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12:21 AM
PHB+1 is officially being ditched, for anyone who didn't see this news earlier.
I've mentioned in the past that I respect the intentions of the rule (making the game more accessible to players who don't want to have to buy every single sourcebook as they come out), but in practice it restricted some really cool, relatively straightforward builds from being used in AL. So I'm glad it's going away.
1:01 AM
translation: wait, why did we not want you to buy every single sourcebook? of course that's what we want!
(alternate translation: 1-level Hexblade dips are now mandatory for everyone, no excuses)
2 hours later…
3:08 AM
Happy Ayyam-i-Ha!
3:43 AM
@BESW do you have a busy (checks wiki) 4 days ahead?
Not a lot of festivities planned, because [gestures at world], but I'm gonna be doing a refresher course for facilitating Ruhi groups and I'm excited about that.
@BESW well, that does sound awesome
Yeah, it's been a long time since I've done Ruhi and I miss it a lot. There's a new edition of the first book out and I've been asked to facilitate some groups studying it.
@BESW sounds great
It had been too long since I went to any Islamic courses even in the before times
I do hope we keep using [gestures at world] and 'before times', even when/if things become easier.
4:13 AM
Year Zero Mini by 3 Skulls Pub. Like other rules-light games, Year Zero Mini (YZM) is designed to provide a light framework to allow you to quickly jump into your favourite setting. Where other rules-light games might emphasise action or heroics, YZM is a little more down to earth - telling stories of a more gritty and relatable nature..
Kickstarter: Cryptid (Mis)Communication by WhatNames. A role playing game to be played outdoors, at a blurry distorted distance | Zine Quest 2021
Kickstarter: A State of Being: Bonds, Backgrounds, and Rumors. by C. Scott Smallwood. A TTRPG Zine detailing a system-agnostic Worldview, Party Bond, and Concept systems to replace traditional alignment systems.
Update: https://speakthesky.itch.io/trifold-template-pack by Speak the Sky. A pack of trifold pamphlet templates for Affinity Publisher, plus supporting files like fonts!
James Introcaso wrote a twitter thread about freelancer rates in TTRPGs.
Mike Wildspeaker wrote a twitter thread about the impact of visible representation in MtG products on the demographics of his school's Game Club.
Half Page Booklet Guide by Matthew Gravelyn. A booklet about making booklets
@AncientSwordRage I worry that if we apocalyze current events too much, we won't take them as a prompt to make foundational changes in the way the world works.
4:45 AM
People are always saying that, but I don't really see what "foundational changes in the way the world works" are relevant, other than not being mean to pangolins.
I mean. Take your pick, from making access to health care and living wages a genuine priority, to normalizing wearing a mask any time we're feeling a bit ill.
If America were more death-positive our leaders wouldn't be dragging their heels to initiate necessary mass fatality contingencies, but instead we fear the solutions as much as the problems they're intended to solve.
Replacing isolationist and nationalist attitudes with global communication and cooperation would facilitate coordinating in times of crisis so that different parts of the world are supporting each other rather than hording artificially limited resources.
Recognizing that the free market is not designed to prioritize human dignity and wellbeing would be nice.
(Recognizing that those things SHOULD be a priority would be even nicer.)
Huh, yes, now you put it that way, this has certainly thrown the employment practices of Amazon et al. into even sharper relief than they were already.
Eradicating the cult of individualism in favor of taking pride in joining communities of mutual service, maybe.
I hadn't thought of the health care issue because at least we haven't had THAT problem. :-(
I look at people talking about "when we won't have to wear masks again" and I'm sad because masking shouldn't be demonized. In parts of Asia and Southeast Asia where the bird flu and SARS were really bad, a culture of "masks are a sign of care for your community" is a big part of what helped that NOT go global the way C19 is.
4:58 AM
Quite enough of a nightmare without that, can hardly imagine what it must be like when you haven't even got guaranteed health care.
To be fair the mask thing has been a huge problem for some of the autistic community.
Though I've seen a few say that at least it gives them a good excuse for not being able to read people's expressions!
In California government officials are refusing to activate emergency plans for dealing with large numbers of bodies because they say private funeral homes should "step up" and take this as an opportunity to prosper in the free market by meeting the need. Funeral homes aren't designed to do the kind of organization and management needed, that's what mass fatality experts are for.
I'd like to see this fuel a change in our understanding of what governments are for.
We also see a broad lack of critical thinking skills which would help the population understand the data and sort good information from garbage, and even the best-intentioned educational programs which are supposed to be teaching critical thinking tend to be teaching WHAT to think rather than HOW.
