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12:00 AM
@BardicWizard Your essay on "The benefits of a nonexistent budget" is very good, thank you.
12:12 AM
@KorvinStarmast Who is casting polymorph? Which option do you think they'll like?
12:23 AM
Q: How can an Awakened creature be detected as such?

aaron9eeeIchabod the Inscrutable has created a magic item that casts the Awaken spell. He wants to use it on his pet crow, and then send it to spy on his rival, Zizak the Zephyr. The relevant portions of the Awaken spell state: The target gains an Intelligence of 10. The target also gains the ability to ...

12:52 AM
Q: Does Flame Stride activate when you are moved against your will?

Jon AristotleThe latest Unearthed Arcana includes a spell Flame Stride: The billowing flames of a dragon cover your feet, granting you explosive speed. For the duration, your speed increases by 20 feet and moving doesn’t provoke opportunity attacks. When you move within 5 feet of a creature or object that is...

1:05 AM
@BESW yes I really liked it as well
1:53 AM
Mock Cover Jam Hosted by Yuri R. This is a game for analogue games (tabletop, larp) created based on a cover mockup made by someone else.
Jam Without Numbers Hosted by Red. This jam is dedicated to the parts of games that aren't games.
3 hours later…
4:56 AM
@BESW I’m glad somebody liked it!! Anything good about it in particular?
(It was totally not a really old buffer post covering up the fact that I felt not great after getting the COVID vaccine, no way no how)
@BardicWizard Grats on getting the jab!
@BardicWizard You're good at sharing yourself without being accusatory or defensive, and this particular sharing resonated with me a lot because of how similar it is to a lot of my life.
It's open and inviting and I felt myself reflected in it.
5:20 AM
@BESW yeah... you’d be less happy if you’d heard me being an anxious wreck this morning
@BESW thank you for the wonderful compliment!
I don’t consider myself a great writer, so I’m using blogging as a way to share some stuff in a one sided fashion. My goal is to work on not second guessing my writing before I post it
5:43 AM
@BardicWizard Have I ever recommended If You Want To Write by Brenda Ueland? Because I think you might enjoy it a lot.
@BESW never heard of it! I’ll see if it’s in the library when I’m there this week
2 hours later…
7:37 AM
in The Overlook Hotel, Feb 4 '17 at 22:48, by BESW
> I found that many gifted people are so afraid of writing a poor story that they cannot summon the nerve to write a single sentence for months. The thing to say to such people is: "See how *bad* a story you can write. See how dull you can be. Go ahead. That would be fun and interesting. I will give you ten dollars if you can write something thoroughly dull from beginning to end!" And of course, no one can.
- Brenda Ueland, *If You Want To Write*
Ueland is a beacon of practical empowerment who believes that everybody has something unique to say and their own way to say it, and that the key to discovering it is to noodle and experiment with audacity and confidence.
@BardicWizard I find your writing very structured, it didn't meander off topic or jump about, which is excellent
@AncientSwordRage Yes, this!
It didn't feel artificially rigid, either, which is a good balance.
Shows skillful control.
@BESW very purposeful
2 hours later…
9:47 AM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Bad keyword in answer, bad keyword with email in answer, email in answer, pattern-matching email in answer, potentially bad ip for hostname in answer, +1 more (350): How can I prevent my players from teleporting out to escape any dungeon? by laticia mike on rpg.SE (@Rubiksmoose)
10:12 AM
@A.B. bless you
2 hours later…
11:50 AM
@NautArch The party wizard
@KorvinStarmast yeah baby! Party!
oh, the party's wizard :P
@KorvinStarmast What kind of wizard PrC specialises in conjuring parties?
The best kind?
@KorvinStarmast Is this saltmarsh campaign?
@BESW A writer writes it's an old say among authors and writers (and she's right)
11:51 AM
@Someone_Evil /me glances into the adjacent channel. Oh right, the Pinkie kind. The worst kind.
@vicky_molokh-unsilenceMonica If you're name is Bobby "Boris" Picket, a necromancer. 😋
@NautArch Actually it is in my Brother's world, where I've been DMing for about six months and he just took back over again and I get to play. Mike's got a shepherd Druid in Salt Marsh, and he just unlocked "Conjure Woodland Beings" - we've been working out how to handle when the pixies get summoned. More experience with polymorph expected. 😁 He and I agree that 8 pixies at once is kind of clunky in terms of table time. We have an alternate solution.
I expect that much hilarity will ensue, the group has got some very fun folks in it.
@KorvinStarmast Nice! D&D needs more hilarity :P
12:08 PM
@NautArch Heh, it's standard fare in my brother's world, regardless of who is dming that night. We are quite "beer and pretzels" in our collective approach, and inspiration is often awarded for the joke someone drops that cracks everyone up or is a perfect burn on another PC or an NPC.
Glorious failure is also celebrated (like the rogue, who has 4d6 on his sneak attack rolling 4 1's for his SA damage). Or the time my {fool of a Took!} warlock was flying above the battle and then cleverly dropped a wall of fire on a bunch of berserkers. She promptly fell 50' to the ground, took 5d6, and being prone got attacked by one of the beserkers wiht advantage. 0 HP, and only 11 HP away from "death by too much damage" - DOH!
@KorvinStarmast I think that's similar to our playstyle, too. For the T-Rex, I'd seriously just run the ideas by the player unless you really have a preference.
@NautArch I am pretty sure my brother is good with how we did it, but as we discussed it afterwards I figured I'd poke the hive mind here and see what folks had - there's a lot of brain to mine here, and I figure 'why not?'
At what point do I post on meta.se about not receiving a badge
What badge?
I've met the requirements on one post for over 24 hours
@Someone_Evil It's for this answer. It was accepted 2 days ago, and hit a score of 10 over 24 hours aqo.
12:19 PM
A: What are the badges I can earn on each site, and what are the exact criteria for earning each badge?

