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@BESW that's what I thought
They have a longer play through video as well
I like the guided prompts for free RP.
It feels very elegant
And I'm a big fan of artifact-building as a record of play.
(Cozy Town and Pilgrims of the Flying Temple, for example)
This is the first time I've come across it
Not sure how I thought it could be hacked to make a crystal maze game
I can sorta see it if I squint sideways, hrm. Like, differentiate leaders to backstage roles and have obstacles to make a good show that you can try to solve in your own department (eg, props don't have the time to make the puzzle properly but will do their best) or pass it off to another department ("Hey, host, you have to explain the puzzle carefully so they don't get stuck on the part we couldn't make work right").
12:18 AM
Q: What's the best way to resolve a paradox created when a mage shapeshifted into a larger creature enters an antimagic field, but its true form doesn't?

user55434This is based on a situation that's happening in my current campaign, though the example below is simplified to remove unnecessary context. The shapechange spell (Player's Handbook, page 274) only limits the form that its user can change into by Challenge Rating, rather than size. In the followin...

12:28 AM
Do any of you lovely people know of any articles or videos on how to write an adventure module, for other people to play / GM?
@TheDragonOfFlame can't say I do, but I would definitely agree that would have been useful for me lol
@TheDragonOfFlame Any particular system?
@BESW I was thinking d&d-5e, simply because of the largest market of interest.
I’m planning on trying to sell stuff on drivethrough rpg / dmsguild… already made 25 dollars off a couple of subclasses I put up a year back..
May 2 at 10:55, by BESW
@Axoren You might find some of the TTRPG Resource Jam entries helpful, though the chance that any of them are going to specifically answer your needs is slim.
Ooh thanks
1:03 AM
Thanks a lot
@BESW that's deeper than anything else I was thinking of
Although I am still thinking contestant focused
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2:20 AM
@TheDragonOfFlame The Angry GM has a couple articles on his thoughts about challenges he found organizing publishing a module, and how mass-market publishers don't use the best approach. Not everybody likes him or his style (it's not my favorite either), but I think he's got some good thoughts in there if you dig through it, and maybe there's something you can get from it. Part 1; Part 2
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3:34 AM
CW for AngryGM. A gimmick of profanity and fake anger is one thing, and I haven't read those particular articles linked above, but we removed the site from our feed last year after a pattern of belittling and insulting attacks punching down on various groups culminated in defending outright racist rhetoric.
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4:51 AM
Q: Does Overwhelming Energy work against resist all?

AndrásOverwhelming Energy: [...] the spell ignores an amount of the target’s resistance to acid, cold, electricity, fire, or sonic damage equal to your level A Wraith for example has resist all 5. If I am on level 10 and cast Fireball (rolling 35) after activating Overwhelming Energy, how much damage...

