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4:04 PM
@ThomasMarkov a guy who was in the play test did the math a while back. 6-8 Easy to Medium was how the numbers lined up, but they never corrected that in the final printing.
@MikeQ Why D&D and not Pugmire?
Isn't Pugmire a D&D clone?
nope. Pugmire is more a campaign setting.
Pugmire seems to be about human players playing as dog fantasy characters. I was talking about dog players playing as human(oid) fantasy characters. Like if someone brings their dog to D&D night, and the dog is bored because the humans are just sitting around and not playing fetch.
@Trish ah, similar to Humblewood?
4:09 PM
@G.Moylan take a look at drivethrurpg.com/product/252746/…
@Trish oh it's OGL
@kviiri IIRC, that's the Monkey's Paw tradition being maintained. Not sure where I read that, but it fits.
@G.Moylan thats how I saw it advertised as well
@MikeQ well, cats are better for game nights in my experience: the worst that happens is, if you drop a polyhedron, it's a treasure for the cat to chase. Or that you need to spare a hand for your sudden lapwarmer.
I suppose having dog players might work if the GM has a railroad-style story, and prefers to roll the dice themselves.
4:13 PM
@MikeQ or is just really old-school
@Catofdoom2 ? My lack of patience isn't your fault. Hope to see you back soon.
GM: The king looks at you impatiently. He turns to you and says, "What do you want of me, wizard?"
Dog: (licks the table)
GM: I'll roll Persuasion. (rolls a 20). The king is moved by your words.
@KorvinStarmast Massive frustration with a game that is less comprehensively written than the WoD products before 2000.
@Trish Our cats would yowl, and possibly walk all over the table/sit on character sheets
@MikeQ Scott Kurtz had a baby play a baby dragon in his web comic (Table Titans) - it was an interesting variation on your idea.
4:17 PM
@AncientSwordRage then you have an automatic soundtrack!
one of our cats will see something they want to chase...but 'tis over there and they are not going to go get it. So they'll scream at it in the hopes it comes closer
@Trish and what a sound track that is! :D
@Trish and weirdly, millions of people enjoy playing it. But not all games are to the tastes of all gamers. So it goes. People loved Mass Effect, but it never did anything for me. I also tired quickly of WoW.
Still standing by cats being the RPG-group friendlier pets
@AncientSwordRage they're practising casting a spell to move the item closer :D (idk if there's a spell like that and if so what it'd be called. i'm not familiar with RPGs / magic stuffs)
@hyper-neutrino no, they are clearly trying to tell their worshippers to move it for them, but hoomans are so dense, they don't understand what their gods want!
4:20 PM
@Trish Until they sit on the pizza. (Well, the closed pizza box; it was still warm). Yep, that happened IRL ...
@Trish I prefer the term 'Thumb-Servant'
So we all agree, Cats are superior?
@Trish Nope.
@KorvinStarmast Cats are anti-starter-wizard weapons since AD&D 2nd, Dogs less so. That should make them superior!
If y'all want to argue about Cats vs. Dogs I suggest you move it to Sci-Fi chat :-p
4:25 PM
@Trish I did find some forums with explanations behind the meme, but it looks like the recent mainsite question was deleted.
@KorvinStarmast Diablo on the other hand...
@MikeQ I know. It was mine. I was fed up by the flak that people think it wasn't a valid question to ask if that was ever acknowledged by any official wizards of the coast source.
@Trish Dog's have +4 tails of game disruption, if you are playing on a coffee table. One swipe and the minis are all over the place.
@KorvinStarmast our cat has that upgrade
@KorvinStarmast Who uses minis anyway? I use a wall and magnets!
4:27 PM
it's super effective against plates of food
@Trish I thought it was well scoped.
@AncientSwordRage I think it's a feet
@AncientSwordRage OMG, I even got addicted to III, even though it's a grind ... I have played some II recently and forgot how addicted I was to it.
@KorvinStarmast I've never tried III
@ThomasMarkov if 3 people yell at you in the comments that it wouldn't be a valid question....
4:27 PM
@Trish I do, and I did. Starting 1975 and ending in the early 00's
I've been trying to get away from them recently but players love them
@AncientSwordRage It has its charm for the first few run throughs, but it turned into a DPS grind eventually ...
@KorvinStarmast hmmm
@G.Moylan Thats me!
@Trish just let community review sort it out, it probably would have stayed open. alternatively, post a meta asking if the question is on topic.
@KorvinStarmast it was more metaphorical: when I played in the uni, we used the green wall boards and chalk to make maps. Or the beamer.
4:28 PM
@KorvinStarmast While I don't like that my dogs tails are docked, it sure resolves that problem.
@AncientSwordRage If you can get it cheap, give it a try (needs a good video card)
@Trish Great idea, wish we'd had that tool.
@Trish Now I'm imagining drawing on the hood of a BMW with a marker, ElectroBOOM-style
@KorvinStarmast I've got it, but my desktop exploded ~7-10 years ago?
power-supply just went pop :'(
@KorvinStarmast beamer, chalk board or just a big screen?
@AncientSwordRage I play on a laptop, but, that laptop has a nice graphics card
@Trish projector and screen
Chalk board and dry erase board I have used
4:31 PM
@KorvinStarmast My phone has more memory than my laptop currently :D
@KorvinStarmast projector is a hazzle (we couldn'T ge tthe keys to access them most of the time), but I have used my TV as auxiliary screen when playing remotely this year.
@Trish Some day, I will retire and go baack to painting the rest of my minis. Only about a thousand to go
@Trish We have a tv upstairs that I don't use any more, Maybe I ought to do that. Hmmm. Plug into it ... will discuss with wife. She needs to be sure that the TV won't be inaccessible to a guest; it's in the guest room ...
@KorvinStarmast mine's a smart TV... heh... if I ever get the space for a dedicated gaming den, I might put one into the table....
@KorvinStarmast I built a little box with handles and put a TV in that. I can lay it flat on a table or stand it up and use it normally
@G.Moylan It's still very obviously a TV in a box, but it works fine for eithe rpurpose
TV on the wall also works fine though, and has a better image quality than a beamer
4:45 PM
