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@AncientSwordRage Therefore, you are a ferret, because if you were tea then you would know that tea can drink coffee.
@BESW excellent logic
Q: Which Rogue archetype does the highest damage for my Highwayman build?

KorvinStarmastConcept A single-classed Rogue who fits the Highwayman (Stand and Deliver!) archetype / trope. Not to be named Dennis Moore The Highwayman is both clever and bold. He will either attack from ambush or attempt to persuade / bully their victim into handing over their loot. Robin Hood is a fine ...

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Q: What is the etiquette for adding supplemental information to a good answer?

Kieran MullenOn this question, a user provided an excellent mathematical derivation of a numerical question that had been asked and provide a plot of the results. I thought that a different form of plot was a bit more instructive, and added it as another answer to the question. Would it have been more appro...

2:10 AM
Last character got intellect devourer'd and I JUST realized that the character I made to replace it has INT as a DUMP STAT
I am LITERALLY not a smart man
Cutting it PRETTY close
3:06 AM
@HotRPGQuestions @KorvinStarmast do love me that swashbuckler...
darn, I lost this time
<dice drop>
3:26 AM
@nitsua60 It's a theme I can work with; been playing a bard (pirate/privateer) lately and have an idea to do a variation on that theme - highwayman by habit, but of course as one adventures the person grows into someone else.
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Bundle of Holding has Dungeon Crawl Classics and DCC Lankhmar bundles
Anyone familiar with them? What are they like?
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Q: Would allowing Shillelagh to transform your staff into another weapon be unbalanced?

AncientSwordRageI am planning a (not explicitly optimised) Ranger/Monk character, that uses Druidic Warrior to cast Shillelagh: Druidic Warrior You learn two cantrips of your choice from the druid spell list. They count as ranger spells for you, and Wisdom is your spellcasting ability for them. The spell in qu...