@BESW Hey, that's me!
@vicky_molokh-unsilenceMonica Ye, I've played in a Lancer campaign before (I've played through Act 1 of the No Room for a Wallflower official campaign - Act 1 is the only one out so far)
5:43 AM
Remember when we talked about ways to present numeric bounds and their relative clarities? I played All Bridges Burning yesterday and it uses, in its rules, four different kinds of bounds: inclusive and exclusive lower bounds, as well as inclusive and exclusive upper bounds.
Within a single paragraph.
This was in a section outlining the victory conditions for each of the three factions in this asymmetric wargame. Each has two victory conditions, both of which must be fulfilled. For each faction, one of these conditions is that some score must exceed a particular fixed or dynamic value (so exclusive lower bound) and each faction's other victory condition uses a different kind of bound.
For the Reds, "Russian Vassalage plus Polarization is five or less" (inclusive upper bound). For the Senate, "German Vassalage plus Polarization is less than six" (exclusive upper bound). For Moderates, "Resolved Issues plus Networks plus one is equal to or greater than Polarization" (inclusive lower bound)
To add insult to injury, Senate and Reds are both trying to get their respective vassalage + Polarization under six, but this just had to be worded differently? And for Moderates, while I prefer inclusive bounds in general, if they want to default to exclusive bounds, couldn't they just remove "plus one" from the scoring metric and switch to exclusive...
Well okay, I guess that means the Moderates can always win by zeroing Polarization, still I think they could do with some touch of editing.
@kviiri Notation, especially notation used commonly elsewhere, is a good fix for that. That way, even if the language makes it difficult to see it's the same thing, they would at least be easily discernable bounds.
[inclusive, inclusive]
[inclusive, exclusive)
(exclusive, inclusive]
(exclusive, exclusive)
Anything that would be in a bound, would use one of the above. Saves on letters, gets the point across simply. Use something like this for one-sided bounds:
(exclusive, •)
[inclusive, •)
(•, inclusive]
5:58 AM
@Axoren I mean, why not just use the usual mathematical operators people are familiar with from comprehensive school?
A lot of the focus on rulebooks is in using language terms to describe mathematical relationships, but it's better to just be explicitly mathy.
@kviiri Were [) and (] not the notations you were familiar with in school?
Because in America, that's how we described intervals
@Axoren From University, yes, but I don't recall seeing those in any math class prior.
That's insane. As soon as we learned about rationals, we were using that notation. I think it's still considered a pre-algebraic math notation.
Also even when using intervals, I don't see any point in this, y'know, inconsistency
Let me check the open source Prealgebra texts I've got lying around. I might be wrong.
Right, but for an editor to catch these inconsistencies, them being in written language makes it harder to catch
Because there is nothing inherently wrong with those statements. They describe the relationships correctly. However, there is a refactoring problem hidden within it all.
6:02 AM
Since all of these bounds are half-open I think the interval notation would be overkill anyway
Programmers are taught to catch these kinds of isometries from their comprehension of the Abstract Syntax Tree of code.
Then simply using Inequalities would suffice.
x > 4, x >= 5
Please ring GMT games and tell them that x)
My consulting fees would be through the roof for such an overhaul, I feel.
"I've got a secret to make your system better. I'll tell it to you, for money."
Also, I get the feeling that people don't like multiple kinds of notations, so having just one for every thing is better, which is why intervals crossed my mind as a better option than intervals and inequalities.
But maybe I'm not giving everyone else in other gaming communities enough credit.
@Axoren As someone whose pre-college classes went up to pre-calculus and then college math was Remedial Math For Art Students, I'm only aware of that notation because my mother's a massive math nerd.
@BESW It looks like it's an early algebra notation, not covered pre-algebra in many cases.
Use of it pre-algebra differs regionally, sometimes replaced with [inclusive, exclusive[
Which is by far an even crazier notation
6:15 AM
(My mother is the kind of person who has a favorite story about Srinivasa Ramanujan.)
He was actually a fairly interesting guy, despite all his mathematical contributions.
As a tangentially-math guy, I have a couple as well.
Not just "knows stories about him," but "has a favorite story."
I have a couple of favorite stories of Ramanujan.
(It's the one about the taxi cab number not being boring.)
That's one of them.
There's one anecdote that I don't know if it's true, but when he was in class, he was given a problem with the expectation that he would work through it. Instead, he gave an exact answer immediately in a complex format. However, that complex format solved the entire class of problems, every kind of problem like it with easily substitutable numbers.
And supposedly, events like this weren't an uncommon occurrence.
Of all the mathematicians, he seemed like one of the ones with the keys to the universe and knew which key unlocked what.
6:24 AM
I should maybe add that my educational history is a bit unusual that I skipped most of second-degree academics (gymnasium) in favor of vocational IT classes, though I matriculated in parallel and decided to continue to the University after all to do CS.
So it's not exactly unheard of for me to be relatively clueless about math concepts despite myself having done a long minor in math at the Univ. I picked my math classes pretty much based on what interested me and what I thought would be beneficial at theoretical CS, so lots of graph theory, computability theory, logic, and other such discrete math stuff aplenty.
Plus some stats for ML
It doesn't help that everywhere teaches differently by vast notational differences.
Some crackpots disagree that 0 is a natural number and will go out of their way to say things like a natural number or 0
And they will fight on every hill until you concede that there's something so unnatural about 0 that it must be segregated the naturals.
I generally use "non-negative integer" and similar, for disambiguation.
Fun fact: one of the tutors for the young Augusta Ada King (Countess of Lovelace, AKA Ada Lovelace) wrote a whole book about how algebra didn't need negative numbers, and also "a satirical burlesque ridiculing the use of zero."
@Axoren I want to add re: All Bridges Burning in particular, it's common for their games to be packaged so there is a long-form reference rulebook but also an ultra-condensed player handout sheet with all the important actions and thresholds, including these victory conditions. There they indeed do use ≤ and ≥ consistently x_x
His objection to general undefined symbols ("we desire certainty not uncertainty, science not art") likely helped her develop some of the schema necessary to see the Analytical Engine's potential for the manipulation of general symbols.
6:46 AM
Imaginary numbers were also considered hogwash at the time, even though they served as virtual solutions to long-standing questions and reliably and consistently functioned like numbers did within algebra.
Oh yeah, Frend wasn't a fan of those either.
The name imaginary used to be derogatory, but it's the one that stuck.
I feel like it would have made sense to call them "lateral" numbers, like 3B1B and many other mathematicians have recommended.
Because they're literally just numbers that exist off of the number line.
Lateran Numbers
Fantasy Numbers. There's Fighter Numbers, Rogue Numbers, Wizard Numbers, and Cleric Numbers.
And the Bard knows how to get everyone's numbers.
Now that we're in math, I intend to have a graduation party (very belated, but still) next month \o/
6:55 AM
Congratulations. Degree in CS?
Going to honor the respectful tradition of appearing smart before one's friends by explaining one's obscure black magic pro gradu
If you're not interested in academia, definitely get on the industry job hunt train soon. It's starting to get rough out there.
Thanks but I've been gainfully employed for 5+ years now
Self-improvement? or will it help with your job?
A part of the reason why it took so long for me to graduate was that my industry work was much more... well, satisfying x)
6:57 AM
I can see that, 100%.
@Axoren A bit of this, a bit of that
In large part also sunken costs because I rushed most of my MSc courses before even writing my BSc thesis
Bandage off sort of thing, then.
And then got stuck with my MSc thesis, which ultimately turned out quite nice.
It's about automatically synthetizing asymptotically optimal distributed algorithms for arbitrary graph problems of a certain family (locally checkable labelings).
...and assuming the graph is a toroidic 4-regular grid --- a fairly common thing in the field (the "canonical" distributed computation playground is a 2-regular ring)
I won't go too much into detail because I'm supposed to be working, but basically for a grid of size n x n nodes, each locally checkable labeling requires either O(log* n) or ϴ(n) communication rounds in LOCAL model (Linial) to solve (assuming a solution exists at all). Determining whether a problem is in the former category, "sub-global" so to say, is undecidable
But sub-global problems are recognizable by a method which constructs an optimal algorithm of O(log* n) communication complexity for any given LCL problem, should one exist and given enough time
7:20 AM
Q: Can one use Witch Bolt to prevent spell casting?