Again I am not "us", so my experience of how "us" are messing up may be limited. But that sounds like a mess. sighs This is no time for people to stand around waiting for other people to "step up".
Oh, BOY, yes.
So when I say we need major changes in how the world works, I'm not talking about superficial pandemic-specific behavioural changes, but fundamental shifts in how we think about ourselves and our communities.
It's never been more obvious that isolationism and individualism are not only unethical, they are logistically impossible. That reality ought to prompt major systemic upheaval across the world.
But so long as we speak of current events as a outlier, a deviation from a normal we can return to, instead of seeing it as an inevitable result of that normal to which we should never be content to return...
We can't prevent natural events like new diseases, but we can make a world that mitigates the potential for a natural event to become an unnatural disaster.
(Of course, we CAN also reduce the frequency of new diseases crossing into the human population, by measures like finding alternatives to industrial livestock production.)
5:13 AM
Yeah, I was being a little gormless there and not being able to think of anything that had general relevance as well as coronavirus relevance. Some of what you said are less changes in the way the world works than in the way America works, they haven't been as much of an issue here in the UK. But some of them do. And I think some things are only less of an issue, but not entirely not one.
We have a better official "social safety net" than you do, and I think a better unofficial one too - we never had quite as much of a cult of individualism as you did, and speaking from that point of view, I say that's a very good thing - but people still fall through the cracks all the time, and of course more now since so many more people need rescuing.
@BESW yeah I hate that some people seem to think masks are a bad thing and no one should wear them,.... very destructive attitude
Well, obviously, masks are a bad thing. But you have to balance that against how much of a serious threat disease transmission is at any time.
@A.B. I mean I don't particularly like the way a mask feels on my face I'll admit, but I still wear em to reduce the risk of both catching and spreading Covid
Masks are a tool, they don't have an ethical value attached to them.
if we didn't have pandemic on our hands I wouldn't just wear one all the time, but people refusing to wear masks or get vaccinated has prolonged it,....
5:17 AM
A lot of masks in use may be a sign that a bad thing is happening, but the masks themselves in that case are a sign that the bad thing is being responded to in a good way.
How much of a problem has not being able to see anyone's expression actually been in practice, to normal people?
It's like being upset that a wound is scabbing over. I'd rather not have the wound, but I'm happy my blood is clotting.
I find masks uncomfortable personally but I don't count them as a "bad thing"
@A.B. seeing as I don't care to see people's expressions all the time I couldn't tell you :P
We seem to be using different definitions of "bad thing" and I don't quite understand what yours is.
You can hardly deny that they're an inconvenience.
5:19 AM
well my definition of a "bad thing" is a disease
So that makes masks not a nuisance?
Shoes are inconvenient too.
I mean they are but they aren't nearly as much of an inconvenience as catching a highly contagious and at least relatively deadly virus?
my point isn't that everyone should love wearing masks, I certainly don't, I still do it though
But now I'm accustomed to close-toed shoes and I don't really notice the inconvenience anymore.
I ain't denying that they're the lesser of two evils (by far, in current conditions). It just seems weird to me to say that you shouldn't describe them as a problem at all because they're preferable to something else.
5:22 AM
masks aren't a problem though
I resent the use of language to describe them as such even
A lot of us aren't used to masks, and a lot of masks aren't made to be comfortable for long-term wear. The first we get over with time, and the second we get over with better quality masks.
they happen to be a particular solution to a problem
I can agree with you if you say that it sucks to have to wear masks, I can't agree with outright saying masks themselves are a problem
I'm thinking of some of my autistic friends who I wouldn't like to be forbidden to say that they have a serious problem with masks because masks are a Good Thing and A Solution Not A Problem.
But like... Troggy and I live in a place that's somewhat near the epicenters of bird flu and SARS. We're totally used to seeing people wear a mask just because they're traveling, or they have a sniffle. It's a normal gesture of caution and respect.
@A.B. Nobody's... saying that...
@A.B. I myself am autistic and don't like having something on my face like that, but I still don't see masks as a problem in and of themselves
5:25 AM
There's a category error here. "Masks are a problem for me" is not the same as "masks are a problem."
> I can agree with you if you say that it sucks to have to wear masks, I can't agree with outright saying masks themselves are a problem
Well, I meant exactly the same thing by both, so I don't know what you would take as suitably not meaning the same thing.
Would "nuisance" succeed in not looking to you like meaning whatever you mistook me for meaning by "problem"?
> There's a category error here. "Masks are a problem for me" is not the same as "masks are a problem."
I can be deathly allergic to bees, but bees are still not "obviously a bad thing."
that's fair
If I were deathly allegic to bees, I'd still be very upset to see people talking about bees as something that they'll be glad to see go away.