Linda Codega wrote a twitter thread of TRPGs to play if you enjoy Netflix's upcoming "Shadow and Bone" or the novels it's based on.
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@AncientSwordRage Thats not really possible, as causality is part of one of the foundational assumptions of relativity. If we allow FTL then any analysis using relativity is broken, as at least some inertial observers will see events that are related to the FTL event to occur in reverse, which is precisely causality breaking.
@Akixkisu Oh, there are definitely other factors to why doctors are who they are related to how they were brought up and their resulting motivations. What I said was a massive simplification, but in some countries, economic capital in particular doesn't play as outsized a role in education as it does in others.
@illustro I'm just going by what that page says
> However, faster-than-light communication (which includes travel) breaks something very fundamental about physics, something that is often ignored by sci-fi, and difficult for non-physicists to understand. If you allow faster-than-light (FTL), then you break causality: you are allowing time-travel. One pithy way of saying this is:
> Pick two:
> Relativity
> Causality
Necessarily if you pick FTL that means you can pick to preserve either Causality or Relativity (unless they lied to me!)
@AncientSwordRage It's more complicated than the (self-admitted) pithy way of putting it. In particular when they are talking about relativity in the choose two, they are talking about the concept of having no preferred inertial reference frame for the universe, not the theory of relativity as we have formulated it.
Our theory of relativity, assumes that physics works the same in all inertial frames of reference, or to put it another way, there is no inertial frame of reference where a measurement can be taken which is more correct than another (when talking about physics)
So, when the page is saying choose two, they are saying you can either have a preferred frame of reference, causality and FTL, or you can't have FTL and causality
Newtons theory assumed a preferred frame of reference (with time being the unchanging irreversible clock)
Einstein's big leap, was that space and time are intractibly intertwined, which has a consequence that two people can measure the passage of time differently if they are travelling at different speeds
(same goes for distance)
So if you allow FTL, then you necessarily enable time travel (if the universe works as we think it does)
These two links give a slightly better explanation of the assumptions Einstein made when he was formulating his theories of relativity: ffden-2.phys.uaf.edu/212_fall2003.web.dir/Eddie_Trochim/….
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@illustro ah ok, so "Pick two" is not accurate
So, the real way to attack the problem you are looking to solve is to attack those two assumptions. Either light (in a vacuum) doesn't travel at a constant speed in all frames of reference, or physics as we know it doesn't work the same in all (inertial) frames of reference
(the second one is a longer winded way of saying that there is some preferred frame of reference for the universe)
@AncientSwordRage Yes
@illustro that does sound like pick two though
It's accurate in a simplified pithy way, but to internalise what it's actually saying is sort of difficult
@AncientSwordRage Not quite. If the speed of light in a vacuum isn't constant in all frames of reference, then it doesn't really mean anything to go "faster than the speed of light" as light doesn't have a "speed"
@illustro ahh gotcha
If you break the other assumption, then you are really choosing to have a preferred frame of reference
9:54 AM
false dichotomy then?
But...this long winded explanation wouldn't make for a very good blog introduction then :P
@AncientSwordRage No, you just have to make some different choices about what you want to live with in your fiction. If you want to allow FTL...then someone somewhere will see events happening in reverse for that FTL event
But most fiction doesn't want to make that choice. They want physics to work as it does and for FTL to exist and for causality to be just peachy
@illustro I'm ok with that I think?
Which the blog is saying they can't do if they are being consistent. That being said, to a certain extent, it's fiction and we handwave a lot of things away in fiction (for example I enjoy playing D&D, in which Teleportation exists :D)
10:22 AM
@AncientSwordRage I don't think I can answer that question for you. Probably the best* way to break it is to say that there is a preferred reference frame (eg outside the universe where the gods live) *in my opinion
@illustro hmm
10:41 AM
The world I'm building has working Alcubierre drives, and I was tempted to say it was isolated from outside causality, and made a krasnikov-like tunnel behind it that decayed away that was similarly isoalted
11:17 AM
Part of science fiction is exploring how societies and individuals respond to hard limits on technology... and part of science fiction is going "nah, that doesn't work for the story I want to tell so I'll say people figured out a way around it." Often both at the same time.
I'm fine with either/both; my problem comes when a specfic story is more interested in the technology than the people.
@AncientSwordRage So the Alcubierre drive sort of cheats a bit, by not allowing local FTL, in that the ship itself never achieves local super-luminal speeds, but instead warps space in such a way that the bubble of spacetime itself moves superluminally. The superluminal travel of the bubble can be used to enable backwards time-travel however.