LurkerWitch bolt seems to have a bad rap. One difference I see between witch bolt and other spells is that it is sustained/continued/ongoing damage. If I spam a spell caster with fire bolts, magic missiles or even fireball, there's still a gap between the time I deal damage, and the next time I deal d...

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@kviiri sounds like tricky conditions to make, almost like you need a deal with the devil scenario to win. But then you'd end up with Clopen hooves...
That was a joke just got the mathematicians and anyone who wants to Google 'Clopen'
@kviiri I understood about 30-60% of that depending on how confident I'm feeling
I'm feeling we had some similar concepts in a few physics modules but called them different things
@AncientSwordRage Polarization is the key, because everyone needs it low in order to win (how low exactly varies by faction and situation)
But each faction also has another necessary victory condition, so two of the three factions can basically push the game into higher polarization to prevent anyone from winning if things look too dire, until the situation changes.
The Moderates generally can only work towards lower Polarization, being the anti-militant faction
8:54 AM
Sounds like a game my friends might like
9:12 AM
It has a certain charm :)
9:52 AM
10:22 AM
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Q: Requirements for creatures to wake others when put to sleep by magic

Charlie HershbergerWhat is the intelligence requirements to waking up allies? I recently ran a D&D 5e game where wolves attacked the party. They were put to sleep using the sleep spell. When the wolves went to wake up the other wolves, one of the players said they couldn't do that since they have an intelligence of...