GlorfindelWhy didn't I get badge name right now? (even though the badge progress tracker on my user profile or the review stats page indicates that I qualify for the badge; I even got the message "Congratulations - you earned [badge name]") Most badges (with the exception of the Informed badge) are awarded...

Yes, Ive met the requirements.
@KorvinStarmast oh wow
The bug is that the scheduled job seems not to have run in at least 24 hours.
@ThomasMarkov is there anyone else who's missed out?
I'm not sure.
Oh good:
> Under extremely rare circumstances, it may be possible for the badge criteria to be faulty. To confirm if this is still the case, wait 24 hours for any scripts to run, then carefully read the exact criteria here and check to see if you still continue to meet them, before filing a bug.
12:26 PM
you've done the 24hrs thing
Yeah, I met the requirements 26 hours ago.
@BaconyRevanant huh
I almost managed to hit exactly 9,999 rep
I can go give you 11 downvotes if you like
12:28 PM
Congrats on 10k though
put out a 50 rep bounty and try again.
@ThomasMarkov Nah, you'll get flagged for serial downvoting.
@ThomasMarkov I could try that though
Also, it seems to not have registered a handful of downvotes I put out
Any have an idea why that is?
@BaconyRevanant Were they on questions or answers?
some of each
Question downvotes are free.
12:30 PM
I forgot
Question downvotes don't cost rep, votes on deleted answers aren't counted
I did know that deleted answers get "refunded"
Anyways, I'm off to see what's worth a bounty
Um, what does PnP mean in terms of RPGs?
While Pen'n'Paper is most likely, can we get some context?
1:06 PM
@ThomasMarkov Seems the question changed a bit again
@Medix2 already working on an update.
Technically you already address it XD
@BaconyRevanant same here on my quest for 12,345
I'm ready to bounty KRyans Devil contract answer though
@AncientSwordRage I was considering it as well haha
Not if I bounty it first!
@ThomasMarkov not the first time we've thought that
@AncientSwordRage Oh yeah, that happened a few weeks ago, didnt it
@ThomasMarkov yup
@ThomasMarkov odd
@ThomasMarkov I feel like you asked this very quickly...
@Medix2 The guidance on the badge post said wait 24 hours before asking. Its been 26 hours.
1:23 PM
Especially given that the answer's timeline says you reached a score of 10 only 13 hours ago
@Medix2 No it doesn't.
It does on my end
It groups a full day's upvotes and tags the time with the last upvote of the day.
Not so sure about that last edit on the tattoo question.
The vote summary bias to later. They are timestamped with the end of the day (approx) IIRC
1:24 PM
@Medix2 You can do the counting at my reputation tab and get the exact time it reached 10.
Yeah so wouldn't we want to wait until the entire day where the 10th vote came from ended to start counting?
Like, say the score of 10 happened at 6:30 PM Stack Exchange Standard Time, wouldn't we want to wait 5.5 more hours and then 24 more?
I waited 24 more hours...
No, why would we do that?
Because you should wait 24 hours after the latest possible time at which the badge-giving script could have run?
1:26 PM
Enlightened badges usually go out in 2-3 hours, 4 is the longest Ive ever had happen (until now)
@Medix2 that makes sense to me
@Medix2 I dont understand what you mean by this.
The badge script can possibly run every hour, so I dont know what latest possible time means.
Ah, if it runs every hour, then I'd wait 26 hours, so yeah, you're good
1:45 PM
@ThomasMarkov have an updoot
@Rubiksmoose Mooooooooooooooooooooose!
Don't hit it with your car, they'll mess it up.
Heck, hitting a goose will mess your car up. Hitting a moose will remove the car from existence
How's everyone doing?
@Rubiksmoose grand
1:49 PM
@Rubiksmoose I know a guy who hit a moose. Totally crumpled the car. Ambulance was surprised he survived, but apparently he wasn't hurt in the slightest.