Krasniov tubes, have a similar problem if there is more than one of them...in that two of them make a time machine
However, if you are fine with possible time travel in your universe...then there isn't a problem!
I was amused that Arkady Martine's latest novel implies two things about FTL breaking relativity with time-travel-like effects: first that in practical terms it's rendered ineffective by customs checkpoints creating travel delays between systems, and second that if taken to extremes it may be psychologically devastating for humans.
Albubierre drives also have issues...in that they probably would destroy the things in the bubble (due to the forces that are exerted on and in the bubble), but also, even if that didn't happen, you would expect a buildup of matter that was previously non-plasma on the leading edge of the bubble, which when the bubble stops would probably explode in a spectacular supernova-like explosion
@BESW But for a story in fiction...I'd take this approach
@BESW That sounds like an interesting novel...I shall have to investigate
@illustro A Desolation Called Peace, the sequel to A Memory Called Empire. It's not about time travel at all, her setting uses the standard handwaving "we aren't going to look at this too closely" convention of most space operas. But the implications are there.
Star-trek took this approach (and also allowed time travel) and it was an extremely successful fiction series (both on screen and in novella)
11:30 AM
I recommend her books very much though. They're clever and funny and heartbreaking and have poetry and politics and both at the same time.
When the sequel does get into a little bit of instant-communication stuff which probably break time if you look at it too hard, it's part of her main focus on "How wide is your concept of 'you'?" and what it means to be yourself in terms of culture, inheritance, and continuity of mind. So that's the lens it's looked at, not a "how does this work physically" lens.
I enjoy space-opera style novels. The most recent series of novels I've read is by Becky Chambers, the first of which is The long way to a small angry planet, which focuses more on characters and character relationships than "Adventure" of most space operas. From your recommendation, it (and the other books in the universe she has written) might be of interest to you (I would recommend them)
Oh yes, I read The Long Way and the other books are on my to-read list.
goes to order the Arkady Martine books
I would highly recommend the other books in the series as well if you enjoyed the long way [...]
Given your appreciation of Becky Chambers, you may also like the Murderbot books by Martha Wells.
And maybe the Binti stories by Nnedi Okorafor.
12:05 PM
@ThomasMarkov What lets you give a definitive answer in this case?
You don't have the feature when you gain a sorcerer level, so the feature can't apply to the first level.
Pretty sure 5e doesn't have a defined sequence for the level gain, though that's probably the logic I'd use as a DM.
But why can't you apply that logic to the target?
Cuz I havent read every feature to know that it applies in general.
Since youre here, another question
Enlightened badges were slow again
This time I had one that took 32 hours
Should I post another meta and be like "are you sure theres nothing wrong?"
Cuz that last answer was "theres nothing wrong, its just highly improbable to happen this way"
But its happened twice in a week.
I'm sure the responsible deamon is doing their best. Wait for a third to call it a pattern :p
@ThomasMarkov The other question isn't exceptionally general though, it's about other features with the exact same wording (even from the same class). If there's feature with distinction, that should be a separate question
Fair enough.
12:14 PM
"Once is happenstance, twice a coincidence, three makes a pattern"
-Ian Flemming
Oh, is that actually Flemming or just attributed?
Technically it's "Three is enemy action" but still
@AncientSwordRage rpg.stackexchange.com/q/184166/44723 this is fine. The neat thing about house rules is that they don't have to be as encompassing as changing a sub-system. Just make sure that you check-in with your DM how you will handle versatile.
While Rangers got a lot of love with Tasha's they still are kind of underperforming.
@Akixkisu While other classes are derperforming
12:30 PM
It is a considerable buff to your monk toolkit, it shouldn't change things too drastically.
@kviiri sorry, I don't understand what you are saying.
@Akixkisu Sorry, this is a particular type of bad language joke I've gotten into recently where we take common English prefixes such as un-, de-, ex- etc to imply the existence of words without said prefixes
So eg. parsing "understand" as the antonym ("un-") of the verb "derstand" which in all fairness sounds like it might exist, maybe as a German loan?
You forgot a space and capitalize your nouns though, it's "der Performing"
@kviiri that makes sense.
Or the verb exist, which implies that before ex-isting, things are in the foreordained status of istence that they cease to be once they become into existence.
Isn't exist to be derogatory to ones previous partners?
12:35 PM
It certainly is not rogatory.
Tasha's has done a lot to get classes on a more even field, and even changed the playing field for races.
I think the only class that is overperforming a little too well is the Bard.
Q: is giving a demigod increaced stats reasonable or not

