty on my now-top-rated answer. Thanks.
that was supposed to be a shift-enter... ugh
me: *opens book to a random page*
book: Ruin has come! Life will end.
me: whaat oh no
book: "Oh, yes!"
(book is The Hero of Ages, re-read number eleventy billion)
This book is directly responsible for me starting to read online articles about TTRPGs - there's an ad for the "Mistborn Adventure Game" in the back and I remember Googling it to see if the game was any good
3:54 AM
Hah, nice.
Does anyone remember a question about a homebrew feat that would be strictly worse than what's already possible with basic grappling?
I can't seem to find it in search, but I should be able to read deleted posts.
@Axoren there's deleted, then there's removed. I have a similar post about the 11d1 dagger from GURPS - it no longer exists
I felt like it would have been relevant to the question Thomas posted on meta.
4:14 AM
@Ben wait... 11d1?
Deleted stuff still exists but can't be found (easily/at all) by searching after some time. If you made the post, try adding deleted:yes to your search.
If you didn't make the post and you aren't a mod on the site, the stuff might not show up for you at all, depending on variables like how long ago it was deleted.
@Adeptus yup. Lol
@BESW Thanks for reminding me, I had a Skin Horse page to catch up on
After binge-reading the back-log of a web comic, waiting for the daily entries just feels so slow...
4:57 AM
Q: Is it unbalanced to allow a player to move the tiefling's +1 Int bonus to a different ability score?

L CooperI'm in the planning phases of a campaign for D&D 5e, but using the Planescape setting. Since this setting is the one which introduced tieflings, I sent the table of potential tiefling traits to my players, and told them that they could replace the tiefling spells/traits with something from that t...

SEA Characters Pack: Heroes & Deities (For RPG) by Charsiew Space. 115 characters (inclusive of 30 characters found in Basic Pack) & 15 scenario images inspired by the history and legends of Southeast Asia by @charsiewspace. BONUS 8 location & vessels images: call upon the Mahabala for protection; sail the raging seas in outrigger ships!
Sandy Pug Games shared on twitter a glimpse of Dee Pennyway's web version of Monster Care Squad.
Field Guide To Memory by jeeyonshim. A connected path game about the meaning of legacy, the wonder of the natural world, and cryptids.
Pre-Order: The Well by Shoeless Pete Games. An original tabletop roleplaying game about exploring the abandoned crypts of your people's ancestors, putting down the undead abominations that have risen from their remains, and escaping with as much loot and as few scars as possible.
Aaron Lim wrote a twitter thread about "figuring out which rules/mechanics/features are there to restrict possibility space, which ones are there to expand possibilities or remind players not to restrict themselves, which ones are both"
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6:47 AM
@Powerdork I guess that'd mean what specifically is meant by discussions about RAW. With DnD 5e in particular I've often found it a useful way to convince people that the rules don't mean what they think they mean, if only because they are somewhat unclear despite being rather explicit.
That is, they contain a chunk of terminology that appears frequently and is fertile land for confusion due to counterintuitive definitions, while also being relatively clear with their definitions for the most part if one knows where to look.
My favorite example is attack. Without even getting into the "Attack action" vs "attack" case which adds a new layer of obfuscation on its own, it's very reasonable for a newcomer to assume that a Fireball counts as an attack, or a Magic missile. The game recognizes neither as attacks even though in natural language, both of them would obviously be attacks.
But thankfully for this particular case the rules do feature a snippet that explains rather clearly (not quite perfectly, but still) what attack is intended to mean in the context of the game: the intent is explained in RAW but only if you know where to look
More than that, there's also everything BESW said on the topic. RAW is just a very convenient conversational tool compared to alternatives, for DnD-like games. Perhaps games with a more pronounced design philosophy could offer better alternatives
7:24 AM
@KorvinStarmast ya welcome!
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10:30 AM
Spenser Starke asks on twitter for people to "Drop me some #ttrpg designer recs and what they’re making that you’re excited for!"
Community Ads for 2021 submission and voting open until August 2nd
10:58 AM
@AncientSwordRage thanks for the edit to that Oracle message :)
11:17 AM
@Powerdork many, I used to do AL and they were essential to that.