That is excellent to hear :)
@Mithical Crumple zones FTW
@Mithical What about the driver?
The moose didn't make it, unfortunately.
2:15 PM
a wild bobble appears
poofs in with yellow smoke
this was one of those mornings when, on Puzzling, it is very clear when I logged on and started editing everything that happened while I was asleep
I dont have to do that here because we have a purple monkey.
And sometimes V2Blast cant sleep.
@Medix2 what's the system on that Stunt Die question?
@AncientSwordRage AGE, presumably?
@AncientSwordRage Just general AGE System mechanic
Oh but they actually answered all my question perfectly and in a way that makes this question much easier to map to statistics. Yay!
2:30 PM
@ThomasMarkov According to the "Editors" tab, I have 688 edits this year. The only other people with >30 are the handful which help with converting old MathJax tables to Markdown ones. I'm sure I've mentioned this before, but Puzzling has a bit of a lack-of-editing problem if I don't do all my stuff.
@Medix2 so ?
(granted, this may be because I edit things that other people think don't warrant edits)
[age-system] probably
I searched on 'age' in the tags, then switched to 'by name' and didn't notice it wiped out my search term
3:02 PM
Finally got my badge
28 hours and 19 minutes after becoming eligible.
@ThomasMarkov slow server day
hi @Catofdoom2
I'm quite busy at work today, so I may not be very chatty in here
happy friday
3:16 PM
I'm going to use the D&D beyond homebrew monsters so that my monsters can be probley formatted
does this work for everyone else?
For your campaign? or for posting a question to this site?
What do you mean you're using the D&D Beyond homebrew for formatting? I'm unfamiliar
@ThomasMarkov Badges? We don't need no stinking badges !
@NautArch Pizza and Peanuts; those are standard table snacks 😁 (or if you are playing in Greece, Pistachios and Pomegranates)
@Rubiksmoose as I noted on meta, I've been Moose Deprived of late. Great to see you. 😄
3:34 PM
@KorvinStarmast I like all 4 of those things
@BaconyRevanant Me too, I am ambisnackerous
It's hard to pick a favorite snack. Some days you feel like having beef jerky, on others you want pretzels and cheese
3:47 PM
@BaconyRevanant some days, I like french fry sized chunks/fingers of jicama. Usually with a bit of lime juice and pepper on them. Other days, cheetos. My wife wishes I'd eliminate my cheetos days, she thinks they will lead to my early demise.
@Catofdoom2 \o
how are you?
@Catofdoom2 today, doing OK. We had a friend visit last night, somewhat unplanned, and it turned out that I put dinner on the grill and we had a mini-dinner party kind of evening. (Her dog and our dogs get along great, so the doggies had a shindig as well) I, unlike the others, chose not to have cocktails, I was bartender and chef. So I have no headache/hangover today. 😎
@KorvinStarmast Doggos!
3:55 PM
@Catofdoom2 Oh, yes, the dogs did not have cocktails either. (Back in college days, a friend put beer in his dog's water dish - I will never do that, ever).
@KorvinStarmast smart
FYI, help pile forming. I'd hold off on asking more clarifications until OP responds.
@KorvinStarmast that sounds like an evil thing to do
@KorvinStarmast oh no, that's bad
I knew someone (but not on good terms) who gave their dog coffee X[
@AncientSwordRage did you fight them to the death?
4:12 PM
@NautArch yeah, it's kind of open ended. could use a bit more focus
@Catofdoom2 no sadly not
4:40 PM
@NautArch It didn't seem to be that great of a question to begin with. Kinda nebulous with the details and situation. I read it as, "How do I make my players like my game?"
5:23 PM
Unless KRyan beats me to it, when I get home I'm gonna write up a nice detailed answer on "What happens when gods die?" question. Thomas wrote up a nice short answer, but there are dozens of gods who have Actually Died for Real™ in the Forgotten Realms
