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@HotRPGQuestions So in the campaign I'm running (online), with many new players but a couple more-experienced, I said that there were a lot of books I didn't have, but players could use anything officially-published as long as they knew how it worked. And then a player took Echo Knight, and so it turns out that there are officially-published things that really weren't thought out all the way.
[3.x flashbacks]
@BESW Sorry, didn't mean to bring up a sore subject. :)
It was especially egregious because a lot of the worst 3.5 content was deliberately re-written from 3.0 and often went from good or great to awful in the process.
Would you like a PrC that gives your caster some powerful survival and fighting options? Great, there's the Green Star Adept. Oops you lost your Constitution score and your spells-per-day advancement is halved and every level of your advancement in this PrC is based on the GM throwing you a lore bone in-game.
I missed out on a lot of that era. Did AD&D-2e in high school, was excited when 3.0 came out but really only had a few sessions with it, and I didn't get back into D&D until a few years ago with 5e. (And looking back at my 2e stuff, with a separate table for every possible interaction, I'm amazed that I presumably understood and played it at one point.)
At least 4e's bad classes were just underwhelming, not actively malicious.
(Of course, in 3.x you didn't have to wander from the Core books to find egregious quality issues. Classes like the monk and feats like Toughness are famously underwhelming.)
(And there's the famous story that the dev who playtested the wizard did so with a low Intelligence because roleplaying, which explains a lot about how high-Int wizards go really wonky in the power curve.)
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Q: Can Echo Knight fighter's Manifest Echo's be forcibly moved?

ImaginaryI would like to know if an Echo, created by the Manifest Echo ability of an Echo Knight, can be forcibly moved by things else other than the Knight? Per the rules for Manifest Echo, an Echo "...occupies its space." But it is also described as an "image". It is also worth noting that per a tweet...

@BESW pretends to sing your message, you mean?
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@BESW The story I heard is that the dev who playtested the wizard did so with mostly direct-damage spells, which are probably the most well-regulated part of the wizard.
Makes sense!
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Two of the answers there are 5e answers.
Q: Summon spells and AC

KoravThe summon spells introduced in Tasha's Cauldron of Everything include an armor class calculation, but it's unclear from the description if the AC should include the dexterity modifier or not. For example the Undead Spirit from Summon Undead states the following: Armor Class 11 + the level of th...

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@ThomasMarkov Should these get flagged "very low quality" for "unlikely to be salvaged by editing"?
It's almost impossible edit an answer about one system into one about another without writing a completely new answer, unless the question is less about the system.
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Q: Does the 3rd benefit of the (UA) Fizban's Platinum Shield spell stack with Evasion, so that the character only takes 1/4 damage on a failed Dex save?

RallozarXThe new UA, Unearthed Arcana: Draconic Options, introduces a 6th-level spell called Fizban's platinum shield that can be cast on a creature within 60 feet of the caster, granting them a few benefits. The description of the final benefit reads as follows: If the creature is subjected to an effec...

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@ThomasMarkov your 3 quarts tortellini made me think of pangrams
> "Sphinx of black quartz, judge my vow."
9:21 AM
Nice one.
The 3 quarts of water does sound like it's supposed to be a pangram!
@HotRPGQuestions I didn't even notice the new UA dropping
it seems a little lacklustre
9:56 AM
@A.B. Bo-Red?
Probably even that, yes. :-P
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I found my lost RPG
@AncientSwordRage please don't answer in comments. sorry :(
if you're not sure, you can link it in the question for confirmation, but otherwise it'd be better to figure out if it's right and then post an answer.
@NautArch that's cool but, it wasn't intended as an answer :(
@NautArch I'll see if I can do this instead
After further thought, if the location isn/t confirmed safe, please don't link to it,.
@NautArch ooh, good point
I fixed it hopefully?
@NautArch OP added rudeness back into this answer, so I flagged rude abusive.
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Q: Redundant bonus spells for cleric peace domain

LughAt first level, peace clerics gain heroism and sanctuary. But don't all clerics already have access to all cleric spells (at the appropriate levels), which includes sanctuary? Only wizards, warlock, sorcerers and druids have access to a limited number of spells.