@doppelgreener you're welcome
I did the same over on SFF, and I didn't see anyone had done it here yet
@doppelgreener were the comments useful in explaining my position? :)
@Akixkisu they were, but my gut's still telling me the right call is [house-rules], and that [optional-rules] would not be relevant to describing the content of the question
11:36 AM
@doppelgreener yeah, I think yours is an intuitive position and one that I have held in different scenarios. In particular I remember a question about water volume. I wonder if I can find it.
Unfortunately I can't find it.
It had some pretty far-fetched physics calculation, but essentially it hinged on whether you could target something with a spell.
But due to a lot of the assumptions in the question there was no causal chain that even remotely mentioned whether this is something that you can do.
It was instead framed based on a different issue that arose by applying those assumptions.
The tags selected represented those assumptions, but what they did not do was attract the right kind of experts.
I think it was V2 that eventually changed them, but I'm not certain.
11:59 AM
@doppelgreener how would you like to get access to the draft?
Open a window?
@BESW Be a starter for 4 years of college football at a power 5 school?
12:23 PM
@ThomasMarkov Oh, I owe you an email! I've just now sent it.
@doppelgreener You should have received in invite to edit
I got it :)
1:04 PM
@ThomasMarkov I don't get that one users claim that thing being magic is somehow different from it being magical
1:19 PM
Q: What happens when a creature clinging to a surface through the Spider Climb spell goes prone?

Guillaume F.The Spider Climb spell does the following: Until the spell ends, one willing creature you touch gains the ability to move up, down, and across vertical surfaces and upside down along ceilings, while leaving its hands free. If the creature goes prone while under the effect of Spider Climb, do th...

Anyone scuba dive here?
apparently searching on dndbeyond can also search the source html....
so far it seems to just be that specific search
@G.Moylan happens every so often.
@RevanantBacon perhaps an item being made of magic vs having magical properties? still a bit of a stretch
@NautArch once in a pool
1:26 PM
Heh. I've got my first trip in a decade coming up and just checked my equipment. I had forgotten my computer had flooded last trip.
@G.Moylan No quality assurance.
@Axoren I'm baffled by the result. I'm not very familiar with search algorithms but it seems like you'd have to deliberately enable that
@G.Moylan They return source lines instead of HTML paragraphs which contain the keywords. A common mistake in search functions.
This only happens on lines of HTML where the paragraph starts on the same line as the beginning paragraph/div/span tag
<div class="compendium-hr">A Lich's Lair
<div class="compendium-hr">
    A Lich's Lair
which is harder to read, imo, but it seems that's how their master pages are written
Also, when you look for class you're getting the HTML attribute name for that line.
So any tag that has a CSS class, is going to be returned when you search for class
1:34 PM
well, specifically this search. Searching for just "class" didn't do this
Well, it looks like that last issue is just for highlighting lines that contained class from results that returned from favored class
they also don't trim leading or trailing whitespace in their search, which can lead to other weird circumstances
@Axoren It seems like you make this mistake and go "oh, that's not right at all" and fix it immediately
well, should
WotC quality. Revolving door of employees/contractors and unexperienced/nonexistent QA team.
It's a wonder we even get errata.
It's not WotC it's DnDBeyond, which is owned by Fandom
Is it really? I thought it was directly owned by WotC.
1:37 PM
@G.Moylan No project manager for the relationship :)
@Axoren Nope, entirely 3rd party. Surprise!
Does WotC do anything?
Check the Terms of Service link in the footer :D
@Axoren No. DnDBeyond is its own company with its own product. They are the primary distributor for D&D digital content and have a special relationship with WotC, but they are their own company
@Axoren Homebrew. They do homebrew.
@Axoren They do some things half as well as they should and others twice as badly as they needed to
1:40 PM
WotC has a virtually nonexistent IT team and the web products they do have are run on spit and duct-tape.
They tend to severely under-pay for IT work, relying on the fact people will be excited enough to work for them in particular that they'll accept reduced pay in exchange. And they get what they pay for, basically.
WotC is literally just Jeremy Crawford's twitter. There is no other proof that WotC is anything other than a Hasbro shell company that contracts writers and artists for 2 weeks at a time to write a book or two.
@Axoren someone has to badly edit down what the writers submit
or are we saying thats JC as well?
@AncientSwordRage I mean, some of those authors don't need the help
@doppelgreener IT in america is really weird to me. They seem to pay almost double the UK , but offer no job security
Hey, let's be fair to Chris Perkins, who very clearly loves what he does and I'm sure tries his best to hide from the Hasbro overlords
1:45 PM
@AncientSwordRage I still don't believe their editors get to do anything. It always feels like writers were asked to work independently, isolated from each other's work and left in the dark, and the resulting product is a collation of their work.