one day i might figure out how to make my reply to the latest meta less enormous, but that day is not today
how are we doing 'all?
y'all even
To go into detail about the last point, any new revisit should acknowledge that long process time, and I don't know how to go about that. I'm not advocating for an immediate change :)
Doing well, the roses are nice.
One of my cultivars smells really pleaseant, imagine the typical rose but more citrus :)
Watering them in the morning makes for a great start of my day.
@Akixkisu I think there's something there you're getting at that's valuable. I'm not sure what to put my finger on there to be more exact about it, but it seems like the right direction.
I am indulging in the imbibance of tea
@kviiri good choice :)
11:59 AM
I've been figuring out recently that getting up early and getting some exercise in is really important for a good start to my own day.
Sometime during my early twenties I discovered hit exercises, and my cognitive decline slowed down.
They might be the best structure for my day.
They change my mood and structure my energy in so many different ways.
Yeah, getting a bit of outdoor activity is very refreshing
Similar to what the effect of sunlight does.
@Akixkisu that sounds excellent
@kviiri What sort of tea?
12:10 PM
@AncientSwordRage When I sit under that blue sky, breathing in that fragrance, feeling a breeze pass as it brushes over my skin, brim with warm light, it is one of my great joys :)
@RevanantBacon Taiwanese Oolong at this time, though I do many kinds
@doppelgreener I'm thinking about starting a draft of an answer in case there's a revisit (which seems likely at this point)
@ThomasMarkov (I'm hoping so)
@Akixkisu stared :)
@doppelgreener I'm thinking of using the formatting sandbox on meta.se to draft an answer
12:22 PM
@ThomasMarkov on our late votes meta?
@doppelgreener For the impending revisit
yeah that sounds reasonable
Ill want your input.
personally i draft my posts (when i draft them) in google docs, in markdown
@doppelgreener you can do that?
I mean, will it do the markdown formatting?
12:24 PM
Google docs don't respond to markdown, but I can still write in markdown. It's an ordinary A4 page with #'s before the headings, but also I apply heading formatting to them to show me what it's going to look like.
For lists and bolding and other stuff I just go with Docs formatting and make sure I remember to convert it across (inevitably missing one or two bits of formatting lol)
or I'll use *'s anyway if I want to. Nobody's my boss, I can make my draft look like a mixed-formatting hellscape if I want to.
So NautArch didnt kill us this weekend, and we successfully took down a dragon construct.
I feel like I need a player/character disambiguation here
Congrats though!!
@ThomasMarkov I may be available to provide it :)
12:47 PM
Q: The question listed "actioned X time ago" alignment is broken

doppelgreenerThe “asked/answered/edited X time ago” messages on the question list are always right-aligned. Today that right alignment seems to be missing, except for when they word wrap to the next line. It definitely doesn't seem deliberately like this; there's no space at all between the tags and attributi...

@doppelgreener Im considering an "objections considered" section, to provide reassurance that the concerns about repealing the policy shouldn't be an issue.
That sounds appropriate
1:03 PM
So I'm pretty sure the answer to this question is "No, because you didn't get the spell via the Wizard class, even though it's on the wizard class spell list" and I seem to recall a quote somewhere that basically says that the source of a spell matters, not just what spell lists it's on.
But I can't for the life of me think of where I can find the quote
Q: Does the "Cantrip Formulas" optional Wizard feature allow a racial cantrip to be swapped for another?

Guillaume F.The Tasha's Cauldron of Everything optional level 3 Wizard feature Cantrip Formulas does the following: You have scribed a set of arcane formulas in your spellbook that you can use to formulate a cantrip in your mind. Whenever you finish a long rest and consult those formulas in your spellbook, ...

2:00 PM
@ThomasMarkov you think you didn't die...
I love SMBC
2:37 PM
My coffee hasn't kicked in yet. Is this question stackable, or is it too open ended/opinion based right now?
Q: Am I the problematic person here?

MelkyI'm currently playing at a table using Discord with some online and IRL friends, once a week. All's good in the world, but recently, another friend asked me to join, and after checking with our GM, he's been added to the table. Since then, some of his actions have been chipping away my enjoyment...