Elijah Sanchso i made a character to help my players because the game is going to have a ton of hard enemies so is it reasonable to have a super op dm pc early on or should i not be as op

Artificer feels like it might be up there with the Bard.
this question has some problems but I feel it's still something that could attract very good answers
Possible dupe:
Q: Can the dungeon master have a player character?

NERDmasterIā€™m starting a campaign with some friends with me as the DM even though Iā€™d rather be a player, I am the only person in my group who has had experience being a DM. I asked my friends if a DM is allowed to have a PC and not an NPC but they did not know either. Can I have a PC?

12:42 PM
@BESW my goal is to build the foundation of the world, then drop the people in it and see how it evolves
@illustro I picked it because I like how it cheats
@BESW that sounds painfully accurate as to how things could be
@illustro this why the ship has what I'm calling an Unruh scoop, cue handwaving
@Akixkisu yeah I'm happy with a few of those answers
@AncientSwordRage @AncientSwordRage essentially what you are doing with granting that transformation is introducing the question of versatile, and adding a limited bonus weapon to your Path.
@Akixkisu yes
@AncientSwordRage I don't understand the uptvotes on the answer that doesn't answer.
Am i misreading the answer?
That question is going to be a magnet for "this is a really bad idea" answers.
@BaconyRevanant Which I don't understand. It's fairly easy for any player to carry different weapons.
12:53 PM
I would've assumed that was about our recent GMPC question
Frustrating to see that answer score go up when it clearly doesn't answer the question. It's not even written as a frame-challenge.
I'm at my sister-in-laws house and there's a picture of an anchor that says "refuse to sink".
I'mnot sure what it's supposed to mean.
"Don't be your purpose?"
@NautArch which one?
Q: Would allowing Shillelagh to transform your staff into another weapon be unbalanced?

AncientSwordRageI am planning a (not explicitly optimised) Ranger/Monk character, that uses Druidic Warrior to cast Shillelagh: Druidic Warrior You learn two cantrips of your choice from the druid spell list. They count as ranger spells for you, and Wisdom is your spellcasting ability for them. The spell in qu...

That recent GMPC question has an easy answer for the baddies: magic missile
@NautArch sorry, which answers that don't answer?
12:57 PM
@NautArch No, not that question
The "Can I make an OP DMPC?" question
AC 31?????
@NautArch ahhh I see
Yeah just target saves and use magic missile, solved
@Medix2 same thing casters do against high-ac players.
@AncientSwordRage yeah, i'm just not sure if this is a lack of coffeee thing. on my way to fix that.
@NautArch good plan
Yeah, so one question does a sort of frame challenge, and the other is looking at the overall balance of that fighting style.... I think.
1:14 PM
@ThomasMarkov I wonder how that happened.
Natural Armor (31), calculation would be 10+ 11 (Natural Armor bonus) + 9 (DEX Modifier)
It kind of looks like somebody took a 2e demigod or went to dandwiki, and somehow meshed them together to a two hit die abomination of stats.
@AncientSwordRage Ah, the most scary and fun kind of worldbuilding+GMing: dropping stuff into a petri dish and seeing what happens. For science!
@vicky_molokh-unsilenceMonica for science, from science
@Someone_Evil you forgot to link to the meta answer rpg.stackexchange.com/questions/183917/…
1:23 PM
Oh, for the benefit of other readers, sure
@AncientSwordRage But I don't think it's a frame challenge,
i'll just downote and move on
Q: Why am I suddenly being notified of privileges?

PyrotechnicalYesterday, I got a notification informing me that I had received access to the Edit review queue. Today, I was notified that I had received access to the Reopen votes review queue. Not to brag, but I've had over 20k rep for a long time, so I'm not sure why I'm being notified of privileges I've ha...

1:58 PM
@BESW Thank you for the recommendations...I shall investigate those as well
2:14 PM
Q: How are Fireball attacks on Iron Golems resolved?

KirtThe party was in Curse of Strahd this evening and encountered two iron golems. A helpful NPC first cast lightning bolt, damaging both of the golems. The PC evoker then cast fireball on the golems, potentially healing them, but for how much? Each creature in a 20-foot-radius sphere centered on th...