Vote to delete lol
@AncientSwordRage that's a tough one. I'm not so sure. Sending folks into the breach instead isn't exactly the right move, either.
maybe wait and see if someone finds a legit confirmed location first?
@NautArch hmmm, I deliberately made it non-clickable to prevent that, but I can add more warnings.
@AncientSwordRage You're making a big assumption about people's ability to parse risk :P
@NautArch Do we do "Give me a full character build" questions? I thought it was too much like idea generation, which we don't really do
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@BaconyRevanant I'm...not sure.
oh, that closed question?
@BaconyRevanant We do not.
The gnoll one, yeah. I saw it come up in the review queue
@NautArch That's a risk I'm willing them to take :p
We help with adjusting an existing build given some objective criteria for what you are trying to achieve and why the current build doesn't achieve it. We dont just build stuff for you.
@AncientSwordRage Ha! Always easy when the risk isn't your own :P
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@BaconyRevanant If there's a clear idea of what they're looking for. What aspect of batman they want to emulate, as it were. How much is needed to be clear is gonna come down to judgement. There's a meta discussing this somewhere IIRC
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Q: Are character build or optimization questions on topic?

mxyzplkWe attract some character build/optimization questions that are very vague - like this newer ones. How can I add more attack to my Wood Bond Oracle? A class like the "Action Survivor" trope Pathfinder: Arcane Duelist melee build We've discussed this before in Should we allow "Best Character ...

This should be a cat2 build question I think?
@BaconyRevanant Yes we do.
But with limitations.
They have to adhere to our expectations about the
12:58 PM
@BaconyRevanant Nobody agrees
@Someone_Evil Do we have enough to go on for suggesting a build though? Is "Be a gnoll who punches things" enough to go on?
I've certainly seen KRyan state that the acceptable forms of "help me build a character" are either questions with vague ideas or questions with extremely defined ideas and only the inbetween are problematic
It's another one of those "how open-ended, opinion-based, idea-generation, etc is too much?"
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My favourite part is the interaction between "It seems to me that a lot of questions that would, in the past, have been deemed fine—and would likely have received perfectly-fine answers—are getting closed." and "In contrast to one popular comment here, in reality, it is closing questions that has no real harm. Yes, we want to help, we want to answer questions—but there’s not really a shortage of questions to answer."
@Akixkisu Those are, I assume, talking about completely different contexts
There's a difference between "closing any questions makes no harm" and "closing these types of questions for these types of reasons makes no harm"
@Medix2 yup, one is from the community check-in and the other is about the Don't guess the system policy.
The argument is that we are optimising for pearls instead of sand in the later.
Which also applies to the former.
I see where they are coming from with both statements and see no sort of contradiction between them whatsoever, and they are not here to elaborate on things, so I am just gonna duck out
Where do I mention contradiction?
Is that not what you were pointing out?
I suppose I misread it then, but I thought that was the intent,
Oh well, probably will just choose not to discuss the Meta posts in chat anyway XD
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@Akixkisu you need sand to make pearls though, pearls do not spontaneously appear
@AncientSwordRage not wrong.
Why is peanut butter and yoghurt so good?
Essentially: Do we need to know more?