I just,... the particular word "problem" could imply a lot of things that I don't think you mean when you use it
and I know there are far too many people who still see masks as an actual problem
5:29 AM
I started this by talking about my worries when I see people demonizing masks as a sign of pandemic rather than recognizing masks as a sign of communal action to mitigate the pandemic.
and in an exclusive way that excludes seeing them as in any way useful or helpful or necessary right now
let alone as something that could see normal use if you just happen to be sick and don't want to spread it to other people
Because that means we'll have the same "I shouldn't have to wear a mask because it's my choice to get sick" nonsense the next time around, and the next time will come faster because people won't think of masks as a preventative tool the next time they think they have a totally normal flu.
Well, I can't comprehend what you mean by actual problem other than what I said. It may be that I just have not heard these people and don't know that they're saying something which is different from what I was trying to say.
That's not a bad idea.
It's already totally normalized in places like Japan and Hong Kong. If you go out in public with a sniffle and no mask people will think you're very rude.
This is the result of a hundred years of cultural normalization after a pandemic was controlled via masking, entrenched by seeing it work again VERY effectively multiple times in the last two decades.
@A.B. well at least in the USA there are people who believe masks are just completely bad with no redeeming qualities
5:32 AM
sighs That's less a question of subversive attitudes or insufficient Word Police and more a question of people completely failing to get the idea of what masks are for. They've got it backwards.
I've even heard a couple stories from people who have visited certain states wearing a mask and no one there was and were all giving them trouble over it
The reason it didn't work as well for C19 is simply that C19 is infectious prior to being symptomatic.
so my problem with using the word problem to describe them is,... you give ammunition to people like that when you do
(That was in reply to the remark about '"it's my choice to get sick" nonsense'. Agreed, nonsense. Wrong end of stick entirely.)
instead you might describe the discomfort of wearing a mask as a problem
and that right there reframes it in a way that let's it be more about designing masks more to be comfortable to wear
5:34 AM
Not sure that's physically possible, but there you are.
rather than letting someone run away with what you said as an extra excuse not to ever wear em
I mean I think it is
using different materials would be an extremely good start
Is that possible?
I like certain cloth masks way better than plastic ones
it definitely is
I suppose the lining can be anything you like, at least.
I've got a quite comfortable mask my mother made. It's two layers of fabric (cotton inside, polyester outside) with a pocket for a coffee filter insert. This layering is the suggested model for masks.
5:36 AM
it depends on the material but there are options
we have several pretty good cloth masks over here one of our cousins started making for several branches of the family
they still have a filter in them but the stuff that's touching your face feels much better than plastic
It's got a single tie going up the cheek of the mask, around the back of my head over my ears, and back down the other cheek of the mask, and I tie the ends together at the back of my neck.
I wouldn't even call them super fancy but they do the job and I count them as better than the disposable plastic ones in basically every category
The top of the mask has a folded-over flap that bends inside toward my face, and I lift the fold up where it goes over my nose; the way the fabric bends to return to the folded-down position on either side of my nose, creating a decent seal across the top of the mask without squashing my nose.
I suppose one like that would have to be made yourself, or at least altered yourself, so the top band would be the right length.
5:39 AM
The mask is wide enough to go from cheek to cheek near my ears so it's comfortable and flat against the sides of my face, making a good seal on the sides. And it has enough fabric vertically that it goes partway down my neck so I can talk without my chin trying to take the mask off my nose.
Nah, the string is a loose drawstring so I pull it to the right tightness and hold it there with the knot at the back of my neck.
The tie-off design was inspired by this MOCA mask design (click the b+w video at the end of the images)
But we don't have the resources to do custom-fitted nose risers, so the folded-over top was used instead on our model, and the bottom was given a lot more room. It's just a rectangle of two layers of fabric, left open on the bottom to make the pouch for the coffee filter.
The inner layer of cotton absorbs moisture so that my spit doesn't travel outside the mask as much, and the outer layer of polyester repels moisture so that other peoples' spit doesn't get inside the mask as much.
And the coffee filter helps trap anything that's trying to make it between the layers anyway.
I've been doing walking exercises in it and the only discomfort has been when I use a round shoelace for the tie instead of a flat one, because the round lace is a bit rough against the back of my head.
It's also the only mask I've used so far which doesn't feel like it might fly off my nose when I yawn.
They do tend to be very narrow and I have wondered how they can possibly not "ride up".