2:27 PM
The issue of this rpg.stackexchange.com/q/184176/44723 seems to be that tier 1 characters are playing a high tier 2/early tier 3 campaign.
2:46 PM
@Akixkisu Your comment towards STTLCU is kinda pointless
@BaconyRevanant I think their comment is not helpful at best and harmful at worst.
We can explain in an answer why someone shouldn't do something.
I think it's a great idea, and the only issue with it is that it approaches "answer in comments".
A statement like that obstructs moving forward with making this an answerable question.
Which is the problem with answers in comments.
@Akixkisu You're objectively wrong here
2:49 PM
Please stop answering in comments.
Those aren;t answers
They're not even partial answers
I think you need to reread them and make sure you understand what's being said
I mean, we could just reopen it and let what happens happen.
@ThomasMarkov I think we are almost there.
@ThomasMarkov I can certainly get behind that
There's enough material here to tell them not to do this, but Im still not sure it isn't a dupe of the other GMPC question.
But there are wayyyyy worse problems here than with that one.
Let's just reopen it.
2:51 PM
Works for me
Rather, add whatever comment clarifications are helpful to the body, then reopen it.
and nuke the comments.
Make sure to add all of the information, not just the information that suits your narrative.
True. Also, OP seems to have difficulty with the concept of full sentence responses and not spamming responses in the comments :(
@Akixkisu Interesting thing to say
@BaconyRevanant forreal tho. What narrative?
You wanna elaborate on who that's aimed at, and what exactly you mean by it?
2:54 PM
Ive flagged for chat move
on the comments
@ThomasMarkov that is a good idea.
working on editing the question
Alright, I thin I added everything relevant.
@Akixkisu Waiting to hear back on this still
Someone should probably remove from there, right? Since now it has
3:09 PM
@bobble Meh, it's fine either way.
@BaconyRevanant see my edit.
@Akixkisu Yeah, that didn't answer my question. To reiterate: You wanna elaborate on who that's aimed at, and what exactly you mean by it?
@BaconyRevanant you saw an issue and completely focused on it. A common side effect of that is dismissing other information that is relevant.
While explaining why not using a gmpc at all might be a better idea is a valid way to answer this question, there are other ways to do so.
Yeah, once again, I find that you don't know what you're talking about, and have jumped to a conclusion that is inaccurate
Do me a favor: just don't talk to me anymore.
Tunnelling on one problem and framing the information in a manner that already has the solution in mind is a disservice to the querent.
3:23 PM
@Akixkisu Did you confuse editors on the GMPC question? Our bacony friend has made no edits on it
@Someone_Evil no, Thomas did the edit, Bacon did the comments see above, I reacted to a particular comment.
As to you Bacon, there is an ignore everyhwere chat function that you can use.
Ah, that makes more sense. I still think there may be some crossed wires, it might not be worth tearing apart now
3:43 PM
@Someone_Evil im having an amzing day today, so I'm going to work on my campign.
@Someone_Evil @BaconyRevanant @Akixkisu
can i send you all the campign story?
@Catofdoom2 I'm busy, but you can certainly send it here in chat :)
The Story:
We open on a capitol city with walls 100ft tall (if not taller) and at least a foot thick. Although the city is intimidating it is friendly and seems perfect at first glance. However our heroes suddenly see a huge stone creature (Obelisk the Tormentor) slowly creeping towards the wall. on top of the walls we see that hundreds if not thousands of guards are panicking and scrambling to their posts. Just moments later they begin raining arrows upon the creature (Obelisk the Tormentor) but is completely unaffected by the arrows and the arrows seem to shatter or explode into splitters
@BaconyRevanant @Someone_Evil @Akixkisu does anyone need the stat block of oblelisk?
4:02 PM
@Catofdoom2 That's a very thin stone wall. I would expect at least 20 feet thick for 100 feet tall.
@GcL anything else?
You might want to skip the pings unless there's some previous investment from that user. I was certainly very confused for a moment :)
On the other hand, what is the coward at the end? Otherwise it seems like a fine hook. What does it lead to?