I want this particular build to be viable, how do I do it? No, we don't, we can answer this.
These are the criteria for a build, what is the optimal way to build within these specific limitations? No, we don't, we can answer this.
Here are my current circumstances, and I don't know what the best step is to achieve what I want, what do I do? No, we don't, we can answer this.
Just clarifying, no need to interact :)
@NautArch are you eating them as a mix?
@Akixkisu yep, with some bananas. Usually granola, too, but i'm out.
posted on April 15, 2021 by Bardic Wizard

I don’t have much of a budget for yarn or rpgs. In fact, most of the time, my budget is best described as nonexistent, for a handful of reasons. In addition, I have highly limited space. These two things combined mean that I rarely buy things, and if I can, I will always try to make do with what I have. However, though it may seem like a bad thing, I actually love my situation (most of the time

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@NautArch They have some complementary qualities that have exciting heterogenous flavours and texture. They are also individually tasty and have that nice effect of you getting to have more of a great calorie dense flavour without having to consume more of the calorie-dense product.
@NautArch it's the right mix of sweet, fatty and sharp
I think that is especially true when you use crunchy peanut butter.
And it fills me up :)
@Akixkisu crunchy is the only good texture
@AncientSwordRage All textures are good in the right circumstances, yes, even slimy.
I love the viscid texture of a plain yoghurt, especially when it is as simple as coconut cream with probiotics.
That acidic creamy texture mixed with the salty crunch and some fresh fruit is just very good.
1:55 PM
@NautArch Because peanut butter is good
But I prefer maple in my yoghurt
@Akixkisu YMMV
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@AncientSwordRage fwiw on your most excellent adventure question there I can confirm that 1d4chan never hosted it directly and only ever had a link to that googledoc
Yay me, I got to be T Rex for parts of two sessions. Our Wizard polymorphed my celestial warlock into a T Rex. What was kind of funny, to me, was that when the wizard took damage he always made his con save not to lose concentration. But after the second fight, with about a half hour left on the spell (per the DM) the party (rather than exploiting the T Rex HP and size to penetrate deeper into the giant's castle (the only reason she fit, our lady T Rex, or shall I call her T Regina?) ...
... decided to take a short rest. And thus, the T Rex, standing around, became the warlock once again. Anti climactic, for me, after all of that biting and tail slamming of things.
The DM decided that my owl familiar, which was present when the polymorph happened, stuck around and mostly rode on the T Rex's head when combat wasn't in session.
@Carcer ah ok, so where is this mystery url from?
And any idea who made the game in the first place?
"developed over the course of two days on /tg/," as the article says
@Carcer oh nice, so no main author
if you're really interested, it looks like this thread is the origin
2:39 PM
@Carcer oh wow
looks like Viral may have written and formatted a lot of it
he did quite a few of the notable from-/tg/ game things
@KorvinStarmast So what you're saying is that there was much flailing and gnashing of teeth?
@Carcer I've answered my own question using your details
3:03 PM
is that ok..?
@AncientSwordRage Sound like its "cool"
Carcer is now secretly building a shrine to your demise.
It's a cool shrine.
@Axoren It's a cool demise
Hello everyone! I am here seeking clarification about our beloved site! :-D
3:10 PM
@BaconyRevanant Yeh, verily I say unto you, it was so: there was even rending of garments! 😂
Some time ago I asked this question rpg.stackexchange.com/q/181326/63061 that got close since it had already an answer
but it seems that I can still accept the one from Kogarashi Kaito: is it normal?
@Eddymage yes
@AncientSwordRage Ok, I suppose that since it was closedI could not accept any answer, because there is already one
@Catofdoom2 \o
3:18 PM
@Catofdoom2 \oo//
@Catofdoom2 it's a person with hands in the air
i see iy
can you help me
3:37 PM
Maybe, let's hear.
@Catofdoom2 don't know until you ask :p
@Medix2 Your quick assistance on that question, references, is much appreciated.
@ThomasMarkov I think I have the skeleton of the Highwayman question almost gathered (the one we talked about a week or so ago). I may post it later in the day, the crux of the question is levels 1-12 damage optimization for the concept comparing Swashbuckler and Arcane Trickster
4:01 PM
@KorvinStarmast I have gotten much better at finding related questions in my time here. I find it rather fun to hunt down using search terms and the linked lists and the like
i'm back
who is the dragon god/godess?
the one with all the diffrent color heads
lemme check
that looks right
thank you
@Yuuki what does making a deal tiamat do?