@Axoren some of the MtG books smack of this. "Here are some notes. You will do this, you won't do that. Reading of other works not required. good luck"
@Axoren I'm mainly referring to Graeme Barber's submission to the Candlekeep files
"Actually editing this book increases iteration depth. Don't push back our deadlines."
@AncientSwordRage How bad was it butchered? I'm not familiar.
Candlekeep's "adventures" seem more like outlines with some detail. There's a lot of "fill in the blank yourselves" in them.
1:48 PM
More and more, it's looking like the company is becoming Wizards of the Crap. I'm still mad that they killed Android: Netrunner over personal beef.
@Axoren they killed it before I got to play it
I got a starter box set, but that's all I have
@Axoren there was beef?
@G.Moylan Where's the beef?
1:50 PM
@NautArch It left with Android: Netrunner
@NautArch where my beef?
@Axoren haha yup same
@G.Moylan I'm looking through my messages to find what my old LGS' owner sent me regarding it. I'll reply when I find it.
But it was a whole lot of corporate pissing-matches and it becoming a competing IP to MtG and it had the potential to edge them out of retail space for Hasbro products. There was some personal beef involved too.
@AncientSwordRage I always felt like this asymmetric play would work well for an Adventurers vs. Dungeon style gameplay.
Instead of Hacker vs. Corporation
2:06 PM
@Axoren it basically is that though, right?
@AncientSwordRage Pretty much, but the setting theme doesn't attract the people looking for Fantasy Dungeon Crawl
The gameplay would mesh cleanly with a Fantasy setting without too much modifications
@Axoren can you republish stuff that's just been reskinned?
@AncientSwordRage WotC owns the ruleset. I'd have to look at exactly what about that ruleset they own. They do not own the right to asymmetric card games.
I've wanted to make a PC version of Betrayal at House on the Hill but set in SPAAAAAACE
I'm so sick of Betrayal... My friends only want to play that when they come over, it's been ruined. I've learned every scenario, almost.
There's no magic anymore.
It's a great game, but damn it, I have so many other games we could be playing.
2:14 PM
@Axoren I've played it 5 times, but I will play it until I've played all of them
it's literally my favourite board game
Only 5 times? Sounds nice. Lol
I hope you never reach my point of oversaturation.
@Axoren I hope I do :D
It has a lot of balance issues but it's fun
( I will regret this, but that's not putting me off )
@AncientSwordRage One thing I wish more games did that Betrayal did was non-linear stat progression.
If you get a buff for +1 to STR, it could be more effective on a weaker character than on a stronger character.
2:17 PM
I had a game where I drew the "You get an item from yourself in the mirror" and then late game I got the "Give yourself an item through the mirror" and while I lost an item, it was so damn cool I couldn't complain
It would be really neat for a character to need three different buffs to STR before they noticed a difference, but then they REALLY notice a difference.
@AncientSwordRage I think the coolest thing that happened was that we ended up fighting a [REDACTED] when my younger cousin was playing for the first time, and he was literally the last one standing. He ran around the house picking up all the items on everyone's corpses and walking around like an absolute juggernaut. He took down a [REDACTED] in his first ever game.
By the end of it, his character must have looked like an MMO protagonist.
1 hour later…
3:33 PM
posted on June 17, 2021 by Bardic Wizard

I finally finished a second Papagena Shawl. I talked about this earlier, when I mentioned I was making it for my mother’s birthday in early May. Well, I didn’t finish by her birthday, but I did finish it.  Read more »

3:44 PM
Just ordered a brand new wardrobe for L5R... So I can LARP better XD 2 new Obi, a yukata, a kashimono, a Samue, an extra Hakama, a few more fans... you can't have enough fans
also, materials for a Jingasa... Foam.
@Akixkisu Not about the material, about the meaning of terms like RAW.
1 hour later…
5:15 PM
@Trish I can believe that
@AncientSwordRage especially as a crane :P
@Trish what sort of loads do you have to lift?
@AncientSwordRage Only my Daisho :P
Kakita Duellist
@Trish nice
6:20 PM
@G.Moylan I thought it was owned by Twitch, but maybe they and Fandom are the same thing?
@KorvinStarmast I think Curse sold it to Fandom.