BESW, you were saying about industrial livestock farming. That's probably true for some diseases too, but I've seen it said that the coronavirus outbreak is more a product of destroying rainforests and other remote habitats, meaning animals fleeing from there end up closer to human settlements than they ever normally would be. Obvious extra argument, if more were needed, for not doing that.
Also for not hunting pangolins, of course.
Yes, C19 in particular is not the result of industrial livestock farming; it's the result of humans exposing ourselves to new and exciting biomes, and reducing the biodiversity of our own biomes. But any attempt to reduce the frequency of pandemics in the future needs to recognize that industrial farming is creating some of the most effective disease intensification incubators ever known.
See also: Lyme disease is more prevalent in suburbs than in rural areas because suburbs tend to reduce or eradicate all the non-Lyme-carrying animals the ticks also feed on, so the chances of any given tick carrying Lyme disease skyrocket.
5:59 AM
That's an interesting one, didn't know that.
Yeah. Lyme is most often in the mice, and the mice are the ones that stick around closest to humans.
So the ticks near humans have higher concentrations of Lyme disease because we've forced them to have a high diet of mouse.
All kinds of strange things happen when you skew an ecosystem. Humanity really needs to get to grips with that and be on the lookout for trouble needing to be dealt with/things we'd be better advised to just not do.
I don't have global solutions for all these problems--there's NOT any one-size-fits-all solution for any of these, only globally coordinated local solutions--but I feel like we won't enact anything meaningful so long as we keep talking about going "back to normal," because normal is how we got here in the first place.
Some things need going back to.
Other things are seriously wrong and this emergency has just demonstrated that.
That's one thing unusual emergencies are good for, I suppose - they test under different conditions than usual what works and what doesn't. Some of the "standard protocols" of many countries have *not* come out of this test as well as others.
What you said earlier about wider education in how to get reliable information - very yes. I go on about that a lot myself.
6:15 AM
Education is the process that reveals and polishes the gemstones of capacity hidden within each person, but it doesn't work if it's just treating people like empty buckets to pour facts into.
I remember when I did my degree course there were some lessons in how to judge the reliability of sources of information. I already knew a fair bit about that myself, but it was still informative to see it laid out systematically like that, and of course if you didn't know it before even more so. But this information should not be restricted to science graduates.
Aye. Last year I got to work with some Ruhi educational materials for junior youth (like 11 to 14 or so) and the math book in particular stood out to me because it presented mathematical concepts as tools for understanding the world and making informed decisions.
Well said. You can't expect a school to teach people all the facts they'll need to know all their life long, so they'll need you to teach them how to find out facts for themselves, and assess for themselves which are accurate. (even if that means ending up disagreeing with some of the things they learned in the school!)
For example, one of the early lessons was about accuracy: that different kinds of information have different kinds of accuracy.
Never heard of Ruhi before, just looked it up. Sounds an excellent idea of somebody's.
6:20 AM
A population count in the millions probably isn't going to be accurate to ones place, or even the hundreds place, so if you see that kind of number with that kind of accuracy you can be pretty sure there's garbage info involved.
Oh, three cheers for whoever put that in.
Whereas a person's body temperature that's accurate to the tens place, should be equally suspect because it's not providing the necessary amount of info.
Sig figs et cetera. Of course, you DO sometimes have numbers that are accurate to a lot of sig figs in both directions, but not usually. And often, like with the temperature and the population count, it's fairly obvious how much accuracy you can expect if you think about it. You just need it pointed out to you that it IS wise to think about it.
The very first lesson in the book has exercises like this:
7:06 AM
Q: If a spell is twinned, does the caster need to provide costly material components for each target?

PyrotechnicalThe Divine Soul Sorcerer can gain access to the revivify spell pretty easily (along with other costly resurrection spells), which has a costly material component that the spell consumes (300 gp worth of diamonds). If after a particularly rough battle, can the Sorcerer use revivify on two separate...

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8:47 AM
Clayton Notestine wrote a twitter thread about why pay-per-word is an outdated model for game designers. Momatoes wrote a twitter thread about why abolishing pay-per-word should be done in tandem with other industry reforms.
@BESW that's a point...
3 hours later…
12:17 PM
"EPIC DUNGEONS & DRAGONS ADVENTURE AT WARWICK CASTLE." Prize drawing from Comic Relief (UK charity org). UK residents only. Embark on an epic two-day Dungeons & Dragons experience at Warwick Castle. Including a brand-new Dungeons & Dragons adventure led by Mark Hulmes plus the opportunity to learn archery, jousting and falconry.
@BESW I'm from the UK :o
The event will take place when it's safe to do so.
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1:55 PM
Well, I have an answer drafted at least @ThomasMarkov
I just have to make it feel less... ranty / "You're just wrong"
But what if you are just wrong?