i would imagine it depends on the deal
well since tiamat is a god of greed i assume its going to be a careful ordeal
4:08 PM
@Catofdoom2 When she attends the Kentucky Derby, she needs to buy and wear five hats that don't clash. Talk about a fashion chellenge! 😯
@AncientSwordRage you're fine, apologies if I came across terse; I have complicated feelings about 1d4chan and this just brought them back up
@Carcer oh right, yeah it's not a great site
sorry it got brought up
tiamat is a god of greed so she'll try to trick you and profiet
@AncientSwordRage no worries. It's not your fault
can i be sent tiamats stat block?
4:22 PM
The official stat block is behind a paywall, although you can find it on other sites if you google "tiamat stat block 5e"
It's part of a published adventure.
So you have to pay for it to get it "legitimately", so to speak.
Second time the UA rabbitfolk has been added to this question. Should be deleted.
Burn the witch!
if you sell tiamat your soul for divine power. how will that work out?
@ThomasMarkov oooh I didn't spot the 'official rule book' caveat
@Catofdoom2 however you decide
4:30 PM
@Catofdoom2 Why would Tiamat need to pay for a soul?
because thats what they do
@ThomasMarkov yep, clean up in aisle three.
She has coupons. Buy 1 soul get 1 free.
trade your soul rather
@Catofdoom2 it is?
4:32 PM
@MikeQ She also has taken haggling to a new level. Five heads speaking at once as she tries to talk the merchant down on price? 😯 Horrors! I'd close down the carpet shop first ...
@NautArch it is what?
@Catofdoom2 What they do?
D&D 5e doesn't have mechanics for selling souls or making pacts, so you'd need to make up something. (Warlocks are described as having a pact, but it's purely for flavor, and there's no mechanism for creating a pact.)
then I'll just spend a few hours making a mechniac for it
maybe a few days
@MikeQ Wasn't there a pair that was an authority on those? A Mr. and Ms. Pactman ?
4:34 PM
@Catofdoom2 Why do you need mechanics for it?
Good question. Or when is having a mechanic for a thing desirable and when is it not at your table?
@GcL Gooder question.
@Catofdoom2 you don't need to do anything difficult... you could just give out a feat or an item or anything you decide
Why are they gong to Tiamat @Catofdoom2? WHat reason does she have not to kill them upon sight?
My recollection was that Mordenkainen's Tome of Foes adds some detail about Devils and the deals made with them.
4:38 PM
because I want my players to have an option. i want them to be able to have fun. no matter what they want to do
@NautArch From what I understand, the players said they want to make a deal with a demon, so the GM (Cat) is trying to come up with a scenario for that
@GcL because of greed and envy. she might be powerful but she has one huge weakness. she will let you live as long as she thinks there's something in it for her
@MikeQ ah, yes.
@Catofdoom2 Don't need mechanics for all options... unless they liking having them. Probably would just give a vague description of the kind of benefit and drawback the characters perceive of their options and only sit down to write the one they choose.
@MikeQ hit the nail on the head
4:40 PM
Yeah, I mean you can run that however you like @Catofdoom2. You don't need specific mechanics unless you want it to be a 'game' of an interaction.
@doppelgreener o7
@NautArch don't you think it would be more fun if its a game? a talk in cycles and be careful what you say is quite a game of tension
Doesn't matter what we think, what matters is what your players think. Would they want complex turn-based-combat-like mechanics for a social interaction? Or would they rather approach it like any other negotiation?
@Catofdoom2 ok, so you want tension? Play it like jenga
@AncientSwordRage oooooo.
4:45 PM
you get powers equal to the number of blocks you pull, tiamat get favours equal to the number of blocks tiamat
if Tiamat gets TOO upset they can topple the tower and end the deal early
Is that the basis of an actual rpg?
Dread is a horror RPG published by The Impossible Dream. The game uses a Jenga tower for action resolution and was winner of the 2006 Ennie Award for Innovation as well as being nominated for Best Game and Best Rules. == The game == Dread is a horror game, commonly played as a one-shot at conventions. It can also be used for ongoing gaming, though in practice this is less common. In order to play you need: One Jenga tower or equivalent 3-6 players 3–5 hours (can be extended to multiple sessions of similar length) A prepared adventure and character sheets === The setting === Dread has no fixed...
@goodguy5 yes
@MikeQ @NautArch @AncientSwordRage I'm taking a story writing class just to make a good campaign fo my players sooooooo
4:47 PM
@MikeQ @NautArch @AncientSwordRage that's probably why I hate that none of my players came with a motivation. but surely I can make it seem that they do have a motive and just won't share it yet
@Catofdoom2 I'd recommend reading up on The Alexandrian
the what?
That 's some great initiative and drive (that I do not possess).