@Upper_Case that reads like an "Am I the Asshole" reddit post. I don't think we're equipped to answer the question in its current form
@G.Moylan My instinct is that we could handle it if it were a "what should I do to resolve this conflict" question, though those are often borderline as well
@Upper_Case yeah. If it explicitly asked some kind of "what do?" then I think we could handle it, but as it stands it seems like it'd get better feedback on one of the TTRPG subreddits or AITA
@Upper_Case it is that question, but they'd need a frame challenge to address it
It's also asking several small questions that themselves are quite broad
2:42 PM
their solution is blame assignment, not working through it. So they're asking "I have a problem, and I want to blame someone, who do I blame" When it could be "I have a problem, how do I work through it"
@AncientSwordRage They also ask if they should quit
and if it's wrong to feel the way they do
@G.Moylan yeah I think that all stems from not knowing what to ask
That is 100% not a stackable question. Purely opinion based, not to mention that I'm sure we don't really have the full story.
I tossed a comment in, but I'm never good at those
@Upper_Case you did just fine
2:55 PM
@KorvinStarmast I like the idea of adding concentration checks for casting a spell under witch bolt.
@NautArch Why? Witch Bolt is already bad enough, no need to make it worse.
@RevanantBacon You don'tt hink that connecting it to a caster and forcing them to do a concentration check when attempting to cast a spell would be an improvement?
@NautArch It's a neat idea, but I have not yet figured out the loopholes, and do you want to do this to the PCs? That's the other question. So far, not seeing the down side of adding the feature, but I think some play test would be handy. @MikeQ Laz uses witch bolt wth some frequency, I'll run this idea past Kevin and see what he thinks. (he's been a DM for a lot of years across various editions, I find his general sanity-check capability to be quite high)
Ah, the target needs to make concentration checks? That is cool. Gives the spell some utility. I had once considered a homebrew where it prevents the target from hiding, since the bolt is continuous and visible.
@NautArch Oh, I was thinking you meant that the person who cast Witch Bolt was the one making the concentration check
Then yes, this would improve the spell, although probably not significantly.
2:58 PM
@MikeQ also a neat idea. (Kind of like the light cantrip?)
@KorvinStarmast Yeah, the spell describes "crackling, blue energy" and a "sustained arc of lightning" during its duration, so if the target is hidden/invisible, the arc is still visible.
@MikeQ location is visible, target is not. I'd still rule that way with the existing spell.
I'd consider updating it as well to outlining the target or something.
Idea for a main site question: "My DM doesn't believe in counterspell, how can I convince him he's a bad person?"
@ThomasMarkov Frame Challenge!
Give them a Person Test, if they score below 70% then they are a bad person
3:06 PM
@MikeQ can you recommend a test?
I have an A where I answer the question but also plug a website. Should I move that part of my answer to a self-answer Q/A?
@ThomasMarkov Get out the horse and shackles. Do some consensual stuff. tape him admitting he was a bad person.
@ThomasMarkov Lol, one of my players probably thinks I'm a bad person because I'm a DM who deliberately set up a counterspell heavy encounter to show him he can't fireball everything all the time
@Upper_Case Imma teach them a lesson in spacing counterspell
@NautArch Im pretty sure you used that dragon's charm effect wrong
3:10 PM
@ThomasMarkov If he's the DM then he used it just right :P
@G.Moylan I think the outcome worked out well
@ThomasMarkov How?
Should I split this answer into it's own Q/A to plug that website or not?
@G.Moylan That doesn't seem necessary. Answer seems fine as is.
@NautArch Normal dragons have a frightful presence feature, which is an action to use
3:13 PM
@ThomasMarkov Right, but this was on it's own. I didn't start it soon enough, but I did some things to try and even it out.
I didnt check our dragon, but im assuming its probably the same
@ThomasMarkov can't they also use it as a legendary action?
@ThomasMarkov Oh,no. For this guy it's all wrapped it in one.
Presence + 3 attacks +one more attack if grounded.
@MikeQ alright I won't worry about it then
Multiattack. The dragon uses its Malevolent Presence. It then makes three attacks: two with its claws and one with its tail. If the dragon isn’t flying, it can also make one attack with its wings.
3:14 PM
@NautArch oh yeah, i forgot dragons get it for free every turn
How does this question have a 2 minute old answer when the Q was closed 12 minutes ago?
@ThomasMarkov Geez, without counterspell my current bard (lore, 12) would be a whole lot less useful to our party. In the past adventure day, she has used 3 level 3 slots, 2 level 5 slots, and a level 6 slot for counterspell. (Level four spells were used for DD and a couple of Freedom of Movement for our martials).
@G.Moylan Closure is done client side, and its possible to answer a closed question within four hours of closure usually.
Q: How was this answer posted after this question was closed?

tombull89Question: lot of .exe folders are created on my windows7 Answer: try that... The question was closed at 11:57:57 (according to the hover-over-"x-mins-ago" bar) and the answer was posted at 12:16:35. It's a fairly lengthy answer, so it's possible that it was started to be written before it was c...