Back when the original CoD was still hot, I hooked a nearly deceased beamer (thus free) to my PC. When you play on a screen that's a square meter, you don't really need resolution. It was hilarious even with the square pixels.
Now there are people with an 8k tV bigger than that.
why are people calling projectors "beamers"? I've never heard them called that before today
A project around here is a device that's used manually.
@G.Moylan same here, must be a regional dialect thing
With either sheets or dias.
As in, the predecessor of the beamer.
You don't call them "digital projectors" and "overhead projectors"?
4:48 PM
Such a mouthful.
Digital projectors are beamers and overhead projectors are projectors.
where are you from, if I may ask? I suspect this is a regional difference
I don't know who came up with it.
@Mast I just call them all projectors, and specify only if it matters
@Mast Netherlands?
Hi @Catofdoom2!!
:58042963 Old Zealand.
@Mast lol ok
4:50 PM
@Mast lol
@AncientSwordRage I haven't seen an overhead projector in use for almost a decade.
@Mast They have their use where affording a smart board isn't an option
@G.Moylan That's where old beamers come in.
@Mast I last saw one on Taskmaster
@G.Moylan I had to convince a teacher to use them over an overhead projector once :/
Last I checked you can't link an overhead projector to a laptop.
4:52 PM
@AncientSwordRage yeesh
@Mast you can't. You have to combine it with a digital projector. It's janky and you really only need it in very specific edge cases. Like if you don't have a whiteboard
did I say smart board? I meant whiteboard, sorry
I see how that would be confusing
Haha, yes, it was.
Late, but I believe Here There Be Dragons is available for sensitive topics.
5:14 PM
@G.Moylan I think you're thinking of Dungeons and Doggies. Or possibly Cats and Catacombs, which are direct 5e rips.
@doppelgreener Yeah, actually I've got something in the edit pressure cooker about that right now.
5:34 PM
Doing a little poll: Do you prepare prewritten content for games? How much?
I.E. If they are going to go into a cave, do you make a write up description of the entrance to the cave?
(Directed at GMs)
Yes, whenever possible. Improvisation is important, but that works well with dynamic things, like actions and motives. Trying to invent a fully explorable space on the spot is a very different beast.
@MikeQ What about for monsters or the like? Do you write up exactly how the dragons red scales gisten in the torchlight? Or just wing it?
Although I suppose it depends on the game. I am mostly versed in D&D type games, where the GM is expected to prepare an environment where the action takes place. That means they need to know the important elements (NPCs, hazards, etc) that would be relevant.
I never write "read-aloud" descriptions, just barely enough notes for me to know what the place looks like
Ah, you mean writing descriptions? In that case I just do a few bullet points, enough to convey tone and important cues. I don't bother writing up full paragraphs. I've found that many descriptive details aren't really important, because the players will mentally fill in the blanks.
5:41 PM
A trap of prewriting an environment to be aware of, is that the more you write it, the more you're forcing your party to go into it or throwing it away.
@TheDragonOfFlame I've got just general prompts for scenes, but rarely am I reading my text straight. MOstly because I may have forgotten I wrote something.
I'm a big fan of outlines. And I'll usually have a 3 pocket encounters I can place anywhere in case they go another direction.
So for the "dragon's red scales glisten in the torchlight" - what's the reason to use that phrase? Is it important that the dragon is shiny? Is the torch important?
@ACuriousMind That's my style also
@MikeQ just made something up. Basically my question was do you write the little blurbs like in modules, or just wing it, or have rough notes.
Then the short answer is no. The blurbs are usually too long, and tend to contain irrelevant details. Instead I do bullet points for whatever is important enough that the players need to know, and maybe for tone if the tone isn't already established.
5:46 PM
Outlines are great. Have some general ideas penned down, work from there.
well, my improvised descriptions also tend to contain a lot of irrelevant detail, which then becomes relevant if the players get interested in it (they always get interested in the throw-away stuff :P)
Pure flavor details can be fun, but they are time consuming and can distract the players. I've had players fixate on a throwaway descriptive detail and then get confused when there was no follow-up.
One thing I've found is that players will often help you flesh out details unintentionally. I'll give them a rough outline of the room, say "It's a rather small room, only about 10x20 feet. There's a cabinet against the North wall, next to a bed and a writing desk". Those are the only features that anyone, including me, know about the roombecause those are the only actually important features for the story.
Then the players will say something like "how is the room lit?" and you'll have to make a split second decision. Is it unlit? Is there an oil lamp burning on the desk? Torches in the wall? A chandelier?
You don't have that written down, because you don't need to know ahead of time.
They may also assume details, and say something like "I check under the rug to see if there's a hidden trap door". No-one ever said there was a rug, but it gives it some character, and it makes sense for there to be one there, so why not? So you decide what kind of rug it is. Maybe it's from the hide of some great furry beast, or maybe it's woven silk. They won't end up finding a trap door of course, but just knowing that there's a rg there sharpens the image of the room in your mind.
6:14 PM
@G.Moylan that's how they are called here.
Projektor is the term for an overhed projector. So the projects started to go by beamer.
When an old answer to and old question becomes obsolete due to knew content, should the previous answer be unnacepted?
@TheDragonOfFlame hm... more add a note, to it, and if it is your question and you have a better answer, sure
@TheDragonOfFlame I would say only if there is a new answer that is accurate. Alternatively, add a bounty requesting a new updated answer.
6:32 PM
@TheDragonOfFlame link it?
Q: Is There A Non-Homebrew Way To Add Proficiency to Initiative?