I just want to point out one thing from my experience: Player experience is more about the way that they interact with the world than the actual facets of the world.

Which is not to say that the world should not have facets. I'm just saying that a campaign equivalent to the Lord of the Rings will not be enjoyed without ample opportunity for player autonomy and interaction.
if you write a plot like a book, if they players deviate you either have to force them back onto the plot (bad) or change your carefully written plot on the fly ruining it (bad)
4:49 PM
i know
Then you're all set
If you haven't watched any of Matt Colville's stuff, I highly highly highly recommend it.
i wrote it as more like code (if this then this happens)
Don't prep plots - The Alexandrian
What about when someone enters a letter in your number calculator?
because that's what players will do
4:51 PM
then we account for the variable and recaulte
I love my open-world video games so I want it to be something I'd love and everyone else could enjoy.
@Catofdoom2 then definitely read up on that article I posted
The other problem that I've run into on multiple occasions.....

Lack of drive causes stagnation
There's an obnoxiously thin line between prodding to do something and the players/characters doing nothing
all I want is my players to have fun and enjoy their time. I swear to god, If I need to be happy for them I'll double my anti-depressants, if they need more story, I'll spend weeks righting lore, if they want to ignore my story and open a goat farm then I'll help them make a monoply
well maybe not the first one,
yes definitely not that one
Have you spoken with the players about getting their input on the world? A lot of GMs assume that worldbuilding and story ideas are exclusively the GM's job, and the GM needs to prepare everything by themselves before the session starts, but that mindset risks burnout. Whereas collaborative worldbuilding and design (from players) can help fit the game toward what everyone wants, and it also eases the workload for the GM.
4:57 PM
@MikeQ ^
And I didn't catch any of your other experience. don't forget session 0!
@MikeQ I am taking everyone's ideas and I am seeing how/if they can fit into the world. will it ruin everyone else's fun? will it contradict something that's already established? is it something they actually want of are they just giving random ideas?
@goodguy5 i got a session 0
seems like you have all your bases covered
its alot of their first times so i don't want to ruin it for them
does anyone have suggestions? am i doing it right?
Impossible to know. I've been GMing for years now and I still ask that question. The short answer is that there is no universally "right" way to GM. Whether or not a GM's style works highly depends on the game itself and the group.
5:06 PM
@Catofdoom2 Last option there is the way to go. Writing a lot of content that is not used is not fun unless producing the content is a fun endeavor in itself.
@Catofdoom2 I would ask those questions to your group in a slightly easier to answer way.
@GcL i don't care about me
E.g. "What was your favorite part of last session?" "What was confusing or unclear in last session?" Ask those to each player in a one-on-one channel.
@Catofdoom2 That is a foolhardy approach.
Don't run a game at your own expense. GM burnout kills campaigns.
@Catofdoom2 You've said that before, and I have to say that is an incredibly unhealthy attitude. Not only is your enjoyment key to theirs, but taking care of your own needs it just as important.
5:10 PM
@Catofdoom2 I suspect one day you might, and then you may regret not caring about the future you
@Catofdoom2 It might feel unnatural, but it is important to practice
@AncientSwordRage Past Me was a jerk that should have done better. Current Me will just leave this how it is, because Future Me is smart and they'll probably figure it out.
@GcL Are you me ? :p
@AncientSwordRage I think that's just about everyone.
except future me is too tired, because of past me, to be smart anymore
Well, they've probably sorted it out and remember all the things you know now... so no need to worry or write any of it down.
5:12 PM
Hey, no time travel paradoxes in the chat room! This is a directed linear time only space.
Talking of time travel... I'm still getting my head around this: physicsmatt.com/blog/2016/8/25/why-ftl-implies-time-travel
@AncientSwordRage Minute Physics has some nice short cartoons about relativity. I think the lorentz transformation one might offer an artifact that helps? youtube.com/watch?v=Rh0pYtQG5wI
