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2:44 AM
Q: What are the circumstances of Traxigor's transformation and do they explain how he retained his magical abilities as an otter?

Thomas MarkovTraxigor is an Archmage with a rather unique morphology, who is encountered during Baldur's Gate: Descent into Avernus: Traxigor was polymorphed into an otter years ago, and decided he preferred the new form to his original one (that of a wizened old man). His otter form was made permanent by a ...

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4:20 AM
John Erwin shared on twitter the map for a recent 4e encounter and his thoughts on "what good 4e games are."
4:45 AM
Q: How to protect myself against Divination with the least amount of resources

anonymeI am a fairly high-level wizard. I could learn Mind Blank or Nondetection, or use an amulet of protection against detection and location. But 8th level slots are too valuable, burning 25gp every day is annoying, and I don't want to use an attunement slot on this. Is there anything that I can do? ...

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7:11 AM
The answers that have been posted to rpg.stackexchange.com/questions/181031/… look good, but, on a less serious note, with the fact that it's a tabaxi I can't help being reminded of Red Dwarf :-D
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9:24 AM
[ SmokeDetector | MS ] Bad keyword in answer, bad keyword with email in answer, email in answer, pattern-matching email in answer, potentially bad keyword in answer (349): Healing Word in a Higher Level Slot -- is it still a Bonus Action to cast? by Hudson Chase on rpg.SE (@Rubiksmoose)
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11:14 AM
Q: What happens if a character's declared action becomes impossible?

Phantom WatsonWhat happens if a character’s declared action becomes impossible before they can attempt it in the attack phase? Do the core rules support the idea that they get to pick a different action, or perform a similar action, or do they effectively lose the ability to act in that round? For example, if ...

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1:20 PM
@BESW thanks!
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3:17 PM
Alt title for the D&D/Dungeon World question:
"What to do about poor unfortunate rolls?"
@ThomasMarkov That's the joke!
Or perhaps I'm the Jonas Brothers now...
3:48 PM
Oh wow, they updated the review page
Yup, took me a second to get it straight
2 hours later…
5:47 PM
Yeah, I VTRed that question. Handling a run of bad luck is different from handling one potentially diastrous failure.
I agree with Akixkisu's assessment. Leave Closed, needs details, but not a dupe.
6:32 PM
Not gonna lie, Glorfindel should just be given basic edit privileges here.
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8:52 PM
@Someone_Evil For a user with a patterned history of poor, under-substantiated answers, it seems like adding citations for them will only reinforce an attitude of "I can post poor answers and someone will come along and fix it for me".
@ThomasMarkov It's a correct, useful answer, our institutional fetish for citations notwithstanding.
I'm actually not fully sure it is correct, and for this case I'm willing to do the extra step of clarifying what step of the spell they're referring to
@MarkWells I dont know if it's correct or useful because the answer doesnt really explain the argument or cite sources.
Im not saying its wrong.
Im saying the answer doesnt have enough information for me to even tell
Im sure there's something to be said for treating everyone equally, but 168,000 rep seems like a lot of rep to have and to also need moderators to come behind and clean things up.
I know I've seen them use short and concise answers effectively. But this question very much seemed to be asking for citations
It's asking for an applicable definition. If we think there is one, then you've got show it, no?
And we have that thing from wizards to figure out if something is magical.
9:05 PM
The core here is whether is whether it is transformed, not whether that transformation is magical, no?
"perceives the original form of a shapechanger or a creature that is transformed by magic."
seems like it is about magical transformation
Well, the transformation would be find familiar which is magical as it is a spell
@Someone_Evil If you can link that together, I think that'd be a reasonable answer.
The spell summons them as that creature. Is the spell transforming them? Or are they transforming when called by the spell?
and if so, how?
@NautArch Doesn't the caster of the spell get to specify the form? That sounds a lot like the spell is transforming them.
@MarkWells Caster does get to specify, but maybe that works like a request to a temp agency?
9:10 PM
I mean, or it's communicating your wishes to them and they transform for you, but I'm having trouble seeing how that's not still transforming by magic.
It's a black box, as far as I know.
It very well could be, but I think it's a DM's call.
There's also a bit about changeing the form, no?
Aren't they shapechangers, anyway?
They are not.
...but they change shape
they literally do the thing that qualifies one as a shapechanger
9:10 PM
That's a specific tag, no?
@NautArch It is
Truesight doesn't say "with the shapechanger tag"
@MarkWells We have things that are "shapechangers". They aren't fey, they are shapechangers.
i'm pretty sure we have a question on this...checking
No, but it wouldn't say "creature with the devil tag" either
Q: Can I true polymorph into an Ancient Brass Dragon, and then use its Change Shape ability?

PixelMasterIf I were to cast True Polymorph (which permits all creatures, not just beasts, as the regular Polymorph does) on myself to turn myself into, say, an Ancient Brass Dragon (provided that I'm level 20, which is required due that dragon's CR) - could I then use the Change Shape "racial" feature of t...

9:12 PM
Either way, Dale has 168000 rep and is like 25% of the way to a good answer. They can fix the answer if they want.
9:32 PM
Is magic the only way a creature can transform?
Seriously asking, no snark
It can go through lifecycle stages
not sure if you call that "transforming"
@NautArch is the Druid's Wild Shape ability magic? Is the couatl's change shape ability magic?
Is that me, or is that my dog? Only truesight(TM) can tell for sure! 😎
but, say, a young dragon and an adult dragon are mechanically different kinds of creatures
@KorvinStarmast hahaaha
is that your dog?
I want to rub my face in his fur
@MarkWells There isn't any sort of non-magic powers that can do it? Or are all 'powers' magic?
@NautArch Looks almost exactly like our golden .... but it's a general golden picture from a friend ....
9:43 PM
Wildshape: you can use your action to magically assume the shape of a beast
Guy with TrueSight looks at a Giant Scorpion: "You can't fool me, you are really a hobbit, so you must be a druid"
and Couatl magically polymorphs
which is a very interesting way of putting it
not just polymorphs
but magically polymorphs
I was just starting to think that Truesight should see that a familiar is a spirit, but that trips me up.
@NautArch Normal polymorphing is like what my wife does: she backs the car out of the driveway and turns into a tree. (Yeah, she did that once)
9:46 PM
@Someone_Evil they're "shapechangers"
@KorvinStarmast My wife cast that! She went with fence, though.
Picket or split rail?
I cast it once at a gas station and turned into a yellow bollard.
And yes, I totally told everyone I got sideswiped by a cab (this was in NYC)
@NautArch And now I know a real Druid. Cool! :)
@KorvinStarmast split
@NautArch Either they're magical, or they're outside the scope of the guidelines for determining what's magical, and so can be deemed "magical" without contradicting the rules :)
9:48 PM
@MarkWells hey, you can't do that!
I'd rule that yes, they'd see them as a spirit. Whatever the rules may or may not be.
But if you're the DM and you're trying to bork someone's familiar...then i'm not a fan.
**True appearance:**
1. small, misshapen version of you.
2. nauseous cloud of impossible colors.
3. hole in the universe.
4. empty skin, twitching/fluttering as if in a wind.
5. misshapen human child
6. pulsing mass of roiling meat.
7. there is nothing there and never has been.
8. suspiciously, it looks the same (or does it?).
@NautArch that also
@MarkWells feels very Dresden
from a very quick glance
I honestly wouldn't mind if a DM played the familiar.
9:51 PM
@MarkWells pulsing mass of roiling meat - I picked that one. Did I win?
Wouldn't it be different by type?
@KorvinStarmast I'd kill for Meatwad to be my familiar

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