@ThomasMarkov that... seems like a significant flaw
@G.Moylan got tagged on meta.se
3:16 PM
@G.Moylan even more puzzling from this view
The last battle (we had four battles) had 4 or 5 enemy casters in it ... my bard was the counterspelling beauty, yes she was.
@KorvinStarmast How do yall run counterspell?
@KorvinStarmast They all waited to cast spells in separate rounds? :D
@AncientSwordRage Honestly I'm not sure how it made it through First Post
Okay what if we balanced counterspell by giving it a V component, requiring you to shout "OBJECTION!" when you cast it?
@G.Moylan same
3:20 PM
@NautArch DM says "so and so casting a spell" and I either cast "counterspell" or I don't, depending on range or my estimate of what might be cast. No spell identification step.
Now, do you do the same when casting?
For enemy counterspellers?
@NautArch No. I get one reaction per turn, so any number of spells still went off, ouch
@G.Moylan you can see who approved it
Not that I want to put anyone on blast
@NautArch Me as DM, or our DM in game? I have only been c-spelled twice that I can recall, and both times the DM's roll was low enough to miss the DC for level 4 or level 5 spell. IIRC one of my conjured Huge snakes was dispelled, though.
@G.Moylan We have 220 closed-but-not-deleted questions in 2021, and it has happened twice this year, So <1% of closed questions receiving an answer shortly after closure isnt a huge problem.
3:21 PM
Is there a SEDE query that brings you questions that get closed straight after clearing review?
"Problem" would be a user habitually doing it on purpose.
@KorvinStarmast Does the DM use counterspell against y'all?
@NautArch were in not for our paladin dashing on his giant bat and smite slaying a couple of casters two rounds in a row, we might have been done for. I was up to my butt in busy, that's for sure. (Someone tried to hold person the paladin and I giggled "uh, freedom of movement" and the DM ground his teeth but admitted "they can't have known that it was up, you cast it before the previous battle")
How do we flag answers with unsubstantiated suggestions? NaA, VLQ, other?
@G.Moylan VLQ if it's available
3:24 PM
@G.Moylan I usually do a VLQ
If its positive scoring VLQ might not be an option.
Or you can share it here if its worthy of downvotes
A: Am I the problematic person here?

ValhallaGHGood On You Seriously, you're trying to be a good friend and you are checking your assumptions. That is commendable behavior and I am commending you for it. Good job. Your Issues There are a few things going on, and you need to decide why those things are bothering you. Depending upon your answer...