@ThomasMarkov aaaah, I guess I am not up to date.
> On December 12, 2018, Fandom, Inc. announced that it had acquired all of Curse LLC's media assets, including D&D Beyond, for an undisclosed amount.
Given how sporadically I use DDB (I don't engage there, it is to me just a tool) I can see how I'd have missed that ...
Curse did not sell it, Curse was sold to Fandom.
6:28 PM
@ThomasMarkov makes sense
Then OverWolf bought Curse from Fandom without buying DDB
OverWolf? There's an interesting name for a company.
Better to overwolf than to undersheep
I figured that goes without saying.
@KorvinStarmast They make software. They had a thing that tied into Vent for a while
6:39 PM
@G.Moylan I wonder if the overlay I have in Hearthstone that keeps asking me to stream to discord is an Overwolf product. I read a summary of what they do. Interesting idea, seems to have been successful.
@KorvinStarmast That's Discord's own thing. It's part of Discord
@G.Moylan They may have bought it from Overwolf but it's not called that anywhere that I've seen
@G.Moylan I wish I could turn it off, oh well, it just keeps popping up ...
@KorvinStarmast You might be able to kill it in the user settings somewhere but I haven't dug in there for a while
Overwolf's Vent product was an overlay of names so you could see who was talking. Discord has that feature, too, but I'm not sure if that's OW software or if Discord made that in-house
6:53 PM
Q: Does the Allips Whispers of Madness count as a charm effect?

Richard CThe allips attack Whispers of Madness allows it to guide 3 creatures to attack other friendly creatures as there reaction if they fail a wisdom saving throw. Last night one of my players asked is this counted as a charm effect and so gave them advantage on the saving throw. Because Charm effects ...

7:35 PM
@ThomasMarkov I misread the question. I though the user was asking if they could make the bite as their bonus action attack.
Which would obviously require that the bite be a light melee weapon, which I was thinking it wasn't
But I see that they were talking about attacking with 3 weapons
@AncientSwordRage amen.
8:09 PM
@ThomasMarkov Didn't Amazon buy Curse through Twitch?
@RevanantBacon Yes, I think that is correct.
i think that means that Amazon owns both OverWolf and Curse now.
@nitsua60 Is the Undermountain where they created the undersheep? inquiring minds want to know!
@RevanantBacon Amazon owns neither of these
@G.Moylan On August 16, 2016, Curse announced that it had agreed to be acquired by Amazon.com via its subsidiary Twitch Interactive for an undisclosed amount.[2] On December 12, 2018, Wikia announced that they had acquired Curse's media assets, including its gaming community websites and Gamepedia wiki farm. The remainder of the company (operating as CurseForge) remains under Twitch. CurseForge was sold from Twitch to Overwolf in the middle of 2020.
I've voted to close this question
8:13 PM
@G.Moylan Ah, I hadn't realize that Amazon had sold Curse off again
My comment:
As written, the answer is immediately obvious from the rules for TWF, so I am voting to close for "needs details", in particular, is there something about the TWF rules that is unclear or confusing? I'd hope that there is something else going on here and we can be more helpful to you than to just quote a rule you seem to already be aware of. — Thomas Markov 1 min ago
I agree, voted as well
This is a "read the book" question
Yeah, I'm not even convinced that it isn't a duplicate of the question linked by @Someone_Evil
Expedition to Undermountain: was that one of those epic dungeon crawl packages?
and considering that this question is coming from one of our regular "hasn't actually read the book" users...
8:16 PM
@RevanantBacon It's not, I think that question deals with using both your weapons for Extra Attack, then using the bonus action.
That question explicitly involves two weapons
@KorvinStarmast No the undersheep is the primary source of dark wool for the duergar
@ThomasMarkov Ah, gotcha
Still, this particular user has a history of asking questions that could easily be resolved by simply reading the book.
yeah i deleted my answer.
@G.Moylan Aha, cuts down on the dying expenses, and lower environmental impact as regards the waste water stream.
@KorvinStarmast much lower
8:18 PM
I noticed
@RevanantBacon how does such a user accrue almost 8k rep and a gold badge?
@G.Moylan By asking lots of questions
@RevanantBacon given that the other possibility is a hugely uninformed readership, I hope the former is teh case
Downvotes are only worth -2, while upvotes are +10, they have to net at least a 5:1 ratio just to break even
They and another user I can think of right off the top of my head have had accounts for a few years, and posting questions regularly will get them that much rep over time. Honestly, I feel like the community should be more liberal with downvotes on these types of low-effort questions, but mostly they aren't
Plus, among all the chaff, they do post some legitimately good questions and answers once in a while.