Seems like a good narration. Brief and to the point. Probably lead with "the characters realize they're too far away to intervene" to set the expectation that this is a bit of narration to set the scene.
What comes next? Are the characters expected to go towards the city?
@Someone_Evil that's the citizens of the city running for their lives
Probably just say "citizens"
4:12 PM
@GcL that is slightly the promplem
Do the players know the citizens are cowards? Seems like a judgement I'd leave for the observers. Running from giant stone creatures smashing the walls and crushing everything in it's path is an entirely prudent course of action.
I can think of adjectives I might apply to someone standing their ground to have a sword fight with a hurricane, but "brave" isn't one of them.
@GcL you coward better charge them with your fork.
coward i meant croward
im so sorry
Like a gathering of people?
Or crow ward? Then we'd be doing world building!
4:16 PM
It's just rude to drop stones on the roosts of the crow ward. I mean the streets there are a little shitty, but it's hard to keep on top of all the droppings.
@GcL yes a gathering of peopel
terrified crowd, fleeing masses, or panicking populace might be good choices.
Their collective cacophony of screams, yells, and crying out is barely a high pitched whisper on the wind from this distance.
@GcL I'm a big fan of the crow ward scenario.
4:21 PM
@Akixkisu Really, the birds should be running this town. While they often crow about just about everything, at least they have practical ideas. Way better than the monkeys with crowns running the place today.
@GcL that is a great hook.
Ooooo... careful about where you say that. The denizens of fish town might have short memories, but they're quick to anger and have little compunction about making waves.
i'm sorry for the misspelling ):
@NautArch I looks like it's trying at least
Jmurry made a really good answer to my question. But then they deleted it
can someone tell me my biggest problem with my story?
4:33 PM
It's an exposition. What happens next?
The Story:
We open on a capitol city with walls 100ft tall (if not taller) and at least a 10 feett thick and virtually invincible. Although the city is intimidating it is friendly and seems perfect at first glance. However our heroes suddenly see a huge stone creature (Obelisk the Tormentor) slowly creeping towards the wall. on top of the walls we see that hundreds if not thousands of guards are panicking and scrambling to their posts. Just moments later they begin raining arrows upon the creature (Obelisk the Tormentor) but is completely unaffected by the arrows and the arrows seem to shat
That's a fine exposition
that's partially the problem. the players choose. they can try to go save civilians and they can run away or they can go completely away and start a damn goat farm instead
You need some hooks or incentives for players to choose to do things.
A big stone monster is a reason to NOT go there.
sooooo... its going the right way
because i kinda want them to run away
4:39 PM
To where? Should provide clear.... very very clear alternatives.
overly clear
Neon signs with loud speakers could be too subtle
i got it
do you have xbox or anything @GcL
I have an anything
like what?
@GcL should i write down every encounter possible?
@GcL or just the main story then write the other encounters and submissions somewhere else
4:58 PM
@Catofdoom2 That approach ends up with a lot of unused material.
5:09 PM
@Catofdoom2 have you read the alexandrian?
@Catofdoom2 I think somebody else already linked it to you, but maybe that was linked at another person, or maybe you missed it - but this is a good read. thealexandrian.net/wordpress/4147/roleplaying-games/…
it says its a game and thus my school computer won't let me open it
@Catofdoom2 Ah, do you have access to a computer later that lets you read it?
If not, I can summarise.
The summarized version is that tabletop RPGs like D&D shouldn't have pre-written plots, from beginning to end, that involve the heroes making a specific sequence of choices, or encountering a specific sequence of outcomes
so i shouldn't be writing a story i should just be making small snips of "if-then" stuff
Yes. Kind of. You can decide (1) what has happened so far, and (2) what the non-player characters and factions intend to do. And that's mostly it.
5:14 PM
It is not so much an "if-then" but a here is the situation.
it needs to be a huge branch graph
Then there are different events going on.