I have a goto statement for that: "I would be inclined to agree if that statement was correct."
@Medix2 Assuming it's the question I think it is, it's now moved at least
@Someone_Evil Working on reformatting and title as I type...
Does anyone know why Oblivious Sage's comment wasn't copied over?
I suggest, "Kittens! 10 secrets to their cuteness." That title will get you soooo many clicks.
2:02 PM
> Comments on the question that link to the homepage of the target site will be deleted. This is to remove redundant comments that tell the author to post on that site.
Q: Shouldn't we move past repeating "rules do what they say and nothing more?"

OmniVictorMore the start of a conversation than a real question. It's a wall of text, so I thank you in advance if you reach the end. So hear me out: I've lurked on this site for months, learning hidden rules, exploring audacious interpretations and studying new mechanics: the honeymoon is not over yet and...

@Xirema All I can say is 'disagree with this choice' but they've made a dog's breakfast out of AL anyway.
If my answer comes across poorly, feel free to let me know or somehow fix it...
@Medix2 If you want an example answer for your second section, here is one of mine where the RAW ruling is lame and I add some DM experience suggestions for ruling differentyly
@Medix2 nice answer :)
Should we close the PHB + question?
2:11 PM
@KorvinStarmast I concur. I bought Tasha's because one of my players like some stuff in it.... and I have no idea how to fairly incorporate all of that into an AL campaign
@NautArch Wouldn't that be some sort of lock instead?
@Medix2 ah, that'd be better. Flag?
@NautArch No. It was a valid rule. It will still likely be referred to, e.g. "I loved the phb+1 rule"
@GcL bounty for new answer?
Better to have the answer address that it's only for the old AL rules?
2:13 PM
Pro Strat, title change: "What was the "+1 rule" for Adventurer's League"
@NautArch Just throw a comment on the existing answer
@Medix2 That would work too
@GcL community wiki
@Medix2 good suggestion
ISnt there still a PHB +1 rule?
@ThomasMarkov nope
it's core + setting now
2:15 PM
Did they change that like yesterday or something
You could argue the rule exists even if the current AL doesn't use it
@AncientSwordRage how's that work?
points at starboard
14 hours ago, by Xirema
PHB+1 is officially being ditched, for anyone who didn't see this news earlier.
OMG thats so awesome
@AncientSwordRage Would we call it the starboard if it was on the other side of the screen?
2:16 PM
But damn, lots of work to do on the AL eligible background question
I just updated it two weeks ago
@NautArch Hmmm
Aarakocra will be legal again
Also winged variant Tieflings for anything on the Sword Coast
I read it as "Questions that seek primarily opinion-based answers and answers that are primarily opinon-based are neither bad nor close-worthy" which... that can't be right so I'm not sure what they're saying
2:34 PM
I think they're saying questions that merely (incidentally) include opinion are fine
@Someone_Evil I think its partially that and partially their longstanding dispute with opinions and support.
2:49 PM
KRyan disagreed entirely with my position surprised pikachu face, but sarcastically
Whe you are so entrenched in your position as a hammer, all you see are nails.
@ThomasMarkov Which position is that?
@GcL I agree entirely with Medix’s answer which KRyan asserts is almost entirely incorrect.
It's weird that I can feel myself caring less and less about comments asking for improvements. Like... just write your own answer... I'll go say that
I get the impression the @KRyan is interpreting "rules do what they say they do" as the antithesis of "good subjective". I do agree with them about prodding people on supporting their opinions being a poor practice.
3:06 PM
@GcL What do you think should be done with unsupported opinion answers?
can't opinion answers just be supported by explaining "This came up and we ruled it such-and-such a way"?
support needn't come just from RAW
@AncientSwordRage Yes, but explaining what happened when it was ruled is necessary (in my opinion)
If you just say 'hey we did this and it was fine', doesn't really tell us anything.
But "we did this, and we saw it work like X, but were expecting Y, although Z happened too and the table didn't love that." would showcase the experience and give guidance for someone else.
@NautArch Demand that they tack on "I've done it this way for 5 years" or "I've played it this way successfully for 3 whole campaigns". /S
@GcL downvoted :P
But technically supported!
3:12 PM
@NautArch oh yes, that is more like what I was meaning
@GcL THat's like saying me propping myself up with a blade of grass is technically supporting me
@AncientSwordRage Sadly, even those can get downvoted in the face of theoretical rules.
@NautArch I find a lot of the statements like "it works for us" about as valuable as such grass.