@Catofdoom2 it's up to you, we can only advise based on what we know/have experienced. Every case is different so...
That video explains things within the bounds of c. I mentally relabel "the speed of light in a vacuum" as the "speed of causality."
5:17 PM
@GcL I've seen a few, but it's mainly the point about the lines of constant time for the space ship
@nitsua60 o/
@GcL ah I'm trying to decide whether to ditch relativity or causality in a story I'm writing
@doppelgreener \\oo/
well, I'm having fun but it isn't that important.
@Catofdoom2 regardless, I'm glad you are
@doppelgreener woop woop!
5:19 PM
@AncientSwordRage You might be able to avoid running afoul of causality and time travel by judiciously avoiding the situations where it crops up. Larry Niven wrote a bunch of sci-fi books with physicists as co-authors that had FTL and managed to avoid time travel.
@doppelgreener Time to make a programming language with six symbols. \|/oO0
@Medix2 another BF variant?
Mostly by avoiding talking about it. Like traveling back and forth between locations at greater than c and arriving before you left the first time.
@GcL so that article say's it's impossible to avoid
JSF is definitely the worst one
5:20 PM
@Medix2 agreed
@GcL ahh yeah
@Medix2 name it "everybody panic"
apparently, they want to fight ME as the DM as the final proplem
not proplem
That doesn't make sense to me. The players at the table aren't characters. They want you to choose a character named "DM" ? I don't understand what that request means.
Every single combat they're fighting the DM...
@Mithical I guess. Any non-player controlled entity is, by default, run by the DM. It's not fighting against the DM though.
The DM doesn't lose if the players have fun overcoming the DM controlled NPCs. In that case, everyone wins.
Heck, everyone wins if the people at the table are having fun regardless of the dice and story outcomes. Sometimes a party accidentally cooks themselves pretty badly with their own fireball and it's entertaining.
5:26 PM
@GcL well, it could be a fourth wall break as they discover the overlord pulling all the strings in their world
@doppelgreener That's a neat idea. Like a Wizard of Oz kind of thing? or what came to mind for you?
@GcL full-on cosmic fourth wall break versus some self-insert.
Sure, the party allies with an evil force who doesn't like being the loser of all the good-vs-evil narratives, so they empower the party to fight the narrator. It's a funny idea although I have no clue how that would actually work.
i don't think i'd go for that personally. it'd feel a bit personal (hold your shock) and i'd rather not oppose myself vs the players—even if I'm setting up their opposition, I'm on their side and I'm here to help them have a fun compelling story.
@doppelgreener I concur. Framing anything as DM vs Players has led to poor entertainment outcomes for me.
5:29 PM
Yeah, it could get hairy in trying to differentiate the real-GM-vs-players and in-game-GM-vs-characters
@GcL My last table where I played was very DM vs players. It led to a lot of UnFun.
Maybe there could be a GM-like-entity who exists within the game world, who is sufficiently distinct from the real GM
@MikeQ I feel like that's a theme for many of the pocket-dimension canned quests from 2nd edition D&D.
Where the heroes find themselves in the demesne of a foe that has a lot of control over reality in their little bubble.
@MikeQ I think LegendaryDude has it for their avatar.
@NautArch I like the way Apocalypse World and Fate games look at it: I'm there to be a fan of the players, and work with them to create fun, compelling stories. I can't do that without giving them challenges to overcome and twists and turns to explore!
5:36 PM
what do you recommend for a big heavy hitter that'll be hard ti kill or could fight high level monsters and win
depends on the type of enemy, of course
are we in D&D 5e here?
is that a player character you're making?
@doppelgreener I haven't played those, but that's my general approach. I'll make very challenging combats and have fun with them.
5e monsters are glass cannons, meat sacks, or minions.
@Catofdoom2 High Level Monster or Monsters? Also Known As: Are you looking for an AOE heavy hitter or a single target heavy hitter?
and this is a PC you're building?
5:42 PM
i'm trying to find a monster boss
...that's fighting other monsters?
welll, they are wild animals
Also, would you mind replying to whomever you reply to. It helps in conversation tracking.