@Catofdoom2 Yes, but try and have very few if-then's. The more of them you make, the more likely they are to be wasted effort
5:15 PM
Exaclty not a branch.
Definitely don't make a huge branch graph
you're not designing a video game, you don't need every outcome to be pre-accounted for
@BaconyRevanant ok
One of the major benefits you have running a D&D campaign over writing a video game is the ability to make decisions then and there
It needs to be a scenario with enough flesh on it that when you find yourself at a decision point, you'll know what decision to make be able to make a decision.
5:17 PM
You'll basically want a "what probably happens if the heroes beat this dungeon" and not much else
You've got a scenario now--giant well-beyond-party's capabilities monster is razing city. But that's not much flesh. At this point it's a backdrop.
How does that relate to the party?
Like "If the heroes beat the necromancer and stop his summoning ritual he Teleports away before they can deal the final blow" but not much more than that
If the players die, or if he finishes his ritual first, or if the players make a bargain with him, or if they beat him by means of sacrificing themselves, or if they somehow prevent him from escaping, or a million other ways it could turn out change the outcome, you can just figure out what happens next from there
@Catofdoom2 on the question you just posted: can you disambiguate the pronouns? I'm having trouble even parsing the (single) sentence.
On the other hand, while the GM can't reliably bet on specific player actions, the GM can control their incentives. To an extent. So if the city's under attack, you could introduce something that could motivate the players to help out somehow.
@MikeQ I hear the jingling from a set of keys to a shiny new +1 sword has high motivational properties
5:35 PM
@Akixkisu I am eagerly awaiting your bard proposal to the Highwayman question (if time allows)
@KorvinStarmast my current build treads on the toes of the Battlemaster a little too much for my liking.
So I'm not sure yet if I want to post it or come up with something better.
Buildsthat feel like I'm you but I also do 5 more things better than you feel so iffy.
@KorvinStarmast I was thinking about writing a bard answer hahaha
@Akixkisu Whispers bard?
@Catofdoom2 Not gonna say that a goat farm doesn't look like an attractive option ... šŸ˜Ž I like goat cheese and cabrito ..
@Catofdoom2 Writing a bunch of if-then will lead you to writing a big decision tree where most of the branches and leaves won't get visited.
@KorvinStarmast My children are addicted to goat cheese.
5:41 PM
@ThomasMarkov Please do, Bacony's frame challenge demonstrates why I often find them useful.
@ThomasMarkov My wife got me addicted to it about ten years ago ... one of many reasons that I love her.
@KorvinStarmast I make goat cheese-prosciutto roll ups. So yummy.
@Akixkisu Go with your gut feel, either way, but at least you have got my brain working. Thing is, I've got a current Lore Bard pirate/freebooter and she's covered a particular trope. I want to try another class, not do another bard...unless your idea is one of those that make me go "hey, you got it!"
@nitsua60 +22
@ThomasMarkov Oh, yeah. Yeah. We fell in love with prosciutto e melon (canteloupe or honeydew) when we lived in Italy, and discovered that if you add a bit of goat cheese it's even better. Why I am all hungry all of a sudden? I just had lunch!
@Catofdoom2 You generally need a single goal to get the story moving. Given opportunities, players will find and make up goals along the way so long as the DM facilitates them and avoids shutting them down. Probably make the first goal align with what the players decided they were interested in during session 0.
@KorvinStarmast Prosciutto + goat cheese + pomegranate is the bee's knees.
@ThomasMarkov We have not tried that. Our local Sprouts usually sells pomegranate, but it's not year round. Great tip, thanks! šŸ˜Ž And it's on my way home ... I got some prosciutto a couple of days ago ... maybe surprise her tonight.
@AncientSwordRage your title triggered my brain to make a double entendre and I got a fit of the giggles.
5:56 PM
@KorvinStarmast I did not think that through
hi hi hi
may i ask the most importent question?
"how are you doing?"
@Catofdoom2 Greetings o/
5:58 PM
how is everyone?