This discussion is actually pretty similar to the"Frame challenge" discussion. The things we're trying to do and explain are using terms that aren't as friendly and become crutches in our attempt to answer.
@GcL that's not really supporting the answer as such
@AncientSwordRage It's based on experience, and maybe a lot of good experiences
3:16 PM
But, I think there are folks here who want to say that because we are experts, the expectations is that we are experienced and therefore the answers are backed up a priori.
> “When a measure becomes a target, it ceases to be a good measure.”
Goodhart's Law
What conclusion about the current topic would expect to be inferred from that quote?
@GcL KOrvin's answer I believe
Because there are some measures that I am very happy are targets.
@GcL That when these phrases become ubiquitous, they cease to be useful (i.e. they become the crutches)
its not a perfect analogy
3:20 PM
Hmm... there's got to be a quote about phrases losing their original intent or being ossified.
I do sometimes love these internet rabbit holes: found this wiki page. Not what I was looking for, but interesting all the same.
It seems like it's probably how technobabble is perceived.
@GcL Yes, it's our jargon.
and if you're new, the jargon is unknown.
@AncientSwordRage Maybe this one is closer to the mark, "quotation is a handy thing to have about, saving one the trouble of thinking for oneself, always a laborious business." Where "rules say what they do" is a hand quotation to avoid having to think?
Or maybe this one: “Be careful with quotations, you can damn anything.”
@GcL I do think there is a level of frustration when folks use it, too. Which comes across as negative. But the alternative is actually spending the time to explain what's gong on. And that can trip up against the fastest answer problem.
Yeah. That is a tricky balance. Especially if you're typing on your phone.
But, that is a MUCH better answer. Just like how explaining your 'frame challenge' is better than saying 'frame challenge.'
3:30 PM
Whenever I read "frame challenge" I go back to the quote about inconceivable. "I do not think that word means what you think it means"
And I haven't seen any sort of trend that we want only rules-text analysis here. But again, hammer gonna find nail.
Or particular sensitivity to an issue lending to them tending to remember it more strongly than others. I can understand the perception of "text analysis"... at least I think I can. I'm not entirely sure what is meant by "text analysis" when they write it.
@GcL I'mnot sure either, but my hunch is that they believe subjective Q&A are under attack, when in reality i think the community just wants more support than "i did this" or "try this"
but i've tried to have that discussion and gotten nowhere.
I think I've changed my approach here over the years, but I"m still a strong believer in support to help raise signal over noise.
3:47 PM
@GcL that's a better quote
@Medix2 It's not an either-or proposition. It can be both.
@KorvinStarmast I honestly don't understand the downvotes on either of your answers.
I upvoted both.
@AncientSwordRage Bingo
@NautArch I am pretty sure I know where the DV's are coming from, and why, and I'll just let the process take it's course. While I disgree on Medix using RAW as the point of departure, I find many good ingredients in that sandwich that are tasty.
@KorvinStarmast I read Medix's more like "we need a common ground".
And the written rules provide that.
@NautArch which doesn't excuse that trite and tone deaf turn of phrase that is in the title question. (For my money, a link to KRyan's mainsite answer on RAW that has a bucket load of up votes would be handy as a reference in Medix answer, but he's probably not keen on further comments under the answer)
3:58 PM
@KorvinStarmast Right, which is why I also upvoted your answer :)
Medix explains why we do it. You explain why we shouldn't use that particular phrase
@NautArch As above, it need not be an either or proposition. Many fruits are edible. 😀
@KorvinStarmast I don't see them as contrasting /shrug
@NautArch OK, nice point: I can be the ham, Medix can be the eggs, and a third answer can be the slice of toast in this nutritious breakfast.
Yeah like, at this point I would just feel weird adding your points into my own answer
@KorvinStarmast And now I want ham and eggs.
4:00 PM
@Medix2 And to be utterly clear, the effort at presenting your answer in the depth that you chose to delve into is appreciated.
@NautArch As a guy who got up a bit late and missed breakfast, I have ham and eggs on the brain, at the moment. Been cooking the Missus breakfast a lot lately and have gotten used to that ... need to plan my mornings a bit better, obviously
While a protein bar and coffee is fuel, it just ain't breakfast.
...and I just noticed my coffee has been mostly untouched.
@NautArch How does one function in a case like that?
@KorvinStarmast barely?
My brain demands coffee, and is mean to me when I fail to provide it.
Coffee-less-ly... :(
4:04 PM
@NautArch We kept going on Shrine of Tamoachan last night, and I discovered a few more weird anomalies in how that module is presented. My players skipped a lot of content, wisely and unwisely, due to "uh, this is obviously a trap" as their reaction to the descriptions provided. (Well duh, the module is full of traps) But at least their Characters are not breathing poison gas any more.