@Catofdoom2 What are wild animals?
monsters and animals and stuff
I'm not following, sorry.
5:45 PM
dragon vs minotaur
Why are two monsters fighting in your game?
@NautArch Minotaur is a playable race :P
@ThomasMarkov smart guy :P
@NautArch gonna roll one up to replace bernie
@ThomasMarkov rocks fell. sorry.
5:47 PM
@ThomasMarkov Hey, remember that pocketwatch answer that got downvoted a bunch and flagged as rude/abusive? They user has reposted with a much more even mannered answer.
@BaconyRevanant I don't think it's upvote worthy, but it's not downvote worthy.
@NautArch they are wild animals, they'd fight over anything they'd fight over food, land, anything really
@Catofdoom2 Sure, but what does that have to do with your game?
@BaconyRevanant Yeah, I reviewed it in First Posts queue, no action needed.
@NautArch Me either. But it's definitely better than the previous answer
5:48 PM
@BaconyRevanant Thankfully!
@NautArch there's going to be a warlock, or wizard, (something similar) that will be controlling monsters. he'll be killing dragons and such with his creatures to collect rare ingredients for a powerful ritural
is this aceaptable?
@Catofdoom2 Do your players find that fun?
@Catofdoom2 wait, what? A warlock/wizard or something is controlling them? Like the real big bad is a caster and the monsters are minions?
Probably run a one-shot demo combat with them to check. We have found running a bunch of summons to be rather tedious in 5e, and have had to streamline it.
@Catofdoom2 Is this what the players have suggested would be interesting from session zero?
@Catofdoom2 I'm going to beat the horse here and suggest again to do a published adventure. You will learn an immense amount from them.
5:57 PM
@NautArch If I understand correctly, there's a warlock with minotaur minions fighting dragons on a bump on a branch on a log in the hole in the bottom of the sea
@NautArch hes using magic to contral them
@MikeQ There's a devil who made a pact with a warlock with minotaur minions fighting dragons on a bump on a branch on a log in the hole in the bottom of the sea.
@Catofdoom2 Okay, but I'm still recommending you look at published adventures.
Or, use google and encounter-building tools, then playtest it with the players, and see how it plays out. And if it's too difficult then pull punches.
@MikeQ Given that modules teach more than just encounters, I still think the module option presents a really good learning tool.
6:01 PM
True. While the modules' stories aren't especially great or creative, they do demonstrate the types of adventures and challenges that the system is intended to handle.
@MikeQ And showcase how a lot of mechanics work as well helping guide new DMs.
@Catofdoom2 Alternatively, if you really don't want to go the module route, try a quick 3-4 session story arc. That gives you some room to explore, a chance for the table to figure out things they like, and a short enough span that you don't really have to design a lot.
Given the newness of the players, I'd recommend playing at Level 3.
And if the official modules are outside your budget and expected timeframe, there are some fun free adventures on DMsGuild. Most are short, so they could be fit into an existing campaign. They also specify what level range they are intended for.
@MikeQ I grab those on humble bundle whenever they come up. Most are pretty well done.
Some are well done. Others are sloppy. Stuff on DMsGuild (and other free sites) usually hasn't been edited or playtested. But they are mostly functional.
@MikeQ that's what i was kinda worried about I haven't really looked at anything in there.
A couple nights ago I had 2 Barlgura's attacking a 6th level party of lore bard, life cleric, and paladin. Almost a TPK, but reminded the paladin that they can use a smite spell and divine smite on the same hit (he was a bit notsosober).
If I didn't, it'd have been a TPK.
6:16 PM
@NautArch When I had free time, I would grab as much free material as I could and browse, seeing if the adventures seemed interesting and if the challenges made sense. Quality varies.
@MikeQ Quality varies in WoTC products, too :P
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7:24 PM
does anyone wanna do a session online?
@MikeQ I found the paid content from Frog God Games was nicely done
so that's a no
I'm part of a group that does sessions online through through a chatroom here - we bookmark our sessions, you can read them here: chat.stackexchange.com/rooms/info/118089/…
Q: Is Most Excellent Adventure available anywhere other than 1d4 chan?