@RevanantBacon some folks might see it as a form of brigading
8:24 PM
@G.Moylan It's not brigading if the votes are legitimate.
@ThomasMarkov It's not, I agree, but it can feel like it when it's the same user time and again
Brigading is if I tell you all to go downvote RevenantBacon because its RevenantBacon.
Well, then they probably have a different idea of what counts as brigading than I do. When I think of brigading, I think of someone going out of their way to get a group of users together to downvote something.
@ThomasMarkov yeah, that
@RevanantBacon But if someone posts a bad answer, and I say "this is a bad answer" and then you go check it out, and also think its a bad answer, that's not brigading, that's just voting.
@ThomasMarkov Yes, also this
If you come across a seriously low-effort question/answer, then you should be downvoting it, and that's not brigading. It's pretty telling that our most downvoted question of all time only has like 20 downvotes, while our most upvoted questions have hundreds of upvotes each
8:28 PM
You seem to be missing my point. If the same person asks low-quality questions frequently and those Qs attract downvotes en masse, then it would possibly look and feel like brigading to folks, and could very well lead to it
I'm saying that that might be a contributing factor for why folks could be uncomfortable constantly downvoting a single user's bad Qs
I agree that we should be downvoting bad Qs and As, regardless of who asked them
If a user regularly asks low-quality questions, then they should be reaping the consequences of such, and getting downvotes. Generally speaking, if you reward bad behavior, then that behavior will continue.
If a user is asking them often enough that other users are concerned about the number of downvotes they are giving them, then a talk with the moderators should be had
@RevanantBacon I agree with this, I'm not arguing that point. I'm, just thinking out loud.
I would also posit that some folks don't like losing rep on downvotes, which was (IIRC) designed as a form of deterrent against liberal use
But, when you free your mind from the shackles of the bourgeoisie internet points, you can downvote anything!
@G.Moylan While I can understand not wanting to lose rep to downvotes, I am unsympathetic towards those users.
@G.Moylan LOL
@G.Moylan Im pretty liberal with downvotes.
@ThomasMarkov Stay free, brother!
8:34 PM
About 30% of all my votes are downvotes.
Not sure how that compares to others
Questions don't cost rep to downvote
Out of curiosity, if downvoting eventually causes to to cross back below a rep threshold you've previously crossed, do you lose those permissions?
Also, a minor correction: Our question with the highest negative score (-33) actually has 38 total downvotes, and our highest scoring question (527) has 536 upvotes
@G.Moylan Yes
Same as bounty
Way more likely to happen with bounties though
8:35 PM
@RevanantBacon yikes, but I guess that's also to encourage continued involvement and not just being a downvote troll
@G.Moylan I actually got to experience this firsthand a few months ago while in the middle of attempting to get my rep to hit exactly 9,999
does anybody else believe this sound very much Braunstein with the one character being kind of the general to his ruler and one being a local, and then some of the others being the enemy leaders?
I have 1761 downvotes
@G.Moylan Well, you only lose 1 rep per downvote, so it's actually very hard do do.
Not counting deleted posts I downvoted
The -1 downvote rep gets refunded if you get an upvote afterwards.
8:37 PM
@ThomasMarkov where do you find that?
you need to give something to the community to be able to vote down... 200(?) or something. And the -1 gets refunded when something is deleted.
@RevanantBacon Activity tab, then theres a votes button
@Trish 125 for downvotes
@ThomasMarkov you mean if you receive a dv and uv from someone else?
@ThomasMarkov eh, yes, about 3 upvotes and a 2nd page, that was it!
@G.Moylan Yeah. So if I lose 1 rep for a downvote, then right after my post gets upvoted, I pop back up to 200.
8:38 PM
Oh, found it. 342 downvotes cast (not counting deleted QA's)
200 was yearling minimum.
Right, only works when youre at the rep cap.
If youre already at 200 rep for the day, then downvotes are free if you get more upvotes.
@ThomasMarkov Seems cheaty. I'll take it.
8:39 PM
The downvotes are free if the downvoted post gets deleted as well :D
@G.Moylan So Ive lost 1 rep 9 times to day, but I'm still at 215 rep for the day.