Jamie BraceI know in some homebrew classes, such as Matt Mercer's Gunslinger Archetype, you can add your proficiency bonus to your initiative modifer. Are there any ways of doing this in the official rulebooks?

Just noticed that question and saw the new answer
@TheDragonOfFlame Weve deleted that answer twice from other users.
So three times now.
Also theres nothing to be done about the green check there. Op was Last seen Nov 1 '18 at 15:29
This week I should be #1 all time in reputation lost to the daily cap
@Trish are you in Europe, if I may ask?
Q: Detect Magic as Ritual casting to find magic item?

user3698988I am new as DM running my fourth session playing D&D 5e. I have five experienced players who sometimes use logic that seems suspicious. One of my players is a wizard. They cast Detect Magic as a ritual to search for magical items, barriers, or a person who has magic. I don't have a problem with t...

@ThomasMarkov you just lose that rep, it doesn't roll it over?
6:46 PM
@G.Moylan Correct.
@ThomasMarkov That's... harsh
My rep without the daily cap would be 103k
I suppose I knew that. I've "exceeded" cap a few times before and never got credit for that rep, it seems
@ThomasMarkov how do you know that?
@G.Moylan yes
6:48 PM
Looks like Medix is the closest user to the legendary badge right now
How one earth would you get 40k rep in a day? Unbelievable.
@TheDragonOfFlame I did it across 222 days.
high traffic site, catchy question and title, good answer, HNQ. I suppose it's possible
Ive hit cap 222 times, and lost 44k rep to the cap, so on days I hit cap, I average 200 rep lost.
@ThomasMarkov esy solution: protected and an explicit note that UA is not acceptable.
7:03 PM
@Trish Already protected it, I'll leave a comment, good idea.
@ThomasMarkov nah, I edited that into the question :3
Oh, you got it.
go team
Oh sweet, Van Richten's guide is live in the stackizen campaigns.
That Sorcerer spells known bounty is calling my name but I can tell it will be a doozy to write
@ThomasMarkov though Miniman's answer is correct still
> You emit an aura of alertness while you aren’t incapacitated. When you and any creatures of your choice within 10 feet of you roll initiative, you all gain a bonus to initiative equal to your proficiency bonus.
@Trish Are you sure?
7:08 PM
@ThomasMarkov it is correct for the date it was written.
Right, but today is not that day, so it is wrong. It's helpful, an could be fixed easily, but it is not a correct answer.
Tasha's cauldron of everything is a 2020 thing, Miniman's answer is 2016
last seen Miniman was 2020...
> Last seen Mar 13 at 2:43
ok, last active... we can leave him a note
please stop pinging me everyone
i'm getting pinged every hour. please stop. at least for a little while
7:17 PM
the last ping was about 3 hours ago.
it says 1 hour ago for me
If you click the "leave" link on the right side of the page, it will remove you from the room and prevent pings showing up from anyone that's not a mod
and it's from a bunch of diffrent rooms.
(at least, I'm pretty sure that's how it works)
@RevanantBacon thank you
7:19 PM
@Someone_Evil Is my statement correct?
okay, I'm going to go. please don't ping me unless it's important.
No, you're still pingable if you visited with X days and left a message within Y (I don't remember the numbers though)
I would assume part of it is simply folks replying to your messages, which is kinda just how chat works
@Someone_Evil can i disable pinging?
I'm pretty sure you can't. You can mute it if the sound's the issue, I think
I really don't want to be tempted to return until I'm fully ready.
7:23 PM
I doubt anyone will ping you again now that you've asked..
There's an option for quicker notifications, but not slower nor none as far as I can tell