About your closed question, here is my experience: I put a lot of place holders in short phrases with "what if they do X?" but I don't complete the fleshing out of it until I see the characters make choices heading in that direction. Took me a lot of years to see why that was the better idea ...
@Catofdoom2 good here, having to work late though :(
Making bolagn(ais/ese) tonight
that's not good
bolognese is good, though. :)
now for the serious question
6:01 PM
I'm ready
some of my players have become romantically interested in each other (the players not the charters (yet)) does this matter for my story? should I let them be flirty and get off-topic? or should I ignore whatever it is they're saying and just play my story my way?
This is a nice way to do it but I use honey rather than sugar-and fresh basil from our garden
@Catofdoom2 I have found that if the other players don't mind, DM ought to use a light touch. If the other players mind, have a group convo on how much PDA is OK during play.
What's a "brown" onion?
What korvin said
@KorvinStarmast that sounds nice
If they keep side tracking, ask them to please keep their obvious affection for each other to the proper place and time. This requires some tact ... but most people respond well to it when presented in a friendly tone
6:06 PM
@Catofdoom2 My personal policy when I run games is that it's fine as long as it doesn't overly interrupt play or derail the game. We have enough off-topic distractions already >_<
what I've tended to do recently is dry blend mushroom, onion and pepper together, fry that and mix in either chopped tomatoes or passata as the base
@BaconyRevanant My brain subs in "Vidalia" or "10-15" onions for that, but it may be what is called a yellow onion 'round here. not sure.
@KorvinStarmast @BaconyRevanant @AncientSwordRage well should i let them get off-topic and do their wedding thing? what if they break up? it'll cause unessaery tensions on the game.
@AncientSwordRage getting hungry again.
@Catofdoom2 RL wedding, or In Character wedding?
@KorvinStarmast charter
6:08 PM
@KorvinStarmast Vidalia has an onion museum.
@KorvinStarmast Ah, that makes sense then. They do have a brown exterior. I think technically they're called spanish onions
Are the other players interested in RPing the wedding? You can have it take place "off camera" if the other players at not into it.
@KorvinStarmast they haven't fallen in love in charter but in real life they have been talking about it
but yellow is a common name as well
Vidalia and Yellow are different onions.
6:09 PM
@Catofdoom2 I further recommend not having in-character relationships mirror RL relationships. Things can get awkward
@BaconyRevanant exactly
@Catofdoom2 The key is that the group adventures together. If organically the romance blooms, as part of play, cool. As Bacoy pointed out, just 'porting it in' can get awkward.
@ThomasMarkov True enough; when I can get them, I like to use the Vidalia's when the recipe calls for onion. Personal preference, since I like 'em.
@KorvinStarmast @BaconyRevanant then i'll force them to devolp their "love" if they want stuff like that
You can't force love ~ I am sure that is a famous saying by some poet, somewhere.
Tactical thought of the day: The longer I play my bard, and the higher her spell save DC gets, the more I think I need to swap out Hold Person for Blindness/Deafness. No concentration really helps given how many of my spells are concentration.
6:29 PM
@KorvinStarmast taps ramadan sign on the star board
@AncientSwordRage What kind of peppers?
6:44 PM
Check out this monstrosity at reddit. Now your alignments have alignments.
@AncientSwordRage Do you need to wait until sundown?
@ThomasMarkov All that is, to me, is doubling down on how clunky two axis alignment model is at characterizing human behavioral traits ... so why not head for alignmentum absurdum ?
@BaconyRevanant normally green
@KorvinStarmast yeah but it's not long now
@ThomasMarkov ....
@AncientSwordRage Makes sense. I'm more of a spicy peppers kinda guy
alignment timecube]
@BaconyRevanant @ThomasMarkov @Akixkisu My AT Highwayman option includes things like Hold Person: that is an enchantment spell, and it does two scary things to enemies who fail a save: my attacks are at advantage and any hit is an auto crit. Nova, eh? But it takes a while to come on line ...
6:59 PM
Hold Person is certainly a nice spell. Man, it must've been really hard to decide between Swashbuckler and Arcane Trickster for that character huh.
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