Why is that -33 post still on the site? It was closed for clarity 6 years ago and never got updated
+47 answer.
is that preventing removal or are people keeping it around because they hope the answer outweighs the toxicity of the Q?
@G.Moylan It's a good answer, why would we delete the question?
8:45 PM
@ThomasMarkov Because the question is super toxic, was closed for clarity 6 years ago, and was never updated per site guidelines. At what point do we say a Q gets a pass for not meeting community standards? Or am I missing something here?
Yes it's a good answer, but we also have versions of that answer on multiple other QAs
@G.Moylan It's a great teaching tool for "how to not be"
I suppose. Fair.
It's like the answer that was so bad the Brian left it up on purpose
@ThomasMarkov I think I saw that the other day, which one was that?
This is our lowest score answer.
8:48 PM
@ThomasMarkov oh yeah that one is bad
@ThomasMarkov How has that not been deleted?
@ThomasMarkov I mean, I can understand why this one wasn't deleted, as it just gives a bad idea
@RevanantBacon sometimes, we need bad examples
@RevanantBacon idk, post a meta
"Should we delete our worst answer ever?"
9:07 PM
Machiavelli wasn't good, he was very clearly lawful evil
@KorvinStarmast Expedition to Isle of Undermountain: Against the Giant Queen's Pit.
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Bad keyword in answer, bad keyword with email in answer, email in answer, pattern-matching email in answer, potentially bad keyword in answer (350): Homebrew review: Elementalist spellcaster class and ray specialist by evelin kay on rpg.SE (@Rubiksmoose @ThomasMarkov)
9:23 PM
@RevanantBacon Who'd talk with the moderators? About what?
One of these days I'm going to make a legitimate post but phrase it weird just to mess with Smokey
@nitsua60 The module to end all modules, or the mother of all modules ...
That reminds me, I saw a complete Night Below box set in a Vintage Stock the other day. Really cool
@ThomasMarkov I'm ~ 15:1 UV:DV.
it was in pretty good shape, too. Colors were bright and the box held up
9:34 PM
@KorvinStarmast the bad idea to start all bad ideas =)
@nitsua60 UV/DV, the argumentative math-rock equivalent of AC/DC
@nitsua60 It legitimately reads like a real thing from AD&D, it actually got past me on the first read
@G.Moylan I think you misread UV:DV. It's just a very strange emoticon.
Maybe someone here can help me with an interface design thing. Say I want to screencap a question on the site, including the title, but I don't want to include site news, linked questions, chat rooms, and other sidebar content. If I try to get a screencap only as wide as the body of the question, it's near inevitable that part of the title runs out of the bounds of the screenshot (since above the sidebar is considered valid space for rendering question titles).
How do I do this without just blocking the sidebar elements?
You can put it in Paint and put a white box over that part
Bad idea 1: edit the title to be shorter. Alternatively, edit the title to include a <br>.
Bad idea 2: open up a photo from your honeymoon, move it mostly off-screen to where it blocks the sidebar but not the title. Screenshot away.
Bad idea 3: molotov cocktail.
9:39 PM
I'm on a Mac, so no, any program suitable for that sort of image editing is not worth the load time.
@Powerdork there are free websites like Photopea that let you do that, too
But short of loading userscripts to turn those parts off or using the page source inspector in your browser to modify client-rendered html, I'm not aware of a way to do what you're after without some degree of extra steps
in this case, using an image editor of some kind
@SmokeDetector that's a new one on me
I'm aware of the annoying options, and the reason I don't exercise them is: I already do, but they're annoying, so I want to be able to not.
@Powerdork install an ad blocker (like adblock plus), and set it to hide those elements
Anyway, for the benefit of everyone here: don't respond to my posts. Block me.
> without just blocking the sidebar elements?
> I already do
9:48 PM
I feel like you've crossed into rude territory. We're trying to help
I don't have the capacity to be polite when faced with this sort of impulsive response driven by the desire to be the one to help (regardless of whether meaningful help is being offered), these days. I'll take this as my cue to sign off.
@nitsua60 We only talk with shersons. I want to stud a sherson with diamonds again.
@Powerdork I feel like you can find it within you to not be a jerk to people on the internet trying to help you, but you do you, I guess. I don't know what you have or haven't tried, and you didn't initially provide all the parameters. I suggested all I could think of and @AncientSwordRage is also just trying to help and may have just missed that part of your question.
@Trish well, at least one blue one
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