@BaconyRevanant oh and I bet some who died but didn't go and some who died and came back
and then there was Bhaal (what a jerk)
Mystryl died, then her first reincarnation died as well, so we're on our third goddess of magic right now
A whole slew died during The Time of Troubles
And Mask gave up their divinity to repay a debt, but they'll also probably get it back at some point because they were the god of thieves after all
Oh man, the first time Mystryl died was a doozy though. Definitely the most impactful death we've had
We got the Spellplague AND we lost the ability to cast lvl 10+ spells
Oh, no I lied
We lost the ability to cast 10+ spells the first time she died
We got the Spellplague the second time she died
Are you sure that was second time? I thought spellplague was 4e and that'd make it the third
She's only died twice. We're on the third incarnation now.
Mystryl died because of Karsus, Mystra died because of Helm in the ToT, Mystra as of 3e was Mystra (Midnight) and assume it all went tits up for her as well in the 4e transition
5:35 PM
Oh wait, you're totally right
So we're on Mystra v1.3?
ah wait
Because she was assassinated by Karsus and Shar for one of the deaths, which was the one that cause the Spellplague
it looks like her third death was actually "only mostly dead"
Ah, that's what it was
so the spellplague happened but that specific Mystra did come back eventually rather than being replaced
5:36 PM
That would have been Mystra V1.1
Cyric and Shar did her in
Did I say Karsus and Shar? whoops
Karsus killed Mystryl
it's easy to mix up the people who have killed the goddess of magic in the Forgotten Realms
there are a lot of them
6:07 PM
@Carcer I heard that every time you "cast magic missile at the darkness" Mystra dies a little on the inside.
@GcL tbh given Mystra's history with Shar one imagines she'd find magic missiling the darkness to be acceptable
@Carcer maybe she's not a revenant, or a god-revenant prestige class. 😋
It also makes the job search for a replacement a pain in the neck, from Ao's perspective. *We are, again, advertising for the position of goddess of magic*
long pause
Interested candidate replies via email: *My due diligence shows that the last three beings in that position were murdered. What have you all done to improve security, and just how beefy is that life insurance policy your organization is providing*
it is a bit DATDA professor isn't it
6:30 PM
@Carcer just a little
A challenger approaches - I was ready to give Brent that bounty as well...
@AncientSwordRage if you give away one more 50 rep bounty then get 3 upvotes, you'll hit the coveted 12,345
@BaconyRevanant I think I can only have one 50 rep bounty at a time
6:54 PM
That's a weird restriction
On the same question I assume?
7:25 PM
@Someone_Evil maybe?
7:49 PM
@KorvinStarmast Nice to see you too! and thank you for the kind words and thoughtsd
8:17 PM
@NautArch Oddly... The querent did respond to @GcL in a comment, but then deleted the comment 20 seconds after they posted it (without editing that information into the question).
@ThomasMarkov sometimes most of the time
1 hour later…
9:24 PM
Sen-Foong Lim asks on twitter for Asians and members of the Asian Diaspora who are involved in gaming to sound off.
Kevin Vibert wrote a twitter thread about worldbuilding, "both specific to the Juniverse and tips for writers in general."
2 hours later…
11:31 PM
Q: In the Forgotten Realms, what happens when a god dies?

A personBy the end of next session, due to my PCs (through a mixture of burning temples, using dark magic, and killing avatars) a god in the Forgotten Realms that the PCs have a rivalry with will probably be dead. (The god is Auril if that matters) I was wondering if, in past modules or campaign settings...


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