It's that post-closure answer and it doesn't actually substantiate anything
from what I can see
unless I'm missing someting
I think there's some helpful advice for introspection and analyzing the situation.
@NautArch yes, per the previous. Also, I think that in the lich fight (I was not present, the paladin player took care of playing my bard) the lich c-spelled a couple of my attempts, but I'd have to check on that. Our plan was for me to grapple the lich after the sorc cast silence on a place (I have athletics expertise) and let the two martials smile the dickens out of it, but that apparently didn't go as planned - of course
@KorvinStarmast That's one of my issues with it. It changes the way everyone has to play in order for it to be more fair
DMs shouldn't know the spells being cast so they dont' unfairly use counterspell with more info.
3:29 PM
@NautArch How so? For us, it's kind of straight forward.
@ThomasMarkov there's some good advice yes but how is it an answer that follows our rules?
Given the vagueness of the question, the answer is ok. Not great, but ok. Decent interpersonal advice, with some suggestions on how to approach the issue with the other players. I'm more concerned that the question has reopen votes, despite being closed recently and not receiving follow-up edits or clarifications.
@NautArch I trust our DM, that's for us not a concern.
@KorvinStarmast I don't think Ive ever gotten players to not say what they're casting.
@KorvinStarmast Have they counterspelled cantrips?
@NautArch Very few monsters have c spell on their list.
3:30 PM
@KorvinStarmast RIght, so when they do, does the DM tell them? THat's a pretty big tip if so.
@NautArch I don't know if I have or not. It's been used sparingly against us, so I can't answer for certain.
@KorvinStarmast based on my ddb search its mostly named casters.
@KorvinStarmast And that's also kind of my point. It probably shouldn't be used sparingly against you.
But to do otherwise may be unfun.
@NautArch Spells have components and require line-of-sight, so it's reasonable to say that the NPCs can anticipate the spell's intended target if they can observe the caster.
The other thing a DM can to to 'keep it fair' is roll a die (like a recharge on dragon's breath) to see if they c spell or not.
3:31 PM
@MikeQ Sure, but that' target ID, not spell ID.
I found NautArch's new favorite monster: Aeorian Nullifier. It's a Wildemount creature that can cast counsterspell at will.
@NautArch There are other spells, like fireball, that work just fine against us. also third level. three of the for of us missed our saves, only the paladin saved, on the first one.
@ThomasMarkov MATT WHY
@ThomasMarkov na na na na na na I see nothing!
@ThomasMarkov Oh, I ran several of those Aeorian creatures against my party while they were in a demiplane filled with unspeakable horrors!
3:32 PM
@ThomasMarkov yeah, I think I added that to an answer some months ago.
@G.Moylan He played it well on the show.
@Xirema I actually really like their design.
@KorvinStarmast THat is different, in my opinion. Counterspell is one of those that is eminently fun when you cast it on someone else. It can become much less fun when you burn a resource and it fails because of it. Ify ou swing the balance so that never happens to the players, then it isn't the same and why I avoid it. But if it's fun for you, it's fun for you :)
And that's an anti player monster, the way Iron Golems used to be anti wizard monsters in AD&D ...
I am curious how much the content in the Wildemount book was shaped by Critical Role players' choice of classes and playstyles during that specific campaign.
@NautArch enemy casters also have limited spell slots. 😉
3:34 PM
@ThomasMarkov I'm not sure how I feel about that design being handed to people in a book, though. It's almost giving permission for DMs to whip that out and punish people, in a way
@ThomasMarkov Yeah, they were actually a really good monster to drop on the players unexpectedly. Powerful with tactics you have to play around, but they don't hit so hard that the party gets TPK'd before they even have a chance to figure out what's happening.
@KorvinStarmast Kindasorta. It's just one encounter for them. You've got a day.
@G.Moylan Have you read Tomb of Horror?
@NautArch I have and I hate it
@NautArch yes; I expect that as we go up in level, we'll get counterspelled by some casting enemies. We are earning a bit of a reputation in the northern part of the game world at the moment, so it's not like it would be a shock that someone might be ready for us ...
@G.Moylan Yep, it ruined my group.
3:35 PM
@NautArch ?????
@KorvinStarmast The random traps, do this and die, etc.
One, it made them stop having fun. We lost players during that - even though I kept asking if we should stop.
Sometimes, don't listen to your players, but watch them.
They'll tell you more honestly in how they act than in what they say.
@NautArch good point for DMs and GMs the world over.
I should have stopped it much earlier.
Does anyone here have much experience (observational or practical) with paid DM-ing?
@ThomasMarkov Ah yes, Wildemount, where everything is perfectly balanced and has absolutely no exploits.
3:45 PM
@NautArch Whenever we get some down time, I make spells scrolls of slow and / or conjure animals. I find that I use them a lot. I like to have a back up. Xanathar's crafting rules, so it's not as expensive as it might be.
@KorvinStarmast Ah, we dont really do crafting of magic items.
@NautArch Hmm, it occurs to me that one could use a reaction to cast counterspell form a scroll? Or can you? maybe not.
@NautArch It's part of how I do something with the gold we find.
@KorvinStarmast Thankfully, rime doesn't have much loot. I've given out some fun magic items and used what's int he adventure.
@KorvinStarmast How structured is the downtime in that campaign? Like, do you reliably have [x] days between quests, is it variable, does the DM allow flexibility if/when you want more of it?
our campaign includes down time now and again since the DM wants us to participate in the world building - what we do fleshes out some of the areas where he hasn't got anything. For example, on the southern coast we set up a two ship trading/mercantile operation after capturing a couple of pirate ships.
3:48 PM
@NautArch Yeah, we're level 7 and I have the 10 gold I started with.
We are now setting up an orphanage in the halfling homeland.
@KorvinStarmast That is very cool. I'm not entirely sure my group is interested.
@Upper_Case it is variable. I personally would rather pursue goals first, but the DM has some time line pacing (world events) that he keeps track of. Also, he likes for us to use that element of the game.
For example, the warlock and I spent an entire week of down time researching two magic crystals he found: I was basically helping his arcana checks for a week.
@KorvinStarmast That sounds pretty good. I've become more uncertain about my downtime pacing, and I'm trying to sort out if I should be more rigid
While we did that, the sorcerer and the paladin headed off to the halfling homeland with the aim of buying a plot of land and getting the orphanage laid out. (That cost some dough)
@Upper_Case I'd recommend 'variable' but it's a matter of taste. Big time.
3:51 PM
@KorvinStarmast When I first wrote up the campaigns I'm running I hadn't really factored in content from Strongholds and Followers, so there was copious downtime while traveling which just went unused if players didn't have something they specifically wanted to do
@NautArch We tried to start a traveling flea market for widowed goblin women.
But with strongholds the balance shifts and they can't do everything they need to while on the road. My attempted fixes were less elegant than I'd hoped, so I definitely have to make adjustments
@ThomasMarkov oooh, i'll have to roll to see where they are.
@Upper_Case Matt C's book?
@KorvinStarmast yes, the first one
3:53 PM
@KorvinStarmast That's the one. It has a lot of nice stuff in it, but after some experience I think it's pretty hard to use without the promised sequel Kingdoms and War
(or whatever it's called)
@Upper_Case Kingdoms and Warfare, and it's supposed to be out later this year.
@G.Moylan I have that on the back burner for my brother's world, just had another adventure arc dumped in my lap, brother is up to his neck in RL work. Am setting up the level 7 candlekeep adventure for the level 6 party ...
@G.Moylan Here's hoping
@G.Moylan I've been waiting! It's a more major adjustment to a campaign than I'd been thinking, and most of the rules that make the strongholds really relevant are in the upcoming book
S&F mostly adds devastating options to ordinary combats
@KorvinStarmast I'm a backer, he's on track.
They're finishing layout now
@G.Moylan I stopped backing anything on kickstarter ever again. I ran into some severe account problems, can't get an answer, and have much material not delivered. KS will not respond. Never, even again. If Matt's second book becomes available simply for purchase, I'll buy it.
3:59 PM
Everything is written, it's just the admin stuff at this point, afaik
@KorvinStarmast I only back things I trust, which isn't often
@G.Moylan I had good luck with Angry's book, and with Matt's first book, and with Flotsam, but other KS's have soured me on the entire process. Never again.
I haven't actually been burned on anything (I don't back wild tech, on principle, or board games) but some things have clearly caught the maker off guard on how long or how complicated it will be to do something, and while I got my stuff, it made me seriously examine who I'm actually giving money to in the event I do actually back something.
@G.Moylan In my case, on a number of products, KS goals items that I respond to (get an email) I suddenly can't access. Same team, initial product received, all of a sudden my account and log in are not valid. Anyway, not your problem to solve, just me being frustrated.
@KorvinStarmast There are some I've backed long ago that if I were to ever lose the PDF I got I'd have no way to recover the file outside of my own backups.
I had good luck with Agon from Evil Hat. Matt's book was long but we knew that going in. I've also backed something from Sandy Peterson and something from Cawood. The Sandy Peterson book was already written, just needed to go to publish, so I got that PDF instantly, which was nice.
4:22 PM
potentially ready to reopen:
Q: How can I show a friend of mine that his behavior is about to make me quit playing?