@Someone_Evil yep, but I only notice 'pings' when I look at the top of the page on mainsight and see a little red flag with how many messages or comments I have missed.
@KorvinStarmast I get emails.
@TheDragonOfFlame OMG, I'd go nuts if stuff from this site hit my email box. Glad I never enabled that.
@KorvinStarmast Only happens after like a week without checking
7:28 PM
okay, i have to consider fix the things I've done. I'm very sorry. essipally to you @KorvinStarmast I'm very sorry
@KorvinStarmast Same.
@Catofdoom2 No apology to me is necessary, none at all. I was being a bit impatient with how our communication wasn't synching up; I owe you an apology for being so impatient.
And we had a very tough scheduling and "when to play" coordination piece tossed in there to boot. As I said to Devil, the DC for scheduling is a 35 or so. 😮
What's the HNQ timer, again?
7:42 PM
@G.Moylan 8 hours to get put on the list
8hrs before something can HNQ, is that what you were asking?
@KorvinStarmast no, it's my fault
@bobble too slow :P
@ThomasMarkov thanks
@ThomasMarkov hmph.
pouts in corner
7:46 PM
I am honestly a bit shocked that my CoC dice vs difficulty question hasn't been asked here before.
There were so few questions on CocC I could individually check through them myself
@Catofdoom2 Hang in there, you've got a lot of good stuff going on. Give it some time and space.
@KorvinStarmast i really messed up, my story is terrible and everything else I did. I need to fix my wrongs.
I've been depressed and life is just getting worse and worse. I most certainly will return one day, but, i need time.
please only message/ping me only if it's important from now one. at least for a while.
@Catofdoom2 sure thing, will do. Be well. 😎
thank you
tell @Devils_Spawn that I send my regaurds.
8:52 PM
Q: Can I make my own weapons?

Devils _SpawnI'm a DM in a campaign and I was wondering if I could make my own weapons. Yes, the ones already in the Dungeon Master's Guide are pretty cool, but I'd like to make weapons of my own. Is this illegal?

1 hour later…
10:08 PM
Q: How can I balance this custom magic weapon, Dawnblade?

RudyI am creating a +2 magic bastard sword (both myself, as a DM, and my own DM say that the Bastard Sword is a Heavy Weapon, similar to how most people I know say the Katana/Dao (Japanese and Chinese longsword respectively) is a Finesse Weapon). I would appreciate it if anyone knew ways to make thi...

10:35 PM
@Glazius well, we're getting Fantasy World, which aims at being better (better explained mechanics and procedures, better moves). Anyhow, I found the forum post I was remembering and it doesn't actually talk about moves, it's about how DW and "PbtA-engine" games in general are a bad gateway to indie games since they can be easily played like traditional games.
You have awoken, I see
I am conscious, yes. Awake however? Yet to be seen.
Please do explain the difference, kind sir
Consciousness allows for basic habitual behaviour. Get up, shower, put coffee in the cereal bowl. Dress, comb your teeth and clean your hair. The stuff you do on a daily basis.
Being awake is when you realize that you have toothpaste in your fringe and your pants are on backwards
10:49 PM
Is there an option where you put your pants on correctly the first time around?
Sure, there are a few factors that can let that happen. The most common being the rare occasion where you actually get a good sleep (I would imagine you still get those sometimes... treasure them), or in my case, my partner gets up early and makes a coffee for me
Today I forgot to eat lunch because I was in a daze after the AP Literature exam. Not a good sign, I think.
11:34 PM
@Ben Hawaii
@bobble oh no
@AncientSwordRage don't worry, I made up for it with cinnamon rolls and chocolates
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