AncientSwordRageMost Excellent Adventure, to my knowledge is a free time-travel RPG based on Bill and Ted's Most Excellent Adventure. To my recollection, the only copy available was hosted on 1d4chan. However that is now down, and I don't know where else it's hosted. Googling hasn't turned up anything for me the...

@goodguy5 fantastic game btw
8:03 PM
i want to make a world that they can spend hours exploring
8:18 PM
Q: How would a devil get around using its true name on a contract?

StuperUserIn the lore, knowing a devil's true name allows you to summon it and grants you power over it. Devils LOVE contracts, but surely they need to put their full names somewhere on the contract to be binding? In published lore (for 5e, other versions and novels, etc) how do devils negate this?

@Catofdoom2 so the way TRPGs work out, that tends to be the default, but that's because of TRPG structure and not specifically because of up-front pregenerated content
@MikeQ great, who the heck gave you the spoiler to our Salt March campaign? 😎
@Catofdoom2 when? We can do one in the backroom on this site, if you'd likel. The tricksy bit is scheduling. As with a lot of TTRPG initiatives.
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9:43 PM
I love it when I get three useful answers to a question. I hate it that, in a day or two, I need to pick one as 'accepted' since each of the three is pretty good.
Accept one and give bounties to the others :)
10:07 PM
@Catofdoom2 I wonder if you're familiar with safety tools? Many of them are designed to help groups talk about what they want and need, so that more daring things can be attempted. A lot of my concerns about "doing things right" as a GM relaxed significantly when I started having open conversations with my friends about what we were doing.
(Also, most of the people in this chat are here during down-time in working hours, so it's difficult for them to commit to a spontaneous game session. Nothing about you, just the reality of this space.)
Resource: Viabundus is a freely accessible online street map of late medieval and early modern northern Europe (1350-1650). It includes: a database with information about settlements, towns, tolls, staple markets and other information relevant for the pre-modern traveller; a route calculator; a calendar of fairs; and additional land routes as well as water ways.
10:41 PM
@BESW all good points
11:08 PM
Nonbinary Game Jam Hosted by Knickknack PJ, unicodepepper. Ever find yourself wanting more games with nonbinary content in it? Ever feel like making that good, sweet content? Well you've come to the right game jam!
Memory Jam Hosted by pancelor. Make a game inspired by your own earliest memories of making games!
Q: When my PC is polymorphed, what happens to her familiar from the Find Familiar spell?

KorvinStarmastSituation A level 8 Celestial Warlock, Pact of the Tome, has an owl familiar1. The party Wizard casts polymorph on the Warlock such that a Tyrannosaurus Rex (INT 2, Wis 12) is now standing there. How it was ruled While your familiar is within 100 feet of you, you can communicate with it telepath...

11:30 PM
Morning all
How goes the day
I'm just starting my work work :P

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