@KorvinStarmast woohooo!
@KorvinStarmast If I'd have been the one in charge of making this kind of decision, I'd have probably gone with "let's do PHB+2 going forwards", and reevaluated in a few years once a few more sourcebooks had come out to a possible "PHB+3". Which is maybe why they don't put me in charge of these kinds of decisions. 😛
@NautArch And I tossed in a gratuitous Earth Elemental ..
My two groups are so different in what they want/like.
But I do maintain that the benefits of the PHB+1 rule, which I do think were legitimate, were also outweighed by the downsides.
4:06 PM
@Xirema I think that PHB + 1 was a great idea; it encourages people having to make choices and focus on getting the most out of their character in play rather than in building ... but tastes differ on that
@Xirema Oh, really? What downsides?
The only thing I really like from Tasha's is the Moon Sickle for Druids, the tatoos that act as scrolls, and Mind Splinter cantrip. The character respec rules are also a great option that we chose to apply at our tables.
And here I go again: foaming at the mouth over Arcana Cleric not being included. grrr 😒
I've been in campaigns where PHB+1 had to have the same +1 for all the players. This meant the GM didn't have to know eighteen and a quarter billion features and rules and whatnot. But also... I've been in campaigns where it's the player's collective jobs to know how various features work so they can call each other out instead of expecting the GM to memorize all the features... Yay variety
@KorvinStarmast I recall my players looking at single things in Xanathar's that could have helped a character, but they had already used their +1 on SCAG or EE.
@KorvinStarmast So the context I frequently think about is something like this: I recently built an Oath of Redemption Aasimar Paladin for a one-shot campaign I participated in. This character isn't AL-legal, because Aasimar comes from Volo's, and Oath of Redemption comes from XGE. There's no wonky "well, if I choose this feat with this specific racial feature I'll get +30 to dagger damage..." nonsense, but it's still denied.
I'm happy to run with the +1 rule as it reins in the edge case finders from finding even more edge cases.
@Xirema OK, that's an excellet example. Thanks.
4:14 PM
@GcL This is the other context I sometimes think about: Spellcasters have to suddenly be very particular about which spells they're allowed to take, based on whether their subclass/race comes from the PHB or not.
@GcL That's the point. "This could make my character moar stronk" is the thing that needs to be curbed.
@MarkWells That's why I use it.
@MarkWells It's taken me years to start to move away from constant min-max. Mostly because my DM during that time was a very DM vs Players guy.
@GcL as a graph theorist I don't get the hate against edge cases
@kviiri And just like that, Medix was defeated
4:24 PM
@Xirema Right, so you and I can see that that's not wonky minmaxing, but I have the sense that AL has to assume a low-trust environment
@MarkWells Which is totally fair; like I said, I don't feel the case for PHB+1 is without merit.
4:43 PM
@MarkWells Yes, because I think some people do approach AL as competitive play rather than as "public play" with a less competitive connotation.
@MarkWells Trust is complicated, and even if there's trust in intentions, there may be a deficiency of trust in ability.
5:11 PM
Writing up an answer for this question, and realizing that at my table, it's actually fleetingly rare that Wisdom would be the ability score used in an ability check that uses a character's Animal Handling proficiency. 🤔
It would mostly be stuff like Strength/Dexterity (staying on a mount that's panicked/trying to buck its rider off), or Charisma (calming a panicked mount). Wisdom pretty much only comes up if the character is trying to assess the mood/profile a mount.
5:28 PM
You could justify Wisdom for Animal Handling because it involves interpreting and empathizing with the animal, rather than trying to convince them verbally
@MikeQ and understanding how to use your voice/strength
5:40 PM
The thing there though is that a lot of the understanding of the animal is encapsulated in the Animal Handling proficiency itself.
We tend to hand wave the mount stuff
for simplicity
you gots a mount. COntrol it your own darn self onyour darn turn.
Although on one occasion I did have something like

PC: "What's wrong with my mount?"
Me: "Make a Wisdom check with Animal Handling."
PC: 17.
Me: "They're panicking because they can't see anything."
PC: I'm going to try to calm them down."
Me: "Make a Charisma check with Animal Handling, and you can have Advantage for having figured out what's wrong with them."
PC: "..... Seriously, even with advantage I got a 6!"
Me: "Your mount gets startled and begins running off into the cave."
Controlling & directing a mount probably shouldn't warrant a check each round. That would get really cumbersome.
@NautArch My players don't actually use their mounts in combat, so it's actually really rare I'd have to even consider issuing those checks.