MelkyI'm currently playing at a table using Discord with some online and IRL friends, once a week. All's good in the world, but recently, another friend asked me to join, and after checking with our GM, he's been added to the table. Since then, some of his actions have been chipping away my enjoyment...

Q: How to prevent a wake up conga line?

MołotThere is a problem I encountered recently. My DM rolls initiative for groups of monsters together. We are at level 4, so Sleep should be a decent battlefield control. However, we have been encountering too many enemies recently. Due to the action economy, a dozen goblins is really hard to survive...

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@doppelgreener Looks like RO happened.
@doppelgreener looks good now
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wow votes are locked after 2 hours. I thought it was longer than that. Can't remove a downvote now
@G.Moylan votes are locked after five minutes.
Oh wait I see
6:38 PM
@ThomasMarkov Huh, I thought it was 15
@G.Moylan Do you want a secret tip?
@RevanantBacon nooooo
If you edit a question yourself, you can change your vote and then rollback the edit immediately
This may or may not count as abuse of the system
An exploit as it were
@G.Moylan emergency aid: fix a few typos.
Please note that we at Bacon Industries™ do not condone or encourage such activities
@RevanantBacon it's not an exploit if you actually fix typos. :P
6:45 PM
(also, this assumes that there isn't anything wrong with the answer to edit. If there are actual grammatical issues to fix, then you're good to go)
we got anything that needs a bounty?
I've probably said this before, I'm quite pleased that we've moved away from seeing an answer that is just quoting a tweet as a good answer.
@ThomasMarkov maybe some unanswered non-5e content?
@Trish find me a good one
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