@Xirema That's often true with us as well. ALthough when my paladin did have his mount, that's how we played it.
5:45 PM
@MikeQ I would probably only do that if the mount were untrained.
@Xirema That's usually how I use it too, almost always for narrative effect (I don't create encounters with mount behaviors in mind)
@MikeQ Yeah, that's my justification. It's about understanding how an animal will react to particular interactions, rather than the interaction itself
@kviiri Like maths or like SPARQL?
2 hours later…
7:50 PM
@ThomasMarkov Looks like this answer is no longer relevant?
Ill delete till I find something.
'tis a weird question
@Someone_Evil Why are you adding the dnd5e tag to that question?
@ThomasMarkov OP had listed it in the body in an earlier revision.
nvm i saw it lol
still need to ASIs to reopen
unless that should be part of an answer?
There's nothing in TCoE that could alter a Tabaxis sleep needs is there?
@RevenantBacon I keep reading it as "a player said something random, and I can't find it. Can oyu?"
I'm fairly certain the answer is "nah bro, your player must have misread something"
I'm pretty sure only elves and warforged get a 4-hour rest thing
Q: If I ready a action (spell) in response to a companion's attack, what is a fair GM rulling over the order of events?

SenmurvIn our campaign, I have a cleric who wished to use Ready an Action as his move. His idea behind this was that he wanted to ready Guiding Bolt and the condition he set was that, when one of the player (fighter) attacked a creature (one of 2 trolls), he would release the bolt beforehand. Therefore ...

8:04 PM
@RevenantBacon They know that, they're trying to figure out what they may have mixed up as far as I can tell
This answer tickles me in light of the recent meta discussion.
@ThomasMarkov was just thinking that
@NautArch haha I didnt even link it.
@ThomasMarkov didn't have to, good sir
8:32 PM
@MikeQ it does. My brother did that to me and my dwarf buddy a few years ago. After about the fifth check, I raised a hand and said: "You do realize that if you keep requiring ability checks one of them is bound to fail. Are you that keen on seeing the dwarf fall off of the horse?" His answer was: you don't have proficiency in horse riding to which I replied "wrong edition, bro"
AH, i was just hoping his answer was "yes"
@NautArch He had an annoying habit of "wait, do you have that skill" when anyone was saying what they were doing when we first started out in his campaign. He'd not gotten the 3.x toxins out of his DM blood yet.
I am not at all sad that I skipped 3.5
@Someone_Evil Do you know of anything outside of elves or warforged that can have a 4-hour rest?
@NautArch The dwarf did eventually fall off of the horse and into a stream.
8:34 PM
there we go
@RevenantBacon No, but I have no idea what they may have read
@NautArch He got better. Also, before we crossed the next stream, my cleric offered him guidance ... which helped! 😁
OK, review queue comment by me: the new review queue method/style/tools are ... from my perspective ... zero value added and take more work, not less work, to apply. First noticed this yesterday on AviationSE. What were they catering to with this 'improvement' in site functionality?
More work looks to be intentional; reduce robo reviewing
@Someone_Evil It does not incentivize volunteers taking up the mod actions, though, if it adds zero value added fiddly bits. One step forward, two steps back, as I see it.
8:53 PM
@RevenantBacon ???
I misread
Thatought it said "I do have an idea"
not don't
Just as a tip, chat flags go out to mods across the network
(Generic spam/abuse chat flags go out to every user with 10,000+ network reputation; chat custom mod flags go out to every moderator.)
9:23 PM
hide my shame
No worries, your shame is safe with us. It's mostly relevant say if asking for a convo to be moved, which most network mods aren't in a good position to help with
10:21 PM
TIL that "chance of rain" is not applicable in terms of Will or won't, but instead what percentage of the area the forecast is for, will recieve rain
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11:27 PM
@RevenantBacon warforged don't have a 4 hour rest, they have an 8 hour "standby" (during which they're still aware of their surroundings)
11:45 PM
Similar but different to the Elf's half-duration "rest". Both are still aware, just the warforged needs the full duration.
I was considering a Warforged character that was built around protecting others. With their version of "rest", they can stand watch all night every night.
well - they don't have an eight hour standby, if my memory is correct, they just have to spend at least 6 hours of the long rest in that standby mode
yeah could be 6
> When you take a long rest, you must spend at least six hours in an inactive, motionless state, rather than sleeping. In this state, you appear inert, but it doesn’t render you unconscious, and you can see and hear as normal.
and yeah, that particular feature of the warforged is basically the "I'll keep an eye out while everyone sleeps" feature
it's even called "Sentry's Rest", innit
11:50 PM

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